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Cake Decorating: The Flexible Cream Tutorial

teacher avatar Eliska Elaine Que, Cake Artist | Cake Business Coach

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Ingredients and Tools

    • 3. Step-by-Step Process

    • 4. Coloring

    • 5. Storage Tips

    • 6. FAQs

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About This Class

If you've worked with buttercream and made buttercream flowers before, you'll know how delicate these are.

Now, imagine a hot and humid afternoon and you have to deliver your floral buttercream cake. Chances are, your buttercream flowers will melt, or worse, your whole cake may collapse!

If this is a constant worry, then congratulations! You just found a course that will offer you an alternative for cake decorating that is flexible, durable, and weatherproof!

Whether you need this medium, or you're just a curious cake artist, I hope you get to try making the Flexible Cream. Run wild with your creativity and use this beyond flower designs.

In this course, I will cover:

  • Ingredients and Tools needed

  • A step-by-step process to make the cream

  • How to apply colour to the Flexible Cream

  • Storage and troubleshooting tips

  • FAQs

What you’ll learn

  • What is a flexible cream
  • When to use a flexible cream
  • Step-by-step process on how to make the flexible cream
  • How to color the piped flowers for cake decorating
  • How to store leftover cream
  • How to store a cake decorated with flexible cream

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Not required, but it will be ideal to have experience working with buttercream and making buttercream flowers

Who this course is for:

