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Canva For Instagram: Create ENGAGING Infographic Posts

teacher avatar Rashaun Bernard, Affiliate Marketer, Freelancer, YouTuber

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What Is An Infographic

    • 3. Why Should You Be Posting Infographic Posts On Instagram

    • 4. Creating An Infographic

    • 5. Exporting Your Infographic

    • 6. Assignment / Outro

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About This Class

Infographics are popular not just on Instagram but on most social media platforms. In fact, it is proven that infographics are the most popular content type. If you want to get tons of engagement on your posts, you should be utilizing infographics. They are popular because they allow consumers to easily digest information without reading too much. They also do a great job with capturing consumer’s attention effortlessly.

IMPORTANT: You shouldn’t create infographics just for the sake of creating them. But, you should if you have a clear strategy with goals and objectives.

If done right, there are many benefits of posting a infographic Instagram post, here are three down below:

  • Infographics are more eye-catching than texts, since they usually combine pictures, colors, and content that naturally draw the eye.
  • Extremely Shareable
  • Increase Fun And Engagement

In this series of classes, you will learn:

  • What is an infographic
  • Why you should be posting infographic posts on Instagram
  • How to create a engaging infographic post

After taking this class and creating your own Instagram infographics you’ll notice that the persons that are landing on your profile are hitting the "Follow" button more than they usually do.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Rashaun Bernard

Affiliate Marketer, Freelancer, YouTuber


Hello, I'm Rashaun. I am 19 years old.

I have an expertise in graphic designing, video editing, creating landing pages/lead capture pages, Affiliate Marketing and much more!

If you'd like to find out more, please do my Skillshare profile, and if you're a fan of my content and you've got ideas for classes that you'd find useful, drop me a message/email and I'll see what I can do

