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Canine Health: How To Cut & Dremel Your Dog's Nails, Grooming At Home Tips & Overheating Aid

Tatiana Ambrose, Helping You To Be Creative & Productive

Canine Health: How To Cut & Dremel Your Dog's Nails, Grooming At Home Tips & Overheating Aid

Tatiana Ambrose, Helping You To Be Creative & Productive

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13 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Introduction To Dog Nail Trims: How To Cut Your Dog's Nails

    • 2. How to Cut A Dog's Nails Lecture: Supplies Needed and Dog Nail Trim Demo

    • 3. Dog Demonstration: How To Trim A Dog's Nails

    • 4. Grooming Tips: Grooming Supplies

    • 5. Grooming Release Of Liability

    • 6. Grooming: How To Bathe Your Dog At Home

    • 7. Grooming At Home Tips Part 1

    • 8. Grooming At Home Tips Part 2

    • 9. Why your dog needs exercise

    • 10. Overheating in dogs

    • 11. Have you considered having insurance for your pet?

    • 12. Credit card you can use for your dog and you

    • 13. Class Conclusion: Continue Learning with Me

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About This Class

Do you want to start trimming your dog's nails at home but are nervous? Do you want to know the must-have supplies to have on hand in case you accidentally make a dog nail bleed? Do you want to know how to bathe your dog at home and some grooming from home tips you can apply today?

In this dog health class, we will cover all of those topics! This is the perfect class for any dog lover or dog owner wanting some insight into how to cut their dog's black nails from what dog nail trimmers I prefer to use to how I cut my own dog's nails. How I bathe my four dogs at home, the importance of exercise and must know overheating in dogs aid.

I have worked in various dog fields since I was a teenager, from dog food stores to dog grooming, to dog training, and even dedicated three years to working at a veterinary clinic. I have a passion for dogs and want every dog owner to have the same knowledge when it comes to caring for their dog. 

In this dog class, you will see a puppy demonstration and my two adult dogs get their nails cut. My oldest dog, Ares, will have his nails dremeled as well. I will also talk about why I like to use the dremel on my dog and you will see how I dremel my dog's nails.

This class is jam-packed with dog health information with step-by-step demonstrations and visual lectures so you aren't only reading words on a screen. I am actually showing you how to do everything the right way.

If you have further questions in regards to your dog, most likely other people have the same question as well, so please post in the discussion section of this class. I typically respond within 2 business days and can make a new lecture that will visually answer your question.

If you love your dog as much as I do mine then go ahead and enroll today! If you enjoyed this class please leave a thumbs-up review. I love reading all the reviews from my past and currents students!


