Canva - A Comprehensive Course to Creating Content for Your Marketing and Branding Campaigns | Alexandra Cote | Skillshare

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Canva - A Comprehensive Course to Creating Content for Your Marketing and Branding Campaigns

teacher avatar Alexandra Cote, Digital marketer and content writer.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

21 Lessons (1h 52m)
    • 1. Welcome to the course!

    • 2. Canva general settings

    • 3. Getting accustomed to the workspace PART 1

    • 4. Getting accustomed to the workspace PART 2

    • 5. Getting accustomed to the workspace PART 3

    • 6. Working with text

    • 7. Editing images in Canva PART 1

    • 8. Editing images in Canva PART 2

    • 9. Editing images and grids in Canva PART 3

    • 10. Choosing colors and working with charts

    • 11. Advertisements and flyers you can print

    • 12. Creating animated social media posts

    • 13. Creating videos in Canva

    • 14. Various marketing materials [logos, invitations, infographics, brochures, product labels] PART 1

    • 15. Various marketing materials [gift certificates, cards, tickets, newsletters] PART 1

    • 16. Various marketing materials [checklists, calendars, illustrations] PART 1

    • 17. Social media posts and stories

    • 18. More social media posts and geofilters

    • 19. Building presentations and methods to present them

    • 20. Final takeaways and working on the class project

    • 21. Bonus lecture: Canva elements keywords + Free PDF

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About This Class

Hi everyone,

Alexandra here again.

I'm guessing you're here because you need of a direct way to learn all of Canva's secrets and apply them to your marketing efforts for better results.

If you're short on time but want to find out Canva's tips and tricks without spending months of trials and errors finding them yourself, this course is perfect for you.

I've put this straightforward course together as an engaging method of helping you get accustomed to using Canva for your regular marketing activities, see every single type of content you can create in the graphic design tool, and discover any hidden tricks to take your designs to the next level.

I'll take you through the complete app from learning its interface to hands-on explanations of different types of content you can build with Canva no matter what your business is.

This Canva course targets all kinds of marketers and business owners looking to promote their products or services in a visual way.

The course is an appropriate choice for anyone involved in marketing, advertising, journalism, content writing, blogging, freelancing, as well as for SMBs.

Some of the things you'll learn in the course include:

  • every nook and cranny of the Canva interface
  • all graphic design fundamentals you can apply in Canva
  • everything about Canva's features and how you can use them for your marketing content
  • ways of organizing and collaborating with your team on the materials you make in Canva
  • how to efficiently save all types of content to later use them digitally or as physical posters
  • how to build dynamic video or animated social media marketing assets 
  • how to become a master at choosing the right templates and creating your own
  • mastering Canva's various layouts and image grids
  • how to create special effects like text masks
  • how to build and give presentations with Canva
  • how to use Canva's secret add-ons and integrations
  • how to share your projects
  • and so much more!

See you inside the course where I'll help you fundamentally change the content you design from day ONE. Let's stay in touch!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alexandra Cote

Digital marketer and content writer.


Thank you for checking out my courses!

I'm a growth-oriented digital marketer and freelancer with a passion for content marketing, social media marketing wonders, conversion rate optimization, and keyword research. I strongly support permission marketing and earned media. More than anything, I love working with online communities in order to find new and unique ways to develop businesses through growth hacking.

I have embarked on the odyssey of online marketing thank to passion for social media, viral content, psychology, writing, and advertising. I am Inbound certified and I love participating in industry discussions that can help me develop the company I'm working for and this industry.

I have an MSc in Strategic and Digital Marketing and have worked with big bran... See full profile