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1. Introduction: Do you want more engagement on Instagram? Have you considered post in infographics, introducing infographics into your Instagram marketing campaigns or even your content will attract more viewers and set you apart from other companies slash brands. Lately, I've been getting a lot of questions about creating infographics for a social media, in particular, Instagram, people are desperate to know how to create compelling images that generate tons of engagement, likes, comments, and shares. I've even been offered to VP quite handsomely to create infographics for a social media for various individuals. But the truth is, I feel guilty doing so because it's actually very easy to produce these images. All you need to know is which platform you are creating an infographic for your main message or a data you want to get across o to position that information in the best layout. This guy will basically help you weak, stunning visuals for social media in a matter of minutes without breaking the bank. Hey guys, my name is Josh and I'm a graphic designer, a freelancer and affiliate marketer, and also a YouTuber. You guys are wondering, what will you be learning through this series of classes? Well, firstly, you will get a basic understanding of what is an infographic. I will be explaining why I think you should be posting infographics post on Instagram. I will also be showing you guys a few examples of infographic post on Instagram. I will be showing you guys how to create an infographic. And last but not least, I'll be showing you guys how to export these infographics. I hope you guys are pumped for this one because I definitely am. 2. What Is An Infographic: What is an infographic? Well, basically, an infographic is a collection of imagery, neither visualizations like pie charts and bar graphs and minimal text as that gives an easy to understand overview of a topic. Why do we, if you guys are wondering like what Russia do we have to create bar graphs, pie charts, and these kind of things? Well, to be honest, No, you don't. I will be showing you guys are really simple and easy way to do this via still getting your message across to your audience in a very unique and special way and help boost your engagement rate on your Instagram account. 3. Why Should You Be Posting Infographic Posts On Instagram: Why should you be paused in infographic post on Instagram? Well, it's quite simple. And the reason why I say this is because the helpfulness of our graphic in quickly import in information makes infographic sign effective marketing strategy. And the reason being is because infographics have been proven to be an incredibly powerful tool. And this is one of the main reasons why Instagram users have latched onto them as a smart way to get their content oh, there to even more persons. 4. Creating An Infographic: So the tool that we'll be using today to create or infographic Instagram post is called Canva. So far the person that Newland already know what is Canva. I'm just going to explain what these agenda in about 30 seconds canvas, basically an easy, unfree to you with graphic design tool, we can create a social media post videos, infographic post Instagram, post logo, YouTube, thumbnail and more. Right? So when you're on Canvas, the first thing we're gonna do is you're going to go into the search box right here. Search for Instagram post. And here you will see different Instagram posts, templates that are suggested to you by a Canva. So veterans, the Instagram post, thanksgiving. Instagram boasts Cairo's sill. Instagram post, if you'd like. You can also click on right here to see all the suggested templates for Instagram posts. And here you can see 93,530 tympani are available for Instagram post in general. So if you'd like, you can start from a template. You can see what, what theme and what color you like your Instagram post to me in what for me? I'd be creating a melange Instagram post or, and where do we guys don't mind these right here anyways. So first things, first, you guys, most heavier content that you would like to create your infographic Instagram post on, right? So far me a small business growth statistics. If the flux of successful businesses somehow go ahead and copy this right here, because this would be our midline for our post. So we're gonna come up over it again right here. We're going to click on Text right here. So if you'd like, you can choose from any one of these fun combination right here. Our phone styles. What for me? I'll be using this a1 right here. So I'll increase the size of the sticks right here. And peace the dictionary here. And obviously contoured in just one Instagram post, right? So we're going to do a boat. Let's see, Ford box. Let's say for some reason, you know, like the way these states slush fund glue. You can moon are right here. And actually change of font-style. So much change is still unknown. Because to be honest, this is one of my favorite foreign as far as Instagram posts. So my decrease the size of meat. And why do we, just to make sure that you have even more speed on your canvas right here. You can click this icon right here. And here you can see, you can adjust the literary specie and on the line spacing. So for any rate here, we're going to adjust the line spacing. So we're going to actually make it close a bit closer. All right, so this is close enough. So on jug on the top. Perfect. So if you'd like, you can also change a bubble and color are even and odd and grown. So far me, I'll be adding a buck grown. So let's see, I would like to use our gradient. I will just click on the gradient right here. And as you guys can see right here, is looking quite okay so far. So what we're gonna do right now is we're going to actually Moore the spot grow and Amit, sort of glorious what groan. You're going to click on edit image where you see I just write here, you're going to click on see all. And we'll go right where you see blurred. You can sit next to a boat for and you can also add some effects to your ticks. So you're going to click on effects right here. For me personally, I like to add a shadow right here and turn offset to 0, turn direction to 0, turn the blur up to 100, that transparency, transparency to 100. And change this from black to white. So what we're gonna do now is we're going to go unfilled jurist of our content. So let's shore don't. So let's say for example, I won't copy this right here. Over 500 thousand visits open every morning. And welcome back over to Canvas. I won't go into ticks, right? I'm looking at 18 right here. And I solve A1. Come in you the changes to the same font that you're using. And for me I always use in undone, right? So I will go ahead and peace these ticks right here. And I would decrease the size, just a meat. So I'm, I'll put mistakes right here. So what we're gonna do is we're going to duplicate these sticks into four different things. And the reason why I see it, he sees because we afford the least, all right. And 14 different ticks. So I'm going to push on this text right here. And when I position this text right here, and this text right here. And obviously we are going to have to decrease the size because the tool big. Well we're going to see first so much stored on the see if I find something Is that the EMI like. So find an ethylene exact problem for a 56 percent of owners. So I'll copy this right here. Come back over to Ken NBA and the Beast. So, um, I head back over to the website once again and scroll till I find an x tip that I would like to list my Instagram posts. So here's one right here. Now. So most business owners, 84% will do it. So here's an interesting one woman on 12.3 million businesses in the US, which is quite interesting. So, um, I'll go ahead and paste this right here. So I'm a boy, I hit on Fichte. The last fuck. It. So much choroid own. So here you go. More, so more small businesses, 61 person invest in social media. So I'll copy this right here. And peace the sticks right here. Perfect. On one thing to note, guys is ensured at, are these texts right here is the same size. So let's see, for example, I'm going to