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Camino de Santiago: Ultimate Preparation Guide (Way of St. James)

teacher avatar Diego Davila, Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

62 Lessons (2h 6m)
    • 1. What is the Camino de Santiago

    • 2. What is the Compostela

    • 3. What is the Pilgrim's Passport

    • 4. Is the Camino de Santiago for Me?

    • 5. How many days do I need to complete the Camino de Santiago

    • 6. 5 Key points you need to know to walk the Camino de Santiago

    • 7. Can I walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in less than 32 days

    • 8. Why is so important to train for the Camino de Santiago

    • 9. What's the difference in going to the Gym and Training for the Camino de Santiago

    • 10. Should I train with my Backpack on

    • 11. How to go from Madrid to Saint Jean Pier de Port

    • 12. How to go from Santiago de Compostela to Madrid

    • 13. What are the Train Companies in Spain

    • 14. How to choose the best Backpack for your Camino

    • 15. What's the best Backpack Brand for the Camino

    • 16. What's the right Backpack Size

    • 17. How much should my Backpack Weight

    • 18. 4 Points to keep in Mind when you are buying your Backpack

    • 19. Best Flip Flops for the Camino de Santiago

    • 20. Best Footware for the Camino de Santiago Edited

    • 21. Are Sleeping Bags really necessary

    • 22. Sleeping Bags Weight

    • 23. Sleeping Bag Temperature

    • 24. Are Hiking Poles really necessary

    • 25. Best Hiking Poles

    • 26. Hiking Pole Tip Protectors

    • 27. Purchasing Hiking Poles in the Camino

    • 28. What are the Best Socks for the Camino Intro

    • 29. Clothes - Introduction

    • 30. Best Hiking Shirts for the Camino

    • 31. Best Jackets for the Camino

    • 32. Can I purchase a SIM CARD when in Spain

    • 33. Best External Batery for the Camino de Santiago

    • 34. Is there WI FI (internet connection) available during the Camino de Santiago

    • 35. How many Memory cards I need for the Camino de Santiago

    • 36. Does the SIM card from Spain works in France

    • 37. Charging your phone, camera, devices on the Camino de Santiago

    • 38. Do I need an adapter to charge my phone

    • 39. Should I bring my phone to the Camino

    • 40. How to Save my Pictures on the Camino de Santiago

    • 41. Which are the Cellphone companies on Spain

    • 42. I won't bring my cellphone, are there computers with internet access on the Camino de Santiago

    • 43. How much is the SIM card for prepaid phone on the Camino de Santiago Spain

    • 44. How do I know if my Cellphone is GSM and Unlocked to use in the Camino de Santiago

    • 45. Can I use my iPhone on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela

    • 46. Can I purchase a SIM CARD when in Spain

    • 47. Best External Batery for the Camino de Santiago

    • 48. Is there WI FI (internet connection) available during the Camino de Santiago

    • 49. How many Memory cards I need for the Camino de Santiago

    • 50. Does the SIM card from Spain works in France

    • 51. Charging your phone, camera, devices on the Camino de Santiago

    • 52. Do I need an adapter to charge my phone

    • 53. Should I bring my phone to the Camino

    • 54. How to Save my Pictures on the Camino de Santiago

    • 55. Which are the Cellphone companies on Spain

    • 56. I won't bring my cellphone, are there computers with internet access on the Camino de Santiago

    • 57. Food - Introduction

    • 58. Menu del Peregrino

    • 59. Breakfast on the Camino

    • 60. Lunch on the Camino

    • 61. Dinner on the Camino

    • 62. Coffee on the Camino Cafe con Leche

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About This Class

All you need to know to prepare for the Camino de Santiago (Way of St James).

This is the Ultimate Camino de Santiago preparation guide. (Way of St James)

The Camino de Santiago (also known as Way of St James) is an 800km (500 miles) pilgrimage on Spain, you will spend around 34 days walking on the absolutely beautiful landscapes of Spain. 

For this journey you need preparation, this is the absolute best material that you can find on video to help you prepare for the Camino.

My goal is to inspire and help you to be totally prepare and ready for the best experience of your life! That’s why I created this course.

After the course you will be able to…

  • Walk the Camino de Santiago with total confidence.
  • Choose the best gear/equipment for your specific needs.
  • Clarify all the millions of doubts and questions you may have about the Camino de Santiago.
  • Be able to choose the perfect boot, backpack, hiking poles, flashlights, Sleeping bag, towel, clothes, socks, etc.
  • Be able to plan the financial aspect of their Camino.
  • You will do the best training to prepare for the Camino.
  • Know what to do if you need to see a Doctor or have access to a Pharmacy on the Camino.
  • You will know exactly what to pack for the Camino and most important… what not to pack!
  • You will know how to travel to the starting point on the Camino.
  • You will know what’s the best time of the year to go.
  • You will be able to choose the best technology for the Camino, best camera, everything about cellphones in Spain, SIM cards, extra batteries, adapters needed in Spain, everything…
  • You will be able to download the Best Camino Apps for your cellphones or tablets.
  • You will know how to take care of your feet during the Camino. VERY IMPORTANT!
  • You will receive Super Tips from me.

And because you are part of our community… if for any reason you have a question, you can send me a message and I’ll be happy to reply to you personally. And that’s really important because during preparation you will have lots of questions.


This course is always growing, every week I’ll add videos to the course, also I’ll record a video replying questions from students (maybe your question) and all this will be added to the course constantly, if there are any updates about the Camino that you need to know, or any other subjects I think will be important, I’ll be adding all this to the course. So please, check the course constantly.

Remember, your Camino starts when you decided you are going to do it!

So, let’s get started with this amazing journey! See you inside the course.

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Diego Davila

Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator


Hi, I'm Diego. welcome to my SkillShare profile! 

My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread their message all over the world and make a huge impact in the life of their fans, friends, and clients.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.


