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Calculations Made Easy And Quick- 1

Archana Bhadoria, Tirupati skill developing and fun

Calculations Made Easy And Quick- 1

Archana Bhadoria, Tirupati skill developing and fun

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4 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction to Vedic Maths

    • 2. Addition- the most basic operation 1

    • 3. Addition- the most basic operation 2

    • 4. Subtraction- The second most basic operation.

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About This Class


Since childhood the one subject that kids develop a phobia for - has always been MATHEMATICS. These simple trick if practiced can help you master the mathematical operations as if it were a fun-game! You will start loving the subject and with time also develop how to manipulate numbers.

These simple one-lined Sutras are the mathematical FORMULAS that can be used for a variety of mathematical operations. Each Sutra can handle multiple operations as per your requirement.

Further you will learn tricks which help you CHECK YOUR CALCULATION.

Now as far as the question of “learning the basic concepts again?” comes- then each journey begins from its origins so we begin with the basic concepts of Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication. But these basic mathematical operations also require the knowledge of some basic facts like digit sums, nine point circle, ten point circle, bar numbers, etc. which have also been dealt with.

  • It has been basically designed to make clear the basic concepts of mathematics.No day goes by that you have no addition/subtraction/multiplication to do. Everyday calculations include each of this topic so even if you want to do fast calculations in your dailywork, it will certainly be a lighted path to walk upon.
  • All competitive exams make sure that you have a clear understanding and working knowledge of these basic calculations, but time is a constraint when attempting such calculations in a given time limit, so there you go- this is a course for you!
  • If you are a parent dealing with kids who are of an age group where maths typically starts becoming difficult to understand- AGAIN- this is the place to start with brushing up your maths and answering their DIFFICULT sums.
  • If you don’t feel very confident in calculations as you take a long time to calculate a simple sum, you have hit upon the right key- this is the course for you.
  • You can also learn these tricks to amaze your friends and followers as well!
  • These are cool tricks to make you feel confident and COOL.

This simple course on mathematics demands only an interest in learning and exploring these comparatively easier ways to doing faster calculations easily. BUT be ready to do a lot of practice to master these tricks. This is required because you have been used to following the conventional methods of mathematical calculations as you were exposed to them since you first started off with mathematics. Now to write on a paper on which has been imprinted deeply, you need to write with a darker colour( more will power) and erase out the earlier notes( practice the new learnt tricks). So grab a thick notebook and pick up a pencil to begin the journey to the heart of the subject.

You certainly know these basic calculations, but what I need the most is -you should know tables of 1-5 till 5-times…… it a large expectation?

What you will get from this course?

  • you will develop the SKILL for doing sums in your head! And that too accurately as you shall know the tricks to double check your answer!
  • you will become confident and become a master in these trick, rather than being a novice.Certainly impressive!!
  • your cognitive skills and intuition will get an outlet and you will certainly have a better memory.
  • you will be able to choose the best trick to use for faster and correct calculation
  • Last you will overcome the FEAR of the subject, if any! ✌

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Archana Bhadoria

Tirupati skill developing and fun


I am a veterinarian who switched to teaching. Knowledge should be practical and enhance your mental abilities whether it be academics or other- with this thought I try to find subjects that touch me the most and then I share it with all.

