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Cake Decoration: Make Lollipop Cake Toppers

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Cake Decoration: Make Lollipop Cake Toppers

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7 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What You'll Need

    • 3. Flower Lollipop Toppers

    • 4. Fish Lollipop Toppers

    • 5. Circus Animal Lollipop Toppers

    • 6. Funny Face Lollipop Toppers

    • 7. Chick Lollipop Toppers

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About This Class

Transform grocery store candy into the most incredible, colorful lollipop cake toppers with master crafter Jodi Levine. 

In this class, you'll learn how to make five different easy and edible decorations for cakes, cupcakes or gifting simply by melting hard candies, like Jolly Ranchers. You'll start off this 45-minute class by molding beautiful lollipop flowers. Next, you'll learn how to create vibrant lollipop fish, perfect for an under-the-sea birthday or your next beach bash! Then, you'll move on to a more detailed design: lollipop elephants, made using different kinds of hard candy for added texture. After, you'll learn how to personalize cakes with funny face lollipops that look like your friends and family. Finally, you'll learn to shape baby chick lollipops that are almost too cute to eat. In this class, you'll master the lollipop-making basics with Jodi. By the end, you'll be able to design and make your own lollipop toppers for any party theme you dream up!

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1. Introduction: I'm Jodi Levine, author of Candy on Crafts and a Crafter and I Have a Block called Super Make It. I worked at Martha Stewart living for over 19 years, and I was across Editor, and it was like working in a creative laboratory. So really honed my craft skills over there. So many of the ideas in my books were actually happy accidents. Jolly ranchers are really beautifully could make them into Mali. Pops infuse different colors together, and they're so translucent and so beautiful when you hold it up to the light. It's like the prettiest piece of glass art e think I just love the colors of it. It's so pretty, you know, you just play with the stuff long enough and you really feel like you get a mastery over it . It so satisfying. I will never look a candy and a lot of other supermarket materials the same way. I just can't help but think, What can I make out of this 2. What You'll Need: I'm going to show you how to make a really fun edible craft. Homemade lollipops. You could use them for cake toppers, cupcake toppers, party favors, even for a fund. Rainy day craft with your kids. And the great thing is, everything you need to make them is from the supermarket there so easy. They look really impressive, but they're very easy to make, so let's get started. 3. Flower Lollipop Toppers: and I'm gonna show you how to make lollypop flowers that are so cute for cake toppers or cupcake toppers. Or you could actually arrange them as a bouquet of edible flowers. And I've used some pinks and reds over here, but you can use any color you want, so this is what you'll need. You'll need a baking sheet. A piece of parchment cuts the size on top of it, some lollypop sticks. You can get lollypop sticks from the store, but again, I like to be able to get everything at the supermarket, so I use wooden skewers. They come with the pointy tip, which you can cut off if you want, or you can leave it on. If you're gonna poke it into a cake or a cupcake, you might want to leave it pointy, but you can use kitchen shears to cut it off. I have two colors of jolly rancher hard candy that's gonna be for the flower, one color for the center and one color for the pedals. And then I have 1/3 color for the leaves. I'm going to use kitchen shears to cut them in half, and I use a plastic bag to cut the Candies because the candy tends to go flying when you cut it. So I would either do that in a sink or into a baggie, and I'll even leave it in the rapper, which also helps to contain the candy shrapnel, which can go flying everywhere. Just be really careful with your fingers. You can use heavy duty scissors to if you have them, but it's pretty easy to cut for. Those will be two of my pedals. I'm using pink and red for this flower, but you can use any colors that you want, So this will be my last pedal. I'm gonna use five pedals and then I'm gonna arrange them in a circle. Gonna take a darker piece. This is a cherry jolly rancher and cut that in half for the center of the flower. And now I'm ready to put them in the oven, and the oven was preheated 2 to 75. Actually, I'm gonna screwed it up a little bit when I'm melting the candy. I put it all the way at one end of the baking sheet that that way I have room later to put my stick on So I'm I'm showing this to you, making one at a time, which is a great way when you're learning. But you can certainly gang up a few of them and make more than one on a larger baking sheet . So here we go