Tatiana with Ares, Romeo, Athena, and foster puppy, Jet

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1. Introduction To Dog Nail Trims: How To Cut Your Dog's Nails: Hi there. Welcome to this class on how to trim your dog's nails. In this class, you will learn why you should keep your dogs. Neil short. What the quick is how to trim your dog's nails Introduction to the Dremel and why I personally prefer using to Jermell over nail clippers on my oldest dog. And I will also have to my dogs, areas and Rovio used as demonstrations in this class. So if you're ready, go ahead and roll today and let's get started. 2. How to Cut A Dog's Nails Lecture: Supplies Needed and Dog Nail Trim Demo: Welcome to the nail trim section. We're gonna take a moment to talk about the dog's nails. Look at white and black nails. Take a look at what the quick is and then show you different ways to contribute dog's nails starting today, so the dog. Now some people are intimidated, while others are not. Dogs usually have white, black or multi colored nails, which is white and black. Each nail has a blood vessel in it called a quick that you want to avoid clipping because it does and will bleed. But with the right supplies and technique, you should be able to avoid cutting the quick when it comes to each dogs. Individual nails, they grow at different speeds, so terming your dog's nails every 2 to 4 weeks is recommended. On occasion, I have seen dogs that can go 2 to 3 months without a nail trump, because their nails don't grow us fast. I wasn't that lucky out of my three dogs. So for my dogs, it's every 2 to 3 weeks for this lecture, though I did wait an entire month before trimming my dog's nails so you can see how they look before and after. Now. Older dogs in general tend to have long quicks. But no matter how long your dog's nails are, you can make the quick received back even after only three nail trips. If you want your dog's nails to be shorter, I recommend trimming them every two weeks. But before we jump into how to cut your dog's nails, let's talk about the importance of keeping your dogs Neil short. The most important aspect of short nails is balance, as mentioned in the grooming section. The dogs pop ads give them traction on slick or uneven surfaces. Your dog having long nails is not a natural way for the dog to walk. Let me give you an example. It is slightly exaggerated, but drives my point home. Say you are used to walking barefoot. You have traction on tile. Linoleum can jump and land. Great. Now, from here on forward, you have to wear high heels. Walk in high heels is not natural for people just like your dog having long nails. So what happens now? When you walk on tile, you may be more cautious or even slip, and what happens when you jump off something landing and high heels is going to be awkward and a good chance you won't land properly. And what about when you have worn high heels all day long? Your leg muscles and joints will start to ache. All of these aspects apply to your dog that has long nails. It's not only uncomfortable but puts extra stress on your dog's leg muscles and joints and in some cases, the dog's nails. Typically, the dew claws will curl over almost in a full circle and grow into the popat. And this is gonna be similar to an ingrown nail in people. And when the dog's nails is embedded in its popat in some of the more severe cases, the dog may need to be sedated because he's too tender and sensitive with that. Nail intends to squirm and potentially bite. Now they understand how uncomfortable, awkward and painful it can be for a dog to have long nails. Let's take a look at some demonstrations with my dogs. The ideal goal is to get your dog's nails as short as possible, so there isn't a clicking noise on the floor, but without cutting the quick for supplies, you will need a pair of nail clippers and some skeptic powder. This powder is a yellow powder, and in case you do quick your dog's nails, you simply dab that yellow powder onto your dog's nails, and it will stop the bleeding now as faras dog nail clippers. There are so many different types, but my favorite is the plier Nail Clippers. These I feel Give me more control. Now. If your dog is sensitive to having their paws messed with, you will have to desensitize them by making it a positive experience. So simply playing with their feet for a couple of seconds and rewarding with a high value treat. Repeat this while increasing the amount of time you play and touch their feet for longer and longer period until your dog learns that having his or her feet touched is a good thing . This is especially important when it comes to puppies. Playing with their feet until they become desensitized is absolutely, very important. Next, you do the exact same thing. When it comes to trimming your dog's nails, you're going to start with charming one nail a day with lots of praise and High Valley reward, and then increasing the amount of nails. You trim gradually over time until you're able to do all four feet. Now with my foster puppy, I play with his feet on a daily basis and for his nails. They are white, so you can see the quick. But I am not going to be using my regular big plier nail clippers. His nails are small enough that you can use your nail trimmers, and all I'm gonna be doing is just taken off the tips. Once that is complete, he's gonna get one of his favorite high value treats. Now everyone knows that white nails are easier to trim them black nails because you can see the quick inside the white nails. So if your dog has mainly all white nails than when it comes to a few black nails, you have two options. One. You're going to go off the white nail on how far back you can go or two in black males. You're going to take small slivers off until you start to see the quick, which will be a black or grey dot in the middle of your dogs Nail. If you don't feel comfortable, you can also take off the little hooks on their nails for Aires. Since he is the oldest and has the longest nails, I will typically trim the little tips off and then I will