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Calm & Balance; Creative Yoga Flow

teacher avatar Melisa Redondo, Yoga & Art Instructor.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Welcome to calm

    • 2. Yoga for Calm & Balance

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About This Class

Yoga for Calm is a short practice that will make you regain your mental and emotional balance in a blink.


  • Deep side stretches
  • Small backbends
  • Leg stretches
  • Short foward folds
  • and a well-deserved relaxation time... You will notice how your presence goes back to your body movement, releasing any unwanted emotional state.

With LOTS of love,

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Melisa Redondo

Yoga & Art Instructor.



Passionate about colors and sensations, Im a mixed media human project made of Yoga, Art and travels. 

I have 10 years of experience teaching Yoga, 6 years traveling America (non stop!) and my whole life as visual artist.  

As a superpower I can paint anything with anything.

Im constantly learning in the infinite sea of awareness, color and design, and teaching the most beauty things I know: Art and Yoga.

My mission is to make people feel alive.

If you would like LIVE online clases, reach me at IG as


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1. Welcome to calm : Okay. Hi. Planing Miss Melissa and our senior instructor in this crazy is I think we'll need a sharp but daily practice to help us keep around the keep calm. And we start our inner balance. So in this sentimental yoga practice, we are going to perform some delicious back when being some sites stretches one like balances in a very well deserved risk being. So practice steal the and it's really sure and do it every day if you need it. Who the hell snow? 2. Yoga for Calm & Balance: Welcome to yoga for common balance. Normal state Standing your mouth on Montaigne post with your hands. Besides your hips, inhale, bring your handsome exhale and slowly canst down beside your No, I think your waist in Stem your right leg behind your left leg. Crisscross, lex, email. Lift your arms. Take your right wrist and bend your body to the left. They'll come back to center and release urine. Hangs step to the center with your right leg taken, am your right breast and then again, your body toe lift and excel. Release Syrians and they your waist. Step back with your left leg Risk. Rest your legs. Take your left, grace. Two men, your body to write Empoli's Your hands and step to the center with your left. Lee, email him. Stop and think you're left breast in bed. Your body right? Exhale. Go back to center and release your hands in front of your mom. They'll stop and accept. Full for emailed streets. File forward. Look behind your left leg with your right leg crisscrossing him and your body like innocent in a lift your hands up in Excel. Release your arms. Besides your body the year waste and walk back to center. You nail hands up. Excel full for now, Chris Crust, your left leg behind your right leg E mail Heart for and Exhale Fold for e mail himself in Excel. Release your hands. Come back to center off your man and if your arms excel autonomous and bend your body forward. Four straight spine Excel. Work back with both legs to blank bulls, balance of it, undertows to stretch them and finally take your hips back and after the move, cash bonuses now and one leg and then the other so you can stretch the most with no right click. Excel, right? Maybe when you're Els without straight your leg people on the external side off your left foot and walk behind your left foot with your right foot. Put all the weight on your left hand and, if it's possible for you lived up your right arm, creating a while throughs. Excel and slowly go back to plank pose and, well, cash bonus. You know, lift your left leg. Excel left. Need wing your els now twist to the other side. Open your chest on. Go deeper in the wild thing way. Exelon twist back to plank pose and your knees. Place them on the floor, please. Urine steps on the floor in tow. Rashed Anderson and flew for Kota Pose. Keep your elbows bent. Not just floor. Keeps back and float back, passing through our shot expose and getting finally in tow. Other cash for Nelson. Have a deep stretch into your other. Bend your knees. Place you're in steps on the floor, hips through your feet with your hands, they your heaps and press them for work. Open your chest and bend your back. Release your neck If you feel comfortable. Excel. See your heels. Pays your handsome flow forward to go to the post. Does your ex on accepting flow back toe? Move cash. Now let's do a fist with your left hand fake. Maybe you need your calls or even your right ankle. Now changed sides. Go back to the center with left hand and with your right hand. Take journey calls or less. Exhale. Go back Tom Cash Reynosa and really slowly will back with