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1. What is the Camino de Santiago: So what's the Camino de Santiago? The communal Santiago is a pilgrimage road that people do for centuries. There are several Caminos that arrived in Santiago de Compostela in Spain, but the main one the most No Camino is the Camino Frances, which start in French in the in the border of French and Spain. In a cease most city on the tyrannies called Sanja Pierre Deport. So basically used tarot Sanjaya on you work 100 kilometers to Santiago de Compostela around 500 miles. Amazing experience. Beautiful. 30 34. They walking Amazing. Outstanding is it will be the best experience of your life. So you need to prepare for that. People do the Camino sometimes for a spiritual reasons toe know that sells better to connect with God or sometimes and most of the times in today's situation, people are doing toe to meet people on toe, challenge themselves physically to see if they're capable of doing. And I can tell he I'm here to tell you that yes, you are capable on. You can do it for whatever reason you want. The most important thing is Go on, do it. You will discover on the Camino why you are doing that. Okay, so that's a communal Santiago. It's amazing. It's one of the most known trails on the pilgrimage On the war on. It's amazing. Lots and lots of people do a Camino every day on you will be one of them and you will love it, okay. 2. What is the Compostela: So people ask, What's the Compostela? The compost allies? Thes guy here is basically a certificate that is issued by the cathedral off Santiago Compostela On it. It's just a proof that you weren't the Camino on your Children. You are really pilgrims. That's the proof you have. If you have these, you set on a real period. Just joking. Their way to qualify for the Compostela is you need to be well. You need to work at least 100 kilometers on. You need to do it for relation. Religious reasons. Okay, The second point. The religious recent thing the last time they didn't ask me if I was doing for religion things but in the past. Yet they always asked before giving you the Compostela. So this is the certificate that you will get when you are rifle Santiago de Compostela. You go to the the lovely scenery Pellegrino, the pillory office on Santiago. And they will issue these for you. It's really called. They write your name in Latin. So is amazing. Looks amazing. Looks really nice. Nice certificates. And it's a good thing toe. Have that remember you that you walk the communal you work for several hours, several days on your you survive. They also sell these the compost allies free, of course. But they sell these tube thing toe Put the compostela inside if you want because you are all dirty after working. You know you want to be these to be clean and beautiful. So these you pay three years if you want. If you don't want, you don't need to buy. 3. What is the Pilgrim's Passport: So what's the building? Passport? The Pilgrim passport. Is these guy here? BC's some document that they you will receive on Sanjay Lafayette Park in the office in a real Pellegrino, the premier's office. Or you can request it on your country. Check on Google Camino Association on your country on. You may have a commune association on your country that can send you these for free. OK, you will lot looks like these because these specifically is for Sanjaya. PH Depor is in French and this is great guys because how this works is like this. Every time you go in our burger, the first thing they ask you is where is your pilgrim passport? So you give these to the spittle era. They will check where you come in front. They will say, Oh ok, you are coming from Pamplona. Nice. How was the robot? Blah blah And they will put a stem. Your goal as a pilgrim is to have all these feel off stamps full of stamps. Okay, because these proof that you want the Camino and this is something great. Remember the road next and one year after you will the Camino 10 years after your cities and you will remember every single place you sleep in on. You can also get the stamps not only on our burgers. You can get this times on bars, restaurants on also on on church. So any cathedral anywhere that you find a mass. They have stamps too. Actually one of the most beautiful stamps that I have mine east from church that I visit on the Camino which is these guy here? I love this one is really nice. He's from the rial. Parochial off the Santa Cruz. The NACA. Really nice, please. So with this guy here when you arrived from Santiago Compostela, you go today off the pilgrims office and you say, Hey, I want my Compostela. Compostela is the other document that I show you the prior video and they will say, OK, what is your appearance? Passport on you show these today they will see. All nice is full of stamps. You star on Sanja Good. And they give you the issue of Compostela with you. They will put your name in Latin. It's really nice something toe. Remember the Camino Forever for eternity. Okay, so this is the Pilgrim passport. Get yours and get ready for the Camino on for the training. See you in the next video. 4. Is the Camino de Santiago for Me?: another question that people always ask. This is the Camino something. I worry for me. Should I do it? I am too old to John on. The answer is simple depends on you, because the communities for everybody up every year people are overweight, that our feet that are really all really young, like kids. They all fly to Spain with a backpack full of girl, ready to do it, to leave experience off their life, to do the Camino Santiago. And it's a really great experience. Honestly, you will find kids on the way, walking like 100 kilometers. You will find people that 80 80 plus years working every day for 32 days until Santiago de Compostela, you will find people are overweight. I really feed on all kind of people, all kind of social levels. They have one thing in common that they want to leave experience off their life, and they want to reach Santiago de Compostela. That's more on just share. Just leave every day and lived experience. I think that's beautiful and I think you can do it. I mean, there is no recently that the committee is not for you. If you are thinking about the Camino. I tell you the communities for you, you need to a site and you need to go off course. You you only to train even if you are feet and you go to the gym every day or you run every day, you will need train. Do you really training for the community? That's how these And if you are overweight and you are not doing exercise regularly, don't worry. You can still train people over when people do the communal, like every year, hundreds of people, so all over the world. So the main point is this. If you're thinking about that, I think the answer is yes. The communities for you on all you need to do is search more about read about that. Read some books on Look on the Internet. We have a really nice block, which is Kamina block dot com. On there we have all the tips and all the the best ways to do that. Coming on the best way to train how the food isn't a communal. Where to sleep, what's the best time of the year to go? Backpacks gears that you need to leave like packing lease. What do you need to bring to a communal? How much it will cost everything you know. So take a look on that, Camilo blood dot com on go. Yes, I think I think the communities for you. So make the decision on see you there. 5. How many days do I need to complete the Camino de Santiago : The next question is how many bees waited for the community center depends. Usually people take like between 30 and 36 days what I usually take and I will take on September on my next Camino will be 32 days. I will start in France on Sanja Pierre Deport or something like that. So on French of France, when you start there, you start from Sanja, which is the city on the first. The first day is the wars more difficult? Date off the whole community because you need to basically walk around 25 27 kilometers. But the elevation game is unbelievable. It's like something like 4800 feet elevation game. So I have really high down the Grand Canyon on Arizona. Andi Waas. The most difficult experience of my life because there is a desert is really dry really hard on the elevation gain over there is 4800 feeds elevation on it waas completely outstanding on difficult. So the first day of the Camino is not as difficult as the Grand Canyon because the condition the weather, you know, it's not dry, and it's not like, really hard, like the Grand Canyon but you still have elevation game and you have a little bit more thesis things, because you I mean, you will be working like 27 kilometers. That's a lot. So my point is these. I usually divide the 1st 8 into because there is a hotel on the middle off the per news mountain. We just call or ison. You can stay there for 31 euros a night on they give you dinner included in the price, and it's a really nice place. And the good thing about that is that you can walk only eight kilometers the first day. You can sleep on the middle of the month and the next day you can complete the journey. So you basically divide the first day. So what am telling all these? Because if you divide the first day into you, you will need more days walking. So usually people said that if you started friends on you want to rival Santiago Unit 32 days class to lays off resting because you will need to rest so basically will be 34 days on. If you divide the first day to 35 days, you need to calculate if you are living your country where you leave unity, unity is Think about that. The jag. Glad to stuff like that. So basically you'll need between 30 2 38 40 days, depending off how much time you have. I mean, if you have more time, you can enjoy more the community. You don't need to work like like crazy, you know, like 30 kilometers a day or 25 kilometers a day. You can do less working on. You're gonna enjoy more the CDs. You can just visit whatever they have to offer each city there. There are things to visit. Trust me. So, um usually during today's class, two days off resting depend on where you star. But that's my suggestion, OK? 6. 5 Key points you need to know to walk the Camino de Santiago: here. Five key insights from my Camino for a novice building or for people that just have interest. Well, how to prepare how toward the comedian. So five key points. The 1st 1 is travel very light. Remember that you're walking around 100 kilometers. That means around 200 hours work. That's a lot. Every extra Graham, every extra pound that you carry. I mean, it's a long way. So just just try to carry whatever you need. I mean, just essential essential that you need. Don't carry any extra if you find something that you think you will need. But you are not sure. Just leave it at home on you can buy almost everything around the communal. They are stores there. I mean, Spain is up. It's a really good country. They have everything they're so you don't need to worry about. Oh, I won't have these. I will have that. Just if you are not sure that you will use it Or if you think you will use it 12 days or three days, Just leave it at home on. If you need it, you can buy on the Camino. Okay, So very light. Just remember to carry a maximum 10% off your body weight. So if you wait like 180 you can carry maximum 80 18 £18. Okay, so you're back, but basically needs to be 6 to 7 kilograms without food and without the water, that's a recommendation. Number two, Everybody hurts sometimes. So because your body is not used to work like 2030 kilometers of a, uh, in the beginning, you will be feeling some pain, especially after the first. The 1st 10 days, you'll feel you will feel pain in places that you never felt before. You even know that this place is actually exist. Um, but I mean, no worries is normal. Everybody goes through that. Everybody that goes on the Camino goes through that pain, and it's like, is one of the experience of a community. You need to get over it. So just basically, remember, toe, listen to your body. You sometimes need to rest a day or two days around your journey. You can just get the day off, you go to work, or what one less kilometers than you are planning just so your body can start recovering on you can start feeling better. I just finished a comedian. So that's normal, guys. Everybody hurts the Camino. There are some people that they are really usedto working. So if you are really usedto work, working on your feet probably won't happen with you. But I mean, just we prepare on, be open to the possibility off resting one or two days. I remember stretching is very important. So before you will start working on after you walk just a stretch, A little build. You can even stopped during the work. If you feeling some muscle pain or something, you can stop under stretch a little bit. Breathe on. This will do you have on for you recover number three. It gets cold even in summer. So remember to carry jackets. I usually get a fleece jacket on because on the Camino you will you will go to really high points Really high altitude. This high out was you is always a little bit called. The win is called with strong. So remember to carry like a waterproof jacket in case of rain. Andi probably they the jacket. The waterproof jacket is a windproof too. So you can carry that just by a really light weight. If you have a mind jacket, that would better because it's you're not trying too much weight on get a fleece jacket or police code to on. That would be great. I mean, this summer, that will be enough on if it's winter. I never did the coming winter, but I don't recommend you either, because you have a