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Canva Design Essentials for Video Makers - Create Thumbnails + Presentations

teacher avatar Tomas George, Music + Audio Production Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Welcome to this Class

    • 2. Create YouTube Thumbnails with Canva - Part 1: Create from a Template

    • 3. Create YouTube Thumbnails with Canva - Part 1: Create from a Template

    • 4. Canva for Presentations - Part 1: Editing a Presentation Template

    • 5. Canva for Presentations - Part 2: Presentation Mode

    • 6. Canva for Presentations - Part 3- Animated Template Design

    • 7. Canva for Presentations - Part 4: Edit Graphs, Charts + Present View

    • 8. How to Create Animated Streaming Messages in Canva and Adding this to OBS

    • 9. Thanks and Bye + Class Project

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About This Class

In this class, you'll learn Graphic Design Essentials for Video Makers with Canva

You'll learn the tools and techniques so you can create free thumbnails and presentations

In this class you'll learn:

  • How to Create a YouTube Thumbnail from a Template
  • How to Create a YouTube Thumbnail from Scratch
  • How to Edit a Presentation Template
  • How to Edit an Animated Presentation Template Design
  • How to Edit Graphs + Charts that you can use in your videos in Canva
  • How to Create Animated Streaming Messages

So by the end of this class, you'll understand how to use the essentials in Canva to improve your videos

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tomas George

Music + Audio Production Instructor


Hi, Tomas here. I'm a UK Music Producer, Audio Engineer and Composer I've been producing and writing music now for over ten years. 

I have a MMus Masters Degree in Music Production and a BA(Hons) in Music Composition.

I really enjoy creating and editing all types of music, but I especially love teaching it online.