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1. Welcome to the course!: Hi, guys again, Alexandra. Here. This time I'm back with something the friend unusual as we're having a complete look at how you can use camera for your marketing strategy ends to create promotional materials for your business will have a look at how you can make beautiful contents to publish on a regular basis, like social media, both you to tell nails or block betters as well as what it takes to create maybe a planner along for e books or posters you can print. We also go into animations, logo's and even invoices, and you learn how to collaborate with your team on all of these materials. I tried to keep the course as short as possible while also making sure everything is covered so you can become a pro Canada user in just a couple of hours, you can head over to the project section right now and just learn canvas as this scores progresses. I would love to have a look at your designed in camera. And don't worry. The tool is very simple to use and can literally help you create content in half the time. It would take you to do the same thing and other tools such as photo shop or affinity designer. So see you in the first lecture 2. Canva general settings: before we jump into the course, I want us to take a look at your settings first, so that you know exactly what possibilities you have even before you start creating anything. So once you sign up into Canada, you will get to see this screen. And from here you can go on and hype in any content you want to create like an instagram post. And obviously you will get a few suggestions based on the size you need. You can also go on and put your own customs, I mentions here. If you need a specific size, of course, in pixels inches, any exact size you need, then you can go on to create a design. And from here you have a bunch of options for content that you can create from Prince Social Media posts, documents like a presentation, even a resume, a report, e books, any educational content, and you even have the section specifically for marketing content going back to our screen. You will also have access right here to your designs, all of them at all times. I recommend you keep this clean. For example, I've only tested this template, so I would like to trash it. And, of course, you will find anything you accidentally trash in your trash in the left side of the screen . Also, if you are a can of a pro user, you will have access to creating your own folders so that maybe you want to create a new folder for your blog's host. And here I will soon show you how you can invite other team members by adding their email address and giving them permission. So this essentially helps you collaborate with them using camera. And, of course, you can create the fuller. And here you're just going to add in files from your own computer and from Canada. And, of course, all folders can be shared. You're going back to our home below this section. You have just a bunch of butter templates, nothing really special. Then you can go to all your designs again. This is where you have your own designs. Then in templates, it will have all of templates you need for invoices, calendars, anything, really a section I like. Is this photos one. Now, when you use this section, make sure you have your preferences selected here, for instance, we're going to go with the free photos, and you can either choose one of the free trending photos or look for a specific category like money. And if you'll click on any of these stock pictures, you'll also get to see the exact conditions for using the image right here in the license agreements. Now most of these images are from pics of ape axles unspool ash, so you will be able to find them in other places as well. But Canada is also a strong supporter of creators, so anyone can really apply to contribute to camera with their own designs. Creations, photos. And they will get money for these in return. So you will see some of those unique creations in Can Va here. Some of the traders also have their own pages as well. For any picture you will get to see, of course, recommended images in case you want to decide on something else, Then certain pictures also have a color palette. You can use straightaway without having to use the color picker and as a quick recommendation, if you look at the number of lights right here, you will briefly get to see maybe a rough estimate of how many people used or would like to use. That image is so that you can choose images that haven't been used as often. Now here I have an example from a creator that has Onley submitted this image to Canada. So the creator obviously has her. Oh, page. Here you can check out her honor designs as well, and most of these unique images come at really the cost of a subscription. So Campbell also works as a great resource for some photos. Or, of course, you can pay $10 to get just this image. But I definitely do You recommend the photos and limited subscription. If you are looking for unique images moving on to our APS. This section essentially works as a series of integrations you can use with Canberra. There you have some external APS like big emoji, which can really help you and your emoji that you've created with big emoji to Canada. And then you've got other add ons like M batting, maybe a video or music into your creation, adding emojis to your creations. This is something I use often and without this, you can just copy and paste an emoji, but it won't really show on your saved image like you can get to see it as soon as you put it, but not at the end. And you've got a bunch of other options that honestly let you create anything you want from adding gifts, maps, even instant Ram photos to your own designs, your Google dry photos, anything like this. Then you know you have a bunch of options related to photo filtering, which we're going to talk in a couple of videos. And if you want Teoh, save your diesel is automatically in other places. You have these supercharge your work full options, which you can use to maybe share your design. Two channels on flack. So, in case you're collaborating with your marketing team or which freelance contributors, you can definitely use this now Moving on to the brand kids. You can use this feature for free as well, but with the pro version of Gamble, you have a bunch of extra options. You can just simply upload your logo, add a few pallets of colors so that you don't have to add in your colors to all images every single time. And, of course, You can also go with your branded funds or upload your own from the computer. So in case you're looking to get your own funds into can va, you go to your brand kid and upload a font. Then there is the design school, which essentially will teach you the basics of design, which you need before getting started with the tool. And if you're working within a team, of course, just invite your team members here. As you can see, each new team member will cost you an extra almost breaking dollars per month. So you can't really have a common account unless you want to use the same email and password, and each member is going to have certain responsibilities. And here, you can see with an administrator can do what template designers can do and what simple members are able to create in the top left corner where you see your user name, you could go and have multiple account settings. And in case he wants to purchase your prince, you can actually order from Can va your prince and they will deliver them to you physically . And this is where you will see your print orders now again Here. You can go to see your public profile even. And this is good. Just because you might want to check that none of your designs or public and just to keep it safe. And, of course, you've also got the refer friends option. This is in addition to their affiliate campaign. You can also refer out of people to Canada, and in return, you don't get money. Instead, you get to use premium elements for free. And this is it. These are all of your settings that you need to go through before you start using camera and make sure you have everything in check. 3. Getting accustomed to the workspace PART 1: before we go on and create anything, we need to go through a series of basic steps like getting used to the workspace, knowing where to look for colors and fonts and all of these basics. Now for the workspace. We are first having a look at this. Stop mark here. Now, here, you can see your file. This is where you can change the name of your post. And I recommend always giving a name either from the beginning. Or you can go right here, click on this 10 next to the file name and just change it again. This is the technique I use. And of course, it also got a series of little tweaks you can work with here, such as showing your margins, which can help you place your elements butter on the creation, of course, closed and then show any print bleed for the prince you want to create. Just make sure you have this checked in case you want to print anything just for safety because I've actually printed can va content before without going for this option. And you might have some elements that don't show up. Well, of course, you can always save the file front here. Now camera saves any changes automatically, but sometimes it can take a bit longer so you can just go here and save it. You can just send it to a different folder. You also have the version history, which I love, because you can get to turn back to a previous look for that kill intent without just clicking on undue multiple times. And, of course, you can create a copy from here or again from going to these three dots and creating on make a copy. So you really have all of your choices here to now. My most favorite feature about canvas is there resize option. What do you need to know is that this is a paid feature so you can use it on Lee. If you have can va pro and what it allows you to do is, let's say you have created a social media post that's perfect for Facebook. In terms of its size, you can just go on to resize and type in Twitter and automatically either resized. If you want to just change this design and have here or a copy and resize which will keep this design and create a suppers file. So if you click on Recife, you see everything is smoothly converted into a different image. You'll have to only maybe at it this a bit. If you want, it's to better suit a different network. And really, that is all men you have here. You're sharing options to copy the Lincoln, share it manually, or type in an email and send it via email. Then here you can click on download and you have a bunch of options, depending on the type of file in create from PNG's two pdf's even video. Yes, you can create videos with Camba, and we'll get back to this in a while and, of course, animations. Then from here, you can work with the size you want and it's quality. You can even treat transparent background images, and also you can compress the file automatically. If you want to publish, it may be on your blawg and you know you need smaller sizes so that the page speed is in check. And after this, you can also share it on your social media networks of choice in this case and recommended to share it on Twitter because the size is a fit for Twitter. You can download it locally again, sure the link or just share it in other places as well. And from here you also have the printing options. And really, you will get to use your creation as a presentation, which will come in handy when we create our presentations. So we'll get back to this. Now, let's just go for a second back and go to our design. Click on these three guts. One interesting thing you have here is, besides the other options, we've talked about the comment and like feature, which is essentially used for proofing. You can leave a comment like I like this or maybe suggest any changes like it and even go on and edit it. 4. Getting accustomed to the workspace PART 2: now moving on to what we need to start editing in Candlewick. So the first thing you have in your element is your templates, and you can change your template at any time from the left side of this clean. Now Canada organizes these and changes them regularly to fit events. So if you're going to check this before Christmas, you'll have Christmas social graphic recommendations, and you can also go to all of your results and just scroll endlessly to pick the best one. Or you can search for