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Calculations made easy and quick- 2

Archana Bhadoria, Tirupati skill developing and fun

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9 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. introduction to vedic maths

    • 2. multiplying by 1s

    • 3. multiplication by 12 - 19

    • 4. multiplyingn using base 200-1000 and multiplying numbers close to different bases

    • 5. Table trick and multiplication by base 100

    • 6. multiplicationn by base 10, 20, 30, 40, 50

    • 7. 4 5 dgt xn

    • 8. Vertical and cross multiplication

    • 9. some special cases of multiplication


About This Class

This is a class  to elaborate the vedic sutras from ancient Indian texts and utilize them for quick and easy calculations. The sutras are word formulas that can be cnviniently used for various mathematical operations. They are 16 in number and supporting them are 13 upsutras. In this class ,you will learn their application in the basic operations of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. 

Each video will show various tricks that can be used for simplifying the calculations and once you can simplify the numbers in the operations ,you will do quick calculations.

This part of the series involves the use of a number of tricks to multiply 2 figures. Now after learning the tricks ,its upto you to choose the trick you like the most and follow it all the time as the tricks shown are flexible and can be used in different questions. Also you get to learn some special tricks that give you instant answers by merely observing thequestion.






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Archana Bhadoria

Tirupati skill developing and fun

I am a veterinarian who switched to teaching. Knowledge should be practical and enhance your mental abilities whether it be academics or other- with this thought I try to find subjects that touch me the most and then I share it with all.

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