Camtasia Studio with Microsoft PowerPoint 2: PowerPoint

Brian Jackson, Author/Publisher/Educator

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4 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction to PowerPoint

    • 2. Using PowerPoint to Animate Production Logos

    • 3. Using PowerPoint to Animate Course Logos

    • 4. Using PowerPoint to Animate Lecture Slides


About This Class

Camtasia Studio with Microsoft PowerPoint 2: PowerPoint

Note: Ported from Udemy, this class retains Udemy course production references from the original recording.  All other Udemy course information has been removed.

Learn PowerPoint Slide Animation

Rather than using PowerPoint to produce bland presentation slides, this class will show you how to animate PowerPoint slides to produce stunning production and course logo videos and show you simple ways to add movement to your slide presentations to maintain your audience's attention.

In this class you'll learn to use PowerPoint to:

  • Create a course image
  • Animate production logos
  • Animate course logos
  • Animate lecture slides

Learn to add exciting PowerPoint presentations to your SkillShare lessons.