one that you're interested in, maybe with flowers, and all of the results will include flowers in widely or a matter, then moving on to your photos again. You can search for free photos or all of them by simply clicking this if you want the free photos and releasing it. If you want regular photos that you might have to pay for some of them. So we're just going to go with the free photo with right now, and let's say I want something again with flowers. You will get a bunch of recommendations here. You just have to either click on it and it will appear on your screen or what I commonly do is I click and drag the image onto my workspace. Now, let me just remove by clicking on these elements or just selecting all of them at the same time so that I have a clean work space and I can show you what you can do with the workspace. Then you have your elements and again surge for again flower. I'm going to click off free so that we can work with these selected elements. And I'm just leaving this here for now so I can show you all of the other options you have tow added an element weather, nothing. Photo elements, text, anything like this. So the first thing is that you can obviously re sign this by simply dragging it left, right? As you wish. Now, if you want to center the image, you're just going to take it and he invention to these purple lines that show you what are you are centering an element or not? For example, right now, the images centered on as you can see, this image have a lot of colors. So this particular element allows us to customize by going to the colors every single aspect and element of it. And, of course, you can just mix the colors around again. You can just type in the exact Texaco, add pallets from your brand kit, or just pick the color from here. And one nice thing I like about gamma is that if you type in, let's say think you will get first of all, the main thing meth taken offer and then a bunch of water pallets directly that you can use . And if you click on this button here, you will get the whole Palin. Isn't this just amazing? And you've basically changed the whole picture in one place. Also, we have the crop option, which lets you choose how much of that image you want. Maybe you want half of the illustration and you just keep it this way or maybe want its top . Then you have the flip options, which let you flip the element the way wanted. It would actually work better if I showed you how that works. Here. Flip it horizontally and you can move it here. Flip it vertically, and you can move it here, depending on what your needs are. Then you have the duplicate option, which I use instead of the simple control or command. See options, and this will copy the exact elements, including its styling. You also have the position options in case you don't want to use shortcuts, and this basically just help you send an image backward foreword. Place it at the top middle again. If you have something in the middle of your board, just place it using these without having to worry about any distances. And there's also the center option. So in case you're placing this element here, you can go to position click on center and it will be centered, but only within that same line. They have one of the options that you so often that that is transparency. This essentially lets you add some background Ellen ins, maybe tax that's not as visible any effect you want to create. You've also got the link option. This is four presentations you want to create, or just anything that is actionable, and you wants to maybe have a link on this, and then when you show the presentation, you have just click on the link and it will open up in another window. You can also lock the images, like with any editing tool. This will allow you to not make any changes and not accidentally move or change the element you're working on now. Here, above this workspace, we have noticed that you have this adds notes option, which is really useful if you want to work with others and tell them maybe where they need to make improvements or where the need to pick up the work you left for them. You can also simply copy the page. This will be of great use when you create presentations or e books and need multiple pages . Of course, the leader paid. Or if you don't want the exact same page, you can click on at a new page, and you will get the same size for the workspace, but without the previous elements except the background, which is usually the same year. In the right hand side, you have an option to add a comment or mention one of your teammates now, a feature I use when I want to get a better look at the details or when I make some YouTube videos. On camera is the zoom option, which really just helps you get a better look and overall look a very detailed Luke. However you want it, I usually keep it at 175 depending on your own means. You also have this page manager which will just show you all of the pages you have. This is useful. In case you haven't e book that has, like, 50 pages and you want to go to page 20 or something like that, go back to your main page and you also have the full screen option again. Good for presentation. And in case you want to move one of these above theater, just click on these arrows and move them around. 5. Getting accustomed to the workspace PART 3: then you've got other options, such as adding taxed, which we will get to later. And, of course, don't forget about adding your own funds from the brand kits, adding videos even again free if you want to use them as you wish, changing the background now here you can go with basic collar changes, or you can add an image to your background patterns, Grady in even and other types of textures. You've also got your upload section, where you can bring in your own images and videos from your computer. You've also got access to your folders again in case you've uploaded some images here and you've got from here. If you don't want to go to the integrations page, I showed you before any other options you might want to work with like Emojis and you've got here all possible. Emoji is just drag them, use them. For example, If you bring in this emoji and you're used to seeing the hearts as red, you can actually change their color and customize Emoji is the way you wanted to be. And honestly, these are all of the basics of the workspace. So in the next videos, we'll get into the details and we'll see some of the tricks you can also use with Canada 6. Working with text: next, we're going to look at the options we have in terms of text. The first thing you need to know is how to pick your fonts as you'll notice. In Kenya, there are a lot of fonds. You can upload your own from the brand kid, as I've already mentioned, and you also have these free funds and the premium ones you have to pay for. Then, if you want to make sure you choose the right bonds and not waste any time on this, you can go to Canada font combinations, which is a quick, handy tool that lets you choose from all of these fonts or the one that you like and get pairings. Now, first of all, I like this fund, so I'm going to click on it, and I will be instructive or recommended to use droid serif along with Lado, and you can see all of your other options here. I'm going back to my design and let's say I want to edit this text here. I'm going to double click on this, go and find Lado, click on it and for the second part and going for drinks service and I will have my fun pairings ready for me right away. Now, to add a new taxed, you will go to your taxed option And here you can go on another heading a subheading or just random text or my favorite option getting to choose from these pairings. Now, I will go with something simple like this right now and in my tax to make it smaller. But I want you to notice is that this is a group of elements. You have this text here and this one here to separate them just like on group and you will be able to move each element individual. Some of your options here include obviously changing the fonds, changing the signs either manually or by typing it in changing the color of your text, making a bold in underline italics. Then you have the alignment which has all the complete options you can get. You also have these upper case options. If you have a fund like mine, it's going to automatically have all of the letters in upper case. So you need to click it again and get the normal type of right and you might be looking for Of course, you also have the list formats numbered and voided, and another very handy options. Spacing between the letters. As you can see, these just moves them closer to each other or not, and as well between each of your text lines. Now a very handy feature. If you use text a lot is just to go to copy style, and you're going to click on the element that you want to apply the same style to, such as this one. And it's going to be changed automatically and the same for the rest. And that will be it about texts. Really, it's very simple, nothing complicated again. You can also add links on the text. And, of course, if you go to our elements, you can also search for taxed and maybe used some of these statements or search for letters . And maybe just instead of writing, used these letters 7. Editing images in Canva PART 1: next, we're going to look at anything you can do to edit your images and make them suit your design and just going to first choose a template such as this one and keep its background. Then we are going to look for a free image with people. Actually, this one right here is good, except that it's a pro image. But we can totally make it work. So when you click on the image, you have a bunch of options to add it to your images. So Canada is not only for creating content from scratch blood for editing and adding filters to your images as well. Now, what you can do first is you have the background remover, but as you can notice, it doesn't work as well with lots of subjects. And when you don't have accurate lines between the subject and the background. So I will instead use one of my photos and click on effects back from remover. And as you might see, it works much better for individual subjects. So this is a very quick way and the smart one of removing your background, and I'm just going to zoom in to the image of it so that you can see that. You know, deep lines are not as perfect, but they're quite decent, especially if you want to use smaller images on your designs. Now back to remain picture and our effects. You have here a bunch of options you can choose from. You have the deal tone, which I've already installed. Screen that TV glitch. What? See, we are going with the color mix effect. You have to connect it so that you technically install it in a cama, and then you will have a bunch of options here, which you can also preview or just click on. See all. And Canada just does the whole work for you. Of course, you can also click on Cancel, and the effect will not be applied. In particular, I like using the dio tone option if you want to add the's duo tones directly in canvas so that you don't upload your own images with the effect already on. By the way, this tool from shaped factory called deal terms or just Google deal tone shape Factory also lets you do this by editing the images before you saved them, actually turning back to my original image, I am going to click the image again. Notice how you can, of course, reshape it or just move this around. If you want to cut certain parts of it, enlarge it. And just depending on your needs, maybe you want to keep just the had the whole body Zuman. Anything like this. You have the filter options now. I always use these because you need to get your image as similar to the rest of your design as possible. You can go for a grayscale, go for the Nordic one, which I use so often go for the blues, which kind of matches our background and other options. You need to play with these and see what works for you best. I also like afterglow for some extra rightness. Or you can do all of this manually from the adjust settings where you can play with the brightness, the contrast of the image saturation ads in this blue tent we might need and other little options, including a vignette which is not really trendy anymore. But you can still at it and my favorite option, The Blur. Now the blurred honestly works best if instead of this image, you'll go to your backgrounds. Click and select an image. Remove this blue and you have this image, which you can go to adjust and add some blur. And now, on top of this, you will come and add in outer Ellen's like maybe some text now continuing. You can also crop any images I've showed you with elements before. And maybe you want to remove somebody from the picture. However you want it. And, of course, just flip the image and then you've got the rest of your options, including the transparency option. Now these are the basics of what you can do with your images to take it to the next level. I'm going to show you how you can use masking for your images in Canada. 