  • Cake decorators
  • Homebakers
  • Cake artists
  • Baking enthusiasts

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Eliska Elaine Que

Cake Artist | Cake Business Coach


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1. Introduction: better thing. Flower cakes have been all over social media for a few years now. Your dainty, feminine and very realistic at times, teasers and food is shared by the top barking floral artists from around the world in these or some migrations. And you worked with barking before I made Barbie powers. You'll know how delicate these are great, how fat in the artery and suddenly, and how tricky it is to pack and transport them. No, with a simple Google search, I was able to see sample barking for photos of cakes that I have never made it in one piece to their clients, and most people struggle with the hot weather. Now, imagine this. A client asked here to make a leg for the reception at a beach during once any summer afternoon. This is a K A Dr Reader's nightmare. If you use from dawn, it will sweat, and the colors lead well, if you use butter bean that most probably won't last that long before okay or worse, your Kate, my clubs. But what if I tell you there's something better than Barfi and that's the same as butter Feen. You can achieve the realistic farmers, but it's more stand will turn it. It's flexible. It's terrible. Its mother. It can decide both rate or shot. In short, it's edible. It's not be chewy and not too sweet. But before his share with you What? I'm recovering for this course when first introduced myself, I don't think Scott, a soft top Kik artist, I like where you get that right in two weeks and love to share them with you and see where you take them. In this course, I will be sharing the regions and from SUNY to make this possible cream. I'll show you this deficit process to make it. How don't like color on it. I'll also share with you how to store left her creams or how to store your cake decorated with possible cream. Lastly, I will be answering some epic use that I received in social media about the techniques. I know you're all excited to get started, so let's begin 2. Ingredients and Tools: this flexible, clean. Also known past Shatti Flex, as far as I know, originated in Brazil. However, several Kiko artists have adopted and after the recipe to make it better. In this course, I will be sharing with you the recipe. The Russian from Juhi Con from Korea Ever this will need 200 ml of condensed milk 100 grams . Start queen to download spoon powder milk, 80 grams of icing sugar Separately, we'll need 250 ml of water in 100 and 50 graft for church. We'll also need eight grams of Jonathan 15 and a lot of water and about 80 to 100 MLS foot cream for the tools you need. A friend measuring scale. Large bull master explode nonstick pan a spatula Make sir my grave in my capable 3. Step-by-Step Process: before starting. What I always do is I go through the recipe just one more time to see that I have all main begins in all of my tweets. Ready? So what? I also know this. I said, Great, all baby in circles together so that I know where the heart It's faster for me. So my set up no, is. I have the mission skill, which will be using off in this recipe and people So Banku, ISS and dessert. First thing we're going to act is the condensed. You need 200 grabs off condensed milk, this coyness for three hundreds have a bit of extra. Then we set this again and they yourself 100 grass and you starting up. So I have here with me. You can see it's just in generic brand and the reason why I actually bought the thieves in the grocery. And that's because I want to show you that even knew that she was against this recipe, Berks. And if you're going to sell this, of course you want to use to Fresh is, and the best begins out there. But if you're just checking out the recipe for the first time, I think it's better to Justin on cheeping begins. Okay, so now at 80 grams of sugar. So once that stone, we just said this bullet Here's another container and this is for 250 grounds of water. Okay, 100 50 ground support in search. - Yes . Just makes this Just try to this all clutch Forbes directions. You can. So when they're normal locks, just combine them, and they're Suni to mix it right now. We'll move on to the charge in, so we need a microwaveable container. We'll add 50 grams of water. That's too much. Okay. If you guys have water in eight grounds off our village, I don't know how much each packet raid spring. Hey, this is five. That so I just need to ease. Okay, Just exit and then put it in your michaleen. I put it up 75 to 80% power, either my way for three cents. So after heating in the microwave for 30 seconds, we just mix it with everything else in this bull thin. It's time to take off your hat, Mr. I'm going to use this type of mixer. You can use a hand blender or hi, Mr. Or were standing Load mixer that works as well. You don't need to have this make sure everything is incorporated. He don't need to worry about over mixing. You know what that's for this in a pad. So what I have here is a non state mook, and I'll transfer the milk mixed shirt. Now, if you have a flat spatula like this, it's better. Cosby will be doing a lot of scraping. So this is so in medium heat, and we can want to do this. You just wanted Keep story. Make sure that he doesn't sick autumn of the path It started to sticking up. And as you can see, there are times that starting before. So that's why they have to keep stirring. I know this is a lot of like different process, then laden a limerick begins that water clean, but I can assure you it's worth it, especially all the trouble of having to transport those friends Flora, butter, beans. It is almost done. You just have to make sure that own it. The equity part becomes a part of the lump. Get this point can already turn off heat. Sorry. You will end up with a piece like this. It looks like mashed potato, but definitely denser. We just need to transfer this back into our pool and you're almost done. The last step is to, so we add the whipped cream to the paste while missing it. Slowly add of a cream until you get the buttercream consistency that you want. You will need about 80 to 100 ml plead to achieve that, but you can always add more, and right after you achieve the consistency you want, make sure you cover it with cling wrapped. Avoid trying, and once you feel that it's a bit getting stickier or dryer, just admit cream and mix it again. 4. Coloring: So now that we have our sexy Creve, I'm gonna show you Why do you call her it? And the tools that I use. So what I have are he's looked in all the right system. It's pretty easy to get them from any baking supplies Stores and I also have the Mary color bright light, and he uses if I want to make, uh, buttercream or, in this case, the flexi cream really white. So again cover more flexi cream with cleaning up to avoided from drying up, so I don't. But I do know it's just get a bit. It's cream here, put in separate containers and that you're staying to spit just to get a bit of the color that I want. In this case, I'm going to turned out of the euro Miss off the queen with a bit of brown strike means really small amounts of color. You can always add more leader. - So how this has a nice teach told to it. If you want to make you cry after, you can just have more cream. So now we have a nice, very light color. Do you think it's perfect with this really light florals if it makes the color earlier, a bit of flu and she had a nice minty color green just out bit. And then we mix. Yes, we know we have this nice green tone, another technique to color your flexible creams hours as you could see here from G K Craft . What she does is she pipes the flowers first. Let's it dry and then use petal