use the Dremel to introduce the Dremel. You do the exact same thing as starting with nail trims. First, get your dog used to the noise of the Dremel by turning it on and rewarding the dog when he doesn't run away. Then you're going to start with Dremel ing only one nail per day with a high value reward afterwards, until you're able to do all four feet areas during his nail trims. And when he used a Dremel well, squirm here and there. But overall he gets nailed trims about every 2 to 3 weeks, so he is pretty used to this process. Now, when it comes to the type of Dremel, it's gonna be all personal preference. I prefer just a regular Dremel that is multi functional, has a lot of different heads on it, and I'm using the sandpaper wheel to Dremel Aires nails for me. I have used the drum ALS that air made specifically four dogs. Some people like him. I personally don't prefer them I don't feel like they are as professionally made as just a regular Dremel tool kit. And the reason why I like to use to Jermell on areas nails is because I can get a lot closer to and around the quick Plus, I can sand down all the sharp edges the nails get after a nail, Trump and I Dremel all around the tip off the nail to make sure it is nice and rounded. So if you can use a Dremel on your dog's nails, I would highly recommend it. And if you finish this section and you absolutely do not want to trim your dog's nails, that IHS fine, you may still feel quite uncomfortable. You are not going to be the only dog owner who feels like this because nail trims can be tricky, and they're going to take a lot of practice and repetition for you to get comfortable. But what you can dio is you can have your groomer or your vet. Even some of the pet stores that offer nail trim walk ins show you how they trimmed the dog's nails. If you want more guidance on how to do it properly when it comes to your dog. Now, as you can see with areas nails, they are much shorter, and he probably feels so much better being able to walk more properly. Now the clicking noise is not as prominent, but it's still there. So in a couple weeks, I will probably do the exact same thing. Except it's only going to be the Dremel that I'm gonna be using. Because for this video he actually went a month without a nail trump. So using the nail clippers was essential to take off the first portion before going to the Dremel, where in two weeks it won't be. 3. Dog Demonstration: How To Trim A Dog's Nails: So now let's take a look at another example. Let's look at Romeo's nails. His nails grow the slowest. So all I'm doing is looking for the quick and taking off the tips right up to the quick. Now what I usually do with nail trims is I will take small sections off at a time. I don't go all the way back to the quick and Onley clip the nail ones. I do little small slivers off until I reached the quick with Romeo. He has been getting nailed transfer about six months. When I first got him and he was still my foster dog, it was a slow process. I did the exact same thing as we went over in the previous section. I started, introduced him to the nail trimmers and then one nail a day with high praise. So it turns into a good experience. As you can see, he still is a little bit nervous. He will pull away once in a while. Typically, most dogs will do that, but he has come a long way, and I can do all four feet six months later, all at once, - and this is his after as you can see we went all the way back to the quick lots of praise with high value treats at the end to make it a positive experience. 4. Grooming Tips: Grooming Supplies: So when this lecture, let's go over the grooming supplies, grooming essentials, why you would and wouldn't groom your dog. So the first main reason why you would grow your dog is that your dog is mad it, or it is a single coat breed. And with the dog being a single code, it means that they really don't have an undercoat and the single coat breeds, their hair tends to just grow and grow and grow until it's touching the ground. So breeds like Maltese Yorkshire terriers, those are single coded and with their hair being long and continuously growing, the long hair can get easily tangled. So single coat breeds typically do get groomed on a regular basis. Now the reasons why you wouldn't grooming dog is because it's a double quote breed. So with double coat breeds, the top coat tends to have a little bit more of thicker, shinier hair on top. And this hair on top protects the dogs from the Sun that are going to equal into sunburns and bug bites. Some people think that shaving their double coat dog is gonna make them shed less and it's gonna keep them cooler. But by taking off that top coat that protects the dog and keeps the dog Cool. You put your dog at risk for sunburns, bug bites, skin irritation, and by shaving double coded breeds, you do have the possibility of ruining your dog's coat towards going to grow back in differently, the hare is going to be a little bit more coarser instead of the slick, shiny look. And when I talk about double coded breeds, these are breeds like Great Pyrenees or even has keys for double coded breeds. They do have an undercoat, so they do tend to shed for these type of breeds, the best thing to do is just get a D shedding treatment for your dog when they're going through a really heavy shedding period. So now let's look at grooming supplies. If you are going to be grooming your dog at home. And I wish I could cover all of the different types of grooming hair cuts that are available. But I personally am not a professional grimmer with these lectures. I am only going to be sharing my experience, what I am comfortable with doing, how I trim up a dog that needs a quick room. Whether they're mattered whether their hair is too long or just to clean up their feet so they're not slipping and sliding everywhere. So for this, you're gonna need electric clippers. Now get the ones that are meant for docs. You can get different blades and different comb attachments. I personally like the attachments because I just don't like using the blades