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1. Introduction to Vedic Maths: Hi did I am Argentina. I'm here to help you understand the basic concepts of maths in a better way. Porters I have chosen to take you the tricks of Reddick mats matches the basis off all practical, useful knowledge system. If you want to be successful at anything, your best friend is your march. Still, for many marches, comparatively difficult to loan on understand it is mainly because they're concepts are not clear, so I have a hard time learning it. Imagine how easy interesting on fun mats would be. If you can do any calculation in a matter of seconds, people will be impressed on you. Yourself will seem proud off your own mathematical ability. Never again will you say I am weak in maths. I hate much, but it's so boring and difficult. Instead, you look forward to show up your newly acquired, but still what? This. Let's learn the basic tricks that will help you and Teligent guessing make you confident on creative enhancing memory power on. As a result, you will have a better concentration on improved performance. Use your common sense on be confident, then you will get success naturally. So let's embark together on this journey. Have a good day 2. Addition- the most basic operation 1: audition addition using Reddick tricks involves the 10 point circle. The 10 point Circle has 10 numbers on its boundary from 1 to 10. These numbers are placed such that their compliment falls across them one and nine two and eight, three and seven six on full. The's a pairs that complete each other to give a 10 such numbers that complete its partner . In addition to make, a 10 are called compliments. The Vedic term for Compliment is pork, so in the pair, one on 91 is the pork off. Nine Find nine is the poor cough one. So a pork is the deficiency off. 10. When we place numbers in ascending order, each number is one more than the previous one. These words express the first sutra. They got a cane, poor rain by one more than the previous one when we placed numbers and descending order. Each number is one less than the previous one. Birds off the 14 Sutra. Can you name poor rain by one list on the previous one. When we write one as one less than two, it means one is a commune for two, while three is one more than two So it is a Kartik for two. A canyon means predecessor on it. God Tick means successor. Our first trick utilizes the concept off for X. It means we will group together the compliments. When we make tens, it simplifies the calculation and speeds it up. Now, let's try to find compliments in this. Pair them. Make tens. You will get the answer very quickly. Much faster than the conventional method. See, three dense. So 30 on to a 32. Now here. Make columns on, then do The grouping once has three tens in the tens column to dens on six. It means a total of do 60 plus the 30 we got in the ones. See how quick. Try these by grouping together the food looks, - uh 3. Addition- the most basic operation 2: when we have toe add large figures. We used the dot method along with the poor works. That is, when we reach a 10 in the column. We put a dot in the column before we don't need to carry ones each time. This also helps and grouping up off the bureau's here and once column we get to tens, so two dots in the tens column, plus a two is left as the total in ones now. Intense column. We group the numbers on the dots and get to tens on two. So again, two dots in hundreds on do is the total off tens in hundreds, two tens, two dots and thousands on total four is left in hundreds coming to thousands. We group together. The poor works to get to tens. So two dots in the 10 thousands. Our answer is 2042 to believe it. It is very first compared to the conventional addition. One more way to get tens. The given take my third. Here we jump up or down to get tens. Addington is very easy, unnatural. So when we have to add a number that is 12 or three less than its closest multiple off 10. Like here, 19 is one less than 20. So we are that multiple. That is 20 on. Then take a vada extra. We had added this simplifies plus speeds up our tradition. Give one Do the calculation quickly. Then take one give to calculate quickly then take two. Give three calculate then take three. This method comes handy for subtraction as well. Here we take of a extra then we are that extra to the answer. 4. Subtraction- The second most basic operation.: subtraction tradition on subtraction go hand in hand. The tricks for addition, help us to do subtraction as well. Just like the given take trick when the figure is 12 or three less than its closest multiple off 10. Then we subtract that multiple instead on later, at the digits, it was less so to the answer. This speeds up the process on it becomes a mental calculation with practice. So when we have to subtract 29 we subtract 30 on, then give one to the solution. When we take two extra, we give to on. When we take three extra, we give three that is our three toe. The solution. This quickens the subtraction process, but use the strick intelligently. Don't do a direct question with a trick, because that would take more time than the direct subtraction. After all, you need to do first calculations when we have to subtract from based numbers, that is numbers like 100,000 it sector. We used the sutra nickel, um, not touch German. Dutch, huh? It says, all from nine on the last from 10. So here we subtract all digits from nine, but the right most one from the 10. - If the number being subtracted ends and zero or zeroes, then we subtract the last non zero digit on the right side from 10 on the rest of the digits from nine. If a number being subtracted has less a number of digits, then we put zeros towards its left end that is before it on. Then subtract when you subtract from multiples off a base like here, 4000 is the fourth multiple of thousands. We subtract using the trick, but when we reach the left side, then we subtract one from the multiple of thousands. When we have to subtract a larger Diz, it that is a greater did it than the digit above. Then the best way is to use the books that IHS compliments. Here. You see that I am using the given take trick, but I will solve this with compliments, tricks as well. This easy example will help you understand the trick better and quickly. Here, too, is smaller than nine. So when we have to subtract nine from two, we take the pork off nine, which is one and added to the digit up of that is to this gives the column total as three Now in the column to the left, we add one to the sub Tran. That means we have to subtract one extra from that column in this example. 356 minus 28. Add the poor cough. 8 to 6, that is, two plus six gives a it This is the column total, now five minus two becomes five minus three as we add one to the digit proceeding it next is diet subtraction. - Another trick is the splitting up off the numbers in columns. This helps in solving the question quickly. The columns can be marched after getting the answer. The earlier question can also be done using the same trick. The only thing you required to do is practice thes tricks with practice. You will master these, reduce the steps mentally on. Then you can get the answers mentally in just one line