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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 19m)
    • 1. Facts About Videos

    • 2. What Makes a Video Effective

    • 3. Simple Mode

    • 4. OFFEO Account

    • 5. Designing Mode

    • 6. Video Processing

    • 7. Edit Video On Your Phone

    • 8. Create Videos Using Others

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About This Class

In this course you'll learn to create professional Instagram videos for marketing purposes or just for fun in 1 minute.

We'll discuss what makes a video EFFECTIVE and what NOT to do when creating your videos - weather you're filming them yourself OR creating videos with a professional program.

We're going to work in a program called OFFEO which makes the process very easy. We're also going to go through how to edit a video you've recorded on you mobile quickly to upload to Instagram. 

You're then going to learn to create your own videos using your phone.


Robin & Jesper

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Robin & Jesper ✓

Teaches Digital Marketing & Social Media


We're passionate about teaching! There's no greater joy than watching beautiful testimonials of people achieving their goals and dreams. That's why we STRONGLY believe in full and constant support. With ALL of our courses you can expect:

If you're interested in learning Digital Marketing - Social Media Marketing or Creating a Something Awesome..

We're at your service!


Robin & Jesper

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1. Facts About Videos: All right, guys, in this video, we're talking about some facts about videos before we go ahead and create videos for Instagram account. And I'm talking about the videos that is going to display between your photos in your feet . I'm not talking about stories. We will cover stories later in this course in another section, So let's dive into it now. You can easily see that it's a video by Yeste watching the little icon in the top right corner with displaced as a camera. So let's go over some video formats. Everyday performance is basically like the images that we're talking about. This size is off the videos that you can upload on Instagram in order to get viewers. So first off we're having this square video, and they're having the same dimensions at the images. 10 80 by 10 80 looks like this, and then we're having the vertical videos having 10 80 by 13 50 in pixels and as against the it's a little bit smaller on the screen with displaced. But also, once you've clicked into this video, it will display a little bit longer a little bit higher. So that is the differences between square and vertical, and then we're having off course the landscape video, and this is a little bit wider. If you're having a wider screen on your phone, it will display a little bit wider, and you are basically filming like this. All right, so you're filming a little bit wider with your phone, and it will display 1920 by 10 80 pixels. So, first of all, you can upload and square video. You can also upload in vertical video, which a little bit higher in size. You can also just upload and landscape V you to your instagram feed. I really can be 60 seconds long at the most, and I'm once again not talking about stories. Stories have another maximum length, but for this, 60 seconds is the most that you can upload and video to instagram in. So let's talk about what kind of video that we can upload on Instagram. You can create your own videos. Of course, you can fill in your own video. You can also create videos from images. Look at this. So this is a plane image and there's some text just playing above the background image, and I'm gonna show you step by step, how to create this awesome videos, which will make your audience click and like and follow you because we're gonna use a program that is really, really easy to use and user friendly. And it's for free so you can create these awesome videos yourself presenting and promoting your products and services or telling them that you're having some kind of deals or whatever it might be that you would like to display on INSTAGRAM account. And then we also will cover to create videos using others. Look at this so you can basically go into this and we're gonna use a program where we can download this video, use a part of this video and create our own videos using other people's content, which is awesome, right? So what we went through in this fact about videos, video is first of all, the different format that you can upload and video in first Waas squared video. Then we have the work to go. Let me hire taller video and then we have the broad video which we call landscape video, and then a video can maximum be 60 seconds long, have that in mind one year uploading a video. And then we will cover how to create your own videos. Also, how to film them the best way in an upcoming lecture and also how we can create videos from images and then also how to create videos using others content. Awesome. Right? So that was some fast facts about videos before we get into it and get our hands dirty. So follow along to the next lecture. I'll see you there. 