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CRUSH IT with Clubhouse : For Entrepreneurs and Creatives

teacher avatar Adrian Daniels, Podcaster / Digital Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is Clubhouse? What makes it stand out?

    • 3. How Clubhouse it all began

    • 4. Funding for Clubhouse

    • 5. Getting started on Clubhouse & App Access

    • 6. Clubhouse Invites

    • 7. Clubhouse Basics and Homepage

    • 8. Clubhouse Rooms, Interests and Exploring Clubs

    • 9. Outro

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About This Class

This course was created for creatives and entrepreneurs who want to hit the ground running with the very popular audio-first social network, Clubhouse. The course is split up into three sections:

  • Clubhouse introduction and background: What is Clubhouse, How it started, how it got funding and where its going next
  • Clubhouse Walkthroughs and Tutorials: How to navigate the Clubhouse App and ways to customise your experience effectively on the platform 
  • Building your brand and business whilst leveraging an income from Clubhouse: Various ways to monetise clubhouse and maximise the platform to effectively position your brand or business

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Adrian Daniels

Podcaster / Digital Entrepreneur



Welcome Entrepreneurs, Founders and Digital /Technology Enthusiasts!


I'm Adrian, and I make courses about a few passions of mine; Digital Tech, Entrepreneurship and Startups. 

I try to release a new course every now or so.


Happy learning:)




