Canva Quick Tips: Facebook & YouTube Banner Images | Jon Paul Ashworth | Skillshare

Canva Quick Tips: Facebook & YouTube Banner Images

Jon Paul Ashworth, Having Fun Helping & Teaching Others!

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6 Videos (24m)
    • Course Introduction

    • Class Project

    • YouTube Profile & Banner Image

    • Facebook Banner, Posts & Profile Pic

    • PNG vs JPEG

    • Conclusion!


About This Class

This mini course will show you how to quickly create Facebook and YouTube profile and banner images using the free resource, Canva.

If you are struggling to create high quality images for your Facebook and YouTube accounts then this quick down and dirty mini course is for you. :)





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Jon Paul Ashworth

Having Fun Helping & Teaching Others!

Jon Paul Ashworth is the founder and owner of R3 Consulting. Through his experience in building his own businesses in the marketing and fitness industries, he has become an expert in the art of entrepreneurship and social branding and marketing.

By helping his clients streamline and automate their social media presence, he helps individuals, small businesses and entrepreneurs bridge the gap between traditional and online marketing.

His strategies have proven results and have...

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