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1. Welcome to this Class: hi there. And welcome to this camera for video makers class. So this classes for anyone who creates videos and wants to learn how to use canvas for free to improve the quality off their videos. So this class is just under 45 minutes long, and in this class, I'm going to to choose from graphic design essentials in camber. So in this class, I'm going to teach you how to create YouTube from now from a template and also from scratch and then going to show you how to edit a presentation template, including how to edit an animated templates and also health at it graphs and charts so you can use them with your videos. And then finally, I show you how to create an animated stream, a message in Canada that you can use in live streaming software such as O. B s. So by the end of this class, you'll learn some design essentials for free encumber that can use to improve the quality off your videos. 2. Create YouTube Thumbnails with Canva - Part 1: Create from a Template: Hi there. Welcome to this video. I'm going to show you how you can make a custom YouTube thumb now for free in camber dot com. So in camber dot com, there are a few different paid features. However, you can still do a lot of things for free in camber dot com. We can also create posters, logos, presentations, flyers and a few other things as well. But we're going to create a YouTube from now. Also, I should say, if you know how to use photo shop, it is more powerful than camber. However, if you don't know how to use Photoshopped, a recommend camber as it is a lot easier to use the raw, more features and functions in photo shop. But Campbell is free, and you can learn how to use it very fast. So let's go over to create a design in the top left here and here. We're going to choose custom dimension. So for our YouTube thumb, now we're going to choose the dimensions 1920 by 10 80 pixels, then just hit, create a design by default. It will give us this white page and we have a few different things. We can choose on the side. Here, we're going to start with a template, but you can create a lot of this from scratch if you wish. So for this example, let's have a look at few off these templates. Some of them may not be suitable for Yuji from now for YouTube from now, Really, you don't want to have too much texts and you want the text to be quite big. But this template here, I think, could be good. You can see here we can't access this image. That's because this image is a premium image and you will have to pay for it. So if you go up to download in the top right this icon here, you can see here it says pay and download 99 cents. However, if we delete this image by clicking on there, I'm pressing. Deletes. If you go up to the download button now, you can see we can download it and we don't actually have to pay. If you do want a transparent background or to compress the file, you can see we have thes crown icons, and this means is a pay feature. However, we don't need to use the paid feature. Okay, we can actually add our own images. So future from now's it can that great. If you have an image off the person in the video, we cannot blow their own images by going to uploads. So for some YouTube from now is that maybe an image from a photo shoot that you've done? However, I do recommend having the image that's in the same location is where you filmed the video as it looks a bit more authentic. So if you have a DSLR or Marylise camera, a recommend but in your camera on a timer mode and then taking a few photos off yourself after you filmed the video this way you have the same background. You're wearing the same outfit, and you will look very similar to the video. You can, of course, add any image you wish. I do think it looks nice toe. Have a photograph that's in the same location as where you fill in the video on the same day. You could also pose in a few different positions for the video, depending what the video is about. If it's a shocking video, you could pull a shocking face. Or you could point on add an image there or you could look happy or sad. It really depends what the video is about so you can see on the side here. I've got a few different photos, and these are of May on a few other people. After we've done the video, I've just taken a few photos with my camera. If I don't have a suitable photo, I do have a few ones off me. In the music studio, for example, that may use or more pro looking photos, which I may use now and again if I don't have a suitable one. But normally, though, I will like to have a photo from the video location, So I'm going to choose one of these hair off in Alexander. We have won him with a serious face and then more of a laughing face. And then, looking away, I'm going to choose the one with the laughing face, A click on the one hand, Then just press delete. You can also click and drag items around in camber, so I'm just going to click and drag this image so you can see his face a bit bigger. because this will be assumed out a lot smaller. You'll notice in the bottom. Right. We have this zoom option. I like to use this and try it at about 25%. So you can imagine you're the person looking for the YouTube thumbnails and how big you on the image. So we're actually going to make this a little larger. Let's change the zoom amount now to fit, and you'll notice we can't see this text anymore, but we can change the position off the image. So if you click on the image on, go up to position in the top right, we can send us to the back. There you go. You can see the text above it. So I'm just going to actually click trying this image over about here. That's pretty good in makes videos about music production, so I probably wouldn't have perfect long lashes for the YouTube from now. So I'm just going to change this to something more suitable. So you want to have a quick short title that's based on your videos. I'm just going toe. But learn logic. Pro X get That's a piece of software that in teaches the text as well. You can also go up here. She was a different color. I'm just going to choose White for this One can also choose the fonts. I think this fund is good as it's quite narrow. So I could