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1. Introduction: Clubhouse is the first official audio in the social network platform that's making waves across the world. Discourse was an aspiring off to speak and to contact some friends who wanted to get more out of the courthouse. In this course, I'm going to take you through what clubhouse is all about, how it started, its history and where it's potentially going in the future. Next, we'll go into, go through some walkthroughs and some tutorials so that you can know how to use clubhouse through a reasonable standard, especially if you're new to the platform. And last but not least, we are going to look at how you can actually crush it with capos, including ways that you can generate an income from the platform, build an effective brand or business. My name is age and Daniel's and I'll be your teacher for this course. I'll make courses about tech, entrepreneurship and startups. This question of clubhouse. 2. What is Clubhouse? What makes it stand out?: Okay. So clubhouse made its way onto the market around April 2020, but a really start to build momentum getting towards the end of 2020 around December. Now this is because of the ongoing COVID lockdowns in the pandemic and also because of the increased uptake of the celebrities are right now, one is courthouse and are couples as an audio only social media network where you can't view or create photos, you can't view or create videos is purely audio, Ernie. So think of it as a live podcast where you're able to make contributions when people bring you up into something called a stage in clubhouse. And, um, we'll go into cover that in the course so you don't worry about what the stages, alright? So think of it as a live podcast where you are able to make some live contributions to the podcast. And this will really give it a new dynamic if it was a podcast, but in essence, Clubhouse isn't officially able to record the conversations. However, we have seen some instances where some really popular conversations, such as either musket make an appearance on courthouse, wearing a cop house or any limits you to have 5000 people in a room. Either Moss was actually made an appearance on the courthouse app. And as a result, because of the conversation was so popular. People pirated, if you will, and recorded our conversation and uploaded onto YouTube. So if you go to YouTube right now, you, you'll be able to see that the Elon Musk combination that has had thousands and thousands of lessons because people are so curious to know what would go on when Elon Musk would make an appearance on Courthouse. Now, you may have had something similar happened with Bill Gates in February 2021. Bill Gates also made them parents and courthouse and other results. Those lots of attention around the and that was also do legs and recorded and uploaded onto the lights or YouTube. Even though clubhouse states that he shouldn't record accommodations and it's against their privacy rules. Okay. So that essentially is what courthouse is all about, okay? Now, it is really making its way across the round the world, is very popular, has taken the world by storm, is already available in the Americas and Canada's. And in the UK and in Germany is really topping the charts and it's making our way across Europe. And eventually it's going to make his way across around on, around the world. Now, the courthouse, in terms of my own personal experience, it's made it's for me, it has a mile personal experience. I've been in a room with the likes of ground corridor, with the likes of Tyler pairs. I mean, everyone who is, anyone in this world is on clubhouse. And that, for me, is one of its strongest points because it does create something called FOMO. Fomo being fear of missing out. Now, the reason why you would have a firmer is because again, as I said before, clubhouse doesn't really have the ability to record conversations. So imagine if one of your favorite celebrities or personalities, or if one of your friends or family members or an entrepreneur or personality that he mocked up to was in clubhouse and was in a room, was having a conversation with a whole bunch of people and you really wanted to be there. And that's the interesting thing about clubhouse is that if you dont be in the room while our conversations happening is a chance that you never get to hit our conversation again. And this is bootlegs like Elon Musk combination. So it's really important that you are there and then when the conversation is happening. Now that's the unique thing about cop-out is not a podcast which you can listen back to it anytime. It's not a online webinar by E can watch back anytime you have to be there when the conversation happens. And that's a very good tactic for engagement. And that's a very good tactic to get people using the app. So that's one thing about clubhouse, okay? Now, the great thing about cop houses that you can use it from the comfort of your home. You can be on the platform from the comfort of your home. Meaning that either have to worry about any fancy video equipment. You don't have to worry about any expensive photo equipment. You can be in your car, you can be in your beds, you even being a bar from all your toilet. And you can still be in courthouse and no one will have to worry about what you look like, what you were in, or how you look, or how you roadblocks, or what the background of your video looks like. And it's a very important tool also for those who are network, network networkers. There's the event creators, even podcasters. I think it's a fantastic tool for people who are in the spaces are ready to come in a powder form and to make the most of the platform. Whether they want to get new contacts wherever they want to speak, wherever they want to do anything. Regarding business, regarding network him, cop-out is fertile grounds for the likes of podcasters have been created. And network is. And you certainly don't want to let this opportunity policy Bye. Now, I don't know how long clubhouse is going to be around four, but certainly while it's hot, you should definitely take advantage of clubhouse. It's such a fantastic tool. And in this course you're going to learn a lot more about what are the one is all about and how you can make the most of it as an entrepreneur or as a, as a creative. So I really encourage you to watch to the end of this course and to really take some notes and to enjoy the ride in this particular course. 3. How Clubhouse it all began: Okay. Someone how the clubhouse all begin and how believable and MC Hammer was actually one of the first uses of clubhouse. Imagine that the clubhouse, the platform was founded by Paul Davidson, who also previously founded highlights, which was a platform recently bought out by Pinterest. And then you have Roe Han CEF, who also worked in tech startup bold previously. And then in April 2020, they launched the iOS Store into the marketplace right at the peak of the pandemic. So as I said before, clubhouse really came out. That's a fantastic time when the world needed a new social media network to use. Now the pan met back in 2011 through a friend and connected over a shared love of social products. In late 2019, they reconnected and decided to give founding a new app, a lot shot. The founders say that in launching clubhouse, the goal was to build a social experience that felt more human way. Instead of posting, you can actually gaba, talk to other people, which is great. They wrote in their blog. I'll know Star wants to create something where you could close the app at the end of the session, feeling better than you did when you open them. Because you had deepened friendships, met new people, and learned. Now what has over 1 million people downloaded the app in January 2020, one alone, which is absolutely phenomenal radius. 