lot of snow. I mean, if you are adventurous and your your winter lying, I mean, you can do it. But I mean, it is more difficult. They are very close, and I mean, not too many people in the Camino. I don't know Number three literally bit off Spanish guys. Why? Because most people that live in Spain, the Spanish, they don't speaking. You know they understand a little bit, sometimes by Baylor's beginnings on most of the people are working. Are Spain years on or Italian? So if you if you literally a bit of English, you will have them start Oliver's Spanish, you will have more opportunities to to relation toe, get in a relationship with people to communicate, to interact with people with locals you know on asking about how is their lives. How? I mean, how how is hard? Things are there. How what they do every day on experience they have, you know? But, I mean, if you want, If you don't know Spanish, you can just get, like a CD or Amazon or I mean Spanish scored 30 days. One CD. That would be enough. You need to be fluent in Spanish unit. Usually you just need a few words to communicate with people. That's enough. Okay, So, Larry, Spanish number four don't panic. Lot off people already world the Camino. So people are working. They can, you know, for centuries you begin the communal looks like really long. But after a week, you guess you get so used to working. Andi, you were just amazing experience. You started leaving a makes experience so they don't panic. I mean, problems always happened. I mean, you have, like, things that you need to solve. You will be hurt sometimes. Don't worry. You can just breathe on, just walk and enjoy. I remember that a lot. Lot, lot Sof. People already walked the Camino successfully. You will do it. It's not the people. It's easy on the most important thing. Guys is You need to know why you're working. What do you want to accomplish that on? You need to enjoy every minute. You need to enjoy every person. That, what? With you or that you are concerned. The Camino. That's a May thing, you know, if you that that's all you need to do. Okay. See you there. 7. Can I walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in less than 32 days : so they If you don't have 30 days toward the Camino, can you still do it? Because, yes, the answer is yes. Because the recommendation, if you sort of friends on Sanjaya the unit around 32 to 35 days counting two days of rest to rest. Date during the camino. 32 days to complete from friends to Santiago. So if you don't have 30 days, you're gonna still do it. A lot of people's due in less time. You know, you you won't do probably the whole journey, but you can do a big part of the journey. Doesn't matter. The party you knew it will be a great experience. So if you don't have 30 days, you can still go. If you have one week, two weeks, three weeks go, don't worry. So you're gonna start like Pamplona burgers on the home or whatever you need to go to war maps. They can look under walking distance between Santiago on the city that you want and just coupling around 20 20 kilometers a day. That's they. My suggestion for you. So you are like 2025 kilometers. Today will be perfect. So just go to our maps and calculate how How many kilometers from Santiago to the city on divide for the number of days you have on that's that's your answer. So you you gonna start whatever you want If you want to let this Compostela, which is a certificate that you had in Santiago when you are rife That thesis certificate that said that you have walked the Camino. So if you want that you need to work at least 100 kilometers. OK, so if you if you work less than 100 kilometers, you cannot get the Compostela. So you need to work on at least 100 kilometers. So keep that in mind. If you want the Compostela, just go on a scale. Your ticket. See you there. 8. Why is so important to train for the Camino de Santiago: But another question is why the training is so important for the Communists nto and let me let me tell you that it's really important because it doesn't matter if you are overweight if you are. If you are not overweight, you are young. If you are all, if you are feet or if you are not feed, you need to train for the Camino. Even if you go to the gym every day, you need to train working because you will be working like 35 25 kilometers today on it's not just working like working on the beach or in the party's working with that heavy backpack on your shoulders, so on your body is not used to working for so many days continuously. So that's a problem is not that you are. I mean, even if you are feed right now, you need to you need to train for the comedian. No worries were overweight or your all or fury on because the communities for everybody and everybody can do the comedian on the main. The most important thing off training is because you can avoid injuries, so you can. Some people don't train, just go on. They walk too quickly with two heavy backpacks. Backpacks on the they get injured and they need to fly back home on ends there, Camino, just because they didn't train properly. So basically, on the Lord Point for the train east, east if you train. If you are really well trained for the community, you would just work. You will joy all the wonderful landscape. You will interact with people. You will have a great time because you're not too tired, you know, off working. So my suggestion is I will. I will be making a lot of videos about training. What's the best way to train? What's based training routine I do to train with the backpack are No. You know everything. So check the next videos about training on. I hope you start training today for you coming. Okay. See you there. 9. What's the difference in going to the Gym and Training for the Camino de Santiago: What's the difference between training for regular stuff like Gene running Mr. Like that, I'm training for the community. Good question. The different is simple, even if you're fit. And if you go to the gym every day, you need to train for the Camino. Because on the Camino is a different train. You will use different Mosul's for longer and longer hours and for a lot of a lot of kilometers miles. So basically, the suggestion is to walk. The train phenomena is simple. Just walk. Just get you your backpack after a few weeks on, just go and work a little bit in the beginning, but after that, you can increase the time and increase the weight on your back. So you have a perfect 20 for the community. So the basic thing is, even if you're on, even if you go to the gym every day, you still need toe. Do some training, working, so if you are you have a trail meal. You can increase the angle like 15% or something on the walk for an hour on that. If you are really fit on, see how you feel And if you feel well, add you back. Sorry. Are you back? Back to your shoulders. And what with your backpack on 15. Just to feel how how your bodies and thats why he's different. Joining for a regular staff training for the community. So a suggestion Ease just war. Guys on you will be fine. Okay, See you there. 10. Should I train with my Backpack on: Another question is, Should I trade? Should train with my back back on for the Camino Santiago on? The answer is yes. In the beginning, it's not necessary. You need to start working every day or every other day. I mean, one day I mean Monday. Once they are Friday, you walk like started, started slowly, started working like 15 minutes. If you're not used to walk, if you are used to work and running, you can walk longer, longer time. But after a week, or we're gonna have two weeks, you can start you see in your backpack for the for the training. So if I start with a light backpack and then you'll you'll be, you'll be charging around 10% of your body weight on your back back so they wait your of your backpack. You will be up to 10% of your body weight. I mean, we don't recommend toe over that because you will suffer in the communal guys if you get a lot off weight on your back. So let's go back to a training. Initially, you carry you back up your empty backpack or just with a little bit of way and you keep adding weight to back back until you reach 10% of your body weight on when you're rich that you can train every time we do backpack on. You know that would be the best thing for the communal because your legs, your muscles, you shoulders everything will be start getting used to a heavy backpack for for longer periods of time. So that's that's the main deal. It's really important for you to train with your back. You'll see the difference when you're on the Camino. After that, after you train with your backpack, you will be just enjoying all the wonderful scenery. There were the wonderful things over there on Spain, chatting with people, enjoying the Camino, having amazing food, amazing wines on. That's why you want right you want to experience so trained on you will be completely find during the communal. Okay, see you there 11. How to go from Madrid to Saint Jean Pier de Port: Hey, guys, this is Diego Davila on in this video, I'll show you step by step. Everything you need to know toe move from Madrid to Sanji appeared report for the commendable Santiago. So if you arrive in Madrid, most people arriving Madrid. Why? Because the flies are cheaper there on It's the main city off Spain's biggest city on Spain . So but most people have really difficult, difficult time to figure out how toe arrive in San Shia from Madrid, Because to start the coming the most people start on Sanjaya. So I'll show you. I am here on the Google map. What page on? As you can see if I said that I want to arrive from agreed to Sanjaya, let's see the first option that give me here is take one train on 1234 buses on work after that, and he's saying that it will take one day on one hour, so 25 hours to complete these journey on. This is unacceptable. So I will show you how easily you can go from Madrid to sentia. So let's go to the first step. His day. Barra has Airport Madrid, so the first step Let me go back to the last map and I was playing you. What would we do? We'll take a train from Madrid to Pamplona for its Pamplona. Here, Let's see Pamplona growing on exchange These two here Pamplona is here. So it will take a train from Madrid to Pamplona on from Pamplona will take one bus That takes two hours, one hour and 1/2 2 hours to singer. OK, so let's start with the process. This is the Madrid International Airport Terminal one where most of the flights arrive. First you need to goto a place. A train station which is located in poor Italian torture is an intercommunal or and torches here. Okay, so the first goal is moved from the airport toe, the training station in and torture the only way. I mean, it's not the only way. But the easiest way to older is by bus. So we take a bus. There is a bus that goes in old to terminals on the on the airport. And the bass looks like this. This airport express out of Puerto 24 hours. So this is the Basque I instead, off airport here you will see on torture in this in this letter here. Okay, so you will take this bus and you'll pay, I think is between three and five years to move from the airport to the portal and torture the train station. Okay, so basically, let me show you what I have here. I have here all the this cable off the bus. So it's initially start on the terminal four or the paper on goes to terminal 32 on one. Okay, so it goes. All the terminals after that is stopping these in these plaza is like a park or something. On the last point. Is them torture? Renford, This is where you need to go out for a off the book off the off the out off the bus to get the train. Okay, um, the this is only Spanish. The for is five euros. Ok, the travel time is about 40 minutes. The pendulum off in traffic. So if he's pick our you will take a little bit more. But it's around 40 minutes on. You can take your bag with you is fine. Um, between front 11. 30 to 6 a.m. The bus doesn't stop in in this place here is going directly. So is even better. So let's elliptical. Look on the on the on the scale over here. So from terminal four, if you remember, if you're in terminal one, it will take a little bit toe together because from terminal four, start at 6 a.m. Okay. And he's going every 20 minutes, you can see. Or so, um, between 11:30 p.m. On 6 a.m. This is the time scale. Okay, so we have 11. 50 mid 9 25 1135 and goes like this. Okay, let's take Mike simple. I'm going back to the Camino now, in August, so I'll arrive on August 20 feet down five at 5:15 a.m. So probably I'll get the 6 a.m. bus or the 6 20 depending off. How fast goes with the immigration on all this stuff on the airport. Eso I will take this past here on after 40 minutes, I'll arrive on the Untouched a terminal here. Okay, this is the the way off the bus. Right? So I'll arrive here once I arrive here. I'll take the train directly from Madrid, from torture to Pamplona. Okay, so how you you buy the ticket for the string? Really simple. All you need to go to do is go to this website. This is the main Spanish trains company which is ran for dot com or Renford dot Yes. Okay. So go to this website here. Let's do a simulation here. This is in Spanish. Let me see if I can change to English. Yes. Welcome Is here. Perfect. So I want only one way from Madrid. So choose the one that have the asteroid here. Madrid to Pamplona. You see, they were. You have to Pamplona's choose the 1st 1 Let's use my dates here. I'm going on Lagos. The 26 I arrive one adult by. Let's see. Perfect. So we can see that there is a train at 7 30 But because I arrived at 5 15 I am not sure if I will get one off these bosses. So it's a little bit risky because I know how much it will take the immigration. It's a little risky to buy tickets for this one, so I'll buy actually the 11. 