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CRUSH YouTube Branding: Make FREE Professional YouTube Thumbnails!

Storm Pierce, YouTuber, Freelance Photographer

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5 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Getting Started

    • 2. Find Your Background Photos

    • 3. Editing with Canva

    • 4. Editing with Gimp

    • 5. Wrap Up

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About This Class

In this class you'll learn how to make thumbnails for your YouTube videos, in two fast, free ways!

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1. Getting Started: 2. Find Your Background Photos: Alright, guys. So welcome to the course. I want to show you some really quick and easy ways to make some YouTube thumbnails. Now, you don't have to be a graphic designer. You don't have to know anything about graphic design or anything like that to make really great thumbnails. All you have to do is no the right tools and the right places to find your photos. And I'm going to show you some quick and easy tips to do that. So let's jump into how to find photos for your thumbnail. So something that's really popular these days, it's something that you can see over here on the right either a faded picture or something really bright. What you want for YouTube thumbnail something that's gonna catch the eye really easily. A swell, as is gonna pop has a lot of color. And also get your message across because you're gonna add probably some text to these. So so you're looking for photos and you can add text easily. Teoh later on. So that's what you need to think about before you start. But I'm gonna show you two really free sites that you can use picks obey dot com and unspool ash dot com. Both of these have licensed images that, uh, see if we click on one here that has a CC zero public domain. So what you're looking for here is photos like these because they're free for commercial use and you don't have to give any attribution to the source. So if you were to just tappin picks obey dot com, you would find this. And let's say you have a video about about coffee, so if you just type in coffee, then you'll get the results page. Here in the top, the top row of images is sponsored, so those air going to another site shutter stock. We actually have to pay for using images. But what you want is right down here and you'll notice all of these images for coffee, right? So let's just try to pick one that's vibrant here or something that may be might look nice on the YouTube thumbnail. I kind of like, uh, this one over here. This will be easy to add some text to later, So what you're gonna need to do is hit free, download and choose the size. YouTube thumbnails are pretty good around 6 40 or HD. So I'm just gonna hit the lowest HD there. 12 80 by 9 60 Download and you also notice If you don't create an account, which you can, it's free. You'll just have to keep filling out these little things telling you you're not a robot hit . Download. Now you're gonna download the image there. You can also donate to this website if you need. I'll show you what it's like on unspool ash on Slash is basically the same thing. People just send this website. See, you can submit photos if you're a photographer and then you can use them. Let's look for not coffee this time. Let's look for adventure. See what we've got for that. So now you can already see. It has some categories really, really high quality images already like this one right here so you can hit download at the top right? It actually opens up a new tab, so it's a little different format than picks obey. But you've right. If you right click, you can hit save image as name it anything you want. I just misspelled adventure, but and downloaded. That's all that matters so That's really how to find images really easily. And ah, in the next portion of the course, I'm gonna show you how to edit them into thumbnails with to really free, easy tools, So let's do it. 3. Editing with Canva: Okay, so now that you have your images picked and you know you want to use for your thumbnails, you're gonna want to edit them. There's two really easy ways to do this. You can either use a program called Gimp, which we'll talk about in just a moment. Or you can use a free Web based service called Can va dot com. This is also mobile app, so if you download this on your phone, you can start editing thumbnails that way. But if you go up here to the left, it created design. If you create an account with these guys, you'll be able to save your design, so that's kind of nice. But as you'll notice, this is great for not even just YouTube. Some nails good for everything. You can use it to create Twitter posts, presentations, wallpapers. And here's what we need. Social media you can use thumbnails covers all of these things for all types of different social media. This is really a great overall around tool for anything you need, but we'll tap YouTube thumbnail and you, as you see it's actually size correctly for YouTube already. So if we open up the tab that is opening. Its gonna give us an option to check out some layouts that they've already made. Now, you could start from scratch if you stroll to the bottom here past all of these different templates somewhere at the bottom. Well, somewhere down there you can just start with an image. Yeah, like these. You can just drop in your images. But I really like using these templates because they're beautifully made. They already dropping a font for you. Okay, so one of the things that we, uh downloaded was a coffee image. So if you know where it is on your computer, just drag it on top, and it will upload the photo, as you can see right here on the left side. Actually use this service to make the icon for this class, so it's