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CRUSH YouTube Branding: Make a FREE Professional Channel Header!

Storm Pierce, YouTuber, Freelance Photographer

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5 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Why Make a Professional Header?

    • 2. Header Examples

    • 3. Finding a Background Image

    • 4. Editing Your Header

    • 5. Class Project & Wrap Up


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1. Why Make a Professional Header?: welcome to this YouTube channel marketing class. So if you just made a fresh YouTube channel and you're just getting started and you need some help with branding, this is the class for you. But if you already have a YouTube channel and you just need to revamp your branding, make it a little bit more appealing to new viewers. This is also a great class as well. One of the best ways to hold a viewer's interest is by showing them something that they like from the 1st 2nd they visit your YouTube channel. And a great way to do that is with YouTube channel header a professional one. Some of the things that you want your YouTube channel, header or banner to do is to engage the viewer, be professional and on top of that, stand out from the rest of competition. But professional banners don't have to be expensive. Also, you don't have to hire anybody to do them These days. There's tools online that air free, and also you can find amazing professional images. Frias Well, so that's what you're gonna learn in this class one student. Step away from this class. The goal is that they'll have a professional YouTube channel header and they'll be ready to go without spending a cent. So without any further ado, go ahead and hit enroll and I'll see you in the class. 2. Header Examples: welcome to the class and thank you for enrolling. So let's jump right in. Something like to share with you before we get started is basically some examples of some engaging YouTube channel headers and some of the top YouTube channels kind of what they do to brand themselves. Ah, professional Channel Banner doesn't have to be excessive. It doesn't have to be complicated, and that's something that you'll see in these examples that I'm gonna show you. Let's hop on the computer. So first off, I'd like to show you nerd writers Channel the Sky makes video essays. And as you can see, it's a really simple banner. It's just got his channel name and a cup of coffee so it's laid back. Basically, it doesn't draw too much attention away from his videos in its content. The next one here, the slow mo guys you can see it's already got some fun Vibes gives off the idea that the channel is gonna be fun. It's gonna be kind of exciting. Um, and it has no text. So you're just focusing on those two guys in the clip. The next one here. Amy Landy. No, she's a speaker in an author, and you can already see that based on her Channel banner. She's got a little bit of text, her face and then a little bit of designing here. This next one here is Mango Street. You can see they do photography tutorials, and it's a picture of them and then just a simple sliver of text up there. So what you can see already from all these examples is when you make a YouTube channel header and you wanted to be successful, you want to be professional, but on top of that, you wanted to talk about your channel, or at least give off the idea of what people can expect if there, too, subscribe to you so you don't necessarily have to write out your whole bio of what you do. But at least make it something that's relevant to what you plan to post. So now that we looked at some channel banners that seem to have some success and resonating , you can kind of get a feel for what people are doing right now. Let's go ahead and talk about how to choose a background image for your header that fits your brand 3. Finding a Background Image: So now let's talk about the images that you can use in your YouTube channel header, so there's a couple ways you can go about this. The first way is by taking photos for your head or yourself, or having someone else take those photos for you. Whether it be head shots of yourself for photos of your business or things like that, you can do it yourself or have someone do for you or the second way in the way that I recommend. If you're looking for something easy, something you could do from home and something it doesn't require any money or any excess work is using stock photography. Now there's three websites that I'm thinking of that you can use that are free. So the images that are posted on the stock photography Web sites are under the Creative Commons zero license. So basically that means that they're public domain. You can use them, you can share them, you can edit them and there's no copyright attached to them. And on top of that, you don't have to credit the photographer. So let me show you three great websites for that that absolutely free and I have a great selection for photography. Let's hop on the computer here. The first example that comes to mind for me is unspool ash so unspool Ash has like it says beautiful free photos. You can see they have a pretty good selection here. I really like this website because if you find something that you like, you can just hit this button and download it immediately. Another example would be stock snap dot io. They have basically the same idea, just some different images. And one more resource you can use is picks obey dot com and they have over 1.3 million images and videos. So this also has video, and that's that's good to remember. If you ever need that, my favorite is unspool ash. Just because I like the way the website works, but you can probably find a lot more examples on picks obey dot com. But let's go ahead and see what it's like to try and find an image. So let's say that your channel is about photography. Let's go ahead and search for camera. Say you'd like a camera in your in your header. And as you can see, there's already a bunch of really professional, good quality looking images for camera. Let's say that you have a cooking channel. It's type in food, and already it's popping up with some food options here, depending on what you like, and you can be more specific like banana. If he wants you on, you'll find some stock images of bananas and etcetera. But for the purpose of this example, I'm going to start a travel channel. So let's go ahead and type and travel. See what happens here. So I really like this image here with the plane. So let's just go ahead and download that, All right, so we've downloaded our image and now we need to do is start editing and formatting this and adding text and all that crazy stuff. So let's go ahead and do that in the next one 4. Editing Your Header: Now that you have your photo picked out for your header and you're all good to go there, all we need to do is start editing. Now. You don't have to pull out photo shop unless you