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CRUSH Business Marketing: Make Professional Business Cards in MINUTES!

teacher avatar Storm, Visual Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What Makes a Professional Business Card

    • 3. Designing & Printing Business Cards With Canva!

    • 4. How to Make QR codes!

    • 5. Class Project & Wrap Up!

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About This Class

A great tool to build your business credibility is professional, unique business cards. In this class I'll teach you how you can make your own without breaking the bank!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Visual Artist



Hey there! I'm Storm. 

I'm a YouTuber, and Photographer. Thanks for checking out my profile!

I have a passion for creating professional, unique visual arts using budget gear.


In my classes you'll learn:

|>How to film and edit photos & videos on your smartphone

|>YouTube marketing and branding tips

|>Freelancing guides to help you succeed

...and much more! Let's have a good time!

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1. Introduction: Hi, my name is storm and in this class I'm going to teach you how to design professional looking business cards and order them straight from the web. And this is one of the easiest ways to do it because there's a website called and you can do the whole process on now, the benefit of having a business card for your business is it makes you look more professional and your brand stays in someone's mind because when they take the business card with them, even when they're done with the conversation, they'll find you later. I'll walk you through every step of the process, how to find the designs that work best for your business and your field, as well as how to design it. This website makes it super easy to use Canvas for almost all of my marketing designs. And I think you'll really like it as well. So that appeals to you. Enroll. 2. What Makes a Professional Business Card: So before we get into making your awesome business card, Let's first talk about what makes a good professional unique design for your business card. A business card should be memorable, unique, and have a simple design. It needs to catch the eye of your prospective clients and customers while sticking in their mind later, it should sum up the feel of your business in a way that's easily understood and uncluttered. You don't want people to look at your business card and wonder what you do or who you are. Here's a few examples of effective business card designs. As you can see in this one, you know exactly what Jim Glynn Ford does. She's a nutritionist. It says it right there on each side of the business card. Additionally, it has a brand name and a quick description of what they do. And finally, you see all her contact information on the right side. This would be, say, the backside of the business card. So it's easier to know how to reach her and how to reach out. Next up, we have Chris Fleming. She's a makeup and beauty artist. As you can see, that's highlighted directly on the front of the business card. On the back side, you have two designs here that not only shows you that she's achieved beauty consultant right off the bat, but it's simple and easy to read. Additionally, you have two different styles here, dark and light. This is great so that you can decide what type of style you want to give to who. Also, we have this grant designs. This is a really simple design for a graphic designer and the colors make it pop. This is especially nice if you have a brand with a color palette already, you can adjust your color palette on your business card to match your business. Next up, you see these two business card designs. Take it to the next level. They both have QR codes that direct you to their website or to their portfolio without someone having to open their phone and look it up. I'll show you how to do that really quick and easy in a later lesson. So that's what makes a professional business card design. Let's hop into how to make them. 3. Designing & Printing Business Cards With Canva!: So if you go to, this is the homepage you're going to see when you first load the website type in business card. And you're gonna see a bunch of different options here on the drop-down. If you want a rounded business card or a certain shape, you can click one of these. But for today's example, we're just going to use the standard business card here at the top. And once that loads up, you'll see all of these different designs that Canva has made. So all of these designs are pre-made, but you can edit all of the assets, all of the photos, all of the backgrounds, all of the texts, all the colors to fit your needs. The one thing to keep in mind is when you hover over these, some of them will say free at the bottom-right corner, others won't. If you see one that doesn't say free, that basically means that there's an asset or something built into the design that is premium. Usually you can remove that asset or change it so that you don't have to pay. But if you want something that you know for sure is only going to be free, find a free design. I'm going to make a business card for a graphic design business. And I really like this one here. It does have two sides. So you've got this one side has all the details and then kinda like a logo side. Let's open that up and now we can get editing. And on the bottom of this editing suite you can see 12. So one is the first side and two is the second side. So I'm going to click on to you and let's edit this first. And I do like this design a lot, but there's a couple of