straight on the skin to get a really, really short haircut. Next, a grooming table. If your dog is not used to being groomed, they're gonna be wiggly. If they're wiggly, that's gonna put your dog at risk for getting nicked by the blade buyer scissors, just overall, you're going to put them at risk for getting hurt and making this a very bad experience. By having your dog on the grooming table, you'll be able to use the little new slashes to keep them in one place while you groom them, then we're going to need a comb and different brushes for your dog's breed. Again, it's just going to depend on your dog's coat, your dog's breed for the type of brushes unique, but the calm is typically recommended. And the next three type of scissors, you have just the regular straight scissors. These are going to be used to make really clean cuts on your dogs. So trimming around the feet, then we move onto curved shears. These, they're just scissors that have a nice curve to them. And these are basically used for the face. This is a must because it is very hard for people that are not professional grammars to achieve a really nice shape to their dog's head without the curved shears. And last but not least, thinning shears. Then he shares RA, must y. Well, when you use your straight shares, your curve shears, you have really sharp lines. The thinning shears help blend out any imperfections. They soften those lines and everything begins to flow. So you don't have any jagged cuts and everything just looks really soft and Awesome. So go-ahead, gather these supplies and let's move on to the next lecture. 5. Grooming Release Of Liability: Alright, now into the release of liability. Once again, I am not a professional rumor. All of these lectures about grooming your dog at home are from my personal experience when it comes to shaving a dog, cleaning up the dog, getting rid of the Matt's on your dog. So if any point you do not feel comfortable, do not attempt this at home. What I am always going to recommend is contacting your local grimmer, being honest with them that you want to learn how to trim up your dog's face, trim up your dog's feet. How to achieve a specific cut for your dog's breed. Most of the time, they will have no problem with you coming in and then showing you a few tricks. And I do want to draw your attention to the electric clipper. So the blaze that go onto the electric clippers, they can get hot and you can burn your dog, you can nick your dog. So you always need to use precaution. And the reasons that you can make your dog could be due to the extra skin your dog has around the neck or there is uneven surfaces, skin tags, even simple things such as you're too heavy handed with the clippers or you're holding them at a weird angle. All of these things come into play when it comes to the electric clippers nicking your dog or even burning your dog. So this is why I'm always gonna recommend using an attachment comb depending on the length that you want your dogs here to be to help prevent these accidents. And lastly, before going on to how to groom the different parts of your dog, the first thing you wanna do is to clip your dog's nails, give him or her a bath and make sure they are fully dry. This way you're starting out with a clean, dry dog. Were the Clippers, we'll be able to go through the hair super easily. 6. Grooming: How To Bathe Your Dog At Home: Okay, so now let me show you how I bathe my dog at home. I'm going to use a tether which minus homemade with an old collar and leash. And I'm going to attach this to my plastic rod in my shower. If you don't have anything similar that you can attach your tethered to. You may want to consider getting a suction cup tether. So basically it's a big suction cup with a tether attached to it. Now if you have a large breed that does not want to be in the bathtub, the suction cup most likely will not work. But the suction cup is a great alternative to extra small or even medium sized dogs and large ones. If your dog does not put up a huge fight while in the shower, this simply keeps them in the tub while you're washing them so they don't accidentally jump out, gets soap everywhere, nor do they lean over the tub and dribble water all over the bathroom floor. And then I specifically got a detachable hand shower to wash my dogs. Now when it comes to shampoo, I can't recommend a specific shampoo. It's a trial and error based on your dog. So if your dog has dry skin, you're going to want to get an oatmeal shampoo. If you have a white dog, a blooming shampoo is going to brighten up that white coat. If your dog has sensitive skin, you might want to look towards a hypoallergenic type of shampoo. So based on your dog's coat, you want to get a specific type of shampoo. So when it comes to bathing my dogs, I give them about once every two to 2.5 months because by that time their coat feels very dirty and grimy. And if my dogs are not super dirty, a typical bath takes ten or so minutes per dog, and I do dilute my shampoo because I don't have a super dirty dog and all my dogs are short hair, so I don't feel the need to use it full strength. All I'm gonna do is just put a little bit into my empty plastic bottle, then fill it up with water, and then shake it up until it's thoroughly mixed through. And now I am ready to wash Romeo. So this is your first time bathing your dog. You do want to make it a positive experience. And the way to do that is of course, lowering your dog and rewarding your dog with trees throughout the process. So to get Romeo into the bathtub, I'm just gonna learn with treats reward. And when he gets in, then I'm gonna take his collar off and put on the bath color for the water. I want it to be luke warm. I don't want it to be too cold and I don't want it to be too hot. And whenever Romeo Shakes, I am going to use my shower curtain to make sure majority the water stays in the tub. So once the water is lukewarm, now all I'm gonna do is rinse em off thoroughly. So once I have completely soaked Romeo, I'm going to apply the shampoo all over his body. And