8. Editing images in Canva PART 2: now, Campbell is not a very complex to when it comes to specially fact. But you can still create taxed an element masks to get started with this. I'm just going to adjust this and and some blur to my background and you're going to go cure elements and frames. And from here, I'm first going to show you something that's a bit more advanced and that is creating text masks. So you're just going to go to her letters here and add in all of the letters you need. I'm just grabbing each letter that I will take this here, make sure the purple line. Let me just zoom in this for you. So the purple line is a line and the line all of the letters. If you have the same letter, you can just add it again. Or click on the letter and click on Duplicate and just grab it here, make sure the lines match coffee all of these elements, and centered him or remove them wherever you want to. Now we're going, Teoh, go to our photos And here you can either type in the image you want or look for a wide image. I recommend the wide image because you want the whole thing to appear here. Click on free. If you want the free images and we're looking here to get a wide picture, let's try using this one. I'm going to click and drag it and add it on to each of my letters. And then for the 1st 1 I'm going to double click it and grab my image. Move it like this, then this. I'm going to match with the previous image and just make it like this. And then here, I might just want to zoom in a bit like this. Move it around, zoom some more, and I would like this, and you've got a very natural text mask you can use. Of course, with all of these elements you can go on and some transparency move them around however you want. You can also go back to your elements, and here again, elements. You will commonly use our maybe a circle and for the circle, just make it smaller. Go to upload and in your picture, click on the image to adjust it, click done and then just adjust any contrasts. Go to your filters and in maybe a grayscale work with that and you've got a nice shot. And this is it, Really. This is all about text masks. It's very simple to use quick, as you can see. And all you have to do is make sure you choose the right images. For example, this image here is very wide. So you can fit in more letters or you just need to zoo in maybe a shot of flowers. Just grab all of your flowers like this, then maybe zoom in on some move some around, zoom in of it. And again you've got Honestly, this looks so great. In my opinion, of course, you have to make it match the background at it on something else, maybe add it onto white background and you got your text mask. 9. Editing images and grids in Canva PART 3: one more thing you can do with images in Canberra is create photo grids. This go to your elements, then from here you will select the grids and you have a bunch of options to choose from. We're just gonna go with the's Simple three images make the grid fit your own means. Like so I'm just gonna zoom in a bit and here you will go to your photos and just add in any images you might sneeze. I'm just using this as an explainer and honestly, this is all there is. You can also work with this pacing. So if you want the images touch or not, you can also replace one image with a simple color and what you've got your perfect cover images. I'll just remove these for a second to show you another drink. Again. Elements go to your grids and this They were going to select this grid again. Make sure it fits your knees. And what I want to briefly show you is how you can move. For example, this image. It's not the best choice, but you can just move it to include the element you wanted to have. And of course, You can also take this very same image and let's just add them all. You're going to basically create an image by moving all of these around and you'll have your image but made outs of multiple other images. 10. Choosing colors and working with charts: in this video, we're going to have a look at how anything create graphics charts and anything like this to highlight your stats using Canada. Now, instead of going to the usual starting page, I recommend you go to this graph maker page and just click on create McGrath Now, Now, if you know what you need, you can just go with this. If not, you can go with help me choose a graph, and here you can have a bunch of options and you will actually see some templates for them . Which is why I recommend you actually start with this instead creating a charge from scratch. So we are going to pick this bar chart now, if you were to start this from scratch, you would have to go to elements, scroll down to charts and just do everything. My hand. Well, in this way, you get everything set already and honestly, using these templates is much easier because you have more complicated charts like the gun charge that you will have to do honestly every single element one by one. So again you can just click and choose any of these charts here or just work with the one you have here by double clicking on it. And of course, you can change it at any time to suit your needs. They're going with a simple bar chart, and here in the last column, you have what is going to appear below. For example, instead of January, I'm going to light December. Click on Enter Notice How, If I change this 30 to 50 click enter, it's going to automatically change, and it does the calculations as much as it can. You can also add 80 and the number will be added here, going on to our colors. I'm first going to show you how you can choose a color palette for your designs. Okay, so in Canada, you actually have a tool for color palettes. You can either choose from any of these or type in green, click, enter and just choose from any of these. I'm going to go with this one, and I'm going to copy this green. Go back to my charts and click on color ad in the green, and the color will automatically be added here. Now, if you want a chart with multiple colors, just delete this and choose Eider this one or a bar chart. And what you help this about this bar chart is that once you add in one of your colors, the others will be automatically changed. So you basically get your powered right away. There aren't that many options, honestly, to individually change these callers, so you have to work with them this way and briefly before I sign off. I want to show you this type of chart. I just want to make sure I have my white for the written elements so I can see this hacks and I'm going to add in for each of these colors, the colors from my template and my charge is going to look something like this. And I just want to briefly show you how the chart changes in this case when I add maybe a lower number or a much higher one. And honestly, this is all about charts again. I recommend you use the graph creation tool. Just Google graph maker can va and you will honestly have so many options to work with. The templates are just amazing. You don't have to do anything from scratch, so this saves you a lot of time, and you could also get designed like this that are very simple and easy to present. Of course, 11. Advertisements and flyers you can print: for creating any advertising materials. You can also go with the print with canvas options, which will let you create your prints and actually request them physically from canvas, or just download them and print them yourself. Or, of course, you can go with the online ads. And here you even have the standard wide scraper. Add large rectangle at even a leaderboard ad, which is honestly very handy because you'll see so many simple designs you can use here. Since these air all easy to create, we're just going to briefly have a look at creating a poster or a flyer. It's really similar. Now, before you go on and create your design, I want you to go to file and show print bleed. You can also go with show margins if you want to keep everything accurate, so we're just leaving both of these on and depending on, what do you want? Two p eight. You're going to choose a template. Let's just say we are putting together on ad for a gym event and deleting this image because, as you can see, you have to pay for it. And that's why I can, via the watermark is on it and you can opt for remove watermarks. But you will have to pay for now. So I'm just deleting this and I also have this image in the background. I'm simply going to go and find some other elements to use here and going to elements looking for a splash. That's maybe free for me to use, but I want something that will be of effect. Really. Let's go with this or in Splash and the yellow one. I'm adding them. Vote one over the other, something like this. And now I need to find the shape of a person. I can look into these basic illustrations, search for paid ones as well upload my own or just goto photos and frying a fitness picture . Three images and I will try to use the background remover on this image. And as you can see, the results are pretty good. However, the woman is really left with no arms. In this case, if this image is still fine with you, you can totally find an element to adhere and basically just cover her hands. In case you have any issues such as this one, maybe just take this text here and go to your elements. Search for a rectangle or any other shape. I am also going with a white background. I'm sending it to the back, making it smaller like this. I'm going to twist it around a bit, and I will send it forward until it covers the woman's tens. And of course, you can totally work with this. You can also go on and choose a rectangle or square that has a border like this and maybe use this instant of the white one I had here again. You're going to move it forward until it covers the hands. And it's really going to be something like this. Of course, the original design does look slightly better, but you need to just make every single one of these templates work for you if you don't want to create everything from scratch. What I recommend is just going with a basic sampling like this one. Maybe, and here you're just going to add in your text may be put in your picture, and it's definitely going toe much better this way. But in the case of posters and fliers, you need highly visual elements to attract people to your event or otherwise. They will just simply skip them and not three pay attention 12. Creating animated social media posts: you can use all of these debt needs to create any ads you might want. But for this next video, we are going to look at how you can create animated social media polls in great detail, and I recommend you choose the animated social media templates. Now here you've got a bunch of options pictures from to see them just click on the play button, and this 20 particular is very beautiful. You can also go for a simpler design like this one. Now this design, in particular is harder to replicate because you'll have to find all of these little elements in the Elements section, so you really need to search for them. So let's say you want these letters, you're going to group them, copy down by clicking right and copy, and then maybe want to add them to a different page like this one. And instead of going to believe this quick right haste, make this smaller and you have an element from your other templates easily available. So if you just crawled through days and ever see something like this fast moving dext again , copy it and we are going to move. It may be here may get smaller, ascended to the back, and you've got your in your design full with animations. Or you can just go to your elements, looked through a B the stickers and try to find those that are animated. And honestly, there are so many options for you. You can use anything from basic, um, Freddie's too festive stickers along with, of course, your static elements. So let's just quickly remove some of these elements here. Here. I'm clicking on on group and just leading