2. What Makes a Video Effective: Alright, guys. In this video we will be talking about what makes a video effective. Why do people click on videos? If you are like not big on Instagram today, How can you may your videos clickable? That is what we're gonna cover in this video. All right, so what is it that really makes your video effective and also useful for that audience that is watching them? Well, first of all, why do people click on video? Well, you need to have an interesting family that is basically the first image within your video that will display the video that will present your video. So keep that photo relatable to the video content and keep it interesting. Like if you watch this image, for example, this is totally something I would click. That might be because I love ice cream and I kind of like pigs as well as you can see on every ice cream scoop. Here. You can see that they're like painting on pig's nose. And I think it's funny. So I would totally click this video. The same goes for this kind of video. Well, dogs look at this is taking the dogs, cheeks and you're doing this and I think it's funny. So this is also a clickable video. I would click this. Maybe you would, Or maybe not. But you need to make your thumbnail that photo that displaced the video. Interesting. And we will cover how to do that later. In this course. Next up is keep video short. As you already know, the maximum length to upload and video in your instagram feed is one minute. And yet, of course, you need to keep it under one minutes. But if you are not the person with a lot off followers already on Instagram, you would like it to keep it short and concise and also get straight to the point. What are you gonna display in this video? What is the point with this video either? If you're having a like a talking head like I'm doing right now, what is the point with your video? Do you want them to click a link? Do you want them to get something for free? What are you wanting to present? What type of content do you want like to share with them? Keep that to the point as quickly as you possibly can, because in today's era, people are scrolling their phone in high speed, and if you don't have anything interesting to tell them or to give out to them, they will continue to scrolling. And you would like to watch your video recognize your brand were services or products or whatever you trying to market on Instagram in order to grow your instagram as quickly as you possibly can. Next up is to keep your video interesting without the sound on, because videos will auto play in instagram and the sound will not be on from the beginning . Maybe you've noticed it if you're using instagram that you have to tap on the screen in order for the sound to play. So one way to keep it interesting for your audience is to add some kind of subtitle, some kind of text, maybe what the video is all about or what you're saying in the video. But keep it interesting so your audience will stay for video and click on the screen in order to hear what you have to say. Same goes for this. As I told you before, I would totally click this if I were into makeup I would totally click this to see what she is doing with her makeup off course, because this is value. They're basically presenting to me how to add makeup to my face in order to make me more beautiful. I would totally watch this toe, keep it interesting without sound. So once they've clicked on the screen, they will hear what you have to say. If you have something to say, maybe only are displaying some background music, but anyways, keep it interesting without sound. And lastly, add your CT a call to action, the same as we're having in the bio. The little link in the buyer you remember, collect this link that is the C T A. That is to call to action. As you can see on this screen, tap the download icon on the next image. They're displaying their website, and you can do the same. Always endure Venus with some call to action in order to make your video as effective as it possibly can. Because that's the reason why putting out content valuable content to people on Instagram in order to draw them into our business. If we're having something that we want to sell or if it don't have something to sell, we would like them to click and most likely to double click on the screen in order to like our photos toe like our videos, and to grow our instagram and become as efficient with our instagram marketing as we possibly can. So to sum up this video first thing is an interesting thumbnail. Now that is the picture that would display your video, then keep the video short and keep it straight to the point, and also tried to make the video interesting without the sound on, and then add your call to action in the end and you will be fine with your videos. Let's have a look on how to create this video's Won't we see you in the next lecture, guys. 3. Simple Mode: All right, guys, in this video, I'm going to show you how to create this type of video in order to market your business services and instagram account. Let's start. Okay, guys, I'm logged into my O fail account and you can simply is go ahead and create our free one and follow along or just follow along on the screen. Now, first off, just before we go into creating this videos, I just want to cover some things in order for you to get around and navigate this interface . First off, here are my projects. These are tree videos that I have created. And you can see here that this is my project and you can simply us go here. As you can see, you can exit this or you can enter this small menu on the left hand side. Here, we can navigate through different things Now, First of all, here are the products. This are the things that I've already created here. Then we're having the account settings. If you click into the account settings, you can see some information