things I would change. I'd like to add a background just to give it more life and then change the color from red to blue. And I'm also going to change the text to my business name. So let's go ahead and click on the color here. And then if you click on the box at the top, this shows the three colors that are contained in that asset. So you can click on each one to edit each color. So let's go ahead and click on this light red one. And then if you click over here on this plus sign, you can change the color to exactly what you want. So I think I'm going to do type of teal. And then let's do a darker blue or the other one. And we'll do the same over here. Now once you do, make some selections of colors up your own, it'll save it here on the left side in your palate. And the beautiful thing about that is that you can always use them when you're ready. These two colors here, that looks pretty good. And then in the middle, also want to change that color to probably a lighter one. Okay, So now for the background, now what you can do in Canvas, as well as find all of their assets, elements and photos. So they have a whole photo library. A lot of these are free to use as you see. You also have elements like shapes, graphics, charts, all types of different things. So if you really want to get crazy, you can, and you can also add extra text down here. But for the sake of this, I'm going to just use what we've got here as text, but I do want to change the background footer, so let's go to photos. And I'm going to type in background. And as you see, there's a bunch of different ones here. Some of these are pro, some of these are free. I do have the Pro account. I do recommend getting it if you're going to be using Canva lot, but you don't have to at all. So let's go ahead and see if we can find a cool design. I really like this. And then if you drag that over here to the right side, we can go to position and hit to back. And from there we can change the color slash effects. So let's do, Let's do adjust. Actually just want to desaturate it. So let's do that. And then it'll be white. Really like how that pops. So I'm going to stick with that. Now I'm going to double-click on the text and put it in my own text. And I do want to make this bigger so it's easier to glance at because a good business card will have easier to read text, something that's glanceable and a good reminder of what your business is. So let's go ahead and change this size to do 20. See how that looks. It looks pretty good. And if you drag an asset, you'll see these, these pink and purple lines popup. This one lets you know that it's centered. We have a line straight down the middle. And the same is true for up and down. So let's just go ahead and drag that where we want it. The only thing I'm considering, it's changing that icon, that logo. I think I might want to one of these lines, yeah, I'm going to try one of these lines. Let me delete this one. Okay, so I've edited all I can do there. And you can change the style. Really do like that. Make sure it's centered. So now I'm going to click on the one so we can go to the other sided card. So let's go ahead and click on the colors here and when to change these with the palette I already have. And then also change the color of this text. Then of course I'll change the name to my name. Designer, that looks good. I'll leave this stuff down here as it is just because this is an example, but you can always edit that text as well. I will change the color of these, however, now this photo, I do want to change this photo. I don't really like that one. So over here, let's go to photos again. Let's do graphic design. See what they have. Like this one. Too colorful. Let's keep searching. This one's nice. I like the contrast, the orange I'll probably give us. So if you double-click on the image, you can drag the crop too much hand. That's not bad, okay, that looks pretty good. And you can always add effects if you want to. So there's different filters on here, shadows. You can also do mock-ups through here using Smartmockups tool. You can also do filters. So here's an example of kinda with the filters would do That's not bad. All right, so now that we have our design made, we'll go ahead and print them or get them ready to print slash order. So here's something I would recommend if you're using a different website to print them, then Canva, because you don't have to use Canvas built in business card printer. If you use something like vista print or another website, you can get some pretty good deals on there as well. However, you will notice that usually when you're ordering them on those websites, they're only going to quote you the price for one side. So once you add the second side, it's going to cost more money. Now if you're just starting out and you just need something really quick and really cheap. You can always just stick with the most detail Heaviside that you download from this card. And then just upload that to one of those sites so that they can print that side. That'll be the cheapest way to go has all your information. But if you want to be more professional, you probably wanna do double-sided. And the beauty of this canvas designing studio is that they have both sides ready to go. So additionally, here on the bottom you'll see you can add other sides in case you want to try out different designs. But that's just something to keep in mind when you're getting ready to print to it. I'll show you here the Download button. If you were to download them, you can download it at a PDF or a PNG file and then just hit download. But let's go back to print. So it says quality business