make this a bit bigger and it will still fit in the space. You can just click on Dr Text around might make this even bigger so we can change the font size. Yeah, well, we can just click these arrows to track the fund smaller or larger, but that's good. Do you think these icons aren't really relevant for music production? So I'm actually going toe klik the's on delete them. However, we can add some other icons. So if you go over to write says elements, we can search for some other elements. I'm just going to type in in music and see what comes up. So we have this one here of a musical note that might look quite good, and you can just click on this and change the color of this for this again. I'm going to choose whites. I'm just change the size on your notice here. We can actually rotate for click on the small icon at the bottom here. So I'm gonna have that. Maybe there. Just move the fund over a bet. Okay? We can also add images as well as pictures. Just be careful with copyright issues. When you upload images that aren't yours of this, I'm going to use the icon for this software logic pro. I'm just going to have this here, maybe have that over there and just move this musical note down, so there's a good place to put it. Change the size. Okay. I think that's pretty good. It's gonna be that photo over and put this I come here and then move this musical note over a bit. Okay? To save confusion, I'm going to change the color off this musical notes so people don't think it's part off the text. I'm going to click on the color here. Okay? We can click it and choose a different color, or we can go on a new color. And here we can actually type in the number of the coal that be using. So you can use this to keep your images on Brand. We can just click and select a new color. You can see the numbers and letters change. So want to create something that is kind of a bit blue on grace and drug? This over to about Not here. Okay, let's try that. Just be aware as well on YouTube. Do you actually have the watch later icon in the top, right on the length of the video in the bottom. Right. So normally, make sure you don't have any attacks in the top. Right or bottom, right on your YouTube. From now, I believe that about here. Then I'm going to actually zoom out to 25%. And there we go. You can clearly see it says Learn logic, Pro X or Logic pro 10. And you can see the icon there for the software. You can clearly see the image off in Alexander. OK, let's change this back to fit. Just going to do a couple more things here. Just a maid image. Stand out and pop a bit more. So you notice up here We have a few more sections here. We have effects filters just crop on flip, so I'm going to go on to just so here you can change a few more things But the two things I want to change is the saturation. Just make this a bit brighter. So that image stands out a bit more and then also blur. We move it to the right, it will blur the image. But if you move it to the left, that were actually sharpen the image. So just to make it a bit sharper, what made the image stand out a bit more. The case. And now if we change the zoom amount to 25% you can see that image stands out quite a lot. And that, I believe, is a pretty good from now. That didn't take very long to make. Let's change this back to fit. And here we can go up to this copy button, which can be useful. If you want to make a few slight changes on you. Want to keep the original? So say, I wanted to get rid of this musical note here, and then I could go on to elements, then maybe choose something different, just going to choose headphones. You'll notice as well. If I scroll down, you can see small crown icon. This is for Camera Pro, which is a paid feature You can see here you have a currency icon Bottom, right. This will cost you money to use these. However, there are still a few free ones which can use, for example, this one going to drive this down and then just wear tight this image, something like that. Okay. So you can always go free and change certain parts and you can see there We have the musical note from our first date and a second, and it changes to the headphones. 3. Create YouTube Thumbnails with Canva - Part 1: Create from a Template: Okay, let's just make one more from now. Now, you see, if you go over to this plus button will make another blank page. So I'm going to make something from scratch. Now we're not going to use a template. Okay, so let's click on background here. I'm going to choose a background, so there's actually quite a few great free ones here. There's plenty of backgrounds to choose from, or you can select a solid color if you wish. So let's choose that one we had before. You can even go up to adjust and change a few settings for the background as well. Okay, you may notice on the previous film. Now we have this square shape that's at an angle. So this allows us to put text above this and just allows the text to be a lot more noticeable. So we're going to make this from scratch on our new image. Let's go over to elements. Just clear the search and notice. Here we can choose shapes. I'm just going to choose square one and then just drag this over, make this a bit bigger, lot of image. I'm going to rotate this and just make this a little larger that Okay, now I'm going to go up to text. And here we can add our own text. We don't need to use a template. Guns changes to the word Vegas. Andi, I want to use the text called Anton. So click on the text. You conceals lots different text. Some of them are paid, but some of them are also free. I know. I want the one called Anton, so this gives us plenty of space for our text in tight spaces. I'm going to copy this text now by holding and dragging option on the Mac or hold on windows. I'm going to change this to save lock. I'm going to make this text about larger. So it's the same size as top one here. And try the 1st 1 up. Make it a space for this one. We can also rotate the text if you wish. Okay, Now I'm going to add an image. So let's go over to uploads and you can see here I have a few different images of applied of myself. You can, of course, you screenshots as well. But this this is a screenshot from the video, But Generally, those screen