about you and you can also go ahead and change your password. Here also here are some account settings that you can basically link your Facebook account to this if you'd like to and also link your Gmail to this that is available. If I click in the middle here on payments, you can see that you have a lifetime access to a fail. Have fun. That is because one of the guys that is owning a failed David reach out to us and said, Hey, go check out our new software. It's awesome and it's it certainly is. So next top ace updates, you can get the laces updates. Or if you think that the emails are in weighing, just click on No and click on Apply and safe Next tab is referrals on the left hand side. Here. This is if you would like to refer, maybe somebody in your company, a friend or a family member. You can basically just right in there and send invitations here by clicking here. Also, if you go on the left, inside it to my brand here is it. Where is getting really much fun? If you look here, I have uploaded our logo and you can do the same just by clicking this sign here. So up your load your logo. If you're having a brand and business, do that because it will be saved in your database so that you can basically access it really, really easy later on and then upload your callers. If you remember In earlier lectures, we went over color palettes. Now, if you've done your job at your end, you will have some colors that you can put in here by basically us. Click on this plus sign here, and you can see one new square disappearing with the color. If you know like that hex colors that code for your colors. Basically, you can write it in like Yeste writings six numbers like that and click on Enter and your collar will appear here. If you're not sure and you haven't like figured out your colors, you can use this and just click around and see whatever colors that you think that your account will fit with. And then you click here on the screen. I'm going to remove that we've already put in our colors. Now you can also add your phone that is defunct, that textile that you're using on your images and your videos, maybe only website Or maybe on promotional things that you're sending out to your clients. You can just click this little t here, and by clicking here, you can scroll through Ah, lot off texts here, as you can see, so pick their ones that you want to stay consistent on your instagram account with. You can also upload your own frontier if you're having any, which is really handy. So you just make sure that your branding is clear before we start getting into that video stuff, okay, And now it's time to actually create our first video. So, yes, click on create new video, right, guys. So we're left with two different options either to create a simple mode video which are having five steps to it, or to go into this signer mode, which can have how many steps you like. And in this video, we're gonna cover simple moat in In the next lecture, we will cover the signer mode. So, yes, click on simple mode and up pops thousands of different templates templates that wiki is twist around in our style and create a video from as I'm scrolling down you can see that a lot off templates are appearing here and they are all of high quality and free off use. Now there are three different formats that we can go with when we're creating this video. The 1st 1 is the square one. And by now, if you went through the earlier lectures, you should know that that is 10 80 by 10. 80. So that is basically a square video that we can create. And they were having these vertical ones as well, a bit taller in size, as you can see. And we're having the landscape ah, little bit wider in size. And that is basically up to you. Whatever you would like to start with, I'm going to start with this square one. And then if I drag the mouse all over to the right hand side here, you can see that it says categories. If I click the categories, you can see that you can go with promotional posts you can go with, like, intros and logos and giveaways and contests. So they're having some categories here on which fits the best for your purpose. And also you can see that this is laid out in five steps. As I told you The 1st 1 is the design. Then we're having the text. Then we're having the media, the music, and then the preview. And then we can download it super excited. So I'm gonna pick any year and you'll do the same. Same. Yes. Going to scroll through here a little bit. You're gonna see what fits us. Ah, let's take this one. Let's take this one for example. Now we can go in and customize this just the way we want to after our branding. So you can see that new arrival product off the week. You can change all of this text here on the left hand side. If you feel for it, I'm gonna change this one to Robin. Yes, but dot com. And if you would like to change anything else here, you simply just marked the text that you'd like to change. So if you'd like to change this one, for example, you kissed marked text here, and you can change that. Maybe the color of the text here. You can also change how that looks by just tapping this box here. As you can see, something is changing here. And if you'd like to go with your phone style. Yuki has changed out here by you're searching for it and you're clicking there. You can see that it's changed. You can drag out the text and change the size here as well. So if you'd like to have it like that may be put in the middle. You can center it with this box here. As you can see, you can play around