into the 275 degree oven. And if anything shifts around while you've walked over here, or when you place it in, you can pull the rack out and then just rearranged the candy and then slide it gently closed. Now I'm gonna put my timer on for I'm gonna put on for three minutes. It probably will take four, but I like to just check on it. So you want to stay right near the oven? I wouldn't go very far because it happens fast, especially after the first melt. Okay, while those were melting, I'm gonna cut up a Greenpeace for leaves. Okay, so those air ready while you have your lollipops in the oven, it's a good time to cut your candy for your next batch. In my book Candy, I'll crafts. I have a whole chapter on all different things you can make out of melting hard candy and its infinite. And once you learn these techniques, you'll be able to make any shape at all. While I was working on the flowers for the book, I had some happy accidents. They over melted. It actually looked kind of grating. Some of them looked like poppies with really big pedals. Um, so what? That sort of nice? Because flowers are so organic that any shapes that you end up with look pretty floral. So there's always, like happy accidents, these air great projects to do with kids. But the cutting and the melting is is a grown up work. It's time to check on the flower, so three minutes wasn't really enough. But sometimes I like to take it out and give it a little squish, and you can see that I use the oven mitt to protect my arms from the hot tray. And you'll wanna wait a minute before you touch the candy, because it's very hot when it comes out and it could be liquidy, and if it burns your finger, it'll stick to your finger. But after a minute, it's a little bit cooler, and it's a little bit easier to work with, and I'm comfortable working with my fingers, but you can wear dishwashing gloves that will protect your fingers. You can use a butter knife. You know you can use different tools, something so you're not touching the candy directly so you could see it's not really melted . But it's soft enough that I can squish it down and just give it a little bit of a head start. And at this point, you could even reposition them a little, separate them from each other if need be. We're using them for cake toppers, but they would make such fun party favors as well. It looks like it's actually it kept melting while it was on the train. I think it's ready for the skewer, So I'm going to just, you know, I put it on differently, depending on the lollypop. If it's very melty, I'll just press it right on. But in this case, I'm gonna just wedge it in between the two pedals into the center and then press it down. You want to make sure that it gets melted candy on it, so it it hears, and I'm gonna stick the leaves on here. I like to put them a little offset from each other. So this is ready to go back into the oven to kind of smooth out and to get the leaves melted on. Okay, that's gonna be another two minutes, but I'm gonna stay right near the oven. It's a really good idea to stay in your by, because at this stage it goes pretty quickly. Jolly ranchers air really my favorite candy for this project. They melt so smoothly and they look really glossy and the colors are so pretty and translucent, I think it's ready to come out. It's not quite perfect yet, but because it keeps melting while it's on the cookie sheet, it's better to take it out when it's under melted, then over melted, cause it's really hard to come back from over melting. So, like I did earlier with the pedals, I'm gonna just squish down the leaves a little bit. You could see I'm protecting my hand again from the hot trade by pressing like holding onto the trade but with the oven mitt. So as I'm squishing and I'm also making sure that it's kind of going over the stick so it really adheres, and this is pretty close, but I'm a very fussy. I love it to look perfect. It's a little bumpy here, and jolly ranchers really melt so smoothly. I'm gonna put it back in for 30 seconds or 45 seconds. I'm just gonna stay right next to the oven. But I will put the timer on because I don't trust myself. It's so easy to get sidetracked, especially if you have kids running around. I have over melted and burn so many lollipops when I don't use the timer. Okay, it's pretty close to perfect. This part is a little bit more bumpy than I like, but I'm gonna let it cool on the baking sheet because, as I said, it's going to continue to melt so I don't want to over melt it. But I think it's looking really, really cute. It's got a cool and I'm gonna let it cool right on the baking sheet because it's so pretty and glossy. But if I lifted up while it's not fully melted, it's gonna get kind of wrinkly looking, and we wanted to look perfect, so I'm gonna let it cool right on the baking sheet for like, 15 or 20 minutes until it's fully cold. Okay, this one is cool and ready to go into our cake. You see what comes right off the parchment. It's the parchment is so great. It's essential because if you didn't use it, it