CREATIVE PERSONAL BRANDING - your strategy to answer what's next and create impact | Jürgen Salenbacher | Skillshare

CREATIVE PERSONAL BRANDING - your strategy to answer what's next and create impact

Jürgen Salenbacher, Opportunity Favours the Prepared Mind

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7 Videos (22m)
    • Introduction: Learning Goals and Objectives

    • Session 1: Print the Canvas, get post-its and markers

    • Session 2: What do you offer the market?

    • Session 3: needs & demands of the market

    • Session 4: identify your vision & actions

    • Session 5: balance energy vs objectives

    • Session 6: Identify pain points and define your career pivot


About This Class

In times of transitions everybody is facing the same question: «What should I do next?»In the «Creative Personal Branding» Class you will be walked through the «Creative Personal Branding Canvas» and learn the key elements to better understand your identity and current situation, discover your opportunities to position yourself in the creative economy's breadth and answer what's next.

This Masterclass has been designed for creative professionals who want to define the next steps in their professional development or helps others to do so (team members, partners, clients etc). Previous participants include: creative directors, designers, design consultants, photographers, art directors, writers, design managers, programmers, facilitators, team leaders and marketers.

It will be facilitated by Jürgen Salenbacher. He currently teaches in Barcelona (IED), Luzern (HSLU), and Stockholm (Hyper Island). He is a facilitator and coach with extensive experience in education, design and business. He is also a specialist in design, branding and the creative economy, about which he wrote his first book Creative Personal Branding (2010), now in its fifth english edition, translated to Spanish and Russian, and sold more than 15.000 times to over 90 countries. The Method has been facilitated to more than 4.500 creative professionals from more than 70 countries.

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Jürgen Salenbacher

Opportunity Favours the Prepared Mind

Hello, I'm Jurgen and I work as an executive coach on profiling, positioning and personal growth. I am facilitating creative leadership, learning and social change. worldwide.

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