with all the text in here. Really? So if you don't want it to say new arrival here, you can change that as well. Just change around things after what fits your brand. Maybe your promotion, etcetera. So let's go to the next step. Click on this button here. So now to the next part, which is media. Now you can change how the media is looking to the audience here by just clicking here, and you can, like, move this around. You can change the size off this image Within this. You can also collect some boxes here. If you'd like to have your colors, you can just put in your colors here. So maybe this one could fit better for us greenish one. And then you can move on to the next box, which is this box here. If you like that to be in greenish one as well, you can pick that one. You can just play around with this with the colors, and it's really much fun, actually. So let's say I would like to have this in a more blackish and then the last one, This little box here, let's put it in like a more white collar. Let's see if we can find that, Yeah, if I drag this, I think we're here. All right, so cool. And we can also change all the background where it's sit. I think it's this one. If you don't like it to be grey as this, you can change it also by just clicking this image or play around with this after your colors. Then next up is to edit the music. Yes, it has in build music in this program, which is really, really much fun. So if I click this box here, you can see this music playing So yes, by clicking this box is you can listen to much music. It's a lot off songs here, so if I like this better, I use simply click on use here, and I'm satisfied with this image. So I'm gonna click on next to preview this. And if you click on look on the little screen from here, you can see that it's a small video here playing right. Just rewind this one. You can see how all the elements is getting into place. And in the next video, I'm going to show you how to put all the elements there and how to, like, slow down some elements and put some effects on really cool stuff. But for now, yes, have a look on the screen right now and you can see that everything is coming in like a small video. Now, if you'd like to download this off course you'd like to download is eater. You can do that as a video or an image. If you like the image, why not download the image as well, right? You can then download image as this for in PNG. It's a bigger file size, but in my opinion it's better and more clear file size where you can go with G pig, which is also cool. The video. You can download an MP four, which is more compatible with that instagram platform. So I'm gonna use this. You can also use this or this, but I'm going to click on and before here and you're done. It takes some minutes for the video to render, but now it's done. Let's click on download video. Okay, guys, let's have a look at the video. Cool is finished. And it only took us minutes to do, which is awesome. Right? So this is how it looks. Okay, Maybe not the best design. But anyways, you now know how to go around in Oh, fail and create a video in simple mode. So let's move on to the next lecture and have a look at the designer mode which are having a lot more features to it. And if your designer than you love this, so see in the next video guys. 4. OFFEO Account: Alright guys, in this video, I'm going to show you the features off. Oh, fail the program that we're going to use in order to create professional videos within minutes that we can upload on Instagram. How cool, Right? So let's go ahead and do it. OK, guys, Now we are at or feel dot com Lincoln The resource is yes, to collect this video beneath this video, you have the link. You can click it and follow along on the screen. So first of all, what is so fail? Well, it's basically on program that we can use in order to create videos, videos from templates that they have already created for us. So we can just customize some things and brand it and put it on Instagram really, really simple and easy to use. So let's have a look at some examples Now here we are having some examples. If I having the mouse over, you can see how it turns out like this. OK, so this is one video example Now, if you're selling coffee, you can use this template. If you're selling some kind of products, you can use this template and I can scroll through them a little bit more. So you see how, like the images and the text is popping in, you can decide for your own how they are going to pop in Wender popping in what kind of like elements and features you would like to have in the picture. If you would like to have, like your image for your products and your text, you can put it in there. You can put in the collars off your brand, and you can brand these video really east, and I will show you in the next two lectures how to do that. So this is a really cool program, easy to use, and it's for free that there's also an upgraded version. If you would like to make your videos more professionally, so let's go over some features here. And let's compare the ones the free one to the paid one. Now that paid one is more for commercial use, and this is if you really would like toa upload videos to instagram and make them as professional as you possibly can. Also, if you're working with clients, you can just send them these videos and there will be no copyright no nothing. So this is totally illegal to do so. First off, what is included in the free version? Well, first of all, unlimited standard quality videos up