4. Funding for Clubhouse: Okay. So a lot of people want to know about the funding regarding clubhouse. A lot of you wants to invest in clubhouse because of its rapid growth and success and he wants to have a piece of the pie. Now clubhouse recently pause statement in January 2021 that they have over a 180 investors diver vested into the platform, including those who were there from the very beginning working on the platform. So it doesn't seem that there is a lot of opportunity right now to invest in clubhouse. But I'm sure when they go public, like any other company, there will be more than ample opportunity to. 5. Getting started on Clubhouse & App Access: So clubhouse unfortunately, is only available on the iOS, Apple App Store to download at the moment for your iPhone. But the great news is that if you have an iPad, which I do because I'm no longer an iPhone visa. And match you Android user. You can still download the clubhouse app on the App Store. Now what you need to do is that you need to actually go to the iPad and the UD still need to go into the App Store. But then what you need to do is that you need to reconfigure the App Store to be able to download iPhone early apps instead of an iPad apps. And then once you've done that, you will be able to download the club house up. Now once you've done that from the App Store, just make sure that you reconfigured the screen if you want, just so that you can use it on the iPhone sized screen on your tablet. Or you can run club house on the iPhone sized screen on your tablet as well. Now for those of you who are going to use clubhouse on your iPad, just make sure you have access to a smartphone, even if it's an Android phone, because you need to receive a verification SMS, text message in order to activate yourself to the app. Now, for those of you who are on Android, don't worry, rumor has it that there is a version of clubhouse coming to Android. Now, I find this is a fantastic strategy because with Android, if Android users came on, clubhouse will be absolutely disaster because they're actually more Android users in the world than there are with iPhone and iPad users. So for clubhouse to limit the app Ernie to iPhone users at the start, I think it's a great idea. No need for exclusivity, but also to reduce capacity because it seems that clubhouse needs to upgrade their servers in order to allow Android users to be able to use the app. And now also buys them time in terms of their strategy, in terms of how they're going to make the most of having more users onto the platform. Because the more users that have in the platform, the more chances they are waste in touch. He monetized because eventually clubhouse is going to be monetized and what social media network isn't monetized. You could think of Facebook, you can think of Twitter, Instagram. They all monetised in one way or another. Now, I'm actually happy that clubhouse is also available in the high pads because obviously, as I mentioned to you, I'm an Android user. So our light to be able to use the club house up on a different device other than an iPhone because I won't have to break the bank. And also it's great if you can use it on iPad because you can spend your time on clubhouse and you could spend hours and hours and hours of time and clubhouse. And you really don't want to drain your battery on your phone and you really would want to be able to do other phase and your friend was having clubhouse and the backgrounds. I think it's great that it's also available on iPad rather than just the I Fund. And to limit the numbers of people on clubhouse. I think it's a fantastic idea. Just remember when Facebook crossed a million users on the application many, many years ago. Then to think now that there's billions of users on Facebook. Now, just imagine if clubhouse also went straight to a billion, it will be a disaster because they were made to handle it. So I think to steady their growth and introduce one thing at a time on clubhouse is a fantastic way for them to limit the app. And for those of you who can't afford an iPhone, it's great having an iPad by aside for you to use clubhouse. So that's how you access the application on the iOS platform. 6. Clubhouse Invites: Now in order to start using club house, you won't need something called an invite. Now this seems to be driving the growth right now. And I think it's a unique strategy, strategy that they're using. Think of it as Facebook in the early days where you needed the environmentalist against the platform. Now this sense of exclusivity, this sense of scarcity seems to be the success behind driving the growth of clubhouse. And I've seen other companies use this method to obtain organic growth in the past, such as the 1plus smartphone. Now, if you don't have an inline at the moment, the lease you can do is reserve a username. So when you eventually gain access to the clubhouse, you can hit the ground running with the username of your preference, subject to availability. Now the chances are the username that you want is available due to clubhouse still being relatively new. If you want to invite, there's a few ways to get this. You can either wait for one of your contacts to pick you up on the platform, want to sign up, and they can let you in. Or you could approach friends or family or who are unquote parser Ready, who are likely to have invites in the hands colony in February 2021. I have around six or the moments which is crazy. Once you get your hands on one, you will finally be led to the exclusive platform. Now if you can't get an invite, rumor, has it that there are a number of backdoor ways to get into clubhouse. So if that is the case, go into the clubhouse website and add your number to the waiting list. And then you can download the app on your iPhone or iPad and then reserve your username on corpus. He would then show up on your friends notifications that you have signed up to clubhouse. If you are lucky enough, you'll be allowed in by friends, by them giving you a wave. And I'm saying this as of February 2021. So things could change by the time you take this course. 7. Clubhouse Basics and Homepage: Okay. What you see as soon as he entered the platform is the home screen. Now by the time you're taking this course, chances are that the user interface may have changed slightly. Meaning the icons may or changed around a little bit. Now the little boxes you see as you scroll up and down the up is what is known as rooms. Once you click on the room, you'll be able to listen in or participate in the conversation. Typically, each room has at least one of your friends from clubhouse hosting a room or listening in on a number. Or it could be a room that relates to a topic or personal interests that you followed since signing up for the app. If we keep scrolling down, you'll eventually see the Export button. And this will recommend more rooms for you. 8. Clubhouse Rooms, Interests and Exploring Clubs: Ok, to explain the different types of rooms available, you have public rooms that anyone can join in, which is the ones that you can see here on the screen. You also have social rooms, which is where Ernie, people that you follow, not that follow you, but people that you follow. These are the ones that people can join. Okay? So for social rooms, which is very, very interesting, and then you have closed rooms, and this is only for people that you invite. So unless you choose those people, select those people, they will not be able to get into this room. Now, rooms typically allowed to 5000 people that can be in a room at any one time. And I'm