shots aren't going to be as high quality as taking a photo, but if you're using a USB webcam, you don't have a separate camera. But I do recommend taking a photo even if it's on your phone, as it will generally look better. But if you wish, you compose at the end of your video and take a screen shot off that or if you need to, you can even go for your video on, Find a screenshot where you're not in the middle of a sentence, and you can use that instead. But for this going to use this photo off my friend of when we were in Las Vegas, So I want to use his background here. It's more of a border, so I'm just going to increase this photo size, drug it into position, and you can use the up, down left and right arrows to nudge your images or elements as well. So about here, want to have the logo off the building on the photo off my friend, and then I'm going to click on position and then send this back. There we go. That is pretty good. I'm not happy with these colors here. So I'm going to click on this square here and change the color to something a bit more noticeable. I'm going to choose this yellow color and for the right, and I'm going to choose a bright Nicholas that stands out a bit more. This purple color come on. Similar hair below. Okay, that's a bit more interesting. Now again, I'm going to click on the photograph and go up to adjust, then increase the saturation so the photo pops a bit more and also decrease the blur to make the photo a bit sharper. Okay, I'm happy with that. Now. If we change zoom amount to 25% you can see different images at a similar size that our viewers well on, maybe their phone or on the YouTube page. I can see here that this image isn't quite in the right place. I'm just going to nudge it over. There we go. I think that's pretty good. And now we can go over to download or peer the top right arrow, and then you can choose PNG. I do recommend using PNG as its own compressed. However, if your image is bigger than two megabytes. You can't upload it to YouTube, so you may have to use a J peg, which is compressed. Weren't look is good, but it will be a smaller file type. But for this I'm going to choose PNG. And then you can select which page page 12 or free. I'm going to choose all free and then hit download, and this will download. If you selected more than one image, it will zipped. Um, so let's just unzip these and have a look at the images image one on them for free, which is the same but have headphones instead of the musical note. And then number two. Okay, and here are a few more thumbnails that have made encumber this one off me with a PNG image . So this is an image with a clear background, and I have some musical notes on the sides just to make this image been more fun. And then this one here learn guitar. Today. Here we have Jeff, who talks in the video learn guitar today, and we have an image off a guitar, which is from the elements, so people know the video is about their guitar. There are a handful are free images off the guitar here that you can use. Okay said That is a quick overview of how you can make YouTube thumbnails in camber for free and fast. Thanks for watching on. I'll see you in the next one. 4. Canva for Presentations - Part 1: Editing a Presentation Template: hi there. And welcome to this video. I'm going to show you how you can use camber for creating free presentations so you could actually use these presentations with your videos. So if you're creating a tutorial, where you creating more of an information based video, you can have a great looking presentations with a voiceover. You can even have a video of yourself speaking whilst the presentation is going on behind you. Of course, you can use Microsoft Power Point. However, there's loads of great templates on cover on just allows you to quickly make a presentation . So to make a presentation, go on canvas dot com and then go up to create a design and there to go onto presentation. The great thing I like about Canberra is the amount of templates that come with it. So in this lecture, we're actually going to quickly build a presentation now that you can use for your videos if you're making tutorials or more information based videos. Just one thing to note. There is a version off camber called Camber pro, which will unlock a few different features like more images or elements. However, you can still do lows in camber for free, so there's loads of different templates to use. You can even use animated templates, which can be useful if you want some movement or animation in your presentation. Of course, you can swap the elements, move the tax and even change the color theme in these different templates. So I do recommend spending some time on just clicking through a few of these different templates. So, for example, if I click on this one here, you can see here. We have thes different pages for the templates, and you can even apply all of the pages here. Or you could just apply one of them. So the templates. I want to use its called Introduction to Filmmaking. So I'm just going to type in filmmaking in the search bar on hearing this introduction to filmmaking. So for now, I'm going to apply all 26 pages. However, we can delete certain pages. We don't need to have all of them there, but I'm just going to apply all of them and you can see straightaway at the color theme. That's great. That style really works, and you may see that some of the images are check it out like this and say camera on their thes are premium images, which means you will have to pay to use these. However, you can simply delete premium images and then you won't have to pay to use this presentation. Okay, let's go to the first slide here. Adam's going to change some of their text around, so I'm just going to change this to Thomas George Presents, Then change the text. We can also click on drag to resize this text, and then we can just click ample that wherever we wish, we can also collect to change the colors. So if I click on this circle here, I can go up to color. And if you even choose document colors if you wish, I quite like it being this yellow gold color. So I'm just going to change the text here again. Okay, so I've just quickly changed the text around and