to 360 pixels. Now this resolution isn't the best. It works, but it's not the best. You can create videos up to 30 seconds long so you can have a lot of features with in this videos, and you can also use music, which is awesome. So there's a lot of templates. I think there are, like thousands of templates in this program, which is awesome. So weekends customized that video's off. There are tastes and our brand or our products and services. And for the free version, add your own images and videos, which is awesome. You will have 100 megabytes storage, so that is pretty much and there are preset dimensions. I think it's like square vertical and landscape, which we already went through, and then the audio. Their music in these videos will be watermarked, so that is not nice. No, it's not. So for the paid plan. It cost $19 a month. Now we're having on code for you, which were having 25% off, which is awesome. So I will link that in the last video. Actually, the last lecture because you to meet. Don't allow me to link links to you if there are a free version. But in the last lecture in the bonus lecture you can find this code. So go ahead now And if you would like to use the paid version which is in my opinion, the best one because then you get used this material on Instagram. It's in the bonus lecture in the code and I will show you how to put it in in just a minute . So for this you will have a high quality video up till 10 80 pixels, which is awesome. And you can create your video upto 30 seconds as off with the free version having a lot of templates to use and you can use your own images and videos. And the storage here will be 20 gigabyte, which is awesome. Great. How many videos, as you possibly would like to actually almost so 20 gigabyte versus 100 megabyte. That's a big difference and also customize video dimensions. As I said earlier, square vertical landscape and then you can commercialize license music so you can use whatever music within this program. They're having a lot of songs and lot of melodies that you can put over your video, which is awesome. I will show you how to do that. And then you can also like reseller licence, meaning that you can basically do this work for clients. And you can, like, send them out to clients for free. Because this work is license, which is awesome as well. And also you can customize fund. So if you're having some kind of textile that it's not like normal, maybe you have a graphic designer creating a special fund for you. You can upload it in this program, and you can use that fund that textile, which is also cool. So I guess it's $19 per month. But if you go with Angela plan, it will be $9 a month. Okay, so off over a year it's $9 a month and I will show you how to get this 25% off, which is awesome. So let's go and sign up with no fail. It's free to sign up. It's free to play around with this and have a look on how this program works. So click in the top right corner here. And then they would like you to sign up with your email off course. So put in your email address here, and we'll do the same. And I'll see you inside. OK, guys, Now we're signed up. Now, if they would like to make your experience as best as it possibly can, So they are asking you a question. And what are you creating videos? Four. And here you are having the different options. Either education, which the case is for us. I'm gonna click that. Or maybe you're a freelancer which are managing other people's social media's or whatever you might do as a freelancer or you're running a small business. We are large company, or nor nonprofit or charity, or like a personal account only. So you just click your category here and click on next, okay? And cool. Now we're having our oh fail account, which is awesome, right? So, in order to upgrade yes, click this little box here. So in order to upgrade your account, you click this upgrade box. Now you don't have to do this right Now I just have a look on the next few videos on how to use this program before you sign out for this plan. But just have in mind that the code is in the last lecture for this program, so you'll get 20% off now Just click here, then later on by now. And as you can see, you will be billed monthly here as off $19 per month. But if you're running with annually like yearly, then you will be built only $9 per month. And the promo code added here later on, Okay, in the promo code, you will find in the resource is so I'm gonna scan off this code right now, but you can have a look on the price Yes, before and after, and then click on apply code. And as you can see now, it's only 6 75 a month. I mean that it's like one or two cups of coffee, and you can create awesome videos for your business or if you're working as a freelancer or whatever you might do on Instagram. And also, if I click this box here, you can see monthly that the price decreased from $19 $14. Now, if you would like maybe to try this out for one month or two months, but if you would like to be smart of this, go with annual plan. But this is the paid version. It works good with the free version in What Did you learn this program? So now when you know what Orfeo is, let's move on in the course and let's start making some videos in the next lecture. So follow along there, and I'll see you in the next lecture, guys. 5. Designing Mode: Alright, guys, in this video, we're gonna go in into designer mode when it comes to over you and create our videos and customize them after our taste. So we're not limited with the simple