would stick to your cookie sheet. But it pops right off when it's cool and ready, and I love the way it looks so translucent. The color just glows with light behind it, so it's ready to go into the cake. You put it next to the other ones that I made earlier. Look how cute that is and you can see on the cake. I did a lot of different techniques, and once you get started and your kids get started, it's The possibilities are endless because I even mixed in some other Candies, like a lifesavers or sour balls, and they have different melting times. But that's kind of cool, because it gives the flour some dimension, and this one I really over melted. It was kind of an accident, but I love the way it looks like a flower with really big pedals, so now you have a flower arrangement that doesn't wilt and taste really yummy. 4. Fish Lollipop Toppers: I'm gonna show you how to make these really cute little fish lolly pops, which are great for a cake topper or cupcake topper for a kid's birthday party like an under the sea birthday party. Or a friend of mine once had a sprinkler party. Perfect for that, and you could make them in any color. Maybe my boys will make some in a purple and blue for our little fish swimming, maybe for his birthday party. Here's what you'll need to make these adorable fish lollipops, a baking sheet, a piece of unbleached parchment paper, and then you'll need hard Candies like these air sour balls. But you can use lifesavers, and you can use jolly ranchers. And for the sticks, you can use wooden skewers because I love the idea that everything you need for this project is from the supermarket. They come with these little pointy tips, which is fine if you're using it to poke into a cake. If you're using it to give out to kids as a party favor, um, you may want to just cut the pointed tips off, and you can use kitchen shears to do that, and you want to be careful when you're cutting it off. Like cut it into a garbage can or into a plastic bag to catch the pointy end because sometimes it goes flying. And then for the eyes, you're gonna need some Sprinkles. And I use large non Perales. So now you just take the Candies and put them on the baking sheet. And at this stage, they're not going to really look that much like a fish. But I'm gonna cluster, um, some together, that for the body and then one that I was just set apart slightly for the tail. And I'm ready to bring it over to the oven, which has been preheated to 275 degrees. If you need to rearrange it, you can do it. Now just pull the rack out, and then put the candy back where you wanted it and slide it. Vacuum really gently. Okay, Now sour balls take a little while to melt. I'm gonna put this on for eight minutes. It's really important to use a timer because so easy to forget about these things and wouldn't say over melt. It's really hard to bring them back. All right, let's see how they're doing. Yep, they're starting to mount, So at this point, you want to give it a minute before you touch them, because it's very hot and it's still gonna be hot after that. But, um, it won't be as sticky, and it won't stick to your skin. You could see that I'm using a of admit to protect myself from the The baking sheet was just really hot. So, um, another thing you can do is you can wear dishwashing gloves to protect your fingers as your reshaping it, but I'm very comfortable using my hands, so I just start to press it down. You see, it's nice and soft, and I touch it really quickly. So that way don't get burned, and the kids can pick out what colors they want and put it on a cool baking sheet. Put it in the oven. But this part is for grown ups only. Touching the hot candy you can see it didn't look like it was really melted, but once you start pressing on it, you can see that it's got quite soft. So at this point, I'm just kind of making it into a big overall pressing it down is not that bad when it's hot and but as it cools, if it's, I use my finger nail to push it in and reshape it. But if it sticks to your fingernail, that means it's too warm. So maybe just give it another 30 seconds or so. My roommate in art school was a glass blower, and I was always really jealous. But I think of shaping hot candy is kind of like glass blowing. Okay, now it feels like the right temperature. It's not sticking to my nail as I'm pushing it. So now I'm shaping it into kind of an oval shape, and I'm going to start to pull the tail in half to give it that fish tale. And you see, I'm just pushing the candy into itself. I'm gonna make the front of the oval a little bit skinnier. Yes, so I've used on orange sour ball, but you can use any color, and it could even be any shape. And another thing. Kids can help out what they can find some pictures of fish and inspire the shape of it or the color. I could see him starting to open up the mouth, too, and you could see it starting to take shape. And I'm okay with using my hands. But if you're more comfortable, you can use those thin dishwashing gloves, or you can push it around with a butter knife or