Cake Decorating Mediums: Gumpaste And Modeling Chocolate | Nadine Thomas | Skillshare

Cake Decorating Mediums: Gumpaste And Modeling Chocolate

Nadine Thomas

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4 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. 01 Introduction To Class

    • 2. 02 Gumpaste

    • 3. 03 Making Modeling Chocolate

    • 4. 04 Final Thoughts


About This Class

This class is set up to help you make the mediums you need to do beautiful decoration on cakes. The two mediums we will be making are gumpaste and modeling chocolate. 

I will begin by teaching you how to make gumpaste.  Gumpaste is used to make flowers sculptures and other decorations on your cake.  It is edible but you usually don’t eat it. It dries hard.

Next we will move on to making Modeling Chocolate.  Modeling Chocolate is used for Sculpting and some flower making.  It is very moldable and you can add a lot of detail with it.  It dries solid but is susceptible to heat.


This class is geared toward a person that wants to learn how to make gumpaste or modeling chocolate to make decorations  for cakes.


This is as fundamental class


on making gumpaste and modeling chocolate.  This class is designed for you to make your medium and then take another class to learn how to use your medium.


1. 01 Introduction To Class: hi and welcome to this class. We will be learning how to make the two most commonly used mediums in cake decorating. I will begin by teaching you how to make gum paste. Gum paste is used for making flowers, sculptures and other decorations for your cake. It is usually edible, but you don't usually eat it. It dries hard. Next, I will teach you how to make modeling chocolate modeling chocolate is usually used for sculpting. It can also be used for flowers. It is very multiple, and you can add a lot of detail when sculpting it. But it is also very subsector. Bubble to high heat. I am a self taught baker. Many years ago, I decided I wanted to open up my own bakery, but I wasn't sure my decorated skills were what they needed to be for selling my goods. So I took some classes. I watched videos, I met books and I did lots and lots, a lot of practice until I honed my skills to the point. The I was ready to open my bakery in this bakery. I made cakes where I use gum paste and modeling chocolate for different decorations here are some of the items I have made with these mediums with the gun paste. I have made many different types of flowers. Some of the other items that gum paste is good for IHS butterflies and crowns. Some of the things that I sculpted from modeling chocolate or animals, people and even a snowman. My husband got a job offer in a different state, and we felt it was a good move for us. So I closed down my bakery and we moved across the country. Now settled in New York, I have decided I don't want to open up another home bakery, but I still love cake decorating, So I've decided to share my skills with you on skill share. This class is aimed at the cake decorator that wants to learn how to make gum paste and modeling chocolate. You will learn how to make gum paste and had a start. You will also learn how to make modeling chocolate and store it. By the end of this class, you will be able to make both mediums. I am excited to teach this class. Let's get started going to lesson number one gum paste 2. 02 Gumpaste: we're ready to start making the gum paste. The first thing we want to do is prepare our bowl for the powdered sugar and the titles. I want to spray the sides of this ball down so that the powdered sugar and everything doesn't stick. Next. I want to measure out the six cups powdered sugar one to and sits. This'll doesn't have to be exact because we're gonna be adding more later to get the right consistency. We also want to add the three tablespoons of Tyler's pattern. With that measured out, we're now going to go over to the stove and dissolve the gelatin that goes in this. I'm going to pit the six tablespoons up water and the gelatin into this path. I want to turn the heat on to a low heat, and we're going to stir this until the gelatin is dissolved. You can see that it is most the way dissolved. There's still a little bit of not clear, so I'm going to give a little bit more time. This is getting very close to being dissolved. Now we're going to add the corn syrup, the one tablespoon of corn syrup, and we want to stir that in, we're gonna remove from the heat. And this is now going to be put into that powdered sugar and titles that we put in the mixing bowl. I'm gonna add this mixture to the ball, and then I'm gonna beat this lo speed to get that sugar mixed in. We're also going to add the egg whites to that mixture. Now, I'm going to just take this off. Open this for just a minute, scrape down