saying this as of March 2021 when I'm recording this course, however, rumor has it that this capacity can be increased for special events. So as I discussed at a random events such as Elon Musk, which reached capacity to the point where people are recording the clubhouse conversation and uploaded onto YouTube. Special events like that. You may see the capacity maybe go from 5000, 5000 to 7000, maybe even 10 thousand. On a special occasions such as that. Now, if you hit the calendar icon, you should be able to see rooms coming up the scheduled. You can easily get a reminder for any of these events per hit the bell icon. This will help you to get reminders about surgeries that you most intrigued about. Whilst the room organizer can help to maximize the number of show us show up. So if you are hosting a room on clubhouse, this is a great way for people to have your room to calendar. Digits needs is simply click, click, click on the room. An app to calendar. If they don't want to have the counter, they can't hit the bell icon Sarah minder. So these are useful tools to help get more people to come to your room, to remember to come to you if you are hosting the root. Now, typically each room on the appears on the courthouse home screen. Either we'll have friends from your clubhouse hosting a room or listening in on a different. Or it could be a room that relates to a topic or personal interests that you followed since signing up for the app. So I can see at least one person which is showing on the screen for each room that I even know or I'm following who are furloughed because of because I'm interested in that person or it's to do with a club. Now, I'm followed. Now how you know that it's a club hosting an event is that you see the green house icon just above the name of the room. Now, if you keep scrolling down, eventually you're going to see the Explore page. And then you're going to need to discover more rooms. And what you can also do is also if you went to the search bar, you can find even more people to follow. You can also find a lot more conversations that you can take part in. So if you want to further customize your clubhouse experience, you can find more topics. This is Virgin upload. I'm going to follow him. And you can find more people related to the area of sports and he's fashion under the white while he's there in there, but he must have some interests in sports. You can also find, Let's go back to sports. You can also find more topics to further related to sport, so on the sports football, boxing, basketball, tennis, cricket. And then you also have clubs the further based on sports. So you see MBA clubs, football clubs, fan clubs, and so on and so forth. Thousands and thousands of people. Now because any crop house only has a few million members, then the amount of people in the, in the, in the clubs are quite minimal. Well, I can imagine as Android users are allowed to the formulas clubhouse continues the growing. You should see the number of these crabs grow substantially. So I will recommend once you are eligible to crayon crop, create one, and build up as quickly as possible because this could be a very powerful tool that you can leverage to win more Clyde's or to establish itself as an authority figure. And we get more opportunities across your way. Now if you head back, you also have the let's take you straight backup, right, the top. Although if you've noticed that, but you can't see your schedule, your upcoming schedule of events that would leave this room, take them a mistake. So what you can see here right at top in this box right here, the shadow box right here, right the top, you can't see your private personal schedule of upcoming rooms coming either from a club that you're following or that you're part of or evil of a room that you have scheduled yourself to be able to join. And this is really useful tool as well. And it just gives you a glance of what's coming. So you always have something to look forward to if you're adding some of these rooms TO schedule. Now this consists of clubs that you've joined or events that you've scheduled once again, so it is better than mine. 9. Outro: This course, I hope you've all found some great value from learning about clubhouse and how to use it to maximize your business or your brand and to leverage opportunities for the platform offers. I want to conclude with a quotation from Gary rain, a chalk. Now, on the last module, we did speak a little bit about gary brain, a chump by a one to end the course with this quote from GAO green chalk. I think it essentially sums up everything about clubhouse that's going on right now. So let's go straight to that quote. So in the words of Gary range, OK, once again, so this is more of an expansion. This is more of the full version of the quotation that I used in the previous module. Now it says this app, social network has a lot of attention as well as a lot of very intrigue and people in the community. Okay. There is a lot of intrigue and people in the community of clubhouse, I've come across some really, really interested in people that are not known before coming on the platform. Very interesting people. So he's right. It's a good use of your time wherever clubhouse is huge in a year or not. And he was kind of right. Clubhouse was huge in the air because it launched in early 2020, as we discussed earlier on in the course. And now it's worth a billion dollars in just over a year. Remarkable. Let's continue. Because the time you spend their valuable, most people worry about it going away, But everything goes away eventually. That is just the essence of life. Everything goes away eventually. It's about maximizing attention, true? That's very true with clubhouse as well about what happens there and there right now. You can't prerecord, record the clubhouse and listen to it unless it's a very popular one. Building reputation. I've discussed reputation in the course and community have discussed how clubhouses, some kind of community that you need to be valuable to and you need to be careful to also, while it's hot. You see, we said while it's hot, so it could change things. We've clubhouse could change the relationship between clubhouse, that change are people using it right now, we just don't know because we live in that kind of wild. This whole quote from Gary vanish, shock, SMS or Le Pen. One of the reasons why I do put my faith and Gary Vee when it comes to things in the world of social media, because he is an absolute beast. He knows his stuff. He correctly predicted that Tech Talk was going to blow up. I think he was an early investor in TikTok just before it well, before it blew up, he knew it was going to blow up. He said The guys go on tiktok, gallon tick tock, tick tock. He kept saying it. And he invest in Tik Tok and now is blown up. Saving a Twitter. He said guys get on Twitter, get into really get on Twitter. And then what happened? It blew up, right? So this guy, whatever, this guide tends to, whatever social network this guy tends to put his hand on or it tends to approve, it tends to go gold. So Gallery. And the trick is when it comes to the things of social media and marketing in that sense. I always go to Gary range up because he does know his stuff is do not be deceived by his age. He's in his early forties and not be deceived. This guy knows his stuff. You'll be surprised and there's no, and there's no doubt and there's no you shouldn't be surprised that he makes $200 million a year with his agency either because he knows his stuff in the world of social. So there you have it guys are crushing of clubhouse for entrepreneurs and creatives. Hope you enjoyed this course. See you on the next one. Thank you very much.