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9 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Aperture

    • 3. Shutter Speed

    • 4. Program

    • 5. Intelligent Auto

    • 6. CA & No Flash Mode

    • 7. SCN

    • 8. Creative Filters

    • 9. Manual

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About This Class

You will learn, how to use each DIAL setting in your DSLR camera.

There are four basic camera controls: ISO speed/sensitivity, Shutter Speed, Aperture and White Balance.


Meet Your Teacher

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Andy J



Hello, I'm Andy J.

I am working as a Freelancer in Dubai.

And i am about to start my own media company.

If you are a photographer, you already got 90% of the tools you need to start making professional videos.

My tutorials are aimed at helping both professional and amateur photographers take the gear they already own and start producing high quality Images & Videos.

As advertising visuals are fighting for more and more of our attention, the importance of video is at an all time high.

There is no better time to learn how to film video than right now!

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1. Introduction: What's up? What's up? What's cooking? Everybody. This is your war and e j Welcome back to the squat shells in today's episode is gonna be exciting Encounter Basic part one. I'm using 200 D, which is also known That s 02 and they talk about the dots on the canon camera and Nikon are pretty much the scene. The names are different, but they do the same work. It's crazy. It's the most confusing subject in the A fella. So today we're gonna talk about East I and what their features up, so let's jump right into it. 2. Aperture: fourth warrant is a so what does a B means of propriety? As you see here, this image has more on the back of. For example, F 16 is a higher a poacher, which moves less light entering the camera. This said, it is better for when you want everything in your short to be in focus, like when you're shooting a group or a landscape domestic. For example, Lower approach er 4.5, which means more light entering the camera, which is good for portraits. Single objects better for no light scenarios as well. So here are two examples high a poacher on new approach. 3. Shutter Speed: the next one is TV. It's not television. It's called time value. So how fast your shutters gonna be? The proper definition, in normal terms, is how long the light hits the sensor inside the camera. So let's say you're shooting birds, so I will go oneness to 1004 day today. It should be between 82 to 50 depending on nothing out. 4. Program: next one peak. What does it mean? Program? This is actually one of the best. More if you don't know what setting to use, just switching to pee more and should. The camera will does everything for you. As you see here. It's a shutter speed and aperture said at dramatically. So in this three camera will do the combination off a poacher and shut to give a good exposure to your shot. You are taking a picture and you don't know anything about Yes, a lot. This is the best move to use. 5. Intelligent Auto: and the next one is the green moon. This is what the camera comes to it by a new camera. It comes with deciding, So this is a fully automatic setting. So where the camera sets correct exposure approach and share a speed According to this subject setting, I would say, Don't use this setting because whenever you don't want the flash to open it open. So I will just show you right now. So let's say I'm taking a picture. And if I click the shutter, it opens the flash. Even if I close, it just opens. So I don't like coming days. A plus more. Stay away from it. Dangerous. My physician has used the P Morgan, which is the best lord for bigness. And then from there you go on. 6. CA & No Flash Mode: non flash more so in this flash will not open. It's like a self explanatory, no flash mood. Then we have seen it's actually a C M. Lord is creating a bottle and its eighth year. Okay, so pretty about a shoot images with specific ambience. Ambulances. Let's in the environment around. This setting is designed by Canon, especially for new users to get good quality readers without understanding the aspects off a camera. In ambience, you have standard David soft, warm, intense groups. So vivid is this increases the boat color and contrast, which makes the image bold and right. That's what it does. A soft as you know it will take a blurry image on soft focus is actually a creative style in photographing one deciding will, let's say, when you're shooting an afternoon desert afternoon or in desert or in summer time. So this is the best setting to use, so it will give you a color accurate color tone, which is one so your image will look warm, as it's supposed to be. In that situation, intense, intense is setting, used to show up like a intense usual impacts, like strong emotions and feelings and attitude exception. So these are the examples for intense photograph. So now you already know what cool setting will be And let me know in the comments where you will use the setting. Okay. And then we go to brighter. This is again self explanation. Bright image, darker dark image. So in monochrome, Actually, you have three different words again, which is one as a blue, black and white and surfing. So these are actually again, like filters, color filters. We can just try it out. These are Julia. Not great, but it can still use and try it. 7. SCN: then we have seen. So this is actually a special scene where if you choose a particular scenario, So if you're looking portraits lived there setting. If you're taking a group picture, click this if you're taking a landscape deciding scores for kids. Natural shots close up Ford for the Working for Food Candlelight, which is night portrait, hand held US teen If you're taking so yeah, if you're taking, like, three or four charts continuously, Jews, this setting and then we have a shared back control. So if you're taking a picture of someone and there is a lot of flight from the background, you click this and use this one. So this is actually against like art, too, but it's more divided in different scenarios. 8. Creative Filters: creative filters filter like as you use instagram filter. It's like that, but the 1st 1 is green in major substances to treat cleaning black and white images soft focus image fisheye effect Water pending a digger, just anything. It will turn out drinking water painting way. Have a camera for Pete's cameras, so it will give you that effect. Miniature effect. This is, like really cool one. So if you take a picture off your laptop or a marker off mobile for it looks smaller. Danity is dear to take three shots and equal and hands like practice and shopping. Major G. Every village is, uh this is also take screenshots and it's actually good in. Next we have str onboard visit offs taking shots and you find painting 3rd 1 years. Baker, take three images, but give you look off like old pictures like very old pictures dusted and, uh, a faded look from this year on the camera are I'm in really bad 9. Manual: favorite moored off all the photo droppers that is manual. It's pretty much control everything we have shutter speed, a fortune by eso Explosion flash a neutral. So this is actually are setting where I choose neutral which will have less colors in the sharpness. Because I ended, they may just But if you're started, you bought a new camera Take like a really good pictures suggest abuse standard, which is which will give you like proper color. And the colors will be good So you stand it. But for now I'm using you. Just keep it neutral. Other white balance living Another white balance. Don't worry about it. This one. Don't worry about this one. What balance shift we have around with Mitri. I kept it or not. There are like four different, partially true spot me three center which Cameron will decide for you Don't worry about way have this focus system. So we have one shot here for so a ice. Always the best works do this one. Then we have there's focus points. So I kept it done automating Just leave it on a lot of meaning and then we have single shooting. So if you click, It will take one shot like one picture. If you will continues like triple the shadow, it will click five or six majors country on. We have self time of 10 seconds. Two seconds And this is a man Will. You can't decide You want three or 78 seconds for No, I put it on single shot jobless like is actually quality of the image. So if you're starting, I think you should go with J C High quality JP. So you should go with this 1st 1 Why we shoot droplets large. Why I should drop plus large because ISAT majors with more than that. So it's good for anything if you want to any picture. So he was draw 20 years. As I said, Jim, which is large here, more control over the camera and the settings. So you choose how right, how sharp they made you want to be. All right, that's it. So before the camera basic part one. So I'm gonna do two or three cities off this 12 or four videos where I will go one by one and explain different features of the cameras. I hope you guys learn something from this video and let you know in the comments below what you want me to create next. And I was trying my best to do that as that being set. Thank you so much for watching guys. This is your boy and e j. You're watching this on a squatch ill. As my team says All this make media cool again. Take care. Bye bye.