Camtasia Studio 8 for Instructors 5: Create a Class Introduction

Brian Jackson, Author/Publisher/Educator

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6 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Create a Class Introduction

    • 2. Stage 1: Brainstorming

    • 3. Stage 2: Slide Preparation

    • 4. Stage 3: Presentation

    • 5. Stage 4: Post-Production

    • 6. Camtasia Studio 8 for Instructors 5: Create a Class Introduction


About This Class

It's probably the most important video you'll record for your class, yet you'll probably record it last and with little thought given to content or presentation.  After all you just need to get it out of the way.  Well, in reality you need to do a great deal more than that.

What are we talking about?  Why your class introduction of course!

In your class introduction you need to sell your class.  And you need to do it in about 2-3 minutes flat.

That's not easy!

In this Camtasia Studio 8 for Instructors class I discuss the creation of SkillShare class introductions which could also serve as Udemy course promotional videos or introductory material for most any education site.

The process of creating an introductory video is broken into four distinct phases:

  • Brainstorming
  • Slide Preparation
  • Presentation
  • Post-Production

If you want to know how to create class introductions that sell courses then you need to enroll in this class and watch it now!

I'll see you in the classroom,