CSS Tutorial For Beginners: Style Your Wordpress Templates | Eddie Irvin | Skillshare

CSS Tutorial For Beginners: Style Your Wordpress Templates

Eddie Irvin, Web Development + Coding

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47 Lessons (3h 23m)
    • 1. CSS Tutorial For Beginners - Get Started Today

    • 2. What Are CSS Selectors + Why Do We Care?

    • 3. What You Need To Be Set Up For This Course

    • 4. What's The Point Of Using CSS?

    • 5. How Does The Code Work To Let Us Use CSS?

    • 6. Behind The Scenes Of A Form!

    • 7. More About CSS Selectors: Be Broad Or Be Specific

    • 8. How Do We Save Our Changes?

    • 9. Why Use A Child Theme?

    • 10. How To Set Up A Child Theme In Wordpress

    • 11. Quick Overview On Chrome DevTools: Our New Best Friend

    • 12. Selecting Our Code In Different Ways: There Isn't Just ONE Answer!

    • 13. Divs: Let's Play With Margin + Padding

    • 14. Divs: Floats, Backgrounds + Widths

    • 15. Using Multiple Selectors For The Same Div SAVES US TIME!

    • 16. Making Elements DISAPPEAR: Use The Display Property

    • 17. Divs: It's Time To FLOAT

    • 18. Using Placeholder Text In Your Form

    • 19. Watch Your Code: Placeholder MISTAKE!

    • 20. Using Borders: Do This To FIX Your Code

    • 21. What Does Text-Transform Do?

    • 22. Pay Attention To Small Details: Line-Height Is Important

    • 23. Styling Your Placeholder Text

    • 24. Quick Run-through: HTML Elements You Use Every Day.

    • 25. Working With Images: Width, Height + Retina-Friendly

    • 26. Working With Links: Padding, Margin + Fixing A Common Issue

    • 27. Styling Links To Change When You HOVER Over Them

    • 28. Make A Link "Pop" When You Click It

    • 29. Quick Overview: Responsive Design

    • 30. Percentages, Pixels + The Border-Box "Hack"

    • 31. Force An Element To STAY PUT

    • 32. Centering: Text-Align VS. Margin

    • 33. Should We Write Styling Into The HTML Or CSS File?

    • 34. CSS Specificity: Which Code Wins?

    • 35. How To Fix Collapsed Divs

    • 36. Clear Your Floating Divs!

    • 37. Form Setup: What You Need To Do For This Section

    • 38. Next Step: Give The Inputs Some Room

    • 39. Width + Border-Box Saves Us Time And Having To Do Math!

    • 40. Form Input Backgrounds

    • 41. Form Borders

    • 42. Next Step: Text-Transform + Text-Align

    • 43. Make Your Fonts Match (And Use Google Fonts!)

    • 44. The Perfect Submit Button

    • 45. Make The Submit Button Change On Click!

    • 46. Get Inspiration From Other Websites: Model Their Code

    • 47. Learn One Thing At A Time + Ask Me Anything!


About This Class


The COMPLETE guide to bringing new life and a professional look to your website!


Are you someone who has been working with Wordpress and want to take your sites to the next level by changing their look and their style?

Or maybe you’re frustrated because you want to make changes but you can’t figure out how to do it.

Maybe you’ve tried to make your website look better, and you’ve done the best you can but you keep getting stuck.

If you don’t learn this, I’m sorry to say that that frustration doesn’t go away! And as frustrating as it is now, imagine what you’ll feel like a month or a year from now when you STILL DON’T KNOW how to make your website look better quickly and easily.

I KNOW how that frustration feels, I’ve been there, and I know how annoying it can be to know what kind of changes you want to make, but then not know HOW to make them. But I’ve learned the RIGHT way to style websites, and it’s called CSS, and that’s what I want to teach you today.

Take a look at this example of how a simple boring form can be easily and quickly transformed into something mobile friendly and responsive! I’ll walk you through exactly how to do this and other things like it in this course.

Also, imagine what it will feel like to be able to look behind the scenes of any Wordpress website you visit and see how THEY styled it, and then be able to model that styling for your own website!

Imagine using code that makes your website look so much better the INSTANT you add it.

And what will you feel like when you can take a boring theme and injecting it with life and your own personality, quickly and easily using CSS.

This course is the complete guide to beginner css and it is the exact tool you NEED in order to style your Wordpress website.

This course will be super helpful to you now AND in the future whenever you have a question about CSS. It’s easy to ask any questions at any time and I’ll be right there with you, answering them.

Take this course NOW and I’ll see YOU on the other side!

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is for people who want to make changes to the LOOK and STYLE of their Wordpress website
  • This course is for BEGINNERS to CSS and styling websites
  • This course is for people who want to quickly and easily make their site more user-friendly and fun
  • This course is NOT for someone who doesn't care about how their website looks
  • This course is NOT for someone who hates learning about ways to quickly and easily make their site more user-friendly and fun
  • This course is NOT for someone who hates learning and figuring new things out


  • You should be familiar with Wordpress
  • You should have very basic knowledge of HTML
  • All required software is free (and download links are included)
  • You should make sure you like my teaching style (please preview a video)!





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Eddie Irvin

Web Development + Coding

Hello! I've been working on websites for a decade and a half, first by starting with my own projects and then building sites for others. I started just with basic html, and since then have moved on to use Wordpress almost 100%, and design using CSS. I know php, jquery/javascript and I'm starting to learn React Native as well to start creating iOS/Android apps!

I want to save you time, and my CSS course on Skillshare is meant to get you up to speed quickly and without the headaches!


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