then I'm gonna take my rubber mat and really give them a good scrub down. And I'm gonna give him another round of treats to reward him, let him know he's doing good, and then it's time to rent them off. So at the rents off, this is probably one of the most important aspects of washing your dog. You really want to ensure that all of these shampoo is off your dog because you don't want that shampoo to irritate the skin. So I'm going to thoroughly earns him off. I'm going to push him back a little bit and get under his color to make sure there isn't any soap sitting there. And once I'm not seeing any suds, all the shampoo is rinsed off. I am ready to towel dry him. Once he is mostly dry, I usually release him from the tub and then dry him off on the bathroom floor, ending the bath session with another handful of treats because he did an amazing job. Now one more aspect I do want to mention, since we're talking about washing your dog, is the tear stains. Some dog breeds are prone to having really weepy, watery eyes, and that condition is called epi fora, which is an overproduction of tears. And there are two reasons why this may happen. First is genetics. So some dog breeds, due to the shape of the dogs I, genetically, they are going to have really watery eyes. Then another aspect to consider is if your dog doesn't always have watery, runny eyes, is it could be an allergy trigger. My dogs have allergies and one sign of allergies, as you will learn later on in the course is runny, watery eyes. So if you are concerned about your dogs really watery eyes, I definitely recommend getting a vet visit because your vet will be able to determine if it's genetics or if it's leaning more towards the allergy side. And if you have a dog breed that is genetically prone to having more watery eyes, there are things that you can do to reduce that rusty color tear stain that dogs get around their eyes from the overproduction of the tiers, there are tear stain wipes. There's tear stain solutions and even tear stain supplements your dog can take. So if you are very concerned about this, definitely schedule a visit and then look at the resources available to you if you want to reduce the severity of the tear stains. 7. Grooming At Home Tips Part 1: Alright, so now let's take a look at shaping the body and trimming the feet of your dog. So first thing first is you always use the clippers with the grain of your dog's coat. You never go against the grain of the coat. So since I do not have a dog that I can groom for you guys, when I do, I will definitely add a new lecture. But at this time, I am just going to be using areas for my quick demonstrations along with different photos we can take a look at. So once you have used your clippers, gone with the grain, taken off the hair on the body. Next, we have the legs, the face, and the tail. For the tail, if it is a single coated breed, the tail typically is going to be long. And what most swimmers do is they brushed the tail hair down and then they just use their straight scissors to cut across, get a nice clean cut, and make sure when the tail is just in a neutral down position that it's not going to be dragging on the ground. Because if it's dragging on the ground is going to be collecting a lot of dirt for the legs. Typically, unless your dog is getting a full shaved down, the hair on the legs is going to be a little bit longer. The hair on the legs is not going to be completely shaved off. Depending on your dog's coat, you might use a comb attachment. You might just use some straight shears to clean up the legs a little bit. But then for the feet, typically if you use Clipper blades on the feet, this is when you're gonna get a choppy look. So to get a really smooth, clean look on the feet, typically what most screamers do. So say, for example, a golden retriever, which I'm gonna show you pictures of gauge after his grooming visit. But so for a golden retriever, they do have the fluffy feet, right? You would use your straight shears to clean up the hair around the pop hats because again, as you recall, if theres hair on the pop-up ads, the dog is not going to get a lot of traction on slippery surfaces, which might result in dog injuring himself. So you would clean up the pop ads underneath. Then you take your slicker brush and you brush up the feet hair in the opposite direction so it standing up. And then you're gonna use your thinning shears to start taken off that excess hair and then make sure you get the hair in-between the feet so that can be easily combed up as more with your slicker brush. So then once you have finished using the thinning shears around the feet, you would brush it down and you now have a really smooth, clean looking foot. And you might have to use the straight shears, trim any loose hairs around the foot itself on the outside. But aside from that, this is a really simple way to get really clean looking feet for your dog. Now, last but not least, we have the face now the face is going to be one of the most difficult areas of a dog to groom. So if you have a wiggly dog that jerks around, I am going to strongly recommend that you let a professional grimmer show you how to trim around his or her face so that you don't accidentally puncture your dog's retina, especially if your dog needs to have the entire face shave. But for most single coated breeds, owners tend to leave the hair a little bit longer around the face. And all that you're gonna be doing is sculpting based on the look that you're going for when it comes to your dog specific breed. So for the sculpting of the face, this is where the curves, shears are going to come in, typically underneath and around the face to form the dogs eyebrows. All of these, you're going to be using the curve shears and then you're going to blend those lines with your thinning shears. This way. Once again, you are going to soften and blends those harsh lines. 