this on top and instead going to add other elements such as an emoji, maybe some sparkles or the hearts so that it's not that obvious. And maybe a design like this, which I'm sending to the back and you've got again another design and honestly, all of these air, so fun to play with. You've got from the abstract designs two simple black and white ones, which you can also use. Then you've got automatic ones. Fund wands were just simple writing three leaders a bit of everything you might need, and this one, for instance, since we came across it, you can just use this as an image to confirm when you've got the new email subscriber, or when somebody will receive and use letter 13. Creating videos in Canva: to get started with creating videos in camera. We are going to either choose a social media post and add our video arm top of this layout , or you're going to type in video and for now, choose video or Facebook video. And as you can see, you'll get some templates, which, honestly, you can use very well as a YouTube intro. But we're going to do this from scratch. Go to your videos, select free if you want to use only the free videos, and here I'm going to look for something like nature. I'm taking this video, and I wanted to fit my whole screen, so I'm going to enlarge it a bit. Now. You can also crop this veal by dragging these, and you will have just a part of that veal on your screen. For example, with this video, you can crop and keep only the person in it. By clicking on the video, you will also be able to trim it, and this is honestly where you're going to shorten the video or make it glockner. Now the options here are in that advanced with you can definitely cut a video and make it shorter and just click on done. And here at the top, you will get to see how long your video is and preview it. Now, of course, on top of this video, if the video doesn't already have music, you can go on and add your own music from here. And I'm just going to preview the song, choose it and drop it on to my design. And if I click here at the top on the song again, I can trim this song and keep only those 10 seconds I need, As you can see, by dragging this left and right can already selected the right 10 seconds and choose. Um and we are going to our preview, and it's honestly as easy as this. I'm expecting so much more in the future from camera in terms of editing, since they make everything so easy. Now, of course, on top of this video, you can go on and ad your text. Just change the color of the entire text. And before we preview it, I'm going to show you how you can create a longer video and add another video. After this one, you're simply going to go to add a new page. And instead of this video, you're going to choose another one, such as this one. Notice that if you drag it, it can either be small like this or you can make it fit like this. Now, here we are, going to go in at the same song from before. I will choose a different snip, and I'll briefly add another page just so I can show you more video examples again. I'm dragging this like so I'm also going to add one random element just so you'll see how this works. And now we are going to play the video. Now the transitions are in the best, but you can definitely put to get a very, very short video for your social media posts. I'm just going to briefly do eat all of these and delete everything I have on my canvas to show you a nice trick, though you can actually create video grids. So you're going to go to your elements grids choose. Maybe this grid right here. I'm going to make it smaller center with using these purple lines. Go back to my videos, look for something like roses, drag my video onto each of these grid elements there are double clicking on them and dragging them. So the next screen matches roughly the 1st 1 and you technically will have one video at the end, and we're going to play it right now, and it's going to be something like this. Very beautiful. You can obviously work with other grids as well. Lots of videos if you want, or you can go on and create even text frames or other types of phrase. I'm going to write the word free. Using these text frames again, use the purple lines to match the distance between the ladders and their height. And if you have the same letter, click on duplicate and we've got this. Now you are just centering them. Go to your videos and choose something like this. Add it onto all of your letters. I'm going to double click on the first video again move them as needed. I can also enlarge this if I want different types of droplets on go letters and we're going to click blade now. Finally, one trick I want to show you is how you can create a video collage. Now, if you have a Social Media post, you might want to have some text and another video. Besides, it's so you're going to go with video collage and let's just go with this one and imagine this isn't ad you're making. We're going to replace this first image with a video, and I'm going for something like sports just dragging the video on top of my image, and I'm going to save it as a video. Now. The saving process will take a bit longer, depending on how many elements you have on the design, and the final result will look something like this. You can also create stories this way, maybe an instagram story, and let's say we have this one. Instead of this image here, you can add your own video from your phone or go and look for stock veal if you want to just and some information on top of it, depending on your needs. You also have Facebook videos to choose from again. They were in the same way. Let's just briefly take a look at this one. The video is placed in the background just to add some kind of interactive design to your creation before I sign off. I also want to show you how to create a video intro for your YouTube channel. We're going with something like this one and straight away and going to change the tax, make the text a bit smaller so that it fits my screen and my means. Then you can keep or do eat this. I am going to keep these collars, maybe at my blending colors to it, and I'm going to change this video with a stop video. Let's see if I can find anything relevant. I, um, also going to work with its transparency, and I'm adding a rectangle on top of this, and you will see why. Soon I am going with direct angle that is creditable from all sides, going with maybe black or a dark great adding this over my whole video, sending it to the back, either using control or command and the brackets or from position, and I can also work with the transparency here, fix the transparency here again, go to my black rectangle, work with the transparency so it matches my needs. I am briefly going to download it so I can see its length and my video is only five seconds loan, which is just enough. And this is about all regarding videos in candle 14. Various marketing materials [logos, invitations, infographics, brochures, product labels] PART 1: from your templates. If your scroll down enough, you will see this marketing section, which has really anything you need for your marketing efforts, including proposals, maybe a menu for your restaurant website content, blah, graphics, media, kids, anything like this. So we are just briefly going to go through all of them. First of all, there is the logo now for the logo. You are basically stuck to using just texts, colors and maybe some very simple illustrations, so don't expect anything amazing from here. But it's definitely a good way for you to get started. If you have a small business or are in need of a very, very simple logo, you can just use any element of fine here or go on to your elements shapes. And here you have lots and lots of options to choose from to create your logo. And, of course, just add in your text and you can really create a logo in a matter of seconds. But I do advise you test out some under colors, shapes and anything you may need, so you will see which local works best for you. Then you've got posters which we've already covered, and Flyers. Don't forget to go with the show print, lead and show margins. Options went editing these also, you can create both sides of a flyer. We're just adding a new cage, and this will really be the back of your flyer. So this is the front, and this is the back. And this is how you create a two sided flyer. And let's just take a moment to admire these beautiful illustrations in case you ever come across elements you like, such as this one, and you don't want to aimlessly look for them all the time. I just recommend you copy this and maybe create a separate, simple file where you can just paste it and just keep all elements you like in here and get back to them and reuse them whenever you need them for future contents. Then we have business cards, which I'm sure everyone will need to use these and again, you can have its front, and on the second page you will have the back. Of course, these are just going to be static, and you can't really add anything animated onto them. Despite the video and elements option, then something people already come so often to can't afford. Is there infographics again? You might have seen, for example, this one so often because they're just very simple templates you can re use to create your own infographics. What I recommend is going either for a simple design like this were for a design with pictures, because these are just simpler to create if you are a non designer. Or of course, you can go for infographics like these and just looked through the elements to find May me a house I can, or a car I can which is missing from here. You are just going to choose the I can then click on it and change the color to match the rest of the infographic. Displaced this somewhere here And you have completed your infographic. Really? Then you can create brochures. And as you'll notice once you click on one of these brochures, you have all three sides of it on the same page. And these oranges the lines where the folding will be done. So this will be one side of your grocer. And maybe this is the other one. Of course. Come in here. Add your own images. Whatever those might be, and you can easily turn this education leaflet into one for travel. Maybe then yes, what you can actually use can va for product labels. So if you've got one product you are creating, if it's a homemade thing, maybe a homemade the crema soap, anything like this, you can create the label here and just printed layer and added onto your product. You can go for a design like this that includes some info, a simple design just for the cover or go for something that includes ingredients as well. Just select this and this one actually already has the ingredients here. Or you can go on and choose something different when I want to add text to attempt Li like this that already has some kind of tax. I just click on one group, and then I go to this smaller tax click on Duplicate, and I'm just going to basically list here my ingredients and everything, and I can either keep this very same design or go for a similar fund. Maybe the same funds, but folded and just add them here 15. Various marketing materials [gift certificates, cards, tickets, newsletters] PART 1: then we can go in. Create simple content like a gift certificate. Now you can send this via email, paste it on social media or just physically printed, and give it out in your shop. Send it via email. However you want to again, you can have the front and the back with more details. Notice how you can just spend your text however you want. It creates something fun, maybe confused people a bit. Make them think or just drop in a joke. Here, maybe make the text smaller, even smaller. Anything you wish to. Maybe add some disclaimers or anything else like this. Then you have gift tags. But these, honestly, you'll only use these mostly for personal reasons when sending out the gift. Or you can obviously attach something like this to your products, and in this case, you'll need to print them. So go for show prints bleed before you added the design. Print is from your download section. Go for the pdf print or a PNG file and choose the highest possible size since you're going to print this and add these to your product to your deliveries, anything you are in need of Oh, And by the way, if he wants to print the content, you creating Campbell go for colors that are very simple. Instead of images like this one. Or instead of just going in and adding pictures, that's just so the quality of