decrease the size of this factor right here. You should ensure that every fox is 32 as weighted. So much into, say is there are two tool chain of size 30 to change the size to 32. Right? As you guys can see, it looks much better, right? So so it looks perfect. So jog over to the right, down this little Ultimate more over it and lift. So what's left to do guys is to actually add your logo. If you would like to add your logo in your Instagram posts, obviously, you would have to resize your text just to ensure that your logo fits in your Instagram posts, which we'll need that art. So what we're gonna do now is we're going to get some graphics are related to these tickets right here. So we're going to go into elements right here. And in the search box right here, you can search for something like measles. As an example story I'm going to click on in graphic section right here. So let's see. So let's say for example, we use in the graphic right here. I'll put nice graphic right above the ticks right here. So my decrease the size just a meet. My ensure that nice is in the center of nice Pixar. I hear there you can see the purple line showing you that it's pointed in the center. So I'll leave it just like that. So finding talent is our problem. Knees, knees, hiring, see what books. So, so at least one fits perfectly right here, and also at least one. So on even this one right here. So finding talent is our problems. So let's see. So I'll be using this one right here. Or decrease the size a bit. I ensure that nice, It's nice is for the SHA-1 in the center and decrease the size just a bit more. Perfect. So woman on Twitter find 3 million businesses in the US. So this is, this one is pretty obvious. This woman right here. So let's see which one off. Nice lady would like to be in my Instagram post. Now? This one. This one looks great, I guess. So, um, I decrease the size. Now we too small. So I didn't equation nice right here in the center. More smart VCs invest in social media. Social media, the hierarchy, Tina, least one looks awesome. And this one as well. So at least one looks really great. So might decrease the size. Weight was small. So I'll go ahead and position these graphic right here. Let's see if it's in the center. Yes, sir. So if you'd like, you can also zoom in to take a closer look at year where it before I DO unloading eat. Because remember guys, persons will see in this post on our more by most likely a mobile phone, right? So is very important then for you to zoom in to see a whole. Well it looks. So as you can see right here, I created this post in literally less than 10 minutes break guys. And this is looking very professional. And obviously you can also change color to your brand color, change the color button, grow into your brand. Your brand colors, if you would like, kinda quarter of the elements, slash graphics to your brand colors, if you would like it. So it's very simple to create these infographics. You really don't have to be creating bar graphs and pie charts if you would like to know what, it's not needed. This is also an infographic as well, and this is not too complicated to create. So for beginners, I would highly recommend infographic post like this one right here. And this can be in any specific niche. It doesn't have to be about business, are intrepreneurship. It can be about fitness. Recipe is sports. Any niche that you're in, you can implement this strategy right here. You can implement this in any niche, literally, right guys? So if you'd like to change a color, it's quite simple. You can highlight the things that you would like to change the color off and click on the text color right here. And let's see if our example I've used in my brand colors for our success manifesto, which is my Instagram page that you guys saw in the examples, right? So let us click on this blue right here. As you guys can see right here. And I can also highlight the numbers with blue as well, just for it to just much my brand colors, right? So finding talent is a problem for 56 per cent. Blue, 12.3 million, blue. And last but not least, 61 percent. And rule. And as simple as that guy, and we've changed these into our brand colors. So if I should upload this infographic on my Instagram page, it would blend in with all my other Instagram post because it includes a brand colors. 5. Exporting Your Infographic: So a few things to note before exporting your infographic onto your phone, your laptop, your PC, whatever device you're using, you can actually change the name them. Off to pause right here. And as you guys can see, it automatically includes in the headline or Instagram post, both for you. It doesn't have to be like that, right? If it isn't like that, you can change it manually, right? So when you're finished creating your infographic post for your Instagram profile, you're going to click on No, No right here. Or one slipped in donor right here. You can also change the size if you like. What I would recommend for you to changes size because ten times 1080 pixels is the perfect size for an Instagram post. If you should look closely right here where it says compressed file, lower-quality. This simply means that if you compress the file, the quality of your post wouldn't really be bud, what? It would just decrease the size of the file, right? So if, let's say for example, your 495, those in hub, that most piece, which it should have enough space and only needs one Instagram post. What, if not, you can just compress the file right here and just click on known or idea. And also you can schedule your Instagram posts from Canva directly. If you would like. Some. I'll go ahead and click on don't order. I hear. And just like that, your infographic Instagram post should be downloaded to your device. Unwired. We, let me explain something real quick. Fire millionaires over there that are watching this right now. So if I should toggle over and the graphic right here, here you can see a Pro and Pro. This simply means that it is in 3 4 first and that are used in a free can buckle. Right? Far amino, I am approval subscriber. Right. So a CT normally means that I am currently paying for it. Walk through right here, you can see free right here. This is free to you is, this is also a free to use as well. This is free to you was let me show alone. This is you have to be for these basically. Right. And if you'd like 30 days free trial, I would avoid link known below somewhere. So feel free to start your 30 days for each l, We can walk through the access, all of these elements right here, on additional photos and much more, you'll get access to a lot of things in Canvas rule. 6. Assignment / Outro: And just like that guys, you've got a really simple and professional infographic post that you can go ahead and post on your Instagram profile. And one thing to bear in mind is that if you are doing this, you have to be consistent. So what I would recommend you to do is create at least three infographic post for your Instagram account each day and upload just to make it easier so that you don't burn out. I would recommend you to create at least 12 infographic post in just 1D. And when you do this, it basically saves you a lot of time. And you can go ahead and schedule is 12 posts, throw the entire week with your hashtags, your captions, and are these different things and the scheduler Instagram post, you can use a tool like tailwind that I will link down below. Tailwind will help you to schedule your Instagram post and your Pinterest pins. If you're a person that's an Instagram and Pinterest at the same time. And also, don't forget to leave your work. And below because I myself would like to see what ideas you came up with. And most likely other person in this class with us or like to see your work. If you guys would like to see even more classes on Instagram, social media, graphic design in, I would highly recommend you to follow my profile on Skillshare. And I really hope that you guys got some startup value from this. If you did, please leave a review letting me know Honeywell, this series of classes where if you have any questions, please leave them down below. Anyways, thanks for watching guys. Piece.