want Teoh. We're going to go with the simple route this time, And the website that I'm thinking of for this is canvass dot com. So they have a lot of free options with pre made templates for just about any social media platform you can imagine as well as things for making business cards and documents and e book covers the things like that. But obviously, today we're going to focus on the YouTube channel headers, so let's go ahead and hop on to Canada dot com. So the first time he opened Canada dot com, I think you're gonna have to set up an account. It's a free account. All you need is your email and choose a password. But once you're in, you'll notice at the very top. It says YouTube Channel art. And that's the template. We want to go ahead and go force. If you click on that is gonna open up a new tab, and this is gonna be your best friend. This window right here is where all the magic is gonna happen. So as you can see, there's already some pre made templates on the left side, and most of them say free on the bottom. Right? But if it doesn't say free and it has this little icon, that means that some element in the template costs like a dollar. And usually it's the background image. And since you have your own background image, you can swap that out. Let's go ahead and start editing here. So I wanna have a travel image. So let me see if I could find something that looks like it would fit my photo. Okay, so I found one that I like. I really like this one right here that chasing the sun on the travel YouTube name that I'm gonna use is travel life. Now all we have to do is on the right side here, just hover over an element. So say the text double click, and you can edit that. So what I'm gonna do here is put in travel life and I'm going to just go ahead and put flogging from the road. Okay? So now we have our text edited there. But I downloaded that image. So let's go ahead and drag that image all the way over here. Toe up loads and it's gonna upload our image here. And once that happens, we're going to be able to swap out the background. Image is already in it to our new image. Let's go ahead and wait for that to upload. All right, so now that our image has finally uploaded, I'm gonna go ahead and click on it. It's gonna drop it over here. Now, if you just slightly move it, it'll place it in the background for you. Now. What I don't like is how it made it darker. It will automatically apply the filter of the preset. So if you go up here to filter, let's go ahead and hit normal, and it'll take away the edits that it made. Now, if you double click on your image, you can resize it or reposition it. So I'm gonna do that like so I want to go up just a little bit. So it's right behind the text in the middle. Perfect. So a little known fact about YouTube channel banners is that they're dynamic. So what that means is YouTube tries to format them so that they look good on your cell phone on your desktop and on your TV. But that means that the dimensions they provide for your image isn't really that straightforward. Now here's where it gets a little tricky. If I were to go ahead and just download this right now, let's go ahead and hit. Download up here and then head over to my YouTube channel, which, as you can see, the Channel banner it's lacking. It could use some work if we go ahead and just upload what just downloaded. You'll see what happens with the formatting and what I mean by the screen not being correct . You see this dimension right here, 25 60 by 14 40. That's the size that can be used for the project, but it'll Onley look good on some screens, and you'll see once this finally loads what I'm talking about. As you can see, if you look at the different screens that it shows if I wanted to show people blogging from the road here, that text is completely cut off on the desktop and the mobile version just absolutely gone . So if we end up selecting this and we go to the YouTube channel, you'll see it's cut off at the top. That's not gonna work for me. So here's the trick we have to pull. So I added a resource down below in the skill share class, and it's an image here, so I uploaded it here, and this is what that image is. Now, if you drag on the corners and fill up this entire page, this is basically the exact same size as this area right here. So the mobile version and the desktop version should match pretty perfectly. This resource right here. So what this image is going to allow us to do is to see the area we need to stay in for the things that we want people to see on their phones and on their computers. Let's go ahead and hit a range and go back back. So now we're basically behind the text and we can see what we're doing. So now I'm gonna go ahead and rearrange this text he selected and maybe change the size. I'll go down just a bit more. I'll do the same with this one. What we're gonna do is just arrange it so that it's in that box and it looks OK. Now, if you click on that resource again and change the transparency to see what's behind it, you can arrange things just a little bit better. I can already see that the image in the back eyes gonna need some adjusting. So I'm gonna double click on that, drag it up just a little bit so that the plane is right in between the words and I think that should be just fine. I'm gonna go ahead now and click on this image that we uploaded the resource and delete it . Now, if we download this and uploaded, it will look hopefully perfect. So let's see how this looks once we download it. So if you go back to our YouTube channel here, I'm gonna go ahead and drag over the new image. And let's hope that that this looks right. Select and bam! There is our new image. You can see these white borders is here, but that's that's because that's actually in the project. If I didn't have the white borders, there would be no white border, But I think that looks pretty good. I mean, this gives an example of what I want to see from the channel. People can see. Okay, if I go to this YouTube channel. Nice describe. I'm going to see some travel videos. You can already see the plane, but I think it looks pretty professional, and it looks pretty good. And as you can see, if we go back to Canada, they have a lot of different layout options. So it doesn't matter what your channel is about. You confined something here for your channel. That should work pretty well. 5. Class Project & Wrap Up: All right. So now that you've hopefully made your YouTube channel header with Canada, I'd like to see what you were able to come up with. Please drop that in your class project so all of us can see and enjoy your work. I think we'd all love to see where you are able to make. Hopefully, as you can see, a YouTube channel header doesn't have to be very difficult to make. There is a little bit of a trick to it, but after you get that mastered, you should be good to go. So I'd like to thank you for enrolling in this class and hopefully I can see you in my next one.