the print will turn out fine. Now moving on, we have even more content you can create, and I'm briefly going to go through the ones that are very simple to create. And there's no catch to using them. For example, these I. D cards again. You will want to print these. Have your front, have your back and just give them out to your members. Something nice you can do is, of course, add the image of each client you have. Just upload your image, then drag their image onto the card, and they will have a nicely personalized card they can use. And any of your employees can do this honestly. Then guess what? You can even create tickets for the concert to show anything like this and, of course, at the front and the back. And here you can just play with lots of options. Make something fun, like in this case, maybe instead of this circle and maybe a black circle. Take the transparency to 100 so it's not actually transparent. Once the 10 days come and you're just going to punch this black space and or make it larger so it's easily visible, then you can actually create newsletters in Canberra to It's a bit of, let's say, more of a burden to create your newsletter here instead of in maybe mail, chimp or moose and or whatever tool you use. But you can definitely get so many visual options with Canada. The thing is that you can also add links for your text by simply clicking on text where you want to add your length and you're going to go to link and just type in your link here, such as W W can va dot com. And, of course, when you gets that email, let's just say we're presenting it. People will be able to click on the link. You can also use this for just simple email headers, which you can honestly use for your newsletters, or even to send out simple emails. If you want to make an impression, you can totally use this instead of just simply saying hi. Maybe put in this image and then just write your email below or you can use this maybe to create a small adds to your website or the email signature even. 16. Various marketing materials [checklists, calendars, illustrations] PART 1: now your marketing efforts are, of course, not limited to your reports or e books. You can also create simple templates that you can share with your audience. One thing I often create our checklists and again, just look for checklists. You will have a bunch of options here, and you can perhaps create something like I did. This is a non page ASIO checklist. I will zoom in a bit and show you how I added my own name and position my website here, and really, you can just upload this onto Pinterest, share it exclusively with some of your clients, or just give it as a freebie in exchange for an email address. And in the same way, you can go and create maybe a planner, which, by the way, you can use for marketing as well to create your schedule, to plan out your task or create a calendar again for the same purpose. You can perhaps create something like this. And instead of January 2020 maybe, and in marketing or content ideas, go to your spacing and just this space between the lines and between letters and here in every single one of these boxes you can go on and add some more text. Maybe at in some recommendations for content that you can create during a certain day in Just and just fill all of these squares with some ideas and recommendations. Complete all of them. Share it on Pinterest again anywhere you want. Of course. Always add your branding at the end. You can even add something as simple as this here. I honestly recommend you just play with all of these before you get started and you will see so many fun ideas. I mean, you can even create storyboards. The idea behind Canada is that it will take you literally seconds to do this. The last thing I'm going to show you is the comic strip option. And again here you have already some of your may outs or a comic strip you can create, and it doesn't have to be anything complicated. I mean, you can go on and take this shape and just change it with something else. Like maybe this which honestly looks similar. But yet put it here then, of course, has changed the eyes. Look for maybe a face like this, or create your own using shaves and just create this from scratch. Make it unique, Own it posted on social media, resize it, printed If you want to, it's honestly so simple to just create anything in here you can even use it to create maybe means or other types of fun content you want. And honestly, you don't even have to build everything from scratch. Just put in an emoji instead, and that will be it. 17. Social media posts and stories: the creative social media post you can. I don't go for the general social media design here type and your custom, my mentions or just search for a Facebook post. For example, we are going to go for a Facebook post. I will choose a design of has more elements, so we can clearly see how it all works, such as this one. And, of course, at all times. You can change your design from here, or just keep this one. You can simply go on and change the taxed. Change your picture from photos or again from uploads. If you want to add in your own, I am going to search for a fashion image, for example, this one and going to move it a bit if possible. If not, I will just leave it this way. I also want to first of all, change my background. I am choosing this collar, and then from here I will go on and at a darker shade of pink. In this case, I will go back to my image, click on just and just work with maybe lower brightness. Higher contrast. Go to my filters, choose Nordic, add some intensity like So then I'm taking this chance to show you how you can add it. These elements now I have this specific circle here. I can just click on it and change its collar. And then I'm going to my text and changing the color again, or I can go onto my elements. And here I have featured elements, shaped stickers, the charts, the grade Ian's, which I love lines. You can just simply take this line and at it here, make it smaller like so, or just lengthen it. Then you have a bunch of thematic elements, or the best way to use this is to just charge for what you need. Maybe you need a type of circle, and you're just going to use that on your design. Keep in mind that if you have multiple colors on an element, you can change Beach Caller in particular. Now let's just go back to our Grady ins, and I'm really going to show you how you can add this to your background in case you want a Grady int background, which you can't currently do in camera. So you can. The easiest way is to just choose this square dragon like this. Go to position, send it to the very back and then just work with your colors. Now, from here, you can go on and just resize this into any other type of post you need maybe a twitter post what country size. And of course, you will have to add it some of the elements so that it works for other networks as well. As you can see, these elements here are group, so I'm going to click on on group. Then I will click on the white rectangle again, make it smaller. I am going to click on my Grady int background and lock it. I'm also going to grab these, lock them as well, and then just select these and moved, um, back to dare position if I want in this way, or just make this larger in a similar way. You can also create instagram stories from simple ones like this one. And as you'll see here, you will get the syriza and recommendations. You just have to fill these in with your own content and really, that will be it. You will have your stories. This is an interesting element here. Just let's make it larger, a big click on on group, and you will notice that it's really just taxed over a series of rectangles so you can't add background colors to canvass attacks. The at another thing you can do with your stories is create these very simple story highlight covers. You just put in your needs here, and that will be it, really, Of course, with stories you can go on and add your videos from videos or from uploads. And just use these in your stories. Or instead of this element, you're going to go to elements and look for animates. And many of these results you get are elements that actually moves still. Let's just take this as an example. I'm going to place it here. Then you can add in your text, such as offer. Make it larger from here and, of course, choose an appropriate font that suits your needs best. Then another very useful feature is the Pinterest pin creation tool, and honestly, in here you will have so many ideas for inspiration that you can use even if you have to promote your own block post. If you're a freelancer, this is just very simple to use. You have all of your templates here. All you have to do is make sure you change it up a bit. So it's not the exact same one as year because other people can come in and use these very same ones. So in the end you will get something that looks just like another one on another block. I have chosen this design in particular because it is very simple and notice how they used an image as the background. 18. More social media posts and geofilters: next were briefly going to look at how you can create a Facebook cover or just a hatter for lengthen for Twitter. And again, we are taking a quick look through the complaints. This one in particular, is created using the style or text masking. I've already shown you. However, the difference here is that, as you can see, they've added a separate letter in the background so that it mimics the shadows. So this is a very interesting technique you can use and as you'll notice these our individual letters as well. Or you can go on with a simple header like this and even go to your videos and change this into a knack. Actual video. There's really nothing complicated about Canberra. Everything I'm showing you is very easy to use, so I'll just take a look, add some of the little aspects you might miss. Another fun factor in Kenya is creating Snapchat geofilters, and you can technically use these on instagram as well. Again. You have your templates with different backgrounds, and let's just say we are going with this one. You can technically check out how it's going to look like by searching for a video with a person and maybe adding it here. Of course, it's not as realistic with it's one way of seeing how the filter will look like. Of course, you can create all of this from scratch or just come in and add your own elements. You can create a filter that's as simple as just having some of these confetti ease on it or some sparkles. Just add in this, and you will be able to use this very simple design as your filter or look for animated sparkles and just add these everywhere then and you're taxed, maybe, or a logo of your brand. Let's see if we can find any logos in our elements already. Let's assume we are working for etc. Or we have a Nazi shop again. You can just add in your logo here. This is what your filter might look like, and these are honestly all of your social media options. You can go on and create lengthen betters south wound banners, which better is even, and they are all very traumatic and easy to apply to your own needs. 