really easy to use that way. So if we go back to layouts while it's uploading, let's just choose one that would have to do with coffee or something that would look nice with coffee in the background. Let's just tap this one here. All right? So you'll notice right here. It says free. So not all of these templates are free. They have. Ah, money icon. But you can get around that. So let me actually show you how to do that with one that's supposed to be paid. So let's just go with this one here. See how it has a dollar icon. Let's go back, toe up loads and dragging our photo It automatically resize. Is it in everything? This isn't a good goodly out to show. Honestly, it's kind of taking away. What? Looks nice. Um, let's see here. Looking for one that's not gonna cover that cup. And these are all free with. They're giving too much away. Okay, let's try this one. So might look good. Okay, let's try this guy. Okay. We drag over our coffee cup, it already drops it into the background. Gave it a filter. I really like that color, though, so I'm just gonna take it away. Okay, Now, the cool thing here is you can edit all of this text. Not only can you resize it however you want, but, um, you can also change the color as well of your text as well as the font. And they have just plenty to choose from. It's insane. How many they have. Another cool thing they have is elements here. So you've got things you can add such a shapes. So you need a circle in your image or you need some lines. These air pretty cool right here. If you go for lines, you can drop in some really nice looking lines. Get really creative here. Illustrations. Now, these most of these air free. But as you get down to the bottom, some of them aren't so I really have never had to pay for anything. Honestly, because, I mean, all of this is good as it is. Really? Um So Okay, so, like, I was showing you the layout it shows isn't free, it's paid. But the way to get around that is to drop your own image. Because what what costs is the image? They're trying to pay royalty for the image. But if you have your own image here, all set So as you can see, this is a really easy way and really easy tool. And as soon as you decide what you want, let me just show you may be one more example of this you to thumbnail template here. Let's just go to this one. Social media rebel Lee Revolution. All right, let's go toe up loads. It's just drag something else. In this time, let's head to this one is another image I downloaded. See how it already re sizes? It's beautiful. Much just go with best laptops ever. 2017. I think this is actually an icon. It's from over here somewhere in the elements. But I'll just leave it there. It doesn't really matter. And then if you want to download it, we're gonna hit. Download up here and you can choose file types. All of them are free. So it's just a JPEG download. It's gonna prepare your design, gives you a little quote for some, could be motivated. I really love this site because I don't know if it gets any better, huh? You know, you have a really great quality image that came from, what, two minutes of work, And, uh, this is what it looks like. I mean, that's already a wonderful thumbnail, if you ask me. So this is one of the simplest, easiest tools that I found. And like I said, you can use a mobile as well. But now, if you'd like to go a little bit more in depth in tow, editing, um, let's jump into gimp 4. Editing with Gimp: Okay. Welcome back, guys. Now, if you liked can va dot com and you don't need any more help, you can just skip this block. Um, there's no need to watch this little clip if you're fine now. But if you wanted to do some more in depth editing, for example, I'm gonna edit this photo right here into a thumbnail and actually trace around myself and give myself in outline some things that will require photo shop like features, but free version. Um, if you don't need that, just skip it. But otherwise Well, I'm gonna use his gimp. So if you searched that on Google, the very first link there and then if you go down and you hit download directly, that's what you need. You're basically gonna install a program that looks like this. OK, so this right here is gimp. Basically, it's a knockoff of photo shop, and what you can do is almost everything you can do in photo shop. But I'm just going to show you some simple things to do. So first of all, right off the bat, you're going to need to make your own canvas or format this image correctly for YouTube. So let's go up here and hit file than new. And this is where you're gonna hit the image. Size or dimension? I'm gonna make it HD so 12. 80 by 7 20 And you could see I just enter that there and then hit. Okay, so now this is resized perfectly for YouTube. I'm gonna zoom out just a bit by hitting the minus sign on the keyboard, and I'm gonna go ahead and go into my folder and just drag one of my images on here. You can see it's already too big. So if you go over here to this little this little bar here in this box, you'll find the scale tool right under the magnifying glass. If you click on that and then click on your image, drag on the corners in and notice how I'm being squished and it's not really natural looking. If you go back over here and tap, keep aspect that will make sure it re sizes correctly and you don't get all worked. I think that's probably a good size. Let its scale and then go up here to this thing that looks like a kind of like a compass the move tool, and then just select your image and drag that where you need it. That's pretty good right there. All right, there's good. Okay. Now I actually wanna background behind myself. So what I'm gonna do is drag another image on, say, this city. Actually, I like that image. Change my mind. Let's do the let's do the plane. Have a few options here. Okay? I'm