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Canva for Beginners - Core Skills

29 Indigo Academy, Graphic Design Training

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12 Videos (1h 12m)
    • Introduction

    • Using Templates

    • Downloading your work

    • Working with text

    • Photo backgrounds

    • Shapes

    • Illustrations, icons and lines

    • Finding stock photos for free

    • Layouts Part 1

    • Layouts Part 2

    • Adding pages to a design

    • Paid elements within Canva

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About This Class

Canva is amazing, and is much easier to learn than other expensive graphic design software. You can achieve excellent results, and because Canva is free to use, you can save huge amounts of money on design outsourcing or software fees.

I have used Canva for many design projects, and always come up with fantastic end results!

This course covers all of the core skills you need to use Canva efficiently and effectively.

I will teach you how to use all of the tools and elements available to you, and cover topics such as:

  • Text and Typography
  • Using shapes and lines
  • Adding icons and illustrations
  • Working with pictures and filters
  • Adjusting colour, alignment and transparency
  • Exporting your work

Plus much more.

I will also show you the website I use to get all of my stock photography, absolutely free of charge. A huge library of professional stock photography at your fingertips, all for free, with all commercial licences included.

This one resource alone will save you hundreds in stock photography costs!

So if you want to start making professional designs of your own using Canva, enroll now and I'll speak to you soon.





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29 Indigo Academy

Graphic Design Training

Hi, my name's Jamie Smith, and I'm a designer, web entrepreneur and teacher. I'm the founder of 29 Indigo Design Academy, which I set up to teach graphic design skills to beginners and those with no formal design training. I work on many different design projects, both for my own business and as a freelancer for artists and business all over the world - I have created album covers, picture books and illustrations, marketing materials, websites, book covers, logos and much more. I love design,...

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