19. Building presentations and methods to present them: next, My favorite thing to build using Can va is presentation, and these templates are updated so often so you will likely find something that's of interest to you. Now I recommend just going with one of the templates that seems the best for you. And once you choose, maybe your first base, you will also get all of the other slides recommended so you can just go on and either used this very same template or test out a few of them. And, of course, go on and add it. All of your elements. Here I have another one of those illustrations, which you can add it according to your exact needs and maybe just Brende colors, depending on what you want to work with. To create new slides, just go end at a new page. Or you can add new pages from this plus sign or click on copy page and get the same exact page. But maybe in this case you want to replace this illustration. So again, go to your illustrations, go for something like business illustration, maybe go for a free version and see if you can find anything that's of interest to you. You can even add animated elements here. I'm just going to randomly leave this year, although it's not really relevant, so we can see how it will look like when you're done. Just go to present. And here you have a bunch of options for the transitions of your slides, and if you wait long enough, you will be able to preview them and I'm going to choose the standard way of presenting it . And that is by clicking the space bar or under and just going with the standard you. For now, click on present and to move it towards the next slide, you can click here, press your arrow keys, press enter, press the space more, depending on your own needs. And as you can see, all of the animations work all of the transition's work as well. And it's just a very simple way for you to create any kind of presentation. You can actually search for the type of template you want, and you will find some four marketing as well for sales, depending on your own mates. And honestly, this is all it is, very simple to use. You don't even need any tutorial. Just go on tested yourself, adding your elements and in your text images, whatever you need, 20. Final takeaways and working on the class project: Thank you for taking the time to watch this course. If you have any questions, just let me know. Don't forget to leave a review. And, of course, remember that you can complete your project for discourse. There are so many designs and ideas that are just waiting to be created and used. And honestly, it will take you seconds. Not more to complete. These just looked through. All of them. Test out a couple of idea for your project. You can create anything from a checklist like this. Or maybe go on and create something printable like this, depending on your needs. Of course. Go on and change everything to suit your marketing needs. Just because the template was created for a wedding, it doesn't mean it should be used. Four weddings only. You can also go on and create something fun. Like some no for YouTube. Anything you wish for. Just leave it in the project section and I will have a look in them as well. Have a wonderful day 21. Bonus lecture: Canva elements keywords + Free PDF: Everyone. So in this bonus part of the course, we're having a look at some Canva elements keywords. Don't forget to grab your free copy of the list from the resources section, so you don't have to copy them by hand from the video. And I'm also going to show you how you can find beautiful elements in the future as well, and how you can actually use them. So let's get started. So the first keyword I have for you is this psychedelic one, which will show you designs that come in black and white length, or this one and more colorful ones, patterns, illustrations, loads of examples really. If you come across a designer like just go through these three dots here and you can either click on see more like this or go 2D actual designer for similar elements. To save one of these just go to Add to likes. And then from your dashboard you can go to all your folders, likes. And you will see the elements here for the second key, when I have these psychedelic blobs. And if you find, for example, a design like this one with multiple elements in a one, just double-click on it and we are going to cut just this one as much as possible. Check so that it's okay and nothing else pops into image. Then there's also the psychedelic office. Now notice that these animated ones can take a while to load. And this is also why I'm filming this full screen because it can land here computer a bit and maybe it's not the strongest one. These planets, for instance, can be used as decorative elements, even as bullet points for lists. And really just get as creative as possible. Then you have these animated geometrical shapes, either in black and white, in a single color or multiple colors. And these fast and emissions that you can use, let me just turn a background the width, and really just use these animations for a video or social media posts. There is also the animated blog keyword, which gives you the psychedelic animations along with these textured blobs, which you can use as that creative elements. One of my favorites is this shakes Memphis keyword, which has black and white options as well as these oranges fathered ones. And you can also look for this brand I've written here and find these designs here by adding the modern keyword after the actual brand. Actually turn these into a shape you want or just added their colors. And if you scroll down a bit, you will find more examples like these, including the Memphis options here. Next tip is to add a picture or go to photos and select any image from there and type in Washington. And you are going to get these tapes to add may be on the corner of your images. There's also drawn ones like bees. And again, you can always go to the magic recommendations from Canada and find other similar elements. I like this pen a lot and you can just place it like this at the top. Or find transparent tape as well. You can also look for photo corners, and usually these are quite elegance, so they might not work for modern designs. But you can also find some modern animations in here as well, such as these ones here. And that are run, I like a lot is this one and they have these patterns essentially, you can use these either as patterns or as decorate of elements. And you also have patterns with a transparent background such as this, so that you can add then on top of any color and letter. Interesting keyword is new brushstroke, written as this without any spaces. And this is really just a bunch of decorative element. Then one of my favorite keywords that few people know of is this brutalist keyword, which you can always just added according to your need. Or again, you can double-click on them and cut if needed. And here you also have these very interesting shapes with some texture on them. If you want something more than just a bunch of simple shapes. Another element that I've been seeing a lot and just never knew what their name was, is this abstract grid. And if you go on top of an element, you can kind of see it's name and keywords. So if you look for abstract game or grid, you will also find this. Here I have one more keyword for these simple decorated elements in case you don't want one of the images here, for example, this yellow thing. You can just remove it by changing it to the color of the background. There's this brand followed by the keyword woman, which gives you a bunch of portraits like this. You'll notice you can actually edit this, like you wouldn't edit an image. So you can go to filters and add a slice effect, which you can always add it from these settings here and make it maybe a bit more subtle. And if you go back to the same keyword, you also find some other elements in here that are very cute. And if you scroll a bit, you will actually find the Stuart Hall. And again, you can go to Effect and replace the colour with basically these black and white. For a more minimalistic design, or just to use these as decorative elements. Now, this brand, if you add in the organic engraved keyword f, you will get loads of these absolutely gorgeous designs. And you can go to the actual creator of these to find really any kind of illustration you need. Moving on to slightly more modern phase. You can opt for an isometric chart to make your charts pop up a bit. And if you search for new form isometric, you will also find these buildings that pop out. And our animated. Then for some things simple, you can always look for minimal and you will find minimal illustrations, minimal design items, and really loads of super interesting elements to use for your own creations. Again, remember that you can always go and find the original creator of this. Maybe type in the keyword of what you found and really see loads of more examples like these. There is also the Bolden, minimalist keyword for these furniture items. And on the other side of this style, you can find the hand painted elements from decorated paint to flowers and even borders for your images. Also, organic rainbows, organic drawings, very colorful and useful. And really just scroll a lot to find different designs from load of other creators. Here you also have these bright leaves that look kind of like this. You can also find notes and these are super cute and easy to use really. This is yet another brand you can use for some simple illustrations, but they really have a mix of things here that in this brand and type in boldface after n, you will get some cute dog faces. You can kind of customize as well. And for some realistic dogs type in this brand and you can use cats, dogs, anything like this, and they are very well drawn. Moving on to a more modern things. If you want to maybe highlight the CTA or show people where they can click a mouse click animated design, or just a hand like this. Let me change the background a bit. Then there is the International Women's Day keyword. Now here you can find every possible thing related to women. Just keep in mind that usually when there's a holiday or Especial de both Canva and other creators will come up with similar new designs. So it's good to check keywords like these every single year. Then you have the on and off button. Or you can look for toggle as well, realistic flowers. And here you can do a design like maybe having this. Let me just change the background vector y. I'm going to add this. Then on top of this, I want to add a dark square. So I am enlarging this over on top of the entire illustration, lowering the transparency like so. And I'm going back to my realistic flower keyword and choosing maybe something like this, which I can add a grayscale on top. And it will look like this, also like the watercolor Lotus. Then the Wednesday magic keyword has some amazing decorator development, as well as cute illustrations and portraits. And again, you can always change the color for these and add them as decorative elements. Next is the Instagram frame keyword. Now you can see more recommendations like these or type in this brand followed by frame. And you will find loads of examples like these, including this very cute mockup you can use for a Facebook Live. And if you go to my YouTube channel, I actually have a video on how you can create these social media mockups yourself in Canada, even using scrolling video graphics. Then if you have a quote, you can use the quote decor items to decorate that quote or message. Then you have this brand, which is actually the Kendler Originals brand, followed by the keyword quote. And you have loads of quotes you can use on top of stories independently or in corners of images. Also from Canada, you have these indirect junctions which are super cute and these are actually pixelated. Then here is another brand forced some really interesting icons and you can select any of them. And if you don't want the colored part here, change it to the background that you have and keep just the outline. Then there is this brand followed by the carnival mask keywords. And you can use these as decorations. Then I have another brand followed by dog. And here you can find really different styles of God illustrations to use. And another brand followed by gradient months, will give you these super cute little monsters. And the best part is that you can actually add up them from the same brand. You also have the 3D option and keep in mind that 3D is really popular these days. So you can find loads of things here, from scenes to shapes and decorative elements. Then moving onto other decorations, you have the balloons stylized option. And if you scroll down a bit, you can find these super-simple balloons and they are from sketches like Japan. Then you have basic things like strokes, maybe even flower strokes. One element I recently came across is this torus one. And you will find the name of these keywords by looking among the keywords the creator has added. And here you can actually find this torus skewer, like you can find this one. Then there's the antique keyword, vintage illustrations, which are honestly drop dead gorgeous. You can use them for loads of purposes and you can also change the color of it. Then we have the image cutout images. Which are really cut out and you can even have these confetti ones to add on top of your images. And there's quite a few of these for a unique type of design. Or you can type in this brand and opt for just flour cutout. Then there is this brand here. Let me just add it on top so you can see it better really here you will find those realistic images I mentioned in the loads of different ways. And you can use them maybe as backgrounds even or just enlarge the MLA. Then if you are interested