8. Grooming At Home Tips Part 2: Now let's take a look at how to trim around your dog's eyes. This can be a little bit tricky, but all I'm going to be using our thinning shears now professional grammars, they will use clippers to get a more cleaner, crisper cut but thinning shears are gonna work great if you're grooming your dog at home and all thinning shears have a blunt end, so you will be at a less risk of hurting your dog's since you're going to be working so close to the dogs i so longer here breeds are going to have a little beard and this is where you can hold them by their little beard areas doesn't have that sum is going to hold him by his muzzle, so he's not moving around. All I'm gonna do is take my thinning shears, put them right by the stop which is where the head and the nose meat. And I'm just going to put my thinning shears right by xy and snip, snip, snip, snip, snip and repeat to the other side. Put it along the stop and snip. Snip. Snip. Snip, snip. And there you go. This is just a basic and very easy way to trim around your dog's eyes. So now let's take a look at some examples. I have explained that to you. I have shown you some photos, but let's take a closer look. Now in this photo, you can see that the dog was groomed a little bit. Not too much though. Still has a lot of his hair length, but it's mainly around the face that I am seeing a lot of the grooming. So as you can see, curved shares from the muscle back to the ER, most likely blended a little bit with the thinning shears. And then around the face area right here, potentially thinning shears just so the dog can see. And then around the top potentially as well. And this way, the dog is not going to have any hair around the eyes blocking his view or even getting dunked up. Now I do want to take a look at this yorkshire terrier next, as you can see, a very long leg hair, but very short on the body and the ears are kind of longer, but definitely a shortcut from the head and around the body. I don't know if you catch this, but you can see the cut lines right here, right there. The eyebrow doesn't have a smooth blend. The ear hair here is a little bit long and I assume to get the clean lines here, there was either straight shares and then just thinning shears to kind of blend it in a little bit. The eyebrows curve shears and around the face right here, curve shares as well. And then from the top of the head down to the body, a specific blade number that that's going to give you this type of short length. So there's so many different types of looks you can give your dog depending on your dog's breed. The first thing you need to decide is what type of look you're going for when it comes to trimming up, grooming your dog at home. And again, if you're not certain, you can always book an appointment with the grimmer and have them show you how to achieve a specific look or how to upkeep a specific look. Once your dog comes back from the grimmer, there's a multitude of reasons why you would have to trim up your dog at home. But always remember without the right grooming supplies, you're not going to be able to achieve the look that you want. So hopefully, these lectures gave you a little bit of the insight for the grooming supplies. And now it is going to be up to you if you ever need to groom your dog at home, trim up your dog at home. You have the right grooming tools. And you can always look online at different videos on how to achieve a specific look for your dog's breed. 9. Why your dog needs exercise: in this lecture, we're gonna talk about exercising your dog physical and mental exertion. Why it's important and what happens when you don't have the time for it, and you end up creating your dog majority of the time. Let's take a look first. All dogs need some form of exercise, physical or mental to keep them in a good state of mind on a daily basis. The moment you stop treating your dog like a living, breathing thing and expect them to be happy being stuck in a crate all day. That's when problems start to arise. Your dog starts picking up habits. Bad habits. Why boredom? If you won't give your dog a proper exercise, they will become restless and find ways to entertain themselves, and it rarely is a good form of entertainment. They may start playing tug with your Kearns chewing on the door, trim, digging through your wall or even barking constantly for no reason. Exercise, on the other hand, will do. Your dog wonders from believing the boredom to reducing any stress and anxiety. Enough exercise may even make your dog drop the bad habits they previously picked up with physical exercise. You are working the body so you can walk, jog, run, have outside playtime. Have your dog walk on a treadmill, go hiking right on your bike, or even go swimming. If your dog likes water, then with mental exercise, you're working the mind through introducing new games or interactive toys and even teaching your dog a new trick or our command that is going to give them a mental challenge as they try to figure out the interactive toys or how to complete each step of their new trick. I have so many different examples I could give you about how daily exercise helps a dog. But for this I'm going to talk about my newest addition. Romeo Romeo came to me as a foster dog. He was a year and 1/2. I have since adopted him, and he has been a part of my family for six months now. So a quick overview of why he was surrendered by its previous family a couple had him. The husband wasn't a fan of him, so Romeo was kept in a great from morning tonight. That last draw that made the husband giveaway Romeo was when he came home and his whole entire house was destroyed. I'm going to assume Romeo got out of his crate. The couch was torn up, pillow shredded, and who knows what else? Within the 1st 2 months of having Romeo in my house, I started giving him regular exercise. Plus started his basic obedience training. He blossomed from an uncertain scared dog to now a dog that could be off leash and follows all of his commands. The big question you're wondering is, how does he do in this crate, right during the basic obedience training with him, I would create him when I left the house. So whenever he was unsupervised