we could even change these small images or elements. So if you go over to elements on here, I'm just going to type in question, swap it around for this question mark here, and you can see on some of these elements they may have a pound or a dollar sign next to them. And if you hover over a few other ones, that will say free, which means you won't have to pay for them. So I'm going to use a free one on resize this question mark and then delete this movie clapper and then other question mark instead. And you can see that this element fits with the color theme off this presentation. Okay, let's have a look at one more slide. And here I'm just going to change the text again. Okay? Here much. You're going to change the image, and I'm going to upload one of my photos. I'm going to go on to uploads. And here I have some photos that I've uploaded previously. I'm going to click on this one here and then delete the previous image on draft this over on. I'm going toe crop this image as well and then go up to done. There you go. I've added my own image, and camber gives you guidance so you can get the image in the crap place. Okay. I'm just going to use these free slides for now actually going to go over and delete the rest off the slides to go over to the small delete button. We can quickly bility slights. One thing to know. As I mentioned earlier, there may be some premium images inside your presentation. So if you see this check of Mark here with the word convert, it means a premium image. So if I go to the free dots up here on a go to download, you can see here seven premium images and I have to pay £6.90 free so you can pay and download these. Alternatively, you can just delete these premium images. So I'm just going to go back and delete the rest of the slides apart from this one here that has the premium image. Okay, so we just have these four slides. Now, forget the three dots here and go to download. You can see I've got one premium image, but the five delayed this image. Now just click on the image on hit, delete and then go up to the three dots on Go on, download. You can see I don't have to pay for it now and I can download it and we can go onto photos and find a free image some of the images as well. We'll have this small crown next to them, which is part off Camber pro. So now I'm going to type in camera, and here I'm going to drag this free image over to the placeholder. And now I won't need to pay its download this and it still has an image. So when we download this, we have a few different file formats. If you want to add the slides individually into a video editing software, then you could use a PNG as this is a high quality image. But if you want to present this life than the recommend using a pdf So if I go on to pdf and then I press download, I'm just going to select pages 12 and free, then hit, done and then hit Download. They will then be a pdf all in your downloads folder. Okay, And now, if I opened up this pdf, you can see we have the free images, so this could be useful. If you're recording a screen cast, you could just record this part here. Just the presentation. Then you could just click through the different pdf images as you talk for the slides, but in your video it will just display the slides here. So when you're recording allows you to go through the different images and you can also see what they're going to be on the side. 5. Canva for Presentations - Part 2: Presentation Mode: and there's one really useful feature here, and that is their present view. So for go on to the free dots over here and then I go down to present, it would give us a few more options so we can choose our transition style. But for this I'm going to just leave on none. So here's the important. But here we have type. So we have standard auto play and percent of you. So standard allows you to change the slides with a mouse or use the left and right arrow on your keyboard to go between the slides. Auto play will change the time automatically at the amount you select here, and then you have presented view, which I find really useful. So let's actually hit present. And here we have presented view. So this is the audience window, so this is what the audience will see. Or if you're using screen cast software such as O. B s, you could just select this window for it to record, and you can resize this window by clicking and dragging, and you can also make it full screen. If you're using additional monitors, you could even put this onto a never monitor and then just record that one monitor and then you'll notice up here. Here we have their presenter window and this has a time up here. So you know how long you're going for. And you can also pause the timer here if you wish. We also have the time so you can check the time so this could be useful for live presentations as well as videos. The thing I really like here is adding the notes to your design, so this could be for each slice. So, for example, the first slide here I could put introduce myself on a tell them parts what they are going to learn quickly. Next slide, we can add some more notes. For now, I'm just going to put example the next one we could have sample. Example, of course, right. Whatever notes you think will be relevant because when there's a video, you don't really want too much text going on. You won the audience to listen to. You also have a few visual elements to make the video a bit more exciting. There's too much text. They're just going to start reading the text, and they may be jumping between your voice on the text. But when you are presenting, though, it can be nice to have some notes. Just so you know, the key points to talk about. Okay, so now if we open up the audience view on now, I'm going to hit the left and right arrow button on my keyboard and you can see here when I change the slide. The notes change as well. So this is really useful for creating videos so you can just screen cast this one slide here. But what I do, though, is pull it full screen on another monitor and then just screen cast that monitor and then on my over monitor, I will have the present of you that has the notes. Okay, let's just close this and go back to the design income for 6. Canva for