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Canva masterclass 2020 : complete logo designing course using canva

teacher avatar Pranav Singh, Founder of THINKING HOW

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Introduction about this course

    • 2. How to sign up on canva (optional)

    • 3. how to design a logo for car trading company

    • 4. how to design a logo for construction company

    • 5. how to design a logo for shopping company using font's styling and shapes

    • 6. how to design a logo for law firm & royal companies

    • 7. how to upload your design to canva and create a logo design

    • 8. how to design a logo for fitness brand

    • 9. how to design a logo for Music based company

    • 10. how to design a logo for clothing brand

    • 11. how to create custom shapes for logo designing

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About This Class

canva masterclass: complete logo designing with 8 different types of logos for entrepreneurs and graphic designers.

If you want to create stunning and popular logo designs by using CANVA for your brand and business. then this course is made for you. in this course you will be able to learn proper logo designing techniques in a very simple manner in canva. logo designing seems simple but it's not that simple so in this course I will tell you how to use proper tools of Canva to design your own logo and build your brand and portfolio.

  • learn how to use CANVA for logo designing.

  • learn 8 different types of logo designs using canva.

  • learn how to use shapes, elements, fonts and color in logo designing in canva.

  • Learn to upload and create your custom designs in canva.

  • learn techniques to design an effective logo related to brands.

  • learn how logo designing works for different brands.

    after this course you will be able to create your own logo designs using canva and you can start work as an logo designer. Build your designing portfolio and develop some crucial skills in field of Graphic designing. Logo designing is very important concepts of graphic designing. this course will provide you the basic fundamental of logo designing, it will teach you how to create a logo for your brand or for your clients with help of a simple tool canva, canva is a free graphic designing tool, here in canva you can create various types of graphic designs, but in this course we will be focusing towards logo design with help of canva, by learning with actual projects. you will see how logo designing can be done very easily with canva designer.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Pranav Singh



Hello, I'm Pranav. I am the founder of thinking how an animation production company. we create animated videos for brands and businesses. here in skills share I am teaching my personal techniques which is used to speed up my work and create smooth animation faster. I am currently graduating from computer science and engineering.

my goal is to plant minimum trees 50 trees this year 2020  progress (25/50) planted