something like that. I'm gonna take a skewer and just push a little spot for the I, and I'm gonna push in a large non peral. And now I'm gonna put the stick in, and because this is starting to harden up, I'm going to sneak it in underneath. But there's no real right way to do the stick. If you If it's really nice and melty you can just press it down on the top and twisted around. You just want to make sure that the stick gets coated with candy so that the candy is really adhered to the stick. That's why I'm pressing it down like this. Okay, I'm gonna put it that I mean, it's shaped like a fish, but I'm gonna put it back into the oven, cause it'll smooth it out and get a little more shiny if it melts some more. Okay. I'm gonna set the timer for two minutes at this stage, You really want to stay near the oven. Once the Candies hot, the melting happens really quickly, so you want to stay in your buy it. If it gets over melted, it's OK because you could let it cool for a minute or so and reshape it. But once it if sometimes it'll bubble and it's really hard to come back. So it's better to just stay here and I'm making one at a time. And when you're just starting out, it's good to make one at a time. But eventually, as you get more comfortable, you can make a make multiples of them on one cookie sheet. If you're having a party and you need a bunch of them, he's looking cute. Okay, so again, put your oven mitt to protect you from the hot tray, and I'm just going to give it a minute. But I want to make sure that my stick is really in there, something to give it a twist to make sure it's coated with the candy. Okay, so I'm gonna let it cool off for about 15 or 20 minutes on the baking sheet. You don't want to lift it off because While it's hot, it'll sag and lose its shape, and it'll look kind of wrinkly. So I'm gonna leave it right here Now that it's cool for 15 minutes, it's ready to go into this under the sea cake perfect for our backyard under the sea party , and I'm just going to stick it into the cake and the cake is covered in swoopy blue frosting, so it's gonna be perfect for the party. 5. Circus Animal Lollipop Toppers: I'm gonna show you how to make a really cute elephant lollypop. Elephants are my son's favorite animal, and I'm going to use him as a cupcake topper for his birthday party. And once you learn this technique of using some other things like candy canes and mint balls, you can use that technique to make all kinds of animals like a lion or seal. And then you could even have a circus birthday party. I'm gonna show you how and the best part about this project. Everything you need you can find in your local supermarket. For this project, you'll need a baking sheet and some unbleached parchment paper cut to fit, um, some Candies for the body. I'm using green jolly ranchers, which melt really beautifully and for the ball that the elephants gonna be balancing. I'm using these little mint balls and I love that they are gonna add a little straight to to the elephant. You'll need some candy sticks for the legs and some Sprinkles for the eyes. I like to use a large non parallels and you'll need a lollypop stick. You can use a lollipop stick that you can get the baking supply store, the party store or in the spirit of getting everything from the supermarket. You can buy wooden skewers, and they have a pointy tip on them, so you'll want to cut that off if you're giving it after kids as lollipops. But if you're using it as a kick topper, it's OK to leave the pointy part in because that will skewer right into the cake. So let's get started. First he'll put one for the body, and then I'm gonna cut. I need some smaller pieces. And when you're cutting the candy, I like to contain it, either by cutting it in in the sink or in a plastic bag, because the candy tends to go flying everywhere. And I'm gonna use kitchen shears because they're nice and heavy duty, some cutting one skinny piece for the trunk and then two more pieces just to give him kind of a humped back. So this skinny piece will be the trunk, and then I'll put two where peace is at the top and you're gonna have to reshape this, But this is just to get it generally in the right place. So now I'm gonna put it into the oven and the oven has been preheated to 275 degrees. So I'm gonna put a timer on. It's really important to use a timer for this project, and I'm gonna put it on for four minutes. It might take a drop longer, but better toe. Underestimate and see near the oven and keep an eye on it. Okay, time to take it out, starting to mount. So you wanna wait a minute before you touch it, because it's really hot when it comes out of the oven, and it's still hot after a minute. But it's not as liquidy and doesn't stick to your skin. And when you're reshaping these, I use my hands and I'm comfortable with that. I touch it very quickly, but if you want, you could use dishwashing gloves or a butter knife or something like that to move it around . Um, so it's cooled for about a minute. I'm gonna you could say, Just press it down. It's