Presentations - Part 3- Animated Template Design: so I'm going to show you how to make another design. Now let's go back to home and now I'm going to show you a animated presentation. So let's go over to create a design on, then go down to presentation on this time like a sad begun to choose an animated presentation. So we do actually have a few different animated presentations to choose from. I'm going to choose this one here, Ascend Media. I'm going to apply or 10 pages just for now. So this is cool because we actually get some moving animation. Under this presentation, I plan to put myself in the corner. So a video of myself as I present just to make it a bit more interesting, I need to be aware of this on Just move the Texan elements. So there is a area for the video in the corner, some going to click on this moving image here on, then delete this and then just rename this. I'm going to call this Video Analytics. It's like you have this done and then just call this Thomas George Presents and then just make a bit more space for the video, which I plan to put in the corner. Okay, so this time I'm actually going to add a video. So I'm going to delete this image. So in convo, we can actually add small video clips to our presentation, which could make the presentation quite fun and add a bit more visual stimulation. So up here, I'm going to type in globe. And here we have a globe of the earth. I'm going to click and drag it over and then resize this you can see here playing back, clip off the globe spinning, and we can click on snap it in place, just going to change the text on going to resize this text as well, and then just change this text below. Then we have some more moving images. Of course, we can just click on change the text, and here I'm going to click and drive this up to create some space for the video. I'm just going to change this text quickly. Okay. I'm going to add an element this time. It's I'm going to go to elements on going to type globe again, and here we have a few different globes at different rotations, so I'm just going toe. Select this one here, resize this on. Just drag and move above. Then we have some space here if we wanted to add a talking head video, which is very popular for many different tutorials or YouTube videos. 7. Canva for Presentations - Part 4: Edit Graphs, Charts + Present View: Okay. Another thing I'm going to show you is how you can quickly edit graphs or charts. So in Microsoft Power Point, of course, you can add different graphs and pie charts and edit these. And you can do this really fast inside canvas. Well, so I'm going to go back over to template on the one I want to use. It's called Blue on Black Analytic. That's this one here. It has 10 different pages, so we can just click on add a new page. So just for this example, I'm going to select this page, and you could even replace the current page or add a new page for this. I'm just going to add a new page. Okay, we have a pie chart down here. We can just quickly go in and change this. I'm just going to change this to iced popular cations for your videos. So you can just click on this pie chart here, and I'm just going to change this two countries, okay? And them going to change the numbers. These numbers, I'm just making up off the tough my head. I'm not sure if these are the correct numbers for most popular location for your videos. But this is just as a quick example. I'm just going to drag to resize this. Okay, I'm just going to click on me this around, going to delete the section here, then just click and drag to slap multiple items here, move this over. Okay, if you double click on this pie chart again can actually change it from a donut chart to another type of chart, maybe a bar chart or a line chart. Let's go back to pie charts, and we can even go on the color here and change to the document colors. If you want a different good pie chart, let's choose this one. Okay, so now I'm going to delete the rest of the sections up here by clicking and dragging and then hitting delete and then drug over this section and make this a lot larger to take up most of the page. Then I'm going to click the color down here and change us to document killers. They go. So all that's pretty slick. Okay, so let's have a look at this. I'm just going to quickly present this by going, got to present, and now I'm going to use the left and right arrows to go through the different slides in the presentation. So here we can see the globe moving on. There's also enough space in the bottom, right? If you wanted to add a talking head video here so these small video clips or moving graphics can make your presentations a bit more interesting. We even have a graphic there for the pie charts on Just Hit Escape. To exit the presentation, you could even use green screen chroma Key. Put yourself in the corner and you can easily do this in O B s. If you want to do it, life or you can do it and post in applications such as Premier Pro. So we really do have a few different options. We can download these slides as a PdF or PNG, or we can present it live in camber on. We even have the present of you option, which could be really great if you want to add notes as well and similar to the other designs. In camber, we can add elements, text, even music, video clips, change the background and even upload our own images. You can even download your camber presentation as a Microsoft PowerPoint document. So if you go to the free dots here, you can see you can select Microsoft Power Point on this wall. Download this as a Microsoft PowerPoint document. However, I actually prefer creating presentations encumber than in Microsoft Power Point. As I do think it's a lot quicker on looks really slick and has some great templates. So thank you for watching this video. I hope now you understand how you can make a presentation inside camber for your videos. