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CRUSH Instagram Marketing: Make Unique Carousels!

teacher avatar Storm, Visual Artist

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Using Canva to Make Carousels

    • 3. Using Unfold to Make Carousels

    • 4. Class Project & Wrap Up!

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About This Class

In this class, we'll cover how you can easily make engaging & professional Instagram stories that will set you apart from the crowd! 

Once students are finished with this class, they will have created their own Instagram unique, professional Instagram story!
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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Visual Artist



Hey there! I'm Storm. 

I'm a YouTuber, and Photographer. Thanks for checking out my profile!

I have a passion for creating professional, unique visual arts using budget gear.


In my classes you'll learn:

|>How to film and edit photos & videos on your smartphone

|>YouTube marketing and branding tips

|>Freelancing guides to help you succeed

...and much more! Let's have a good time!

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1. Introduction: Hey there, how's it going? My name is storm. And in this class today I'm going to show you how to level up your Instagram posts using carousels. Carousels are those little things where if you swipe along the post, There's multiple posts hidden beneath them. And the beauty of this is stuff, a bunch of things into one post that you couldn't put in just one post. Otherwise, this isn't under-utilized feature by most creators. And today I'm going to show you some easy ways to make them using two ways. The first one is, really easy free online tool. The second way is a free app from the App Store. Now if you want to level up your Instagram posts, this is a great way to do it, and it doesn't take a lot of effort. If you're interested, go ahead and enroll. 2. Using Canva to Make Carousels: Welcome to the class. Now the BDI of Instagram Carousels is you're able to pack a lot more detail and a lot more information into one post without having a pulsar multiple times. The benefit of that is a lot of your followers won't get annoyed by the amount of times you're posting or you can hide some Easter eggs in there. There's a couple different types of care cells. The first carousel type is just multiple different images that are swipeable. And the second one is one full image that becomes multiple images. As you swipe, you see more of the same image. So I'll show you how to make bolt. So to make the first one with multiple different images as a carousel, we're going to use Canvas. Let's hop on to Here is Now if you go to their home screen, you're going to see a bunch of different templates. You're going to see things for your marketing like Instagram, post poster, social media, video cards, all types of stuff. This website is great and I highly recommend looking into it if you're interested in doing marketing or you need online designs, whether it be for a YouTube channel or your website, I use it for kind of all of my needs and I also subscribe to their premium plan, but you can use it totally free. So for this class, we're going to do Instagram, carousel post. It's going to load up all of these different templates that they have pre-made. The nice thing about these templates is they are specifically size for Instagram and they're all editable. Something to note is if you want the least hassle with not having to pay anything and it being completely free. Look for the ones that say free on the bottom right corner of the icon. Because if you find the ones that don't, you might have to pay for an asset that it provides. Sometimes you can delete it and sometimes not to be safe, just find the free ones if you're not wanting to pay. But I wanted to show you a couple that I really like here. So this one here. Let's tap on that. It's free. And you'll see this one's really unique. So all of this is editable. It really looks like it has a videoclip, stars and a review, but all of this text can be changed down to the timestamp, everything. So that's one that I want to use. But there's another one in here that's really unique as well. That is this one down here. Now this one isn't free, the other one is free. But this one has this really cool, almost like notification style. And that's why it's a premium design because it has this really premium feel. So let's start with the free 1 first. Now let's say you wanted to make a carousel with three different swipes. So what we can do is we can either add a page, which would be a blank page and we can add text to it or we can duplicate the one we already have. So let's go ahead, hand add a new page that's just straight black. I'm gonna go to Text here on the left side. And then they have different texts, font combinations. These are usually going to be pro versions, so they're not going to be free to use, but the free ones are here up top. So let's just use that as an example for today. And I'm going to put favorite movies 2021. Just to go with the theme of this carousel, you can change the font type here, that the font here. Just in case you're looking for a different mood. And you'll see that some of them have this little icon with a crown. That means that it is a premium font. So again, if you don't have premium, you won't be able to use those, but you can use all of the others. Well, let's just see. Okay, I like that one. And you can either drag on the corners to make it bigger or smaller. You can also adjust the width of your frame here. But I think that looks pretty good. You can also change the text size just up here by typing it in. And then you also have some other options. So hidden under this three dot icon, you've got affects, animate and position. Now, since this is going to be a carousel, you could do this with a video. But simplicity sake, I'm just going to stick with something that isn't animated. If you wanted to animate the text though, you could, you can just tap on that. And that's what it would look like in the post, which is pretty sweet. Honestly. Let's just go ahead and do it. So that one's nice. Now, again, there's extra stuff here, and that's just text animations. You can also change page animations. But it would be easier to see if it wasn't a black background. Okay, so moving on, let's go to effects. And you have different things like shadow, space. This one's really nice. You know what, let's use