35. If you click on here at this link, you can see where the train to stop started. My great partner and torture at this time stops here. Stop here on a rifle home. Pamplona at 2 40 PM Um, the whole tragic east. Three hours and five minutes. Okay, so let me tell you about the affairs here. We have the tourists on the first executive. Let's say okay, this case, you see, the prices are really similar. These prices will be really different and will be increased only a lot. A sui are getting close to the date off the travel. OK, so I recommend you to buy before getting in Spain. Because if you're paying like 23 years here, it can go up to 70 or something like that on the day. It depends off the off the scheduled there. There are a few things that I can interference on this, but it's better to buy prior to your trouble. So what's the difference? Let's just executive I mean, the tourists you have, uh, you have less conferred on the 70 you have more fun for. So let's take a look on these things first for here. If we choose these one, you see that the four M. It means that we have a table on the middle. I mean, you will have to onto facing each other with a table in the middle, so that's probably not the best deal. The preference, the P mean means that you have one single seat, but you will. They will charge a little bit more to make changes and stuff like that. So the people ask is the best option guys, Why? Because you can choose your seat after you purchase thes, you can produce exactly the seed light like an airplane. When you purchase an air ticket, you can just work to sit if you want window. If you wanted a the a o, they roll number six on Windows something like that. So you can choose on the train to review. Choose these people ass or the F. Okay, so the people has also. Another advantage is that if you need to change the the the ticket for another, if you, for example, let's say arrive early and I want to take the 7 30 So if I have the people ass, I can change it really easily because they pay only 20% off the difference off the fair. Okay, on if you choose these when you pay, like 60% and the view they just these one, you cannot made any changes or cancellations. Okay, so this is the best deal for sure on if we go here, Continue is thinking about it. Um perfect. So the problem. Class 26 errors from here. I think you can follow because all you need to do is enter your credit card information, as you can see here, select the place to see it. Continue thinking about it. Okay? So here you need Teoh. Fill the document type in here. He I recommitted to use the passport on you. Put the passport number Your name? Last name If you have a second last name email phone number. Um, again, this is you need to feel it. All these the contact information where you from your statistic. The country here and everything. And when you are radically continue in the next page, it will answer for your credit card information. All units, please enter your credit card information. And after that you will have your ticket yours. If an email from Ren fair with your e tickets so you can print it out on. You can use that to board the train when you are in the station on. Also, they have an app that you can download from the Apple store or from Google play and you will have, like an e ticket on your phone. You can you can board the train with your e ticket to Okay, so this is room for basically you can go to their website and take a look on all the options that they have. Take a look on the times. What? What's work works better for you. Okay, Perfect. So if we take the train, I'll arrive on Pamplona to 30 as we saw before. So what? What we do from Pamplona to Sanja? Let's take a look here. So if we are on Pamplona and we need to arrive on Sanja components here So how we go from here to here? Let's see what Google said. Pamplona, Spain, to send European people. So they're saying that we will We will take 18 hours and 24 minutes when they want to 34 buses. So this is great. Three buses. Actually, it is crazy. There is another A bear option. Which is this? If you go toe also dot Yes. This is a bus company that travels three times a day from Pamplona to Sanji appear Depor. So go to our Sir A l s a dot e s on in here. You can click on the English flag toe have all the website in English. Perfect. So let's see this Carol click on International because if you were probably in front Spain two friends promises Spain san jeans friends. So if you Ah look for the citizen here, you won't find it because in our country, so click on international are rich in Spain Destination friends Perfect. The partner point we have from Plon. Um destination songy. We want one way. Let's say for my example, I'll need that ticket for the for August 26. Okay, search searching on now we have the results. We have three buses every single day from Pamplona to Sanja. These bosses, guys, goes until, uh, later on November. I'm not sure exactly the date and they may change that because they make changes all the time. So what you can do if you are traveling in November or December or later on Sept. You can contact them on. Just send an email and just ask or you can actually come here and see if they have available here. You can just purchase. That means they are operating that day. Okay, so I am arriving at 12th 2:30 p.m. On my train. But the problem is that these this bus here, the parters at 2 30 So this is really risky to get this ticket to the best option for me, it's wait a little bit, work around Pamplona on Just take the bus off 5 30 which will arrive at 7 15 It's one hour , 45 minutes to any heroes is the price. If you want toe to ways ticket is far off course Double Um let's see the honorary. So the basketball star in Pamplona will We will stop on all these cities here on the last one Is son jumpy at the poor? No effect. So continue in this specific company you cannot select this. The seeding when you were in the bus is you can just sit whatever you want. So name certainly document tight passport on. Put your passport name here. We like toe insurance. If you want insurance, you can check these or not on go next on. After that, it will ask you for your courage card information. So we're going to Louise. Enter your information here. Continue. Enter your credit card on again. You will receive an email with all the details about a reservation. When you arrive on Pamplona, you can. All you need to do is go Go out off the train, go to the bus station on with your ticket in hand. You can just ask anyone on their show the ticket and you can board this dis bus on. After that, you will get your arrive on Sanja. The report around 7 15 or if you take this pass you on arrival for our 4 15 or 11 for fact , depending on what time are you getting there? Okay, so I hope guys, these help you toe move from the Madrid Barajas International Airport to the city off Pamplona in Spain. On after that moving to sunshine Apia, Depor. Where you can start your community. So I hope this is useful for you. I hope you take advantage of these on take action now on reserve your tickets because it's better toe. Buy the tickets now that bind when you arrive there because it will be trust you will be more more expensive right now. So the best released to have all the reservations ready. So go ahead and reserved that if you like this video taken the lag button share with people die so we can help more and more people on the Camino and we can convince more people That is really easy. And actually, it's easy to do that anyone can do it. And it's a wonderful experience. I hope you are having a wonderful time preparing for you coming on, scheduling all the things you need to do before going because the Camino Stars before you arrived there. The communal starts when you say you are going toe on, when you start buying your flight tickets and you're trained to get on your planning, how to do how to arrive there, how to right now. So if you have any other questions about the Camino Santiago you can goto abroad, we have a nice block, which is camino block dot com. We have lots off people answering questions there on forever single questions will record a video explaining everything they need to know to clarify their doubts on toe total certainty about how to act, how to plan on what to do. So go to go you to to to the camino blood dot com. Leave your comment. Er, if your comment toe help more people and ask your question. If you have any kind of questions, anything you can go there on, click on, send my question and you can send your question. I'll be really happy to record a video with the answer for you. Okay, so see you on the block and I hope you will have a wonderful experience make communal see you there. 12. How to go from Santiago de Compostela to Madrid: Hey guys. Another question we have is how to go from Sandia. Ph the poor toe to moderate. We have a great video here on the block Camino blood dot com. Explaining step is step how you convey from a Great So Sanjay appeared depot, which is the main city where everybody, most people start the community. OK, I mean, when I say most people lease people are nor spade from Spain, people from Spain, they start all over the place, depending on how much time they have and stuff like that. So in the way back, I don't have too much experience on trains and on buses. But the best way of my opinion is flying. There is a company called Ryanair Ryanair Con, which is amazing because it's really cheap. I mean, when I say religion is really cheap. For example, for September last end of September, from Sanja Santee, a Santiago de Compostela to Madrid in the way back home, I'm paying $19 a 19 hours on 99 cents. You can see here ryanair dot com 90 neighbors a 99 cent and they have two flights. They have a flight at 7:55 a.m. and they have a flight at 10:15 p.m. So go to runner that con schedule ahead of time. Because if I look for ticket for tomorrow, the prices more, especially if he's like 156 errors. So right now, if if you are a fine by in a month ahead, I'm paying only 1999. Okay, See you there. 13. What are the Train Companies in Spain: Hey, guys, the question is, what are they? The train companies on the train stop transportacion companies on this pain. So if you want to move years moving from one point to another by train, where do you go on? The answer is that there is a great company over there called rent dot com, So the websites are e n f dot com or R E n f b dot e S E s is from Spain. Okay, so in there they websites really simple. You can click toe see than English or any other language. They have several language there and you need to Ah, quick search like you want to walk from agreed to this point. You know, point A to point B and they will show you it's really easy. They will show you all the prices, all the option, the kind of strings that they have. How long is the tree but everything, So it's really simple on if you want the links, I'll put the links on kamino blood dot com. You can go there, grab that also rise. I have a really nice video explaining how you can move if you are right on Madrid International Airport in Madrid. Bara has over. I have a nice big explaining step by step. Everything you need to do everything you need to know to move from Madrid toe Sanjaya pH the poor, which is the main point to start the community. Santiago. Okay, so if you have questions about that, go make sure you see that video how to go from Madrid to censure own Camino blogged. Come and you will You look, you'll love everything you need to know. OK, so Charlie's video guys like it on Goto our block camino blood dot com. That's where all the activity happened. If you have any questions, you can find the video. There probably are. You can send the question on sherry. So other people that one more information about the communal can see the video on or people can learn more about all this journey. Okay. Thank you. See you there 14. How to choose the best Backpack for your Camino: Let's talk about one of the most important things to prepare for your Camino, which is the backpack. So this is my backpack. This is the Osprey. Kestral 48. So basically the model is Kestral on the size is 48. It's amazing. I love this backpack. It's really comfortable. It has lost off places to put stuff, you know. It was perfect for my Camino. I saw a lot of people with exactly the same backpack, basically the US you can see on the other videos here and there on the cars, the route for the back body. Simple. You need to try a lot off backpacks. There is no one the best brand or whatever. The best brand for you is the brand that feeds you perfectly. That's that's it. That's the only rule Okay on for the Camino. The second rule, which is very important also is that the backpack needs to be really lightweight. These guy here, I don't remember exactly the weight, but it waas. It is one of the lightest model that there are around there. The other thing is that you don't You don't need a very big backpack. This is for A. This is already big for the Camino standards. Let's say I saw people walking with a 24 liters backpack and it was small and perfect. You know, they can tie outside the backpack, something that is missing. There may be the sleeping bag I need. It was the right side because, you know, you are not carrying a lot of stuff. You are current, are very lightweight back. But that's the goal on these East enough for you, you know, So don't buy anything more than 50 liters. 