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you in the next one. 8. How to Create Animated Streaming Messages in Canva and Adding this to OBS: Hi there. And welcome to this video. I'm going to show you how you can create animated streaming messages in camber so these could be used for when your live stream in. And you want the audience to know that your stream is about to begin, for example or you may be on a short break so you could have be right back. Or maybe even a thanks for watching message at the end. Of course, we can do this with a still image. I just want to show you how you can make a short animated video that you can customize in camber. Then, in our stream of software such as O. B s weaken, just loop these video clips on it will look like this. So let's head over to camber. Also, all of the designs I'm going to show you in this video are free. Camber does have some paid features, but in this video I'm just going to show you how you can do it for free. So let's go up to create a design. Andi, let's go down to custom dimensions. And here let's choose 1920 by 10 80 pixels and then hit create a new design. So even if you want to stream in 7 20 rather in 10 80 you can just resize this in your software because they both have the same aspect ratio off 16 by nine. So in 1920 by 10 80 pixels will be fine for your design. The case. So we have all these different templates down here, However, I'm going to create one from scratch. So let's first go to background. And here there are a lot of free, different backgrounds, and there's actually quite a few great space backgrounds. Let me just show you some of these. I'm actually going to select this one here, so choose which ever background you want, and you can use solid colors up here as well. I'm going to use this night sky background. Now. I actually want an animated frame for the text, and we actually have some great animated frames under elements. So let's go over to elements and then two stickers. Let's go on Ciel four stickers and I actually want to add a shaped sticker, so I'm going to click on see Awful this you can see there's some really great ones on Beacon just preview these by clicking on them or his in Italy if we don't want to use them . And this is the one that I want to use. However, feel free to use anyone that you wish. And now let's add some text. So let's go over to the text icon on the side and I'm not actually going to use these templates. I'm going to click on add a heading up here, and that's just type in Welcome to this stream. I'm just going to put two and this on a separate line and stream on a separate line as well , and then just resize this. I do want to use a different text, though, so we can highlight this and go up to text here on the one I actually like is called Abyss . So Kiva scroll down here to find it. We can just search a B. Y. S. I have a guy Girl was changed this to live stream, if you wish, and I'm just gonna make sure it's in the center on camera has some guidelines to help you put it in the center. Soon this frame let's put this in the center that we go. That's in the center. Great. Okay, So I'm actually going to ju picket this now by hitting the copy page here, and then we can actually just change the text instead of making this design again. So Hey, I'm just going to put b rights back on. Let's copy this again with the Jew, Pick a button once again. And now let's have a message at the end. Thank you. A new line for watching this stream on. Let's just resize this. You can always click and drag to resize attacks as well. For example, I might want four and watching on the same line. Just resize this. Okay on actually want to have this a bit larger, so I'm going to change it to Thanks for watching. Now we can increase the tax here, That guy. Okay, so I actually want to add a subscribe. I come so down here. Animated, subscribe icon. So people may be more likely to subscribe to the channel surfer girls elements on we type in here subscribe. Unfortunately, these all have a crown next to them, which means they're parts off camber pro, which is a paid feature we want to do this for free and there is actually a free subscribe icon in Camber. So let's go about two elements on Let's Go Down to stickers See, all on its under here Words, stickers If we hit select all here. And if we scroll down revealed to find one that says Subscribe. There are some of the words in here as well that you may wish to use such as, like, it really depends on what platforms You have your streams up. But here I want to have this on YouTube. So I'm going to click on, subscribe and then resize this on. Just put this in the bottom, right? That wanted too big or too obvious. But something like that should be fine. Okay, so now let's actually download these video clips. So let's go on download. I'm going to choose MP four video on. We're not going to choose all pages because this will actually make one long video clip with all three videos in one. We want to have them separate, so we need to go through and do this free times. So, first of all, Page one hit done, then hit download, and this will download and it may take a moment or two to download. Okay, let's click on download again. Now, that's choose Page two on page free. Same again. But we've paid free. Okay, So I'm going to show you how to add this to O. B. S. But if you're using another piece off live streaming software process should be very similar or the same. I'm going to create a new C and just call this example. And now I'm going to add a media source. That's cool. This example. Welcome than here. Okay, Andi, make sure Loop is checked because we want this toe loop around around on. This is saved in my downloads. So I'm going to go to downloads. And it was this one here. Welcome to the stream. Now here. Okay. And there you go. This video clip will live around amount. Okay, so that is how you can quickly make animated messages for your live streams in camber. Thanks for watching. And I'll see you in the next one 9. Thanks and Bye + Class Project: Thank you so much for watching this class. I hope now have given you some ideas and techniques to help improve your videos with camber . So for your class project, I want you to create your own design in camber. This can even be a YouTube thumb. Now a presentation on animated streaming message are then want you to post a screenshot of your design and write a short sentence, telling me exactly how you created this design. So thanks again for watching hope you found this class useful and I'll talk to you soon.