mode, which is also perfect to start with. But let's dive into designer mode and let's have a look at how that works and what we can do. Okay, guys, for you to follow along, just log into euro fee account and is again. See, here are all of our projects. Now click on create new video. Right. So now we're gonna go ahead and click on this signer mode and here we are, here we are having all of these templates that we earlier went through. There are a lot of templates and you can either go with vertical landscape or s square. So depending on what kind of size do you don't like to use? You can just build it out the way you want to either You can build your own design and this is hard core. This may or may not be something for you right now. Maybe often this lecture, when you know how everything is laid out in this program. But for this, just pick any off this and start learning. So I'm gonna pick this one because I think it's really, really cool. So I'm gonna collect this one and then for you to not get, like, overwhelmed with this, I will keep it a simple as I possibly can. Now here is our design. Our design is having all kinds of, like features and elements within it, meaning all the text that you can see here are different individual elements. All the images here are also individual elements can be removed and can also be like shaped and customized after your colors and your need. So on the right hand side here, I can click this away. If you click on the right hand side Airways says edit. You can see that here are all the objects and elements that are within this image. So if I would like to go and change this date here, the first text here, which is this one, I could do that. I could write like, 2000 and 22 here, for example, so I can change that now, On the left hand side here, we're having all kinds of element that we can add to this image. Now, if you're having your logo, you would like to add that you can add at on the left hand side. If you're having text or other elements, maybe a rectangle or triangle or whatever, or media, if you would like to add in some music or some kind of background or some other file from you now we're gonna firstly start on the right hand side and we're going to start off with the text here. Now you can see that it says will fail here. And this is the one. I'm just gonna change this to Robin and yes, there. And you can see that I might have to, like, relocate this one. So I'm going to relocate it down in this great here, and this one you can simply is. Click it and you can just take it away. So I don't want this so I can click the exit here, and then you can change this one up here and you do it by us changing it here. So I'm gonna write Instagram Master Kloss like that. I'm gonna actually remove this also, and I'm gonna put this in the middle. I hope this doesn't go too quick for you. But as you can see, you can rather just take this one and you can move it around and you can see that you're having some alignments here that you can use. And this is in the middle. Now, if it would like to change the text like the fonts there textile, you can just market text here and you collect a scroll down here. You can go ahead and search for your frontier. For us. It's open, sons. I'm going to click the open sounds there and you can see that it's changed. Now if I would like to have this in outer outlay may be some like shades or something like that shadow. I can click this box and it will appear some shadow there. Okay, As you can see, Benny Theory conceived, it's likely. So if I like what I'm seeing on this green right now, I can have it. I can also change it. We will have this for now. Yes, for demonstration purpose, and then we can go in actually to the elements. And the elements are like these brush strokes that you can see here and we can change this one as well. You can change the opacity, meaning if you would like it to be more transparent. If you look at the screen right now, it's turned more transparent. But if you like it really to pop, then keep it at 100. We will do the same for this one. Actually, keep it at 100. So it's really popping the collars and then you can go into other media here and here. We having the shoe. Now, if you would like to have your kind of media here, he simply just click this away by removing it here and then on the left hand side. Here, you can add in your own media later on. But for now, let's go over this one and then we're having the background here. Now, if you're not satisfied with a gray background here, you can just go ahead and change that collar here. As you would like to, I think it's pretty clean right back, So I like it and you're having them using here as well. Now, if I play this, let's go move back all the way here. If I play this this will turn out like this. Pretty cool, right? Let me show you again. It went pretty fast, right? So in my opinion, this happens all too fast so we can actually change this if I go in here to Let's see, I think it's media. We can go into animation on Weaken, decrease the speed off. Everything happens here. So if I decreased this to, let's say one, let's have a look on how it looks. Okay, so here is a little bit tricky or not tricky, But you have to really go into all the elements, all the features, all the things on the screen here, an individual decide if you would like it to, like, be a bit slower or a bit faster. Whatever fits your taste, you can also the things that's going out and in here you can change that. So by us going into all the