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Cancer Genomics for Python Hackers

Brian Rouse, iOS Developer/Data Scientist

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7 Videos (1h 15m)
    • Cancer Genomics | Neural Networks vs k NN Classifiers : Machine Learning for Python Hackers

    • KNN part 1

    • KNN Part 2

    • Neural Nets 1 of 2

    • Neural Nets 2 of 2

    • Hacking Cancer DNA Part 1

    • Cancer DNA GC Ratio


About This Class

Cancer Genomics | Neural Networks vs k-NN Classifiers : Machine Learning for Python Hackers is a crash course in Data Science and Cancer Genomics for anyone interested in cancer research. The course starts out with loading up a cancer dataset to split train and test. This course is unique in Data Science in that it uses the mglearn library for better visualization and is dedicated to providing details as such so the student can follow along with no ambiguity.

  • k-NN Classifications with detailed visualization
  • Neural Network built from scratch with line by line explanation and visualization!
  • Build a GC  :Content Calculator! 





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Brian Rouse

iOS Developer/Data Scientist

Hello, I'm Brian Rouse and I am a seasoned programmer that cut my teeth programming with Visual Studio in 2001 and have since learned a long array of event-driven as well as Object-Oriented Languages. I have 17 years of programming experience and an Ivy League degree to my credit. I have implemented and sold a HIPAA compliant EHR system to a major health system in NE Ohio and many more applications in the medical and legal field. I am also the author of the award winning WoR Krush and Defcon ...

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