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1. Introduction about this course: Hey, I am printing instructor of this court's I'm the founder of Thinking How an animation production company. In this course, you will learn how to design a perfect local by creating a different types of logos. After this course, you will be able to create a own logo and start building your career as a graphic designer . So join this court and start learning now. 2. How to sign up on canva (optional): in this course to going to work with Canada, so it started Canada. So it's in the Google. Just click this website and here you have to sign up. You can sign it by using your email or sign of Google. So just like this and your name, the minute Chris impossible and get started. And after that you're brought here home can go home and then they will begin with the course. So this is the website Kanbar dot com. 3. how to design a logo for car trading company: What a card. Great company. So let's talk as you can see it get home. Not even such. You know, into the search box. It is 500 into fired. It will create a new one. So let's click on the blank. No, we had it can will surface. Okay, so that's good. First, we will go to the elements actually inside for the card typing here. God cable selected best one and fever look into his good. So we would say like this. Police you? No, let's exam next. So click on the text section and Sherida heading No. Well, right on name, huh? Likes Caperton capitalized uppercase by selecting this and again Lord gifts, buggies, polls Keylor go. We believe under next trade car train. It's Jada's car treatise. I need a scale now in exchange different here. I'm using the card seven. Okay, this is good. But on this board and no what we condone like there No, it's you. So it is. No, I really liked that girl. Close this and go to shapes by scrubbing known. So here we have our shapes Selectee square earn scale. You No. We will select this end position toe backwards. No. You're changing color changing color discipline, and we will change the color of the car. Dwight also difference. It's knowledge. Staying together. The wife. Okay, so Andi alerts boundary lords, Let's duplicate this by controlled Rusty, please. Deformed little upwards by shifting and allergies. Saturday on another, my condor busty on the radius were injured. Aggies skating. So this is our first local. No. You condone this and being joints. So this is a go. 4. how to design a logo for construction company : in decision. We're going to create a global for a construction company. So let's start. It is such your one due to such bar Presti under go to the bank. So this is the camera interface. Now go to the elements section. Uh, people shapes select this square, particularly hold their ground and changing color toe dark blue kind of royally review. Okay, this seems good. No smaller cube deal and expose and backgrounds I gave you need this London. So we're dilute this man. So, like this and scared just can be rhythm section que no changing color Some relate more later. Okay, there. Now we're search for home or house is except construction company So there's select down skillet but it ideo she is he gonna do, right? Good. Have you your justice, Norge? Time to work the next. So it will go to the next section and heading So the name is Cartman Construction. So first grafts They said another next area subheading nights and another next click on the subheading And right here Gun section construction. Okay, seems good. No, make it up a case by selecting this nicely done and change chip. I like seeing the upper phone because it doesn't seem stupid. Attacked. Maybe. Use your boss new. No. Being something more mood. Okay, that's good. Notes, Ingres. This you can just dragged us here. And no, just justice using arrow keys and change de up or text uh, to this. No logo is ready, so he can just it was disporting in or compete with. You can also add a boundary, but this looks more better. So that's how we create logo. Okay, So this 1100? No, as you can see here your stone this by kicking that? No. Where? So this is a noble 5. how to design a logo for shopping company using font's styling and shapes: and this, Actually, we're going to create a simple you go off supermarche a grocery store. So let's stock first xom ext coated X section at it, Nimet Super what? And select this phone A B, please. Upper case by selecting D form and clicking this apologies. No even making board. Okay, that's good. No lips at a shape, A skill, You know, de quiet. Okay, that's good. It's in Greek size. Okay. No, this is good. No, it's increasing. Slowly, Jews. Now we will change the color green. Drag this here like this. I'm leaving a space between then so it look more better. You know what we would do? You, like, select the Replicator and select only these forms? Why? Left Click and James D ex Colored or white? Only these. Hey, for the rest off super every changing color green. So as you can see, this looks more better and notes excites and that No, not a bedroom. Even you'd I'm bored of cases like this cooperatively book. No, I don't Didn't work, you know, it's trade. So this is our So Omar, what you're doing in this is more bigger. No. What were their little secret more creative If you have little circle too. Do X locals Ingres slightly circle predictor white jeans equation like that? No, it is option that agree about some shopping, shopping cart or something. Okay, like this there seems gonna do cream. Okay, We have to praise it. Looks like this present series will so more doesn't seem school during Maliki's. If it was, when do you do to put the car in the design so we can put a bag over, dear? What? Eggs on. But just eggs like that Lord trying that. Okay, search with eggs. Having some pros or different ones. Can you? It's my known D free lands. No, it doesn't have any grievance. So if you want to choose this, you can select and you can pay for it because X premium. But although these kind of noble very it's a simple and very effective, it's a story you need to do is carefully jeans. He cut off one of the selected forms carefully. Jones decliner the rest. So let's told this logo Ischenko Okay, so this is already 6. how to design a logo for law firm & royal companies: Theo, You're going to Rio Grande Empire. So let's start for such yo go into the search box Presenter even proceed in design. No, we are Can you? In