elements and changing the speed here, you can give out and not a feeling for the audience that's watching this now. That went too quick for me, but let's let go off the right column. For now, we can actually go into the left hand side here and we can add in some text. Now, if you click the text bottom here and you click on add text, we can add in some text here, which is awesome. So you see that it's popped up one more text box here. Now we can put the text anywhere here. Now it's too much text already, but just know that you can add in some text here. I'm gonna click that away and then elements. You can also put in elements here and there having so many elements. If I scroll through here, they're having all kinds of like frames, arrows, stickers and so on. So if I click on the frames here, you can see that there's turns up more graphic. So they're having, like, thousands and thousands off different graphics here. So if you would like to put a frame on this, like image or video, rather, you could do this. You can also go in like and just exit that one. You can go in and just put on any type of elements you'd like to hear. Yes, by clicking here. So there's shapes as well. So if you would like maybe to put on a shape off this video, you can do that. And then there's also the media on the left hand side. Here, you can put in MAWR photos to this. If you'd like to. This, like thousands on thousands off photos that you can use here, I think they're using unspool ash dot com. Yeah, photos from Mt. Splash. Well, that's and source that have already given you, which are free images, free stock images that you can use. You can also put in like some videos above here also. But don't put him too much stuff, but play around with this on, See how it turns out they can put in some new background here like images you're having like Grady INTs you're having textures you having shapes, you having paint and ink. You're having so much thing. Say if I go into this one, for example, you're having images like Grady INTs like this one looks like an instagram, for example, and so on. So you're having animated things here you're having like the videos you having so much stuff now this video would be hours and hours and hours in end. If I would to show you all the features that oaf Ao has. But it's has a lot. And then you can go to music in the left hand side. And if you're having the premium version, then your music won't be watermarked, which is really good, because then you can use it on social media. Now he can listen to music here by clicking the play bottom. That was the default music. Now we're having outer songs here as well. So this one we used in that last one so you can just go through the music here. Actually, let's go with that one. So you simply us click on use here and that changed the music and right inside us, it can see. So that is basically eight. Then you can go. Also go to my files here. So in here you can actually add a folder. If you're having some kind of projects or some kind of you working with the client and you having their logos and their brand etcetera, you can add a folder here. It can also uploaded files here individually. So that was it for the left hand side. This is basically when you would like to add some things, maybe some images, some music to the picture. You do it in the left. Call you. Now let's go ahead and try to change how everything like pops in and slides in on this image. Then you go to the timeline here. If you click on the timeline, you can individually go into all the features. If I click here, you can see that this will get marked. This is the name in the bottom right corner. And I can actually, if I click the plus sign here on this line all the way, click the plus sign here. You can see that I can put in some effects on this one, and that could be the shake. That could be a slide. That could be a slow assume in that could be a slow assume out and as and also be like a swing effect. So for this, I'm gonna put in a slide, and I'm gonna put it in to the right. No, to the left, Actually, like in putting a slide here, Let's see how it turned south. Now you can see that it slides to the left here, right. You can see that it slides to the left here. That's cool. And then you can go on with the next one, which will be the minister Grandmaster. Close this text and if I click the plus sign once again I can like, shake it. I can swing it in. I consume it in Let's sue meeting. That's cool, right? Click here I consume in. So let's see how that turns out. You can see that soon as in here. Cool, right. So you can keep on doing this with all the features. You can also individually go into these features and you can change the speed. Now if I would like the Instagram to come out within one second, I could do that if I would like it to take 1/2 2nd for Robin. Yes, where you can do that also hereby, yes, increasing or decreasing this one the sub better. What was that? That is ultra lightweight this middle row here on day, let's give it another type of sliding effects. So click on the plus sign here. Let's swing that in and I can maybe decreased speed off that as well. And let's have a look on how the V two turns out now as you can see its wings a little bit , So this is basically what you can do within this program. In designer mode, there's a lot of things to do. I might have forgotten to show you something, but this is totally up to you to dissect this program and to go into every like elements here and play around and have a lot of fun