in some glitter elements like these, just typing this brand, follow my glitter. I also have to show you the tropics Organic Keywords where you will find food, flowers, leaves, loads of gorges, things. If you stumble upon something like this, just double-click on it and cut illustration that you want. Then I have another brand followed by seashells. And you can also find patterns here as well. From this thing brand. You can also look for something like really, when you have maybe an illustration like this, you can add multiple others on top or behind to create new illustrations from the ones you already kind of like this. Here's another brand with some makeup illustrations and other brand here with loads and loads of examples of patterns and just background images, details you can use to decorate your elements. If you come across maybe something like this, don't worry, because you can actually change it to match the colors of your brand. Kind of like this. Or of course, you can just go to your styles and select your style and added on top. Then I have this brand. And yet for some decorative elements like so. And these are just very simple things you can add on top of your images or in corners. This brand here is actually from sketchy fine Mexico. And usually scheduled phi and Canva versions for different countries like Mexico, Japan, Russia have very high-quality designs for this same grand, you will want to look at the pattern keyword and really find these amazing patterns, illustrations with patterns. Even food like this that just has these dots that make it unique, then you can use something like a forest pattern as seen patterned background. And really this is your background and you can add animals and people on top of it. There's the ever popular rose gold option. Also this brand followed by the portrait keyword. And if you want to get detail that look for the expression portrait keyboard, also the 3D head keyword will bring you loads of really cute design by these. Again, very trendy these days than another brand, followed by bold line will give you two different types of illustrations really. And I have actually used these myself recently too. If you scroll down, you will find these colorings leaves, or you can look for tropical leaf. And really you can look through them to find the one that you can also add it according to the colors you need. There is also the pressed flowers, which gives you exactly that pressed flowers. Then you can even look for tags and bright colors and find something like this where you can also remove or change it. I also like these free form shapes. A lot is partially these lines and they actually have a tutorial on my YouTube channel that will show you how you can use these lines in your own designs and how you can add images within them. Also, there's this brand with gradients, and I actually use this at the very beginning of this video to add in either an image or a video like I did within this. And for something different, you can look for this brand and hand painted and you will find fruits, elements, blows, items, anything like that in a hand painted style. Also there is this set of illustrations from Canada, originals, China. This brand that allows you to use super simple declarative element that will work for almost any design, really. Another brand with incredible illustrations, you can use the free form procured, which gives you some of the decorative elements we had a look at before, but only the ones from this specific creator. And on the same note, you can look for neon free form and get these absolutely gorgeous designs for animals and numbers and really other types of decorative elements. If you scroll down just a bit, then you have a flower outline. And you can use these, even if you want to create, for example, coloring books for kids or adults, saying before lined tree, then there is also these super 2D avatars. I'd call them from the person block, line, keyword. And on top of them you can come with maybe an outline, kind of like this. So overlaid a symbol or an overlay with texture like this one. But you don't have to use it as it is. You can make it larger and just use parts of it and change up the colors a bit. Maybe forget this urban effect. Then we are going back to the sketch file brand for the new normal keyword, where you find some stickers and you can honestly just use these as inspiration and create your own similar thinkers from scratch. And there is also the hand-drawn stickers. As well as just the few filters stickers you can add on top of an image with yourself. What are my absolute favorite brand is this one which has actually sketch a phi Japan. And you can find here from decorated element to Christmas, famous people, food, cute stuff, really, anything you might need that I have this brand with some stickers, quite a few of them actually. And you can also type in just the Brennan and retro nineties and find the perfect images that will remind you of the nineties and new can edit them as well. And also from SketchUp file you have these cartoony country images, which are cartoon representations of different countries and other brand with amazing decorate of elements is this one. Again, you can get super creative with these, add them on top of each other or create new ones as well. Then you have the cosmic vintage images or some of these illustrations also gradients lines. You can actually use this as a frame as well, or find me a gradient like this. The vocal keywords with a couple of portraits as well as fashion girls. And of course, you can add it this if you want to. On the same note as International Women's Day involved, you have the feminism keywords, and these come with some pretty interesting illustrations as well. For some interesting icon's gradient line art, this brand followed by holographic. And they provide these creepy kind of holographic stickers you can use maybe for a Halloween and then you can look for distant brand. Again, it's from Scatchard Phi and they have these abstract portraits. And there's loads of options here. And if you scroll down, you can also find some decorator elements as well. And if you search for the same brand and portrait, you will have different styles of portraits you can use and customize according to your own means. I recommend starting with this keyword. If you want just a portrait of a person or maybe you want to put together an image from scratch. Then there's pass the lines with these super cute animated images, as well as some other decoration. Oriental files as well, maybe a classic font. And you probably know those people are selling. You can find loads of those within this brand here. You can also try and asymmetric frame, either for a shape or a frame like this. Go to your photos and add an image of yourself on top of these instead of your regular boring frames from here, again, you can try the organic frame or free form frame, which I have showed DIY tutorial on YouTube for. There's also the ripped pay per keyword and you have loads of options here. But I recommend, instead of going for something super simple like this or like this, to try to find something that has a bit more texture findings like this. This here is another brand I recommend for their illustrations under Elements to decorate your images with include this barcode or a QR code. You might also want something like these vibrance group to which you can also color as needed, or vibrant cartoony fees for just the face and wait for it. Yes, there's actually pixel art or you can look for fixed for art. And you can use loads of these to get kids to like your creations or maybe you are putting together some activity sheets for them. You can totally gamify your creations, even if there's bad. If you are instead looking for something business-related, you can look for it, this brand and type in online shopping after. And there's really multiple styles you can opt for. The seamless pattern keyword will also allow you to create a beautiful backgrounds and other types of creations. You can also try seamless pattern, cute for kids. And really you can use these just as declarations as well. There's also see pattern, gorgeous ones here as well. Native pattern like these, and you can create your own from adding up multiple ones as well. There is also an ethnic pattern turtle If you want to use these may be for a coloring book. And really you have loads of other elements to work with. Also a seamless ethnic pattern. Maybe like this one, you can create one, copy this, paste it, and flip it vertically, and just kind of add them up like this and create maybe a totally the fringe pattern from this. Here is yet another brand with some amazing illustrations, patterns, decorate of elements. Remember that you can sometimes go and filtered and effect anything you need to match your branding. So just because you see that something is bright, doesn't mean that you can keep it just this way. I also like these from Canada, and these are just people in windows and they really show you what people are doing at home, also from Canvas, but different windows this time are these crazy windows which really show you kind of what happens when your computer lags. And this is actually another one of my favorites. So it's this brand followed by the one knows frame keyword. And you have this MSP, Windows 98 Vive to these, and you can use them to add maybe an image within this. Or a video like I actually use for my own YouTube videos. Then for some thematic aspects, you have these light bulbs which are animated, also this brand followed by ornament. And you can find loads and loads of things to use to decorate your images. And there's also this brand plus outfit which gives you cute cats. And these portraits of people wearing Christmas outfits. And then you have this online friendship keyword, which I love a lot. And you can kind of find loads and loads of examples in here. If you scroll down a bit, you will also see these. Just go to see all. And you have found completely different images on the same theme. Again, type in this other brand followed by video call, and you will have even more similar illustrations for lovers. There's also this keyword followed by Lovers Day. Also you can try this summer organic keyword with illustrations and decorated elements, as well as maybe just organic dots. And again, you can always remove one of the elements here and just make it seem like you have to instead of all else. And there's really lots of options to use these. Then I have this brand for horn decorations. If you want to spice up your symbol designs and really get as creative as you'd like with them. Then there is the brushstroke element. Notice this is just a bit different from a symbol stroke. This exact bow hold again, change it. So you have only part of it, organic spiral line them for something that's not organic. You can look for this all told pastoral shape. Then these are definitely the best hearts you can find on Canva. Then there is this brand force some more illustrations. And if she typing things after it, you will find loads of faces you can use as well. Then this is another brand I like for business presentations, anything like that. And I have actually used some of these for one of my guides on my blog. Also the neon word keyword, which also has some icons, illustrations, and you can add the girth after and find some thicker neon's. Finally, the last thing I wanted to show you is this sub-brand followed by explainer video. And this is exactly what it is. Some explainer illustrations that are animated and you can use within presentations or infographics, anything like that freely. Now finally, if you go to the elements section and you'll find here this featured category, you can see the most popular illustrations at the moment. And this is how you're going to find beautiful elements from now on as well. Like you can find this one, for instance, and go back to see more like this or glow to the creator and add in the fireworks keyword. And you will find loads of other examples from the same Creator. Again, add them to your favorites, Have a look at some of the other keywords in here and just discovered what suits your style as well. Don't forget the dime leaving this free list of Canada element keywords for you in the resources section. So you can check these out. You're literally over 100 keywords you can use to spice up your illustrations from now until next time, take care.