the face. So let's start first, select the background and changed color using the tapes. Ohh! Kind of dead. Okay, exclude. So you can also change the color by just selecting being grown. But you won't do this. So first next clip on the element and drag D sure select this. No, we're cooking with the background and then musical selling this as you care. Okay, this is good. No, for a lawful We need resign based on law. So such into the element section we're in because different designs Killer, Select this. Okay, see him scored groups or learn Intimidate so slightly A port jean Secular. Do you carry twos? Yellow? Oh, gored. You go get gored in the section. Now it's time to Wrexham next and they're heading the form. Name is and buyer Buyer novel. Soon Baeza headed and I just saw the heading named Law Group Low. Okay, so now stand to capitalize by uppercase changed the front Off the heading. We need something royal, so no such okay, from from this is white or yellow more doesn't seems okay. That's good. Mark form doesn't go with the dead soldiers cheeses. You can choose the fever or the premium ones for premium. You have to pay. Okay, this is good. Look, this reporter has capitalized No. So absolute uniform named tomorrow. This seems called the deck. So learning do white. You know, I just reduced e size. I'm just so paling. Next increase decides 200. So this better eso or his inner discord. Okay, Next, make another. Is this move with that for? Doesn't seem that could so select this shy. I believe you play fear here. Let's try this. So other types of millions search in the line section Hope begin framed change. You know, Peters, just my selected this and putting this into me when we can't use it because it's supreme. Yuman. So let's see more of this more. They're into something with the street. Okay, this is free from selling this and change your position so you can put this apart, ordered the boredom, but it's the regularly put site, so get back necks. More clothes. No use decides to grow, so This is a no go for the lost home. No, this by clicking this and selectively PNG Oh, this referred no so loco. 7. how to upload your design to canva and create a logo design: Theo decision. You will learn to design a logo by uploading your own designs in can Solarte stock most excerpts for you over into the search box. Press enter Pursued the younger. Now, in order to upload, you just have to click this upload section and a preordained average review. So it's located a file. We have your friends. So next select this one as you conceived is uploaded. No, go back to the next section. So this is that a good file? Okay, Next named Mark Studios, folks. So let's change Deformed the excitement of the soul. Ready? Look, it's true views, okay? Seems group kids normal genes different and we need some hand Erding for So we're a hand I different Sculptured forms display heading off in various forms. So I know I'm using 100 points. So, like selectors No, no murder. Okay, this is good next time and Okay, I have an idea. So notes project I go with you, walks two news and Okay, we will try to wear the background in testicular. So glad even section and creator shape here First, less home. I wondered if I person Okay, you're not going score the Bill, man. Try to imagine that color. Okay, Now we guard it. Almost. Yes. This is good. We need a bit more. Okay, let's look OK. So we will predict here in this section we're just likely more down. No. Change the color before doing so related in the ship. So good. And select a color. Okay, now, from this in this back room at backward position. Now, you can sell in this by pressing shift gain. You can select my different beards by selecting one we're seeing shift in selecting another . So let's put these boarding to get backgrounds by position and backwards. No extra news this size and change this form. Color toe. Do you okay? No, we re like some lines. Lines around with folks. She's a color in the lines, so, no, let's circle back around the circle. Flu. So Okay, so we're gonna be shapes and to this scale, it okay, wait. Just slightly move these three. So select all different in these lines. Basically. Okay, that's cool. Normally change the color of this frame. So this is a global and they're So you upload using this section and a blood from your PC or Mac. And this is the local. No, you can don't know this or this effort, Benji. I see. So this is a noble 8. how to design a logo for fitness brand : in this session, we're going to design a logo fitness brain. So let's start as you can see the other camera dot com in the sunspot nerves and the logo and present. Now let's click on the bank as we are creating at home. So no direct Mizan workspace and we need some shapes. So I will select this from the ship's square. Let's predict here. Do you like this? Change the cut toe bank? No more, doctor. Hard to Jane's gonna select earlier this again You're gonna and just change this, as you can see. Okay, this seems group No. Next another ships, by selecting this scaling, put it right to on a never next replicate this my control plus d, we need slightly bigger. So Scalea back down using at a case, just act some buying and adjustments. This seems good known at this, right? So select the same like this again, right? An anti boredom. I was select the same Project Blue. Now, to change this color, we'll create a new color and just a justice. Okay? No, we'll need it for a witness logo. So, such Jim, you see anything? Three times. This is give you the search in exchange So is to help you see something. No, Victor. Fitness witness here, Schooler, Don't Okay. Next Tuesday. This I predict. Here. You can also choose any dumbbell design if you want. Like that stainless and skilled this according detail. Let's, like, try this Changing the color white. Okay, so it's on. Confidence can be changed. So yes this and select this after tired, dear And changed the like section green and green, right? Hey, it's doesn't seem to work, So driving orange and white Okay, next one, norm stand grades and text. You can choose any one you prefer. Now we'll go the deck section. Are they reading? Meaning that like Mordor take some Tantric. Okay, More division quickness. Witness. No, it changed. Deformed. Writing some. Okay, this is good. No. Scale it Using arrow keys. Yanda's soonest thickness again. You're changed. You can choose Course if where it's Giorgis need aquatic. Okay, Next