60 70 leader, That's too much for the Camino on. You will end up kind current extra weight off the material because the battery, the bigger it is the heavy worries. So you want something small, something like something that you feel that is perfect for your body. That's all you need. You know, this is my my back, but I love it. I walk with it for all days, for everywhere, every time we will campaign or anything. I carry this guy. Andi was perfect for the Camino. A lot of people with exactly the same backpack on the Camino. So this exact model I saw a lot of people carry outside. The filter is a good brand. The one true, I think the main from the cattle. So you can a lot of people use in approach from the Katherine because it's cheaper on these good quality. So basically, don't don't worry about the brand specific brown. Oh, I need a north face. I need a no spray Now. Any brand is good. The most important thing is it need to be really light on. It needs to feed you perfectly. OK, if you want to know how to feed your backpack on your body, you can see that on the next media's. 15. What's the best Backpack Brand for the Camino: So another question is, what's the best brand for a backpack for the community? Santiago on? The answer is there is no best brand. The best brand is the brand that feed you were. So the most important thing here is that you are really comfortable wearing the back so you can work on the Camino for 30 plus days. We talked about four because you're back, but just fit perfectly. So a suggestion is done. Don't be interested on brands. Just go to the store to go to Ari I or to any but back in the store on try all the backpacks you can just try your on your body and see how it feeds on by the one that's more comfortable for you, okay? 16. What's the right Backpack Size: What's the right backpack size? Great. Unready. Important question, guys. The right backpack size is between 35 on 45 leaders. Why? Because you don't want to bring a lot off staff that you don't need. Sorry, because, I mean, you will be working 800 kilometers for 30 to 35 days. I mean, if you bring something that you are not actually using, that's really bad. So the suggestion is these get a 35 upto 45 liters backpack on. That will be absolutely perfect. Okay, Um, also, if you want more tips of our health, which is the right backpack suddenly that go to kamino black dot com and you will find everything there. Okay, See there. 17. How much should my Backpack Weight: The question is, how much should my backpack weight? Great question. The answer is simple. Your backpack should wake up to 10% off your body weight. So if you wait, like £180 your backpack should wait up to one up to £18. Okay. 10% of your body weight, including water guys. So water you will carry around 1 to 1.5 liters. So that means 11 have kilograms. Okay. So colorfully that make sure you backpack doesn't weight more than 10% of your body weight . Otherwise you need toe. Remember that you will be carrying every single extra pound for 800 kilometers. OK, so 10% of your body weight. If you want a complete backing, lease off. What units? Brain. What you will need on the comedian. Go to Kamino blood dot com on there. You can download it for free. Okay. See you there. 18. 4 Points to keep in Mind when you are buying your Backpack: points to keep in mind when you are shopping on buying your backpack. For the community number one, there are different back pack sizes. So for the for the left, their different left off backpacks. So there are a large median on us more. So you need to basically, if you want to Ari, I for example, they will measure your you're back and see which one is the perfect backup for you. If they don't have a way to measure on the starter, you go. You can just put on try. If it fits well on your hips, it should. The straps on the hip should fit just perfectly on the hip bar on top of the head bond. Eso That's number one number two. There are a lot of backpacks with heavy duty fabrics that people use for campus use. Like for backpacking, you know, current stuff, tens any kind off cutting material and heavy material on you basically don't need that. I mean, a unit just a lighter back. So these kind of backpack for for backpacking can wait up to two kilograms. That's a lot. You know. You want that for a minute, so just look for the lighter fabric. Doesn't matter if it's not very were assistance because actually, you're carrying only your clothes and small stuff for you. Comedian number three They're a new generation of backpacks that are the ultra light backpacks, so that's the most recommended. The only problem is that they are more expensive. The river backpack because they're otra lai and their new on fancy. But, I mean, if you have the money or if you if you find a good deal, that's a good I would think. To buy number four, check the manufacturer label for the weight of the backpack. So when the back of this anti you need to check the way on, usually you can find the weight on the label for the manufacturer. Just check that. Make sure these are really light on, but not very heavy backpack that will be perfect for you coming up. Okay, 19. Best Flip Flops for the Camino de Santiago: Hey, guys, questions about fleet Clock. Should I bring a fleet flop to the Camino Santiago shooting on my my opinion? Yes. You need a flip. For why? Because in their barriers in the hostels, when you are when it's the shower time and you are taking a shower Uh, how I say, like, in this on there, under the bathrooms on their barriers to many people take shower. So you probably need to protect your feats and half a freak for you. You don't want to be fed barefoot over there. I mean, if you want, it's OK, but most people would prefer a flip flop. So the regular fleet clumps like these guys here. This guy here is is pretty light on. It waits around 15 us. Okay, so this guy here on the slide is good is okay, but let me show you the best thing that I found on the internet. I love these guys. Look, this really thing really like these guys here. Wait 2.5 us. So this is amazing. And how these works. I will put the link on the video so you can take a look at the problem on I think you will like it. This is the company that manufactured these guys, okay? And they're all ecological and blah, blah, blah. So basically, you receive that box, and this is the way I see where you get you. Get this part to the front and just put these guys in here on that, too. He's ready to wear great flute clubs for the shower. Looks weird, but it's really, I mean, it's not really comfortable, but it's comfortable, you know, for for where you will be using on you can use outside of to walk around the city's when. Nine. When you take out your boat, your boots thing is a great free prop, especially for the shower, and walk on their barriers. Okay, I pay, um, $11 I think, plus shipping. So is around, like, 15 or something. 15 bucks for these flip flops and they are really like That's the main point. Guys, we need really light stuff for the communities, and they are okay, so these are the best flip flops on my opinion so far. You can get it on the website that it's Sunday comments 20. Best Footware for the Camino de Santiago Edited: So what's the best food word for the Camino Santiago? Everybody wants to know that this is really simple guys, because the best footwork is the for the word of it's perfect for you. I mean, is the for the world that you wear it on. You feel great on your feet is relaxed and you feel really comfortable. People always said, Oh, sure, sure use a boot or, ah, running trail or hiking shoes or, you know, on the best answer is in the past, because everybody's feet is different. You know, my body is different than yours on. Probably for me is better to wear boots on, probably for other people. It's not. So you need to try different things on. You need to feel you need to sigh. What's better for you? Okay, for your feet on DNA testing, you know, you need tested and worried on war with that on, see how you feel. And if you haven't all shoes on all but you can still use that you don't need a new for where Food word from the commune. You know, even if you have an all food word that fits really well for you that's best for you. You know, that's the best for the work for you. For this case, let me show you some options that I have here. I have my old lower boots on. These have a girl tex membrane. Gortex is a technology that cover the whole footwear. Um, I need to protect from the elements. So basically from rain, if you are working the rain before the girl text guy said said that you won't get your feet will stay dry with that. Okay? I mean, that's interior. Sometimes in the communal. Even with Gortex, you can have a wet feet. But basically, if you have a girl tex membrane, it will be easier. So you can see in here saying Gortex. So that means he's have the membrane. Is the lower book with nice sauce is the renegade I really like this. This is really comfortable on Europe's, um, east. This guy here, this is from Salomon. It's are running trail on great souls. Is the speed crowds number three really great stability on this. I think this is a really great option for the Camino Special. I really like the colors. I mean, if you are working in at nine and on the street or something, it will shine. It would be all shiny with the lights off the cars, so it's an extra protection. You never know on your apps. And guys, this this guy here. These are hiking shoes from North Face on East. They will try 109 Gore Tex membrane in here, too. As you can see, it's a really nice, really comfortable shoots. Next I have here the ultrafast, ultrafast back from nor faced. This is the most off all the options I'm showing here for my feet. This is the most comfortable option, but this doesn't have too much support. So that's the only problem. So I'm still deciding which one I will carry. But it has a girl Tex membrane all over to, so it's a drink option. Another option is this guy from Salamone is the X A pro. It has a guard ticks membrane to for me didn't work very well for my feet. You know, this is an all salable that I have it. Have the members only hear the protection They were the water broke. So this is more for I think, for summer working because breeds a lot. I mean, Tash, only a front protection off waterproof. So in case I have a line rain or something on summer, I'm gonna feel used these and give my free my feet drives. So basically all these options that I show you, I will probably end and working again with my lower boots. But I am still the same. And it's a personal choice. Guys, you can if you live in the US We have great service here. On you can purchase from Zappos or from Ari I or for backpacking dot com on these guys have a free return policy. I mean, idea is not fritter, but you can return in in a year. If you want samples, these three return on Anderson too, so you can go online and look for some, uh, possible options for you on order. That's why did I won't. I won't get all these shoes for me. I will get only one. But I am trying on experiment and see which one is better for me. For my body, for my feet. Which one is? I feel better. So that's the main point. If you have an R a close your home are you have old. Any older started, they have shoes. You can go there and try issues on worried and work around the story. If you have the possibility to wear our backpack being off a backpack on the store, you can work the back. But put some weight inside, were the shoes and walk around for, like 15 20 minutes and see how you feel. You know, it's difficult to say in the beginning because they you need to break in the shoes in orderto to feel really comfortable. But you can have an idea. You know what I mean? Next. Sandals. So why do you need sandals? Sandals is important because after they walking, you'll need some sellers because you still need to walk around the city, visits on places and have dinner on war with friends on. For that. You don't want to wear your boots again. You want to work some bus? Okay, so this is a great option. Great solves is from Echo. I love this one because in case I have a restart of something that I can use my birds, I can use the sun does for working. I can put I can wear like a socks with these on. Just work. Like regular, uh um, river shoes from the Camino. You know what I mean? So you can you can walk the camino with these guys to a lot of people. Do these the last option. The last option is the flip flops. So this is a rather free clubs. This weighed 15 ounces. Okay. I mean, it's not very heavy for a flu club, but it's OK, but it's heavy for the Camino because you don't one extra weight on your back. You'll need to carry all these for 800 kilometers, guys. So the best option I found these these These are flip flops that you can buy a line. You mean you You have no idea how like these guys are. And this is all from eco friendly, blah, blah, blah material on. I pay $11 on how works is you get this part here on you. Put these inside. Here you have a flip flop, you know, So this is really lie. It's not really comfortable, but it's comfortable enough. And it's great for taking showers on a burger s unwto working around the room when you don't want to wear your boots on. You don't want to wear your Sunday so you can use your flip flops and it's really like dries really quick on peace. It had, like protection for fungus or something like that is hard to get contaminated with staph. I mean, crazy technology on its 11 box. I'll put the link for these guys on the comments on on the Block. 