not fully melted, but it's soft, so I can shape it a little bit, and you can see it already has a kind of humpback of the elephant, and the nose is spread out too much. That's okay. I'm going to reshape it. And now, if I need to shape the outer edges, I actually use my now. So my skin is not touching the candy at all. And if you find that while you're doing that the candy is sticking to your now, that means it's too hot and you need toe. Let it cool for another 30 seconds or so. So I'm just starting to get the trunk into shape. So this is in pretty good shape, and I think it's ready for its stick legs, which I'm gonna just cut quickly. Again. I'm gonna do that in the plastic bag. Just cut to little pieces. Great. I'm gonna press those sticks in for legs. I want him to adhere. If your candy is getting too hard, you could stick it in the oven. I'm gonna take one of these candy balls to put on the elephants knows so he can balance it and just press it up against the trunk, making sure that, um, that it sticks and I m gonna put the stick in. I'm gonna put the stick underneath. If the candy was still really melting, I could just press it on top and twisted, but it's starting to harden up, so it's better to go underneath and just press it down to squeezing off a little in the back for a tail. And I'm gonna press the I in into place. So this guy's looking pretty good, but I want him to soften up and smooth out and get a nice sheen, so I'm gonna put it back in the oven. But at this stage, you only want to put it in for 30 seconds or a minute, and you'll definitely want to use the timer. At this point, it's so easy to forget about them. And you've come this far. You don't want to ruin all your hard work. Okay, lets see how it's doing. You know, in the meantime, I'm gonna cut one little piece for the ear. I'm gonna set this for another 30 seconds. The first time I made these, I put a little extra candy onto the elephant and it didn't melt, and I was disappointed. But then I realized it looked like a near So I'm gonna take this extra piece when it's all done. Set it aside because it's almost ready to come back out of the oven. Okay, let's see how it looks. You know, I think it could melt a little bit more, but the baking sheet is so hot and it continues to mount while it's sitting on the baking sheet. So I think it's gonna be OK. I'm gonna press the year on now. See how that gives it a little bit of dimension. It doesn't even matter if it doesn't melt. That was an accident, and I wound up really liking it. But it's while it's soft. I'm gonna just shape the tail a bit more, and I think it looks pretty good. So I'm gonna let it cool on the baking sheet. You don't want to move it while it's on there because you don't want to move it while it's warm. Not only will it fall apart, but it'll get kind of wrinkly, so that takes about 15 or 20 minutes, and I leave it right on the tray. This guy has been cooling for 15 minutes, and he's ready to join his other circus friends here in a cupcake so great. So I'm using these as cupcake toppers. You could use them for cake toppers or put them in a little cellophane bag. They would make a great party favor. What kid wouldn't love one of these for their birthday party? 6. Funny Face Lollipop Toppers: I'm gonna show you a really cute edible craft project. Funny face Lolly pops and these make great cake toppers and cupcake toppers. And they're all about customization because you could change the hair color and the skin color and the shape of the face and the hairstyles using Sprinkles and licorice shoe laces . And imagine making one for everybody in your family and surprising them would be so great to have a family portrait on a cake or fate party favors for everybody in the family that look like them. They're super easy, super fund to make and all the things you need to make them are from the supermarket. So let's get started. What you'll need for this project is a baking sheet, a piece of unbleached parchment paper cut to the size of your baking sheet, some hard candy that's gonna be the face and you'll need if you want a different colored knows you'll need another color for the nose and then a piece of red candy for the mouth. Here I have a mix of sour balls and jolly ranchers. Been for the hair. I'm using black shoestring licorice, and also you can get other colors of shoestring licorice. If you wanna make blond hair or blue hair red hair, and then you'll need some large non Perales like these for the eyes and these common multi colors, too. So if you have blue eyed members of your family or other colors, you can use that green eyes and then you'll need lollypop sticks. You can use lollypop sticks that they sell up baking supply stores or party stores. But I love using skewers because, first of all, you can get them at the supermarket with everything else that you need. Also there they have little points at the end, and if you're wedging it into a cake, it goes in really nice and easily. And I love the way the wooden sticks look if you want. If you're just