changed evolution. Okay, select all by control Thursday and more than number them. You see trying here I had a boundary, so like this. Okay, now they're diesel me by control. James, you're gonna do right game changing the position genes do text to It seems to go toe. You can be changed like that. Change the foreign color toe white minutes. Thank you. Get ago and changing the coalition. No, we'll do it. Black. Okay. Marching to code orange CD change. Who seems receiver? No, Looks like justice. Okay, now it's almost 30. Beginner just deforms and make a more later and only Mr O. Okay. There. Scrip. It said Didn't gun. Okay, Skewed. And again, Jean, this too. Mourners. Okay, this is good. Murdered. Justice that gun slightly bigger and put it right over the So this is the more division level for fitness brand. You can just new shapes. You can put her name here like enough. What? Anything you want. So we read a logo. Poor Brent. No, you can know this likely this hand selecting BNG Former it is always recommended. You know this disclosed this and check out 9. how to design a logo for Music based company: in this session, we're going to design a local for a music company. So let's stock, as you can see, better can Miracle and the home Interface now like such logo in the search bar and press enter. So let's create a loan from the bank like this. Now be Eric designed workspace. You can rename your local here like music over. No, let's go to the element section and find sound religious stuff. So even such some. Then here's the desert. I knew something different. Okay, Vegan justice in exchange, you know, so you can see that. So that selected the sound. This is having a wave on a cloud. So exclude global. It's place it on the grill. It's an arts and limited. You can just put it here and, yes, even see the lines. Now let's add the next solution. Contact X section and then heading and it's rename this by Audio globe. Okay, next union says, or the account. Now we're starting to Jean deformed. Okay, No, you can change the form size or you can scale it around the corners. Exchange the form size too. Care no. Next jeans. Akala five. Wearing those jeans from external. It's kind, and it's an optional that you can. It was a bad girl. Make evolution backwards. Jeans. You gonna off the logo? Right? Was other next. And the background color. You know, ex Seems to doc's, like, Different. So Okay, so because changed the Carlo is required, we're ahead. In this case, this seems good. So this is the global with the music company. Just notice. Like looking this selecting the resolution being G, it's risk referred. It's a big No, no, no. It's totally can also just change the front size. Make sure that Okay, this is good. You don't under Dougie. So this is our logo. 10. how to design a logo for clothing brand: and decision. We're going to create a very popular Novo and very simple to do. So let's start by searching Lobo de search box like this. They proceeded. Ganga's 18. No. Next had a backbone. She rectangle. Okay, like that looks excellent. Next, I hired a heading according to the next section, Just going eggs And next, like next symbols clothing. Do you are Are you okay? Your turn on Nina's? I don't know. Okay, next one, you know. No, we need a longing. I don't think it's good. Okay, good. No change. Deformed toe. If you judo, it doesn't have a future looking know about on the deck. Yeah, nos you similar cooperate section and skaters. Okay, this is good. No, capitalize. So not certainly background by selecting the layer on clicking the color section, adding some red. I'm changing this too, right? You doesn't have any data collection. So we would select that phone which is having an italic auction. Okay, this one has. So we will agrees. Electra specie by selecting this using okay. Yes, he is Good. That's Ingres. This little bit so you can get a good overview. Yeah, Moaner data. She off circle small x one Jean Ziegler Close list Dragged this more just a parks changing color White. So, you know, searching the ship. Selecting this really it is just change it. Dwight publication this week, Andrew Christie again controlled Christie. Okay, so it is optional that you can choose this or not. So this is how you can create just a simple but effective level like that. You can select any phone which is having a new Delic option and having a board effect like alert. Select changes to people's Here doesn't have it. Most of the forms don't have a delicate features, so Oh, that's what I'm looking for. No, regard it, Lord, change the spacing. So that's so we can clear the simple but effective low. Is I What brand next? A little. This 11. how to create custom shapes for logo designing: in this session we were designing global by using on your shapes. So let's start. We're using a blank design. No exchange going on in the background by kind of dark. Okay, this is good. Now we need some shapes or it'll go to relevant section and select the circle. No place in the center, as you can see it in the center right now. Select the circle genetic along the shore. So select alone. Make it more greater there. No act. Um, squares. I'm changing shape like that. No real change. The kind of this shape. No selecting selectively background color. So it'll create. Got out, as you can see. No, Let so more circles were this Monuments notice. Okay, please. A trade deal. Now change according to the back, let's dedicate this my control plus d. Hey there, skirt. We need another one by control past me. Okay, so no. In case if it went around so in such cloud Nearly nude, some can change color changing the color. We're leaving. OK, in case control. Present reading. Okay, Miss, you discard this so you can proceed with this all you can aired any other designs. So that's how we create some shapes, you can also grow this my directing control plus A and dropping all the com so it will move . You can also make it transparent by changing the transparency. And you can also change the equation toe left top, middle bottom on the right section, also in the center. So let's good back. Good on. No, that's so We create simple shape over. So don't know this. You can find a new inspiration now to rename a file. You just click here and rename it like Moon. No. So now just finally say, there's more law You can also share despite clicking here. And you can also select any for middle normal like J B G beauty if beauty of piping