dust to paint it so you can use both techniques. You can color the cream first, pipe it, let it dry, and then afterwards, if you want certain parts of the flower to be darker, to have different color or two, give accents or shadows. Then you can paint it like this. Aside from geeky craft, a lot of other very popular buttercream flower artists from around the world have also been experimenting on flexi cream as substitute when making their buttercream flowers. So these were just some of their works that you shared in social media 5. Storage Tips: but it comes to leftovers. We know that if you have left over from Don, the best way to story as to wrap it in cling wrap put it in and dry environment to prevent it from cracking her trying up. And if you have left over butter P quest, best way is to put in different. But what is best mates store a festival cream? Because they put a lot of men cream and a festival cream. It's best to storied in the fridge, but I did a little experiment from leftover cream. Ah, classical cream from yesterday, So I split it into two equal parts. I put them in identical container, these air not air tight. I don't think they're airtight, but I tried to steal it as much as I can. The one in your left eye put it inside a fridge over night and the one on your right. I just put it on the counter left there throughout the day, and the temperature here is somewhere about 24 to 26 to be Sasha's throughout the day, and I just wanted to see how ever end the consistency off the festival. He would be after leaving them in that condition overnight. So the war from the French it's bouncy, but it's not everything of consistency that you didn't lose her piping. So for this you want to leave it at room temperature. Yeah, put of it for a protein, mix it again to get the piping consistency that will left at room temperature. It's definitely softer, but it's still not soft enough to be used for a piping or for frost a ticket. So you still need to put a bit of cream and mix it again to get into that perfect consistency from Take that reading. Another experiment it did is I piped three sets of different horrors, and they groups in like this. I tried to make the flowers same size as much as possible, and it put them in three identical containers. The same thing I tried to seal the contain a wrist as much as possible. So the difference in terms of the environment is that the one of the right, the 1st 1 I place it inside of fridge, the one in the middle. I just left it at room temperature, and the last one I place it in the warmest for misplaces a house that I can think off, which is inside the of it. Her saying, you'll notice, is that all three sets were able to hold their shape regardless of the environment where they replaced this 21 from the French. He had felt a bit harder, it so bouncy, but it definitely heart. This is the one at room temperature. It's softer, a bit sticky, but it's pretty firm. And lastly, the one from the oven. It felt as if you just piped it, and it's about to dry up into that flexible consistency. It's pretty sticky, but it still it would hold its shape. And the last experiment I did waas test out how this flexible cream can really withstand heat, which fourth buttercream will never be able to. And this experiment, what I did is side my open. It can only be said. The lowest temperature that it can be set is at 200 F, and that's about 93 degrees sashes. So I left it to reach that temperature and then turn it off. And right after that, I pleased this tray off the flowers that I've pipe and then I left it there for 15 minutes to see what happens afterwards. And after 15 minutes ass against, Sing every single flower and that trade is able to retain its shape, even the small leaves. And if you try to touch them, your so very flexible, though a bit sticky, but they're definitely able to inside the heat. 6. FAQs: I shared some teaser videos and photos off the flexible cream before releasing this course , and that generated a lot of questions from a lot of people. And I wanted to just go proud then and share them here in this course because they think it's really useful for everyone. The first thing that I got asked when I share that video off the floor, being put under water if I Why do I need this like Yes, you don't need an underwater flower on underwater cake. I don't think you let me that, but the point is that I wanted to share that. How people this flower is made of this flexible cream, how durable it ISS compared to buttercream. And not a lot of people are fortunate enough to be living in an environment that's conducive to better FY and not a lot of cake decorators out there are able to have the recipe and the techniques to create a very stable butter being that they can use for ah 100 days in the year. And the reason why I wanted to share this recipe is because this is a new alternative. Another question is, what does it taste fight because if you just see the videos of him being policy and flexible and he's it looks robbery. So what does it taste like? I mentioned in the introduction. In case you missed it, it's actually a bit chewy because it has a lot of milk. He can taste that milk. And even though it has condensed milk and some powder sugar, it's not too sweet. If I acted just between is and buttercream for my cake, I would still go for buttery because the creamy consistency of the butter V, I think, works well with it. Cake. I supposed to that you re texture off the festival cream, but that's for a subjective, and that's my personal opinion. I suggest that you try the festival for human, make it first and see if it's something that you would like to put in your cakes. The recipe that I share it's for the basic off. Later off, the fence will clean. If you want to put flavoring off earth, you can't You can just put it any stage, whether before putting it in a pad, or you can also Famvir play from your cream before missing it together. and, yeah, see whichever works better for you in your cake. Aside from the flowers, what K used impossible cream for But for starters, you can use it as a self. You would've buttercream still in frosting layering the cake and for those intricate ah, piping on top of the cake for decorating where you use buttercream, you can use impossible crate. But possibilities are actually and less because off the nature of his festival cream, you can do a lot more. Thank recently people have been piping characters made out off Iraq or marshmallows, and I think you can also use flexible team and that type ALS kicked accreting and the possibilities are endless. It's all about your creativity, so I'm actually excited to see what you guys will do with this. Media isn't difficult to clean because he's saying like, Oh, it's if it stays like got on the flower, nail you, then they're buying watering it Isn't it different going to clean up after And the answer is a definite no, definitely easier to clean up, because once it dries up, it's very easy to pillow any surface compared to better for you in very hot. All the reason you have to soak in hot water with dishwashing liquid to wash it all off or even wipe with lemon and vinegar. This is definitely be easier to clean. And if you have any more questions about the fiscal cream, if you encounter any problems and you need help, any trouble shooting guys that you need from me, just let me know and I'll be very happy to help you guys out. And now we've reached the end of the course. I like to thank you guys for spending your time with me and learning a new tape. Nick, I hold that you find it's very useful as much as I did, and I can't wait to see what can do with a flexible cream do share. It was me. Reach out to me also in Esther Bomb, if you like, and tell me for any of your birth and be happy to see them