your hands and straight spine. Go all the way. Now him bombs exhale nor durians right your knees with your Ian's pressing to your chest. Keep straight your spine and keep looking forward. Interlace your fingers behind. You're right. Me. And if it's possible straight, you're rightly If you're constable here, maybe you can release me in that purples. You're me again. In place your right ankle over your left army. Hence the letter in front of your heart. Keep your spine straight and, if possible, been yourself a little bit before in the opening your way. Angle back first with your hands with your right hand. Take your right ankle in. Place it by your inner left tight to treat calls. E mail him up. Stretch your body up on X aliens from way Slowly release your right leg now such. Bend your left leg. Take your me and bring Jeremy as near a sense. Possible your body or your chest. Now interlace your fingers behind your left knee and, if possible, stretched your left if you're there. Stretch one hand. Army people. Keep your spine strange, then then your leg and police your left ankle over here, right hence together in front of your chest and really slowly. If it's possible, then your teller, so four to your left leg. Keep your hands together in front of your chest and go back to standing really slowly. Take your left ankle with your left hand, the three posts and rickshaw. He's your hand something and open your chest at your your maximum. Most militant now with historians and release your left leg e mail. Handsome Excel against better in front of your chest and band forward. I work for with your Ian's just to balance the weight off your body forward and back to your hands and your feet, your hands and your feet. Last one forward Syrians and Exhale Go back, slide back your ian's and with your index and middle finger, hold your big toes. Keep your spine straight. Look forward in Excel. Bend your elbows. Release the way that skin here and reacts to make. Engage your scapula and keep bending your elbows to help your body to go excel. Release your hands and look forward with Yuri and stop more cash furnace E mail. Live nego three legged doc bows and exhale left foot forward between your hands. Criss cross your right leg behind your left Lee E. Mail. Look forward and opened your arms coming up with old your body and sell cans in front off your chest to go down and fold forward. Play strong your fingertips, opened your right heat and kick back and lift up your right arm and look. Now go back, pointing down with your right and float both arms. Besides Street Warrior triples people the Thunder Valley in to maintain your balance and really slowly half step back your right foot on the floor. Nail and exhale. Square your heaps and touched the floor with these Syrian possible Donaldson. If it's necessary, readjust the sense between your necks. Just try to keep your hips where you're going. Next. Step back with your left leg email and kick back with your ride. Lee Billy Excel Raise your right leg between your hands. Increase cross your left your right e mails right spine forward and excel. Fooled for Bring your hands up and leave your chest and all saliency better in front of your chest and then down and forward, please your fingertips and bring up your left leg just the distance between your writing and your right foot. And if it's possible, lift up your left hand till help moments decide slowly squared your lips, look toe the center and float into a where we are free. Really slowly half step back so they're not with your left. Bring your chest us near as possible to your right leg parties. Both Denison. No work back into other mu Cashman asana and work. If you needed to adjust the distance of your post slowly and smoothly, place your niece on the floor in urine steps on the shad. Suppose release your forehead on your month in your hands back. Besides, your bring your audience besides the Arnie's Morris your necks behind and go back with your hips. Soothe and self with your index medium. Figure your toes and keep your just stop in your spine straight. If this is not comfortable for you, remember, you always can bend a little bit your knees so you're just can be really near to your legs . Thesis is option one, but if peace is not your case, you can straighten your next and you're evals and a stranger torso forward us. If you wanted to touch your feet with their ground of your you know before release your hands, I m back sale really, really slowly go back and rest menu right Me and take it with your hands. Press it to your chest and release your right leg and bring to your chest your left me impressive to your chest and their release. Release your shoulders. Release your legs. Relax your mind in your thoughts and you feel how your body become. Suffer and suffer how year that's being into the souls. Police appeal and you just melt into the music on into the water sons, Yeah.