giving them out of lollipops, you can cut off the pointy tip. You want to do that if you're giving them to kids, and you can use a kitchen, some kitchens years to do that, just cut up. Be careful when you're cutting off the pointy tips, because it can go flying so you can cut it into the garbage or into a plastic bag. I'm gonna do a yellow face, so I'm just gonna take some sour balls and put them on the tray and arrange them close together and depending on how big you want your face to be, it doesn't really matter how many you use, but I just try to cluster them together. You'll see that I arranged that one and of the baking sheet. And that's because later on, when you put the stick on, you want to have room for it. So my oven has been pre heating, and it's at 275 degrees going to bring this over. So if your stuff rolls around, don't worry. Just pull out the rack and just rearrange it is you need Teoh and then gently screwed it back in the sour balls take a little bit longer than some of the other Candies that were working with. So I'm going to set the timer for eight minutes, okay? And in the meantime, I'm going to get the other stuff ready, so I'm gonna cut some hair. I think I want to do spiky hair for this guy, so I'm gonna take some of the licorice and my kitchen shears just cut up a whole pile of them. When I was working on my book Candy, I'll crafts my photographer. Amy asked me to make a bunch of I said I wanted to make some faces and she said, Oh, can you make them kind of look like Ernie and Bert? And I was totally inspired by that. Okay, so then I'm gonna want a piece of this red for the mouth. And when you're cutting candy, it's a good idea because the candy can go flying everywhere to take a bag. Or you could do it in your sink, hold the candy inside the bag while you're cutting it. So now I have a little disc of candy, and that's gonna be for the mouth I'm already for when it comes out of the oven. Okay, ready to take it out of the oven? You never know how these things are going to melt, so I'm not gonna touch it for a minute because it's way too hot when it comes out of the oven and I'm gonna take my I'm gonna take my oven mitt and put it here to protect my hands and I'm gonna reshape it. I use my fingers and I'll show you how to do it carefully. But you can also use dishwashing gloves to protect your fingers. Or you could push it around with a butter knife. Um, but I'm just gonna let it cool for a few minutes. Okay? It's cool down a bit, so I'm gonna go ahead and squish thes bits down. They they haven't melted. Um, I never know why some of the melting some of them don't, but that's OK. You can just give it a little head start and push it down because it's soft. It's just not melted like the other ones, so you could see when I'm touching it. I touch it really quickly, and when I want, want, want to go ahead and reshape the outer edges now and what I'll do is I'll use my finger now , so it's not touching my skin to just kind of nudge it into the shape that I want it. And by the way, if it sticks to your fingernail while you're shaping it, it just means it's probably a little too hot and you'll want to let it sit for another 30 seconds. This one I think I'm gonna make to look like my son Sammy, who has dark hair, dark short hair. So my little short pieces of licorice, you're gonna be perfect. So I'm going to stick the mouth in now and let let it get kind of warm. And then I'm going to stick the hair. Sometimes I stick the hairpieces underneath it, or right on top. It doesn't matter. Just push it in so it gets coated with candy and so that it adheres. And if you find that your hair is too long for whoever you're making a portrait of, you can go back and give it a haircut. And when you're cutting the little pieces of licorice, you could even find the piece of the liquors that already has a curved to it if you want, and cut it that way so that you could give it a little curl. So I'm just sticking all the pieces in there, so I'd like to give it apart and then So I'm gonna start adding the hair going in the other direction because Sami's hair is parted on the side. And that's what it's so fun about. This project for my next one. I'm gonna take some of the yellow laces and make my son who has lighter hair. Um, okay, I think I'll stick some eyes in. I'm going to just make two holes where the eyes will go, because this is starting to get a little hard. But first, I'm gonna put the stick in there, and I'm gonna sneak it underneath. Okay? So this needs to go back in the oven for a little while to smooth out. And don't worry about the knows. I'm gonna show you how to do that in a second. But once I put it in there, the candy will melt around the hair a little bit, so it really sticks to it. So I'm using the sour balls. I'm gonna put it in for two minutes. But if I was using jolly ranchers or another type of candy, I might only put it in for one minute at this stage because it starts to go a lot faster when everything's hot. And, um, I'm gonna stay right next to the oven because