and after I knew he was good to go, followed all of his commands off leash, I started leaving him out with my other dogs. And let me tell you what he does. Amazing. I can't picture him tearing up my house unless I became so busy that I didn't give him the physical and mental exercise required. Then he would probably entertain himself and get anxious, one left alone, like he did with his previous family. Now the duration of exercise varies per breed. Toy breeds are not going to be able to have the stamina that working breeds have. So it's important to look into the history of the dog breed that you have. Even if it's a month, most owners typically have a guess on the primary breed of their mutt. Now, another downside of not exercising your dog that I want to talk to you about is that your dog can become overweight. Do you know how to tell if your dog is overweight if you just shrugged and think your dog is a good weight, but you really aren't too sure, here's the rule of thumb you can follow. A dog's ideal weight range is when you can't see the ribs, but you can feel him. If you can't see your dog's ribs and you can't feel your dog's ribs, there is a good chance your dog is on the overweight side. If you can see your dog's ribs as he's walking around the house here, she probably could use a little bit of extra weight on them. In general, when people or dogs are overweight, it's never good. An overweight dog is at risk form or internal problems and complications than if he didn't carry all that extra weight. Plus, the extra weight is putting more stress on the joints. The goal is not to shorten your dog's lifespan. Nor is it to stress you out because your dog is so bored out of its mind because he or she doesn't get the adequate amount of exercise for its breed. If you don't have the time to exercise your dog, I would highly recommend getting a dog walker that can come by. Take your dog on a walk or my second favorite is to get your dog used to walking on the treadmill. So for my dogs, if it's too hot outside too cold, they will simply go outside to party and then come back in. And usually Athena is the one that absolutely loves the treadmill. She will hop on the treadmill by yourself and start walking while I sit down and continue answering my emails or outlining the next course. This way she gets the exercise, and I don't have to be fully focused on her. If I'm on a tight work schedule, 10. Overheating in dogs: in this section. I want to talk to you about overheating in dogs, some of the signs and symptoms and what you can do to prevent it. When you hear about dogs overheating, most people think about dogs being left in a hot car. But there other ways. Dogs can overheat any hot day without air circulation, and an adequate amount of fresh water can put your dog and any other dog at risk for overheating. When it comes to a dog's normal body temperature, it should be around 99.5 to, ah, 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. And when it comes to sweating, unlike humans who have sweat glands basically from head to toe, dogs don't have that luxury. Not on Lee Do a dog's coat thickness very from breed to breed, but they can Onley sweat through their pa pads and nose. Panting is a sign that they're trying to cool themselves down, but they will also pant if they're stressed. So the first sign of a dog that is hot is going to be panting now. If the dog is overheating, the pans will be very deep and fast. Other symptoms can include glazed over eyes, lots of drooling, with the potential of even having white foam around their mouth. The gums and tongue will be a bright or dark red color. The dog may stagger around or collapse on the ground. He will be very thirsty, and vomiting may occur as well. So if your dog's body temperature is above 102.5, you should start trying to cool your dog down immediately. You can do this by providing fresh cold water, placing cool, not cold towels all over his or her body. So the head, the neck, armpits, leg, stomach Or, better yet, a cool but not freezing cold bath for the dog, whether it's in your bathtub or outside your end goal is to avoid your dogs temperature from climbing higher and higher, because if your dog's temperature reaches 109 or higher, heat stroke is already going to be setting in, and your dog's organs are going to start swelling and begin shutting down. As you can imagine, this will result in a slow, painful and uncomfortable death in minutes. Also, keep in mind that on a hot day, the pavement is also hot so a good rule of thumb is if you can't walk barefoot on the pavement, don't force your dog to walk on it because it will burn your dogs, Pop adds. The last important thing all dog owners should be able to dio is to take their dogs temperature. For this, you need a thermometer. I personally prefer the ones that can take the temperature as quickly as possible. Your dogs temperature is taken rectally, so having a water based lubricant jelly on hand will be needed as well. Lastly, you will need some isopropyl alcohol to disinfect the thermometer after every use. In my opinion, I believe that every dog owner should be able to take their dogs temperature because if your dog's temperature is higher than 102.5, you need to start cooling them down immediately. You don't have time to rush your dog to the vet unless the vet is a couple steps next door . If you have any further questions about the section, feel free to post in the Q and a section of this course or message me personally 11. Have you considered having insurance for your pet?: So in this lecture, I wanted to touch briefly on pet insurance. And what is pet insurance? What does it cover? So there are all sorts of different types of pet insurance out there. But most Pet Insurance, depending on what you get, they will cover your annual exams. You're flea and tick prevention, any injury, illness, and or emergencies. I definitely suggest looking through the different pet insurance options available to you instead of just picking the first one that pops up online. So what you can do is you