Canva for beginners: How to Create Captivating Social Media Posts Using Canva | Christina Peck | Skillshare

Canva for beginners: How to Create Captivating Social Media Posts Using Canva

Christina Peck, Hello I'm Christina

Canva for beginners: How to Create Captivating Social Media Posts Using Canva

Christina Peck, Hello I'm Christina

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4 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Walkthrough/ How to Create a Post for Social Media.

    • 3. Class project. Create your Social Media Post!

    • 4. Closing

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About This Class

This course is great for beginners! In this class I'll show you how to create eye catching memes and posts to gain more interaction on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter Instagram etc. Canva can be used to promote/market a business, or create a eye catching posts to gain a following. Students can use Canva for a variety of projects including social media marketing and social media advertising promoting a business and or blog. Below is an example of what I created advertise my business.

No experience necessary. By the end of this course students will have learned the basics of editing, creating their own posts to wow their friends and followers. 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Christina Peck

Hello I'm Christina


Hi everyone!

My name is Christina Peck. I am a mother of four ( expecting number 5 in February 2021!), I'm a freelance writer, social media manager/marketer, health and beauty blogger/ vlogger, DIY specialist, model, actress and entrepreneur.  I’ve  had 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry while working in fast food from the ages of 15 to 28. I’ve done a number of runway shows and print, I’ve participated in plays, student films, music videos and have done some voice over acting as well. I started my own bath and beauty line in April of 2015. My goal was to bring in extra income and quit fast food all together. 

In 2016 my husband and I were offered a job working for his publisher at a television studio, Skywatchtv. So we mo... See full profile

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1. Class Introduction: My name is Cristina Peck. And welcome to this class. I am a freelance writer, social media manager marketer. I'm a youtuber in an entrepreneur. Today I'm gonna show you how to create I captivating art for your target audience using one of my favorite websites. Canda You can use camera for anything. You can use it for YouTube thumbnail so you can use it. Teoh, make your own logos or ads on Facebook or even social media posts. Today I'm gonna show you how easy it is to create your own social media posts. And then I will encourage you to do the same in a class project. So what are you waiting for? Join me, and I hope you enjoy the course. 2. Walkthrough/ How to Create a Post for Social Media.: Okay, so let's just get into this. I will show you how to create a social media post using can va. So we'll go to canda dot com. And once you're there, you're gonna want to create a profile. That way, you'll be able to, uh, start creating your design. So we'll go. She created design. And then today we're gonna be talking about social media posts. So we'll do a social media post and you condone She's on Twitter. Um, Facebook, Tumbler instagram, any of them. So I have my instagram set up to my twitter and my facebook. So let's just go with Instagram. And from here you have all these templates that you can use these layout here. You can do this one you can new that. And then you have every thing at your fingertips to edit it the way you want. And you want Teoh, you know, captivate your audience are your followers to get people to follow you. What is your Misha? You doing it for a business? Azzan advertising. Is it to just, um, start up conversations on Facebook or just get likes? You know, my followers know that I love coffee in the mornings. I am a coffee frenetic. I have three kids. So I need my coffee When I start my work in the morning so you can go down here. You can find whatever you like. Oh, look. See? Here's a coffee post. This is good toe. Le To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist. That is all Oscar Wilde. Now, if you don't like that coffee picture, go to Google and get your own. So we'll just go to Google and then type in what you're looking for. Coffee? Or you could take a picture of your own coffee mug on what have you. And then we'll go to images and you want to under tools. You've got to make sure that you choose labeled for re use. So that way you can use it. Ah, and then from here, you can choose your own coffee picture. Cappuccino. That looks good. So we just saved that to the desktop and we'll go back to our projects. Then you want to go to upload, and I have another picture right here, too. Could use that one. Uh, let's go upload the one that I that I already found. So go to your desktop, upload then and wait for its upload. Usually does not take that long. Click on it, Move it over. So ever so slightly. Here we go. And now you are free to edit However you like. You can keep this same text or you can go to the text option and choose your own. You go drag it over, get it to drag over there. We go to money really elements, and then we can delete that element. Yeah, we go. And here you can resize it however you'd like, And then you can start typing away about. We can write starting your morning off, right? Uh, the right way. And then I tend to like to say things like Happy Monday happened Tuesday, You know, whatever day of the week it is. Hope you have a wonderful day and let's center this and you can choose your own color too. If you want Teoh, switch it up and do a different color. However you like to do it and there's also we do this, we can get a background and see if there's a background that though over like a border which this the Shrink the picture down a little bit. Then go back to my text. This over here, huh? And amazing Thursday. And just delete the elements that you don't want. Maybe we go doing that element. Evan, increase this size a little bit and choose your color. You want to match, and you can add other elements to it. Such a Z shapes and lines. You want to add your own border? Well, it's too close to the actual color, the background. So we'll change the color a little bit, maybe. Yeah, but a border around here or actually what I we'll do for this one. Put it right down the center here. That's shrink. Shouldn't get down a little bit. No. Hoover text over. And there you go. There is a post for your social media. So in the next part of this course, I am gonna want you to choose a design. She's a template. And make your own social media post and share it with the rest of the class. I will respond. I will over just Braun Teoh any questions and to the projects. And when you are done, make sure outside the picture so it saves. And then when you're ready, you can either share it to your social media. Right? A little caption that goes with it. Send the link or you can download It is a PNG and it will be ready for you to share. However you would like to share, it brings up a little preview and and you are ready to go, and I hope to see you in the next class. 3. Class project. Create your Social Media Post!: Okay, Now it's your turn. Go ahead and create your project and Sheraton Class Project section, and I hope to see you at the end of the class. 4. Closing: okay, Did it? Congratulations. You completed this court's remember to leave a review and to follow me for more upcoming courses that I'll be posting and I hope you enjoyed. And I look forward to looking at all of your projects. Thank you guys, and hope to see you again. But by