21. Are Sleeping Bags really necessary: so sleeping backs Sleeping bags are really important and people have different opinions about sleeping bags on the Camino. So people believe on, say, toe to others that it is slipping. Backs are not necessary because the Camino you confined blankets on Burgess. It's not very cold in the summer. On the spring, other people like me always recommend to bring sleeping back. And I'll tell you why. I was working on September 2014 which is end of summer on it. Waas call. It was really cool. I carry these guy here. It's a lot for my extreme. 600 is 45 degrees is the comfort side of it, and it's really like it waits £1.6 parts or 620 grams. So it's very light and very nice, and it waas. It was perfect for September for me but a TN off the Camino. The last way. It started with a little bit caller, because you you will work on the mountains on the high altitude, so you will feel more call on that last week on it. This waas not enough for me in the last week, so I had to use some blankets on sonar. Burgess. I have to stay private, Albert, because they have blankets sometimes on my end abusing some blankets. So what's the problem with the blankets, guys? The problem is this that even if you final Burgess with blankets, you can have promise with bad backs. And I have three friends. We stay in a private, nice private or burger on the Camino the last September, and they use blankets because they don't have sloping backs. All three of my friends, they got problems with bad backs, all bite around arms or on the body. It is very difficult to eliminate when you are working on the Camino because not everybody have the right tools to eliminate bag backs. So to avoid all that, my suggestion for you it's bring your sleeping back, and I think you will be happy on. Also, remember when, after after working the whole day, you walk and walk and walk on, you arrive on their burger. I'm sometimes you have just a mattress that they assigned to you to sleep. So first thing you need to go to hold the matter, say, this is my place. Even so, other people don't take the mattress is open your sleeping back and you open the sleeping back on the mattress on east is difficult. Explain. You'll understand when you get there, but you feel at home because something really important you sleeping bag. It's clean. It's your is your is your companion. You know, on the Camino, it protects you for the call and for everything. So when you open this leaping back on the mattress, you feel like home is your space, you know? So I always recommend bring you sleeping back. Even if you are going to summer, just bring a real life sleeping back. If you really don't feel called, you can go see there in in carrying a sleeping bag leaner just to protect yourself from the mattress Sometimes can be dirty because they don't have a blanket or something that to protect pilgrims you know eso black. This is a good idea for sure Bring you sleeping back on. I think you will be happy 22. Sleeping Bags Weight: So when you are buying, you're slipping back. The first and most important thing you need to You need to choose east away. How heavy easier is leaping back. That's really important. Nice. Let me show you mine. I have this life. UMA is looking back and he's 620 Gramps or £1.6 us. Okay, these are really lies. Looking back, you confined really life slipping backs on the Camino. I'm not saying that you need to have these specific slipping back, although I put some links for sleeping backside recommend on the resources area. But the most important thing if you already have a slipping back, you can use that. But just check the weight because remember, you will walk a lot a lot off kilometers. A lot, A lot of miles on the Camino. You will be working for 34 32 days continuously on you will have your backpack so they lighter the backpack better. We already talked about these, so that's why the sleeping backs really important use unit to bring those looking back. That's my suggestion Bad. Be careful with the way, especially if you are buying a new sleeping bag. Invest a little bit more. You will be really happy with your investment because extra weight on the Camino is the only thing we want to avoid, okay? 23. Sleeping Bag Temperature: sleeping backed imperator. Real important. It depends in which season you are going to. Cynthia, if you are going in the summer or autumn for, I will recommend you something between 54 45 degrees. Okay, on the converse on, that's perfect. If you are going on the winter, be careful because winter they have a lot of snow there. So be prepared. Winter is difficult to say or bring us looking back up eggs because it changed them a dramatically between the years. So you need to be prepared for winter. Something lower than 20 is my suggestion, or maybe 20 for spring. Spring is really rainy season season on the Camino, especially May and April, are really rainy. So you need to be prepared because with the rain you have a little bit off call and you are more suggest toe feel. Call on your body because he's running is human right? For the rainy season, I recommend you to bring something 35 between 35 25. That will be perfect. Okay, But always the pants off you off you right. If you are usually call during the nine, are you warm? During the night. So you need toe, evaluate yourself and see what's the best option for you on that? These numbers I gave you is are just suggestions. You know, it depends totally on you, but we prepare for the different Caesars, okay? 24. Are Hiking Poles really necessary: Let's talk about hiking poles are hike impulse really necessary on the Camino on the question is absolutely. They are fundamental. These are my hiking poles. I love them because they help me all the time coming. They are great. The's specifically is from black Daemon is called the trail Ergo Car. Okay, I purchase it at Amazon. I'll put some links on the Congo Resources area so you can find something that is good for you on especially they are really good because when you're work, you're walking long distances and the coming right your everyday and it gives you support. You will go through a rocky, rocky path. You know, with rocks you will hide month things. You were high down the mountain. You will have really difficult a places where you will be working. I mean, it's nothing impossible. It's OK, but the hiking Paul's always give you help, you know? And they help your feet. They had help your niece on everything. Every muscle from your knees down the chitin balls can help you to have a better working a more pleasure working him. So I always recommend with the heightened Paul. Some people were without hiking poles and some people wore with only one heightened. So is your decision is a personal choice? People, Some people said, Oh, I hate hiking poles By the my opinion, I always said they are really important because you want to have an excellent It's totally pleasurable working on the Camino, so these guys will help you to have that, okay? 25. Best Hiking Poles: okay. Purchasing hiking poles, the hiking. Paul, In my opinion, this is a really good Brandis. Black diamond. The most important thing, they are almost the same. If you will have a good brand or you see that is very resistant. That's all you need. Okay, The most important thing for me. My opinion on these specific model is that it has these strap that is ergonomic. So you put your arm here, you hold it perfectly. So it help you to support your hands on this leap on the hiking poles. So you and me toe press toe, actually, whole dick sleeping. You can. You can use these trap, and it will help you toe hold the hiking post. So these brand is perfect. I love this one. Several brands have the same technology. And here, so look for something a little bit more economic. That's my suggestion. Off course. There are people that are just walking with a would stick that they got in the forest on Spain. And that's good. If you like that. Perfect. I mean, there is no rules for the Camino there. There are no rules. The only thing we're doing here is helping you to prepare toe. Be totally comfortable working to coming on to have the best experience of your life on one of the things in my opinion, for me specifically, that helped me to have one of the best experience of my life last September when I worked this guy here. So I recommend these with ergonomic on you will be happy. 26. Hiking Pole Tip Protectors: So let me give you a really good tip about the trekking poles, the hiking poles, right? These guys here, when you are working on the CD, you have sometimes asphalt or you have for rocks or any hard surface that you're walking in on these guys here. This is called Black Diamond Tracking Poll Treat Protector. Sure. Here. Here is the Amazon, the Amazon probe. And I will put these on the resources so you can take a look right now is for 95 for for a pair off that So this is how it works. Usually when you purchase when you have a hiking, Paul, you have peace. This is a metallic point that when you are walking on asphalt or rocks, especially if you are crossing a city on the Camino, you will you will her. And sometimes you work really early in the morning. People are sleeping. You can have more peace with these protectors because with these guys is totally peaceful is totally quiet. You have zero noise and it's perfect because it gives you more support. Even if you are working on mark or rocks or asphalt with these guys, you have a lot of support on this last me, the whole community. I use it like 24 7 Almost. He was always on me on my hiking points, and he's still good, you know? So I always recommend these. Check the link on the researchers area on get years. 27. Purchasing Hiking Poles in the Camino: So people always ask coming Purchase Hiking poles from the Camino on. The answer is yes, off course, especially if you're starting on home. Sanjaya pH. The poor in France very says Store on Sanjaya. All unit two is Goto on. Just search for hiking equipment, Son, she appeared deport or better. I'll put the link for the store here on the resources area so you can have access. So there is a store there. Ofcourse, The prices are a little bit higher than any other place in the war. I think maybe where you leave this cheaper or maybe no, I don't know. But here in the US, they are little more expensive in Spain and France. Okay, so you can find any brand on their These are really nice store on this in the centre off the Sanja Pia, the poor city. It's a really a commercial area where you can find a lot of stars. But there is one specifically which is perfect to buy anything about for an equipment for the committee. So if you forgot hiking poles or sleeping bags or socks or you need other part of shoes for any reason you can find it, there is perfect. I put that on the on the resources Pickler 28. What are the Best Socks for the Camino Intro: So how many socks do you need? What kind of socks are the best kind for the Camino? Too many questions. Right? So let's start with the the kind of socks I recommend for the coming. Okay? I always carry these guy here. These is a PhD Smarr wolf socks. OK, I'll put all the links for the The products are showing on their resources area so you can take a look on the side of is good for you. I loved his. This is perfect Ice. Wonderful. I had ever single day with this guy. I carried two pairs and it was unbelievable. So this is differently. Once I recommend another one that I use east thes guy here. This is for our area and I put the links there to This is a great is warmer. So if he's cool or something on overseas, hear me. You can use these to keep they keep your feet warm. OK, on the last one that carries thes guy here. This is a little bit different. It's a leaner socks and I'll show you why I'm Karen. These on the next video 29. Clothes - Introduction: on the next videos, we will talk about clothes. What's the best clothes that you need to pack for the communal? How to choose the best year? The best clothes? Do you need a hat? Do you need a bandana? Pans, hiking pants, shorts? How do the sigh with all these options? So in the next videos you will find Answer that you are thinking. 