Camtasia Studio for Windows: Record your First Screen Capture Tutorial Today!

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6 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction to Camtasia Studio on Windows.

    • 2. How to record in Camtasia Studio 8.

    • 3. How to import videos for editing in Camtasia Studio.

    • 4. Basic editing functions in Camtasia Studio.

    • 5. Having your audio right to begin with is much easier than editing it in Camtasia.

    • 6. Exporting options to render your video in Camtasia Studio.


Project Description

I challenge you to create your first screen capture tutorial and upload it to YouTube! I started teaching online by uploading free tutorials to YouTube, and it has absolutely changed my life! Feel free to share a link to your first video as your class project. Here is a link to my most recent tutorial:

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