I want to check on it even before two minutes because it goes really fast and you don't want to over. Melt the lollipops. All right. Ready to check on this? So, for the mouth, I used the jolly rancher, which melts a lot quicker than the sour balls. So you can see that one is melting really nicely. And I'm just pressing it down a little bit to get it in there. And at this point, if you want to, once you've let it cool for a minute, you can make sure that the hair is really in there. Just give it a little nudge and press the candy down over it. And same for the stick. You want a press it and just make sure the stick is really in there to get this mouth to smile. I'll just take another stick or the pointy end of a skewer, and I just pull the corners of the mouth up because I want this guy to be happy and for knows, I'm just gonna take it unbelted sour ball and just put it on top. So I think I'm gonna put it back in the oven just for a minute or so, so that the nose gets really melted onto there. All right. Ready to take him out? Very cute. Okay, so I'm gonna let this cool on the tray. You don't want to lift it up while it's hot, because it'll just fall apart. Um, and once it's cool, you can give it a little haircut if you want to. But actually, what I'm gonna do now is just press the nose down, make sure it's on there and the stick. I'm gonna let my Sammy pop cool for about 15 minutes, and then I'll be ready for a haircut and ready to get stuck into a cupcake. He's been cooling for 15 minutes. I'm gonna try to take him off. And the parchment is so amazing. It just slides right off. And he looks pretty good, but I think I'm gonna give him a little haircut. You know, a mother can't help herself just meeting him up a little. Very cute. So he's all done. I'm gonna put him over here, and I can't wait to take him home to meet the rial. Sammy 7. Chick Lollipop Toppers: I'm gonna show you how to make these super cute chick lollipops. And they're great for toppers on cakes and cupcakes for a baby shower or for Easter or any occasion, really, and everything you need to make them is from your supermarket. Here's what you'll need. You need a baking sheet, a piece of parchment paper I use unbleached. I find that that works really well and some hard Candies and whatever color you want them to be. For your little chick. Ease and you'll need to colors one for the body and one for the beak. You'll need some large Sprinkles like these kind of jumbo non Perales, and you'll need six for sticks because I like in the spirit of getting everything from the supermarket. You can buy wooden skewers and then just use kitchen shears to cut off the pointed tips if you want. If you're sticking it into a cake, you don't even need to cut off the bottom, and I have some that I've already pre cut. I'm making yellow chicks using these sour balls, but the great thing about this project is you can use all different kinds of hard Candies and make them whatever color you want. So now I'm gonna take the yellow, these air sour balls, and I'm gonna take a few of them to make the body. So I'm gonna put them onto the cookie sheet. Now you'll see that I put them on one side of the cookie sheet. I just want to make sure I have room for my lollypop stick. Once the candy is melted in the oven and you'll have preheat the oven to 2 75 so you could see I It's obviously not shaped like a chick yet, but I'm putting one over here for the head, so it's roughly in place, and now I'm ready to take it over to the oven, okay? And adds always happens. They kind of roll around. Then you can rearrange them a little bit once they're in the oven. I have four for the body and then one that's kind of off to the side. And that will be the chicks head. Okay, so I'm gonna take a kitchen timer. This is so important. Because no matter what, you're gonna lose track of time. It's once they get melted, you really want to keep track of it. So I'm setting the timer for five minutes and these air sour balls so they take a little bit longer to melt than some other Candies. You'll you'll want to set your oven for 2 75 For all of these, it's a low, slow melt and all different kinds of Candies melted different times, so you want to keep an eye on it. But for the very first melt, you'll want to let it melt for about 4 to 5 minutes and check on it. You could see it starting to it when it gets a little shiny and it will start to sag. And depending on what shape you want it to be, you'll pull it out. It's been five minutes. Time to go check on the sour balls. Yeah, these are gonna need a little more time, but sometimes when that happens, I go in and I just press it down a little bit and give it a little bit of a head start. It's very hot, so this is obviously a really fun project for kids. But this part of the project is for grown ups only because the candy is not only very hot, but it's gonna be liquidy. And if it burns you, it's going to stick to your skin also. So wait a minute and then I'm gonna go ahead and press it down so you can see I'm breaking , and this is