30. Best Hiking Shirts for the Camino: so how to choose the best shirt for the communal Cynthia. You will be hiking for long days, long hours on the sun, on the call on the wing. So the best short for the Camino Santiago is any shirt from any brand. Make with the material that is that dry really quick because after a day off, walking your rifle, their burger and you need to wash or your clothes on, they don't have like Dr Dryer machine. Sometimes they have, but they charge like four era. So sometimes you don't want to pay every day for two. Dry the clothes, So in this case you will be hanging on a line outside or Bergen just on the sun. So you want something that dries really quick. Like, for example, this north face shirt is our longleaf. So this one I were always when he's a little bit caller when I when we were in the cities that are on the mountain, high altitude on a little bit of wind. So I were this one, or even on the mess ETA on the desert on Spain when he's really sunny and really hard, because he's long with this half up some protection off 30 30 fpf. Okay, so it protects you from the sun. You don't need to pass. So some screen all the time with this guy here. So on this, right, Dr. Really quick. Actually, it's Viper Week. Is there is one of the technologies that they have. And this is the number one shirt I carry in the commune of the 2nd 1 that I use also every day. Is this guy here This assure leaf Colombia and the technology is only weak. Vap. This is the latest technology from from Columbia for work on really warm weather. Sunny. This half of some protection off 50 SPF is great because it protects you from the sun. You don't need to part past sunscreen because he's protects you. 50 on it dries really quick. So when I wash it on the burger, I just kind of outsider burger in half an hour, one hour east, totally dry, depending off sonny multi surface wind. But so I recommend these two guys don't bring anything, which is Caughtem, because Carson feels good on the body. But the problem is that it takes forever to dry on on the community unit really fast drying technology, so any I show you North face and Columbia products, but you can buy basically any products that have the technology to dry really quick after Washington. So that's a meeting on shirts I always recommend to bring on Lee, too. Off course, people said to is to too low. I need more shares because I want to be comfortable. You need to remember on the Camino you need toe carry all your your clothes, all your baggage on your on your shoulder so you don't want to XT some extra weight if you don't need it. Honestly, I always bring three. But after two or three days walking, I figured out that the third shirt, I'm not using it. So I always donate to somebody on the very and I end up with you. So basically, if I walk in a day with this guy here I arrive. Funderburg game. I take a shower first. I just wash. I were these one during the nine on. I washed these on handing outside. So after like an hour, this guy's dry and I am ready for the next day so you don't need more than two pairs off shirt. Okay, So by your shirt, I will put some suggestions and the resources some links off off. Really good shirts. I recommend Take a look in that UN prepare for the Camino. 31. Best Jackets for the Camino: jackets. You will need some jacket for the Camino. On my experience. I always carry three pieces on. I'll say always, but in summer time can be an exception. Let me show you. The 1st 1 is off. Please. Jacket. Really lightweight. They technologies Polartec from north face. You can buy any brand. I mean, you can just The most important thing is that is comfortable. And it's really like, Okay, this is for North face Polartec on this guy here. I wear it. I am wearing shorts, surely shirt on. If I start getting a little because I were one of these guys, okay? During the Camino during the war Or Underberg A or anywhere. Okay. And you can wash it every day, or you can wash it like every 23 days, depending off off. If you are sweating a lot or not on this dries really quick also. So this is the first guy. 2nd 1 is the eastern or face a down jacket. It's really nice. Is amazing. Jacket is really lightweight. The number here is a a handwritten is the model. There are other brands that have really nice down jackets also that are comfortable on light weight, which is the most important thing on the 3rd 1 Guys, is these waterproof from Colombia With a hat you can It has a zipper to open below the arms so you can if you are walking on this rainy. This is totally waterproof on. You are feeling you are feeling like hard. You can open under your arm. One super on it start is good to refresh in the technology with this guy Here is the Omni Tech Technology. Waterproof unbreachable. This'll is great jacket. So basically, when east When I on the mountains, on the Camino walking you start feeling a little bit call. The thing is that you can were in layers so you can wear your your shared your T shirt. After that, you were the police down on the waterproof. So three layers in cases really call because you will be really warm with these 34 layers. Okay, I end up because I walked in September. I end up sending this guy down the down jacket to Santiago. You there is a way anywhere on the Camino. Any city that have a male office, a post office they call Korea's so If you find a careers, you can always send anything. You have any gear, any jackets, anything to Santiago de Compostela. So when you arrived there, you can just go to the post office on Santiago on with your passport or your I d on you can say, Hey, I just sent a package for me to here on. I ready to pick it up on. They will give you a packet with all your gear. So in case you figure it out, you are carrying extra weight on you don't want to carry. You want just to, you know, sheep in Santiago Because they seem. Maybe it's something expensive, like a down jacket. You don't want to lose it. You can just go to post office. They'll send us anti. I want you pick it up. It's really easy. And it's really cheap. I mean, I send like, three kilograms on I pay. I don't remember exactly what it was like 15 years. I mean, it's working. Trust me. 32. Can I purchase a SIM CARD when in Spain: So the question is, can I just purchase a scene car? When I arrived in Spain for the community, Santiago, and use my own form. The answer is yes. You can just bring your form, make sure it's a GSM phone, unlock it, and it is that you're completely fine. 33. Best External Batery for the Camino de Santiago: Hey, guys. Another video about external battery chargers. So these guy here, I just got this from an ism. This is great for the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. Why, let me tell you, this guy here is like 1,005,600 million purse or something like that. Basically, in another, words can charge my eye from twice full charge, fully charged twice. So that's why I like it. Basically, you will receive this cable to, um, you have, like, a USB thing that you connect on the wall or you can charge on the computer on. You can make this guy here when it's fully charged, and you will see the four lights blinking on. This means it's 100%. Basically, you connect yourself on charging here on Presley's this button, and it will start charging on. It can charge two times yourself, so that's amazing. I really like it. I pay $13 on Amazon. I'll put the link on the video in case you want to take a look at these, and it's really light is great. And also it had. If you press these, hold down for two seconds. It have a lighter so in case you need to find something on their burger during the night you went towards a restaurant or something like that, you can use these guy so you don't wake up everybody on the under room. You know, because you have a really nice life. Basically. And another thing I like about these East that if I arrive in a city, I check in on their again and I want toe have dinner and work around the city. I need to turn myself. So I don't want to leave my iPhone on on the outlet. Just walk away because I run these. I don't want nobody. I don't want anyone to take my my phone, you know? But this guy here, I can just leave it on the wall. I will put a sticker head with my name on my email. Basically, I can leave it there, and nobody will take these. You know what I could when I am back from my trip from my trip on the city, it would be fully charged, and I can charge two days my iPhone, my kindle. Oh, and everything I will carry on the Camino. Okay, So if you like these, check the link below 34. Is there WI FI (internet connection) available during the Camino de Santiago : So the next question is, if there is y five available on the communal Cynthia, they answer for Italy's yes, on a lot because almost every Albert, every hotel on every hotel have free WiFi. So what units? It is when you arrive in a very just goto the reception desk and asked for the past four. If that is the password required. I mean, for any reason, they don't have WiFi. Almost all the bars and restaurants around the Camino. They have free WiFi. So if you work in a bar on you want to connect on there is a pastor require my suggestion for used to look around the walls. They will usually put the bathroom, the war. So look for a paper or something with the password on. When you identify that, enter the password. You are connected. Okay, Good. 35. How many Memory cards I need for the Camino de Santiago : it is how many memory cars should buy for my community. Santiago depends if you will be shooting a lot of video, Probably Unit Mawr. If you have a go pro, I recommend you at least two memory cards off 64 gigabytes. If you have a regular camera, a digital camera, depending off the resolution of the calm around the money, if you will shooting video, are just taking pictures that will be changed the amount of memory that you won't need for the community. The thing is, these just get extra memory just in case. But you don't need to worry too much, because on the Camino they saw the memory card. So in case you run out of memory, you don't need to worry because you can just buy. It's a little more special lighting. The U. S are or broadly on your hometown, you know only from the U. S. Because it's on the Camino and there are a lot of Tories and they can make make more money there. So it's a little more expensive. Bad it's not too bad. So just get extra memory just in case on you will be fine. But in case you run out, you can buy. See you there 43. How much is the SIM card for prepaid phone on the Camino de Santiago Spain: So the question is, what's the price off the, uh, pre pay sinker for yourself during the Camino de Santiago in Spain? So the answer is depends on the people of different about the current promotional that they have can be from 0 to 25 years. Um, off course, the 25 years have better the plans on free free data, stuff like that. So the best you can do is just go to a movie star that he s or Vodafone that yes or orange . I thought yes. Check the current prices on just the one that you prefer. 44. How do I know if my Cellphone is GSM and Unlocked to use in the Camino de Santiago: So you're coming to Spain for the communal Santiago on How do you know if your cell phone is GSM? And if it's on luck, it because you will need that in order to purchase a sinker here and use the phone service in Spain instead of pain roaming charges. So to know that he's, uh, it's not very difficult. What unity, please? These you need to, uh, first call your phone provider. So if you have Verizon very soon work with See the M A is not the same technology, but the new, uh, iPhones on a few off the new Android's. They're compatible with GSM, their war form. So you actually is called Horizon or call a T and T Almost all the phones of 18 TR compatible. Almost all the funds on team about are compatible because they are G ascent acknowledge, so you can bring that to Spain. Just purchase a a SIM card and you are ready to go. If you have spring Verizon or any other carrier that are not a T and T or T mobile, you should call them, make sure they are enabled to use a sinker on If they said Yes, you're completely fine. Also, if you have an iPhone five iPhone five s I from four s on Verizon A, T and T or T Mobile, probably they will be able to do it. Okay, Uh, so bring your phone and you'll You'll saves a lot of money. 45. Can I use my iPhone on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela: So your question is for the Camino Santiago, please. I live in us on. I have a life or is that compatible with Spain and telephone? Never. So the answer is yes and no, depending on the model of the iPhone. If you have a knife on 55 s or four s probably newer models. If you are watching this video later, um, yes, there probably compatible. So basically, if you have arisen or spring is bare to call, then and make sure you have a right the right phone for traveling. But if you have a T and t on t more while, probably you're fine, But just make sure the phone is unlocked. So if you have a knife on, you can go to Spain, just purchase the same car and you are ready to go OK by 50. Does the SIM card from Spain works in France: So the question is, if they seem car, the cellphone seen start for Spain works from France. Yes or no. The answer is yes. It will work, but you will need to pay extra roaming charges. So the Spanish cellular company they will charge you like on extra era for every call you make on every call you receive and also the day that is really expensive when you are doing roaming, so that the main point is unit unit to see if it's really necessary to have, like a sinker on France. Because it will. It will be only one day on France for the community if you start the Camino on Sanja, which is a French city, which is the star point off the French Way on Camino for insist you'll spend only one day on France. So probably it's not that necessary to purchase a sinker on by US US cellular service for France if you will be there only one day. So by the end of the first day, walking on the Camino you will be on Spain in Rose's violence. So when you are in Rosa values on Spain, you can use your regular Sim card from Spain on. You won't need to pay like any extra charges. So you need societies work toe to purchase that for only one day or not? Okay, could 51. Charging your phone, camera, devices on the Camino de Santiago : Another question is, how do I charged my iPhone or my android on my phone on the community center? So all the ambergris on all the hotels, they have a low. It's river outlets. So the current charges that you have for your fallen for your camera or for your Kindle device it will work on Spain. So all you need to do is just during nine. You can charge your phone or your camera. If you think you will need more battered than that, you better will run out during the day. What you can do is just purchase a battery case for my iPhone, for example. I have a battery case. So when I when my battery is dying, I just put on the battery case on it will come. I will recharge tow 100%. So that's great. And it's really cheap. I mean, it's not really cheap, but it is not very expensive. You can pay between 22 70 bucks for a good battery case, but it's worth it, because if you want to take pictures and make movies on the way, you can do it because you will have extra battery. OKay, 52. Do I need an adapter to charge my phone: in order to charge your phones or your devices on Spain on the Camino Santiago, you will need a European adapter, which is this guy here. So it has the regular connector here on in the other side is like around it. So if you have your iPad or your eye from charger this one feet on Spain on the war on the Alan, actually, you need this adapter so you can make ladies, you are ready to this guy here. You can purchase it on Amazon or eBay. I think I pay, like, $1 or something. And I appreciate being so just go there and tied European adapter. You're all set. Just grab, like a couple of these because this is really important. 