Cake Decorating: Beautiful Cakes with Buttercream Borders | Amy Barnhart | Skillshare

Cake Decorating: Beautiful Cakes with Buttercream Borders

Amy Barnhart, Teaching: Cake Decorating with Buttercream

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9 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tips for Baking

    • 3. Making Buttercream Icing

    • 4. Preparing Your Decorating Bag

    • 5. Learning to Pipe Borders

    • 6. Icing Your Cake

    • 7. Decorating A Cake using Star Tip

    • 8. Closing

    • 9. Bonus Lesson: Berry Topped Cake with Bead Border


About This Class

In this class you will learn the basics of cake decorating with buttercream icing. I'll show you how to:

1.Prepare your pans for baking

2. Make home made buttercream icing

3. Techniques for icing your cake

5. Using a decorator bag and tips 

6.  Pipe buttercream borders with star tip (shell, reverse shell, elongated shell) and round tip (bead    border)

7.  How to use the star tip to create easy designs that you can use right away! Watch me decorate a cake.

8. Bonus video - Berry Topped Cake with buttercream bead border.





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Amy Barnhart

Teaching: Cake Decorating with Buttercream

I'm excited to be able to teach cake decorating on Skillshare. I took my first cake decorating class in 1991 and never looked back! The world of cake decorating keeps evolving and my class on the very basics is a great place to begin! Look for my class: Cake Decorating - Beautiful Cakes with Buttercream Borders. And my second class will be Cake Decorating - Buttercream Roses and More!

I am trying to be creative everyday! I enjoy handlettering, calligraphy, and learning watercolor ...

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