CREAZONA: Boost your creativity with Intuitive painting. Bears. | Irina Teeshoom | Skillshare

CREAZONA: Boost your creativity with Intuitive painting. Bears.

Irina Teeshoom, Illustrator

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7 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Intuitive painting. Bears. Introduction.

    • 2. Intuitive painting - Beginning

    • 3. Intuitive painting - Working on the base

    • 4. Intuitive painting - Paint. First strokes

    • 5. Intuitive painting - Sketching

    • 6. Intuitive painting - Making bear step by step

    • 7. Intuitive painting - Multitasking. 3 projects at a time


About This Class


Can't wait to share a great news!

I prepared new and inspiring tutorial for Skillshare. This time I made cute bears using technique of intuitive painting (yes! I'm more and more abscessed with intuitive painting). 


Now, let's get to the point! What are we going to do at workshop:

- create and get charming artsy bears; 

- practice intuitive painting. 

And... intuitive painting is the way to:

- boost your creativity; 

- free your inner artist; 

- find your own artistic style and point of view: 

- get rid of distractive perfectionalism; 

- relieve internal creative stress. 

I prepared for you: 

- Megabytes of video. All edited, sounded, speeded up - where it should be (only important information). And don't forget that you can change video playback speed on Skillshare - speed up or slow down if necessary.

- RUSSIAN SUBTITLES (finally, my classes will be available for Russian students).

And I hope soon there will be as more inspiring Russian teachers on Skillshare. 


And just a little bit of materials: 

- acrylic paints

Try to use your favorite, inspiring colors.

- texture paste 

For making complicated bases for your artworks. 

- cardboard, pallet knife,  rules, penсil, scissors

- ability to make flower doodles (also can be achieved during workshop)

- your mood (doesn't matter how you feel! you can even have a bad mood - in that case you can free your negative emotions). 



Welcome to my class everyone!