this. So if you're wanting to show off favorite movies and you didn't want to use an Instagram story, but she didn't want overload your followers repost. This is a great way to do that. You can also change the backgrounds. We click on the background image. You can either change the color or you can go to photos and they have a whole photo library. If you find some that are pro, and you would have to pay, but most of them are going to be free. And you can also search up top. I like what we've got here. But another nice thing is the elements side. So let's just type in camera. And you'll see some of these are pro, but let's go ahead and click on the filter. Go to F3 and you'll be able to see which ones are free. I really like, I want something like this. You see those anymore? This is nice. This film reel actually. That's pretty good. I'm going to resize it, put it in the background. Here we go. And then what I'll do is I'll duplicate it. And then what we can do is we can rotate it this way. And that will allow us to put it up here. That's kinda cool. Okay, now if we did page animation, it will animate everything in the frame just so you can see kinda what that does. But I like what we've got here. Let's move on to the next one. So this is the one that's already pre-made. Plus go ahead and put the file. And then let's change. The background. Can adjust, going to change the saturation to nothing brightness go down at a VA. And I'm also going to change the text here. And then go ahead and just put in the file is one of those movies that just isn't real. Can change all this text here. Change this as well. It's a five-hour movie. Okay? And you can even change the name, change this to the name of your page. So there's one. We can do one more here. This one will be, let's see, let's say it's an action movie with some cars. Let's do, let's do this one. We'll put, change this to the font. If you scroll all the way up. You'll see the fonts that you've used recently. Texts solar we go, that's edited. And now you can see all three of them here. So now there's a couple ways you can export this. If you press this preview, this will show you that it would just export it as a movie file. So kinda as a video file. And then that'll be what plays as your posts will show you how that works. First of all, you download will do MP3 and we'll hit download while that downloads, we can also select the other option. The other option would be having three different images. Obviously that might work better. So we'll do PNG and all pages. And as you see it, you won't have animations this way. So if you want the animation, you'll need to save it as a video file. And you can save each one individually as a video so that you can swipe between them as a carousel. But we don't have to have those effects and those animation, so I'll download it like that. And then finally, just go ahead and just take a look at this one here. So you've got these different options, different templates. I'm going to delete most of these. But I did like the very first one. That one and that one. You can also obviously edit the background photos. So if you go to photos and you change it to, let's say, an Instagram post about a city. The nice thing is you can add different colors and different accents to each of the shapes. So if you want it to be different, you can totally edit that. But that was just an example. So let's go ahead and download this again, all pages as a PNG file. 3. Using Unfold to Make Carousels: So let's talk about the second type of carousel. Now this is the one where you can have one image for multiple images in a carousel. Now this is really cool and an easy way to go. You can do it totally free with an app I love called swipe mix. There is a pro version that allows more templates, more options. But if you just want to swipe between one image and have multiple carousels, this is an easy way to go. So if you get swiped mix from the app store, It's very top. It says starter templates. This is free, so let's tap on that. And you'll see at the top it says four by five ratio one photo on two frames. This is what we want. Tough on that. And this is going to be our frames. So on the left is going to be the first image. On the right is going to be the second image, but we're going to make it up with one image. Show you what I mean. So let's tap the plus sign. This will allow us to add our photo. So once we've added our photo, you can see it's split down the middle. So if we hit preview at the top right and then image set on the left, you can swipe between them in. This is what it would look like on Instagram. So let's go ahead and hit Save at the top right and continue editing. It already saved it to libraries. It's good to go. Now if we go to Instagram. And at the top right, we hit the plus sign. We can add both of these. So if you hit the select multiple on the right side, tap on the first one, tap on the second one, and hit Next. That's what it'll look like. Now a lot of people will use it in a slightly different way. What they'll do is they'll find the full image and post that. And then they'll also tell us the swipeable version. This is really nice because you can show off that image in its entirety. And then once you swipe, you get to see it zoomed in. And this is really nice for like panoramic type shots. Now let's go ahead and post the other ones we made. Here's the one with the video file. So we can add this, my favorite movies, and it'll be the video. And then you can add the two slots on the right if you want as well. So it would be like this. This will be the animated version and then they can go over here to CD others. Let's go ahead and hit Next Share. And here's kinda how that would look. So you're going to have the animated version first, which goes through all of the options. And then if you swipe, they can read more. So this is a really great way to utilize care cells on your Instagram page, and it'll take up your instrument page to the next level. This is really good for engagement and keeping people interested. So try this out. 4. Class Project & Wrap Up!: All right, that's all for this course today. So I hope you learn something on how to use carousels to your advantage, especially since this is an underutilized tool for most people on their pages. If you did learn something, I'd love to see in the class project, what type of carousel you were able to make. Please share with us your own ideas and otherwise, thank you for watching and I'll see you in the next one.