Calligraphy for Beginners 2 – The Elegance of Italics

Jackson Alves, Letterer, calligrapher and teacher, from Brazil

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12 Videos (1h 7m)
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    • Class 01 – Choosing your pen

    • Class 02 – Using your pen

    • Class 03 – Preparing the surface

    • Class 04 – Warming up exercises

    • Class 05 – The Skeleton of Italics

    • Class 06 – The Minuscules

    • Class 07 – The Capitals

    • Class 08 – The Numbers

    • Class 09 – The Words

    • Class 10 – The Basic Swashes

    • See you soon


About This Class


Calligraphy for beginners is a three class sequence for anyone who wants to start studying calligraphy.  This is the second installment of that sequence.

This class is about Italic Letters, my interpretation of the classic Italic Script from the 15th century. Italic isn't the easiest style to learn, but I’ll show you some techniques to make the process easier and in the final portion of the class, you'll create some of your own beautiful words in this style.

Italics is a elegant style with sexy curves and fluid movement. In addition, this class provides the basis for my next exciting class: Brush Pen Italics!So, what

are you waiting for? Join me to perfect creating Italic Letters!


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Great class makes tackling the subject so much easier. I have always wanted to learn the basics of calligraphy and this series was perfect.
very helpful class!
So professional class!

Peruvian Letter Lover





Jackson Alves

Letterer, calligrapher and teacher, from Brazil

Jackson Alves is a letterer, calligrapher and teacher based in Brazil. After graduating in 2003 with a degree in Graphic Design, Jackson has accumulated over 15 years of experience, working locally and internationally. In the last five years, Jackson has made his mark in the typography world, collaborating with clients from Brazil, the USA, the UK, France, Switzerland, Russia, and Australia. Jackson’s background in calligraphy has shaped his lettering style, with fluid and graceful curves, bold style choices, and a keen eye for aesthetics. As well as being published in multiple design blogs, books and magazines, Jackson was awarded the 10th Graphic Design Biennial in Brazil in 2013, also the Type Directors Club “Certificate of Typographic Excellence” in 2016 and was featured as “Member of the Month” of TDC on December 2016. Jackson continues to grow as an artist and encouraging others as well, teaching workshops around the world.