gonna have to resize it again. So I'm gonna go to the scale tool tap on the image, drag in on the corners and as you noticed, keep aspect is already on, so I don't have to click that its scale let it scale itself. And as soon as I'm done with that, I'm gonna move it with the move tool. Move it right over here. So this is gonna be my behind myself. That's the idea. Now, over here is your layers. You can see that Thea Picture that you see right here is on top of me. It's on the top. I'm going to drag that right below me so they can see I'm on top of the plan now. If we select the image of me and then go over here to this thing that looks like a lasso free select tool and then hit shift and plus T to zoom in. I can select by clicking around myself. Now, I'm just using the mouse and moving some points. I'm just basically creating an outline around myself because what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna cut out the background behind myself. You see the bricks on the wall on. I'm also going to put a small, like shadow behind me. So to do that, I'm gonna have to get rid of that background. And this is how you do it. This is one way you can also use this little wand magic, select tool. But I notice sometimes that doesn't get exactly where I need. So I end up just taking in doing it by hand. It's a little easier notice that I can't select any further because it's too far away. Hit the minus. Zoom out. All of this is just blank area. So doesn't matter what you select out here. Um go ahead and hit, delete and you see what happens. It deletes that area. So if I hit control Z to go back, what I want to do is delete the rest the opposite. So go to select on the top left invert basically selecting the opposite of what we just drew around. And now I'm gonna hit delete And now I have what I want. So what I'm gonna do to make myself have ah, have a shadow, actually, is if you hit control shift A You're basically getting ready of your selection. What I want to do, since I have myself selected, is I want to make a shadow. So I'm gonna go to tools. No, sorry. Filters and goto light and shadow. I'm gonna go to drop shadow and it minimized it. But un antic allow re sizing or your sizing will get all weird. And this basically controls how big your shadow is gonna be. Just gonna leave it there and hit OK, And what you'll notice here is on the right side of me and kind of separated from the background. That's the look that I wanted. Let's add a little bit of text, go over to the a icon, select this color right here that's naturally black and just choose a color and hit OK, tap anywhere. Well, first Let's change the front as you'll see this A sans font. If you click on the double A, you can choose a different fund. I'll go with Scribble box. It will change the size to 40 inter. Okay, let's tap anywhere and just put this is an example. All right. I'm going to select all of this by double triple tapping, actually, and make it bigger by adjusting the size, you can also enter it here. So, like, 80 for 100. 200. That's actually pretty good. I'm going to select somewhere in the middle of these words and backspace and hit Enter. So it drops down to another line and I'm also going to move it over here. Hoops Control Z, move it over here. I'm gonna put this text under myself so that I'm in between myself and the background. So I'm gonna take this layer. I'm a dragon below me and the drop shadow. And there you go. I'm gonna hit. I'm just going to select the background because that's not visible, and you can see kind of what I have here. So this is exactly the size you want for YouTube. And this is also already a YouTube thumbnail. And if you wanted to go a little bit further and make your text stand out, you can select the area where your text is, go up to filters and repeat the drop shadow. And now that's also standing out. So that's kind of cool. Some people like to cull, arise their image and make it all bright green or blue. I'm going to do that for you. Let's go, Teoh this image where the plane is that go to colors and colorize. What this is going to do is just color your whole image to the hue that you select. So if I drag this left and right, you're seeing that the color changes. It's kind of a nice blue did. Okay, and now it kind of stands out. Now, if you want to export this and make this a file, go to file export to example dot PNG. Let's make that J peg J P. G for a smaller file. Gonna put that on my desktop export and export again. So now if I go to my desktop, go to example, I can find it. This is my image so you can see there's another easy way that's free. You don't have to download photo shop, but if you want to go a little in depth on if you need any more information about how to use gimp, there's some great tutorials on YouTube. Beacon search up. But this just shows how to make a simple thumbnail if you need something a little more in depth than what you can get on canvas. So hopefully that helped you out and I'll talk to you in the next video about what your project is. 5. Wrap Up: So for this class project, I'd love to see you make your own thumbnail. You can use canvas dot com or gimp, and I'd love to see you use one of them just to make a really simple, beautiful thumbnail. I mean, you have the tools at your disposal. Now you know where to find the photos. You know how to make an image and edit it through Canada or gimp. So I'd really love to see what you come up with with the tools provided for your class project. Drop your thumbnail in a project below so I can see it and give you some feedback and give you some tips. If you have any questions, we could talk about it down there as well. I really think you can come up with some great things using these tools so I can't wait to see what you create. And thanks for watching