any remaining powdered sugar, and I'm gonna turn the speed up on this. And I'm also going to add slowly my last cup of powdered sugar. I want this to form NATO. Okay, Now we're gonna turn to speed up, and we're going to beat it until this mixture whitens Okay, I want to scrape the ball down. So let me lift this up, scraped my ball down, strip everything. After that, it's all down in there and also scraped down the boat. Beat that again, making sure it's nice and firm on there. We have our gum paste. We're ready to divide it up and store. It's we want to wrap this in saran wrap or plastic wrap. I'm going to divide this gun paced up, and I'm probably going to divide it into three sections because this is quite a bit of gum pissed. So I'm gonna grab a big clump of gum, pissed and stick it in the middle of that stick some more in there. Now, I just want to cover this up tightly, and I want some more that to cover it the other way to make sure no air is going to get in there. And I'm going to do that with the rest of this too. This gum paste is now ready to be colored and formed into different objects. I want to store it besides rap in it in a plastic bag. This can be placed in the fridge to stiffen up, or I usually will just leave it out. If I'm going to use it in the next day or so, you can freeze it for ah longer link the time. If you have some left over after you've used what you want to use 3. 03 Making Modeling Chocolate: we're ready to show you how to make modeling chocolate modeling chocolate, of course. Issues for sculpting items for cakes and cupcakes. It is very easy to make. First, we need to measure out £1 of chocolate. I'm going to use white melting chocolate. I'm going to actually weigh the chocolate until it says £1. Now this back says it's 10 ounces so I can dump that whole bag in this bag. I need to dump slower because I want to bring it up to exactly £1 living too much in. And here we have £1. I'm gonna take this £1 of chocolate and I'm gonna melt in the microwave at 50% power because it's a pound. I'm gonna give it initially two minutes. When the two minutes are up, we're gonna take it out of the microwave and we're going to stir it and see if it's melted . We do not want to burn the chocolate. We wanted to just melt, and that's all. We want to stir this because chocolate does not always look melted when it is melted, so we're going to stir it to help it melt. But I can see, this is not going to be melted enough with that pick. I only did it two minutes, so I'm gonna give it one more minutes on 50% power. Okay, We did it 11 minute. Now we're just going to stir it. And as you can see, that chocolate is really melts it down. I want to make sure this absolutely no lumps in the chocolate. Now I'm gonna pour the corn syrup into here, and I'm going to stir just enough to mix it up. I don't wanna overmix it. So let's get that corn syrup in there and we just want to stirred in. So it just kind of doing a folding motion. Stern it in until we do not see any more corn syrup. And once the corn syrup is stirred in like that, we can stop. We're gonna put a piece of plastic down, and we're gonna pour our chocolate onto the plastic, and then we're going to cover it, and we're going to get another police a piece of plastic and cover it the opposite way. And then we're just gonna let this sit overnight, and it will set up and be ready for us to use. That is how easy it is to make the modeling chocolate. We just let this set overnight, and then we'll be ready to color it and sculpt things with our money. 4. 04 Final Thoughts: thank you for taking this class. We learned about two important mediums in cake decorating gum paste and modeling chocolate . You learned how to make both gum paste and modeling chocolate. You also learned how to store both mediums. One little hint. If you know that you're not going to use all the gum paste in your project, you can freeze the other part in the freezer for months, but you need to make sure you wrap it well and put it in the plastic bag so that no air gets into it. Another thing that I sometimes like to do is to mix 50% gum paste and 50% modeling chocolate. This helps what you sculpt to be more stable because of the hardening factor of the gum paste. It also helps it still be sculpt, herbal and flexible because of the attributes of the modeling chocolate. Your project for this class is to make one of the two mediums and then to scope something or make flowers out of the medium I home. After you make your gum paste and modeling chocolate, you look at some of my classes to practice your skills in sculpting and making flowers. Please remember to post your pictures onto our class project page. I look forward to seeing what you have created from my kitchen to your kitchen. Happy decorating.