just going to give it a little, Make the melting process go a little bit quicker, and you're just touching it really quickly. Do you see how I'm using of Admit to protect myself? Because the baking sheet is quite hot when you don't want to touch it with your arms as you're playing with the Candies? It's been cooling down for at least a minute, so now I'm going to actually go in and reshape it a little. Just get it a little bit closer to the chicks shape that I want and you can see I'm not actually touching it with the tip of my finger. I'm using the front of my finger, I mean, and my fingernail. So it's not as hot. It's not touching my skin directly. And if the candy is pulling away in a stringy, that means it's a little too hot to touch, so you may just want to give it one more minute and you'll see I use a very quick motion is another way of not overheating your finger so you'll see that it's starting to take shape and all. It's a really simple shape. It's just a little head and a body kind of a fat body. And that may be a pointy tail, so it's almost like 1/2 circle with a little bit of extra circle for the highlight head. Okay, so that's getting pretty close to where I want it. You know, the cookie sheet is so hot that the candy actually keeps melting while you're working on it . So that's something to keep in mind. So now I'm gonna take a stick. You can either press it down and twist it. This candy is not that melty. So what? I'm gonna dio this, stick it underneath the lollypop and press it down. If your candy is very melted, you can just lay it on top. But in this case, I feel like I need to put it underneath. So I'm ready to add the beak I'm gonna take. I have lifesavers in a contrast in color. I'm gonna take them and cut them with kitchen shears, which are nice and heavy duty, so you can see that I just cut it right in the middle. Um, I'm gonna cut it down a little bit more This just like for the skewers. I recommend cutting the menace it in the sink because the little pieces of candy go flying everywhere and just to avoid a mass on your counter. So let me see. That looks a little big. I'm gonna shave off a tiny bit more. So now it's kind of roughly triangular shaped, and I'm gonna just push it into the face. And the reason I add this leader is because it's such a small piece that it's gonna, um, just melt a lot faster. And I don't want it to melt and spread out. And I think I'm ready to even put the I in. I have these large, non Perales that I can use for eyes and a grab one and just press it into place. If it wants to roll off. You can always take a toothpick or skewer and just make a little starter hole for it so it won't roll off of it. And I'm gonna press that into place, so it's pretty close, but I don't like how it's kind of lumpy, and I put it back in the oven for the second melting, which is going to smooth it out a bit for this. I think I'm gonna set the timer for two minutes, so I've said it for two minutes. But it's really important to stay right near the oven, and you might want to check on it even in a minute, because some Candies melts a lot faster than sour balls, so you want to stay nearby. It's not worth it to walk away from the oven. Okay, it's been a few minutes. I'm gonna take the check out and see how he's doing. It's looking pretty good. I'm just gonna press it down a little fit to get the melted part mixed in with Ian melted part, and at this stage, any reshaping you need to do You could do also, so I'm just making one. But as you get more comfortable, you could make a few at a time. But you probably won't want to make more than two or three at a time, cause you do need to keep a careful eye on them. Okay, I think this guy's ready to go back in the oven for another two minutes. It didn't okay. Think he's ready to come out of the oven? He's looking cute. So there's some parts that spread out that I might push in a little bit, but I think he's pretty much done at this point. You can also check and make sure the stick is really in there, and if you need to, you can twist it around a little bit, pull it down. But I think he's gonna be really cute. If you want to reshape anything, now is the time. I'm fine with using my fingers, but if you want, you can use a butter knife. Or you could even wear dishwashing gloves to protect your fingers. I've done that and it works well, but I don't mind it, you know. And again, I use the front of my fingernail, so it's not directly touching my skin all the time, and I'm touching it very, very quickly. But I think he looks good, and now I'm gonna leave him to cool on the tray. If you lift it up now, it'll just sag and stretch out. So you leave it to cool on the tray. It's about 15 minutes at the most, and it's cool. Okay, the chick is all cooled off. Let me to see if it pops off the tray. And it does. I love this parchment paper really keeps it from sticking onto the cookie sheet. And he's looking very, very cute. And I think he's ready to join his friends over here on the cupcakes. Very cute. And wasn't it so easy, Okay.