53. Should I bring my phone to the Camino: Okay, guys, if you are going to the community, Santiago in Spain on and you have a question about should I bring my phone? Should I use international roaming? When he's being Spain? You can. I mean, it's possible, but the only problem is international. Roaming charges are really high. You will end pain like almost $2 minutes for a simple call. If you're used three g or four g in Spain, it will be really more expensive, so it's not a good deal. The best deal is this. You bring your smartphone to Spain. When you're in Spain, you just go to any store and you purchase a sin, KKR and GS and sinker on you put that sinker on your phone, and that would perfect. That's all you need. You'll end pain like 20 errors a month. You will have, like two gigs off data for your using to using amount on a few calls for sure would be cheaper than bringing your phone your US form to Spain. If you have, uh, you need to make sure your phone is on laws before traveling, so you need to call your your phone provider and check with them if if the funny first GSM and second, if he's unlock it for traveling. So if he's on looking and GSM, you can just travel on, purchase the sinker and you'll be really fine. Almost in all the Camino the way this coverage for cellular on, also for three G. So you will be able to check the Mohs. Maybe boss something on Facebook and keep counter with your family while you are working. Share with your friends because sharing your experience makes makes more fun and makes that's that's means the main goal. To relax and share with your friends with your family. All the wonderful experience that you will have on the Camino. Okay, if you have any other questions, just send me by comment or sending by email on I would be happy to answer. Thank you. Bring your phone. 54. How to Save my Pictures on the Camino de Santiago : people always ask if there are computers available on the Camino to transfer all your pictures on your your videos toe CD or to a memory stick on this race. Yes, so most al burgers on most bars Andi hotels. They have computers that you can rent for like a couple mirrors. Have an hour and you can transfer. You need to have the cables. And all this time, I mean, but you can transfer all your pictures from your camera or for yourself to a city. They have city for sales sometimes, but my suggestion is these guys just carry with you a memory stick, flash drive or off 16 gigabytes at least or 32 is better or 60 40. Even better carry that. So you can. If you find a pure on the Kamina, you can just get the computer for 15 meters. Connect your camera, connect you form connect. Remember your flash drive on. Transfer all the pictures, all the videos to the flash drive so you will have free memory to continue taking pictures . I'm enjoying yourself OK, so don't worry about connecting around the Camino because you have computers with Internet , you can transfer all your pictures, videos toe a flash drive or tow a CD or sent by FEMA s. So I think you will be fine. Okay. See you there. 55. Which are the Cellphone companies on Spain: Hey guys, the question is, which are the suffering companies in Spain? So basically Spain has three major companies. One is modest, are the 2nd 1 is Vodafone on the 3rd 1 is orange. The three companies are really great companies. They have really great coverage in Spain. So you can choose the best company for your tipping off the price. Whatever have the cheapest price or wherever you like. It better should be fine for you They all they have the same Almas Issing coverage around the Camino. Some of them have better courage in some areas and worsen other. So that's a matter which one? You beak. Basically, you can just you will be fine. Um, just go to the web, sites off the off the companies and you will have an idea about which is the best sinker for you during the communities and Tiago Movie star ease The website is movie started E s border vodafone east vodafone dot Es on orange is orange dot e s go their purchases. You're seeing car on You will be fine 56. I won't bring my cellphone, are there computers with internet access on the Camino de Santiago : the people asked, If I won't bring my cell phone or my iPod or anything like that. I just want to walk. How do I kicking? Keeping contact with my family, for example, France. So the good news is that around the Camino, there are computers that you can rent for an hour or half an hour or something of that, and it's really cheap. And they have Internet connection, and they also have on option. If you have a camera and you are taking pictures, pictures, pictures and you want to release the memory, you can just burn all the pictures on a CD or a flash drive, for example. So that's great, because you don't need to bring already really tronics with you to be connected, you have the options to to connect with a rent computer or something like that. Okay, cool. 57. Food - Introduction: So let's talk about food on the Camino. Spain is an amazing country, really good for Pylea Hammam, Bocaly video. A lot, a lot, A lot of options. So in the next videos, I'll talk about one in every specific specific foot breakfast, dinner, lunch were to find food, how you prepare for the next day with food. What time opened bars and stuff like that, so checks and expedience. 58. Menu del Peregrino: l'm a noodle periphery. The pill agrees. Menu is really you will pay between seven, sometimes six on 11 10 11 euros on it includes. First, you have the salad or soup. Second, you have the main beach, which is French fries or maybe rice. If you are lucky on some kind of meat, that can be a they have everything every kind of may depend on the place. On the third you have dessert. You have really good desserts. Sometimes most of the times you have wine include that a bottle of wine. I had Manu Manu del Pellegrino in some places that I went alone by myself, and I said on they bring me one whole bottle of wine just for me on his wonderful wine that carioca. Good stuff on Brett. So you need to be prepared because you will eat a lot and you will eat very well. If you are a vegetarian is a little bit changeling because they, at least on the Camino, they don't eat too much vegetables. But you can still find some budget vegetarian options in some cities, but you can get prepare if you go to Ah restaurant, a bar asking for the purpose menu. Always ask if you are a vegetarian. You can always ask to the vegetarian option, and they will remove some kind of me that put an eruption, become big and pulled out. They just want to surf you on one toe, help you to complete the Camino. So that's all on. You will be fine. Spain is good mineral Pellegrino. They serve sometimes for dinner. I'm sometimes for lunch, so depending off the city's for dinner is for sure and for lunch. Sometimes that's it is a big city. You can find it for lunch also, so prepare for that on seeing the next video. 59. Breakfast on the Camino: So let's talk about foot during the day. You need to have breakfast. You need to have Blanche on dinner. So basically, when you wake up in the morning east really early and the bars are closed, the bars on Spain are not just for drinking. The bars are out. So for eating is like a small restaurant. Okay, so basically, you wake up, let's say, a 66 30 under bars open on Lee at a cemetery. If he's a big city, they were open earlier lace six or 5 30 just to serve the deliveries. But usually you will have the the bed blow the breakfast you will have later in the day, so you will be working like one hour, one hour and 1/2 or something's two hours, depending what time you leave on. After that, you will have purpose. So basically you need to be prepared for the next day. So the day before you go to the supermarket and you buy some fruits, apple or bread if you need tohave. If you need to eat something before going to work, some people need that. You can buy bread. You combine anything. They have everything that they're So you buy yogurt whenever you want for breakfast and you eat that Underberg before leaving, right? If you are okay, working like an hour without a lot of food, you can just have an apple or some kind off fruit or across a maybe a coffee. I'm start walking, you know. So that's what you need to be prepared. Because sometimes with me, it's happened that I thought, Okay, I'll have my breakfast in the next city When I arrived there. What's all close? So I one time I have to work like 3.5 hours without without breakfast. And he was hard because I always eat before starting walking. But is your call If you prepare the day before, it's totally fine, you will be yours. Revive on. That's breakfast, Okay? And in the break, in the in the bars when you arrive, he's in Spain. They have really nice coffee. Perfect. Perfect tasting coffee is different than America and other countries, but they have the cafe con leche, OK, and you will learn more about about that in the next videos 60. Lunch on the Camino: so lunch. Lunchtime. Sometimes you will be still walking during lunch time at Meet the penny Off, what time you leave the dulberg eight and the distance between the two cities that you are going that you will be working sometimes in lunchtime, some people stopped by a bar, a restaurant, and they eat something you can always stop on either. Boca Radio Balkariya is our eyes basically bread With stuff inside, you can choose whatever is going inside. It's really good. Or torpedo tortillas, potatoes. I don't other recipe exactly, but it's space. Amazing is like a potato pie or salty, perfect, really good. You will. You will try that tortilla so you can eat some off these if you are hungry during the Camino and if you are still working. Usually when in my experience, when I arrive on their burgers first I arrive around. Let's say we're right around 1 30 or something. So take a shower, wash your clothes, engulf to eat something. So that's the lunch. You go out, you eat the parents menu. Maybe you get really full on you drink wine. You are happy on. You do other stuff out of that or you can just eat something lighter. If you don't want to eat a lot during lunch, you can always eat something lighter, like 30. We are simply that, um after that you can have a cleaner, which is the next point. 61. Dinner on the Camino: they serve really good dinner or Spain. You have a lot of auction pylea, my noodle Pellegrino. The cheapest option. Always guys always is maneuver. Pellegrino on You will eat very well. I'm Sometimes they have pilot inside them in weaponry. So it changed between cities between bars, restaurants so but basically for dinner, you have everything. They everybody's open for dinner for lunch. Not everybody's open the pain of a city, but for dinner they are always open so you can go out and eat basically, whatever you like. Everything. Some people prefer to go to the supermarket and buy some tuna. Some very nice tomatoes. Prepare something on their burgers so you can save money. There are billions that never eat outside. Always, they could be their foot when it's possible, because they're very half kitchen with all the they tell stories. You need to cook a very good dinner or lunch, right? So a lot of people, they go to supermarket and you can spend, like, three years on, make a really nice dinner like spaghetti or something that, um, if you out appearance menu, you'll spend like around 10 years. So it's your call, but you have two options. Okay, 62. Coffee on the Camino Cafe con Leche: the traditional coffee on Spain is called Cafe College. Catholic alleges coffee and milk basically, so you can East. Delicious is three. Next, everybody have the express over the big industrial espresso machine on the prepare, like a fresh, really nice coffee for you. It's perfect. Perfect. Peretz were perfectly reliever on. They don't put sugar somewhere if you don't consume Sure, data put it. They will put separately. So you can, actually, if you want the graphical. It sometimes comes with snack cookie or something like that. Not always, but sometimes. And it's delicious, so you can have a difficult nature any time. On the Camino, every everybody have sells coffee college and is very good. If you like milk, you can ask for, Ah, just espresso or an American. You know they will prepare a black coffee for you or Cafe Negro Coffin. Negro means black coffee. So if you ask for a offending grow, they will. They will ask you what size you want, and they show you all the decide they have, you said, Or this one medium or whatever, That's it on again. They want at sure, so you can add sugar yourself. The coffee is a little bit stronger than in us on in other parts of the world. But, I mean, you are in Spain. And you I think you will like to try different, different kind of things. Okay. On east. Delicious. So speculators want Otilia or BUCA Di Leo. That's all you need, okay?