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Canine Masterclass: How To Cut Your Dog's Nails, Importance of Exercise & Overheating Aid

Tatiana Ambrose - Creativity, Helping YOU To Be More CREATIVE

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6 Videos (20m)
    • Introduction To Dog Nail Trims: How To Cut Your Dog's Nails

    • How to Cut A Dog's Nails Lecture: Supplies Needed and Dog Nail Trim Demo

    • Dog Demonstration: How To Trim A Dog's Nails

    • Why your dog needs exercise

    • Overheating in dogs

    • Dog Class Conclusion


About This Class

Do you want to start trimming your dog's nails at home but are nervous? Do you want to know the must have supplies to have on hand in case you accidentally make a dog nail bleed? Do you want to know why it is essential for your dog to have short nails?

In this dog class we will cover all of those topics! This is the perfect class for any dog lover or dog owner wanting some insight into how to cut their dog's nails from what dog nail trimmers I prefer to use to how I cut my own dog's nails. I have worked in various dog fields since I was a teenager, from dog food stores, to dog grooming, to dog training and even dedicated three years to working at a veterinary clinic. I have a passion for dogs and want every dog owner to have the same knowledge when it comes to caring for their dog. Dog nails are a very important aspect that can actually hurt your dog if the nails are too long. Do you want that for your dog? 

In this dog class you will see a puppy demonstration and my two adult dogs get their nails cut. My oldest dog, Ares, will have his nails dremeled as well. I will also talk about why I like to use the dremel on my dog and you will see how I dremel my dog's nails.

This is a short dog class but jam packed with information on how to cut your dog's nails from introduction of cutting a puppy's nails to a dog that didn't like nail trims and now 6 months later will let me cut all the nails on each foot at once. This is the step-by-step dog nail trim class you don't want to pass up!

If you have further questions in regards to your dog, most likely other people have the same question as well, so please post in the community discussion section of this group. I typically respond within a 24 hour period.

If you love your dog as much as I do mine then go ahead and enroll today! If you enjoyed this class please leave a thumbs up review.


Tatiana with Ares, Romeo, Athena and foster puppy, Jet

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The instructor is very easy to understand and does a great job of explaining the process. I am definitely feeling a little better armed with knowledge about cutting my dog's nails.
Teresa Trimm

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Tatiana Ambrose - Creativity

Helping YOU To Be More CREATIVE

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