cards delivered to your doorstep. So you have single-sided or double-sided. So if we do double-sided, it's actually cheaper on Canva to do double-sided instead of single. So why wouldn't we do double this? Do double. It says select your pages to print. Of course you want both pages that you can change the paper options so you have standard, premium or Deluxe. Basically this is just the thickness of the paper. So thinner paper is going to be really flimsy, really soft, and then a thicker paper like the deluxe here. It's a really thick hard card, so there'll be more professional looking and feeling, but it does affect your prices. You see at the bottom. If you're starting out, I would just do premium, then you can change the finished. So you've got matte gloss encoded or soft touch. Soft touch is really nice because it's kind of a velvety feel. Glosses also really nice because it shines. You will notice that the gloss cannot be written on. So keep that in mind. If you needed to write a note or a quote on a business card. I really liked the soft touch, so let's do that. And you will notice a difference in price on that as well. So let's just change that and then you can change the copies so as you buy more, of course they have discounts. If you're going to be handing atonic these out, you'll probably want as many as you can get. But if you want to just start out, you can just start with their lowest option. And then of course it says they'll help you if you're not happy to continue. Let's get your business cards print ready. So it says, Do you see any white areas around the edges? So basically, if this background wasn't filled up, this part on the edge could be cut off. And so you obviously don't want to be missing any information. Now if you stick with their template design, they've made it so that it's not going to cut off those edges. But if you design it from scratch, you will want to keep an eye on that. So we notice there's nothing that's going to be cut off, so that's good. Continue. And now it says check the danger zone. So again, that's kind of the same thing. The first one was saying if you have an image that's not stretched all the way, you want to fix it. And then this is the dangerous ONE thing we were talking about and let's just continue. Now it says you can download a PDF proof to double-check. So let's go ahead and do that just to be sure it looks good because it's kinda your last line of defense before you get them ordered. So let's check it out. So here's the proof. You can see these guidelines on where it's going to be cut. And that actually looks pretty nice. So if there's any sort of formatting issue, this is the way to double-check and see if it looks good to you. But that looks good. So let's hit Continue. And now it says your business card is ready to print, we've locked you design or you complete your order just in case you accidentally touch something, it wouldn't mess it up. However, you can edit just using this icon. Now they do have free shipping, which is really nice for seven to 14 days. But if you need it fast, there are other options. And then you'll just have to fill in your address and your payment details and you'll be all set. 4. How to Make QR codes!: Here's an idea to help you take your business cards to the next level. As you can see on your screen, these two business cards have QR codes built in. Let me show you exactly how to do this really quick and easy. First up, let me show you how to make this portfolio QR code. Using website like QR code You can make free QR codes. And as long as you create a free account, you can make a few right away. I'm gonna go up here to create QR code. I'm going to type in a website. Hit Next. Let's put our website name next. And finally, we have all of these options on how to design. So we want the portfolio one. Here's a frame. Choose your text. Additionally, you can go to more options to choose the way your design appears. And let's go ahead and choose some colors. Finally, hit download, and that'll save it to your computer as an image. You can drop that into your editor of choice. And there you go. Next up, let's talk about this one. So this one is colorful and blends into the design a little bit better. So I'll show you how to make that. Going back to our website here, QR code, there's multiple websites like this isn't the only one you have to use. I'm going to take away the frame altogether. Going to go ahead and put scan me in the middle. And then I'm gonna go ahead and change some of the colors. But first off, let's do pink, and next, let's change the code color to a dark green. You can hit download, and that'll easily match our design here. Then you can place it wherever you want as a tip, if you're using Canva to edit and you're uploading your QR codes, you'll notice that they'll have a white background. While this will make it easier to scan. Most modern smartphone cameras are advanced enough to be able to scan without the background, to get rid of the white background, go to the Effects panel, the top hit background remover, and let it do its thing. Once you're done, you don't have a background anymore and you're all set. 5. Class Project & Wrap Up!: All right, Well, thank you for tuning into the class. Hopefully you did learn something and I hope you enjoyed just trying out this business card idea with me. If you were able to follow along and make your own card design, I'd love to see it. Please attach it to a class project. Additionally, we'll be making more marketing classes. So keep an eye out for that. But until next time, thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next one.