can look for pet insurance with your state. So since I'm in Ohio, I would look up insurance Ohio. And you're going to look at what each insurance covers and for how long along with the length it takes to get reimbursed. And the process. Sometimes the length and the process might be a deal breaker. Some Pet Insurance companies might take a really long time. Others might be under two weeks. So take a look at that. Sometimes owners think that, oh, well, my dog is healthy, it doesn't need it. I just got a puppy. It's healthy. It was checked by the vet. It's good to go. But you gotta keep in mind that when it comes to puppies, are younger dogs that are healthy. They are the ones that are the most curious, the most adventurous, and the most likely to eat something that they're not supposed to, to get into, something that they're not supposed to. So that is definitely something to keep in the back of your mind when it comes to pet insurance, do you need it? Is it worth it in the long run? And as you can see, I have an a SPCA health insurance brochure that I got from them, which leads me to my final point, along with health insurance, make sure to have an animal poison control center phone number. There's a lot of different Poison Control numbers you can call. Take a look online. Some poison control centers will charge you. But another option you can do is definitely calling your regular vet. If your animal gets into something that they're not supposed to, such as eating grapes, garlic, avocados, different types of plants that you may have around your house. Some of those may be poisonous. I mean, the list is endless. So if for any reason your dog does get into something he or she is not supposed to. You have a number in your phone and you know how much they're going to charge you if you have an emergency in new need to know what to do or if your dog ingested a deathly dose to where they need to go to the ER asap. 12. Credit card you can use for your dog and you: Okay, so if you decide to skip pet insurance or you already have pet insurance, but you want to know what else, what else Tatyana can I do to make sure my bases are covered? So if I ever have an emergency, I M prepared for it. So in this lecture, this is where I want to talk to you about care credit. So I am on care and this is a financing credit card that can be used for your veterinary services along with different procedures you may need, such as right here you have chiropractic cosmetic dentistry, hearing, lasik, vision, primary and urgent care, veterinary weight loss, health care specialist. This care credit will cover you and your dog as a financing credit card. So let's go to how it works, perspective cardholders. Now, this is where I want to take you to. This section. Was shorter term financing options of 61218 or 24. No interest is charged on purchase of $200 or more when you make the minimum monthly payments and pay the full amount before the due date by the end of the promotional period. If you do not, interest is charged from the original purchase date. This is the tricky part. So you were approved for a thousand dollars for care credit. You have an emergency you take your dog to the emergency vet clinic. It's $700. You go ahead finance it for 12 months. Now, when you make the minimum monthly payment, I always suggest you pay more than the minimum because the moment that you do not get it paid off by the due date at the end of the 12 month period, care credit will apply all of the interests that you did not have to pay from the original purchase date. So for that 12 month period, if you do not get your credit paid off before that due date, 12 months of interests are going to be applied. So this is where you do not want to fall in the trap. And this is something that I want you to pay very, very careful attention to. So then for applying, wreaking, go to how to apply right here. You can apply by phone. You must be 21 or over. And this is going to be the easiest way to apply. You're simply going to be using your keypad to enter in your address Social Security, and then care credit will let you know if you're approved and if you're approved for how much. As you can see right here, this is what care credit is going to want to know on the phone. And then they will let you know if your proved and once you're approved, they will etch No for how much? So definitely when you get a chance, go head hop on care, or even simply called a number right here on the screen to see if you're eligible for care credit. So if you ever have an emergency that comes up that you do not have the money for right now. You can put half on your credit card, debit card, and then the other half on care credit if you're approved, and then just make the payments and get it paid off before the due date. 13. Class Conclusion: Continue Learning with Me: Hi. You have now reached a in this class. So what did you think of this class? If you enjoy the class, I would love to see a thumbs up review from u. I love all my students feedback. It helps me plan for my future classes. So now let me show you a couple things related to my profile. So the first thing when it comes to class recommendations, I will always have a post under this community tap that will show you what other classes you can take by me. But at this moment, I have over 47 different classes and how you can find out what other classes you can enroll to is by simply clicking on my profile name. And this will open up my page. Now you have the about me which will show you my top two or three classes that I recommend scroll down and under this teaching tab and you can scroll through all the classes. And if you're a premium number, it's not going to cost you anything extra. And you can enroll in these at any time so you can press the Seymour and there you go. Any class you're interested in, Simply click on it and start watching it. So thank you once again for enrolling in my classes. I hope you had fun. Learned a lot of new stuff. And if you get a second, don't forget to leave a review, and I will see you next time.