doing. So Now remember, guys on the right hand side is already the elements that are right now so you can change the text here. You can change the elements off this kind of things here. Now, if you would like to move this around, maybe make it larger, make it smaller or remove it. Just click the X here. Or you can also go into the media like the shoe here, for example, and change it to your shoe or to your product or service that you would like to promote. And you can also go in here to the background, changed background. Maybe the caller, maybe the shape of the background, whatever you'd like, And you can also go into the music here and have a listen to the music on. You can decrease the volume of the music on. You can increase it. You can fade it in, you can fade it out. You can play around with so much things in order for you to add things in this program. Add your own logo at all colors at music, etcetera. You go in here on the left hand side to add things in this program. Ad your text ad some elements And remember, guys, there are thousands of different elements within this program. It's really rich off elements, or you can use a lot of things in here and media going there. If you would like to add in some photo. If you like to add in some videos or some masks, you can do that. Go in, add in your own background. Or you can adding that Grady in background takes your shapes, all kinds of things. I'll go crazy if I showed you all the features within this once again. So music you just added Here they are having a lot of free music to use here. So if you'd like to go in, just have a listen. They're having so much music here. Let's use this one. I mean, you will go crazy with this program, but basically, that's it. And then you would like to click on the download. Brockton here, once you're finished and once you're satisfied. 01 more thing. If you would like to increase like the length off this US click this plus sign here and you can increase how long VD would like it to be. And remember the maximum 30 seconds. So have that in mind. But seven second is more than enough for this small little video, and I will go ahead and click on download. Okay, so this is a preview off the video and you can see it's swinging back and forth there. Let me just lower the music a little bit. You can see it. It plays down all over again here and then to download. Let me stop this. I prefer to downloading and before because it works the best with social media platforms such as Instagram. So I'm going to download the video here. You can also download images here. Either in j peg were in PNG PNG bigger file size, but also in a better quality. I would use P and G. You can also download it and move and Jif. But I preferred. And before because it works the best with social media. Okay, guys. And the video is done now. It might take some minutes for the video to render, but it's totally fine. Right? So you can see how it plays out the video. And then you can either share this video or download this video. I'm going to go ahead and click on download. All right, guys. And the video is done. And this is how it looks in full screen. Okay, Ice. Now is your turn. Really? To create this kind of videos going to designer mode and create this video. And remember, you're having the discount code in the resource is in the last lecture off this course. Okay, so go ahead and redeem that code. It will give you 25% off, which is awesome. Like I always say, it's awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Go ahead and design your video and good luck. See you in the next lecture. 6. Video Processing: in this video, I'm going to talk about five things to consider when making your own videos five things that will help you to make your videos better. Simply, let's dive into it. Okay, so these five things are really helpful if you're making your own videos with a camera or with our phone, So first step is basically stability now. Stability off the camera. Whether if you're like filming a product of yours or if you feel me yourself promoting something, really, then it's really important that you have a stabilized camera. Now we can use a tripel, which is just standing with amount on it. Or you can do something like this if you watch the video. This guy is having some kind of selfie stick, which are no shaky on. It's incredible how you can make videos walking with this kind of stick without it. Like bombing, we get out. The video is bumping up and down, as you can see, so this is really cool. So invest in one of these. If you're making like videos off your cell, for if you're making videos of landscapes at Central to keep your videos stablized and professional, that is the first tip. Next step is light. You need to have good light when you're making your video. Look at this video, for example. This is good lightning. I having the light in the face, and the light is getting even worse when I'm having the light behind me. So always have the light in front of you directly in your face, not sunlight. So if you're standing in the shade when it's sunny weather but is standing in the shade, that's the best possible light that you can have. Let's watch TV do again. As you can see here, the light source is in my face. The daylight is coming directly in my face, and now I will get the light behind me. And that is why I'm getting all the shades in my face and getting darker in my face. You would like to have the light directly in your face and no sunlight directly in your face. Yes, day light from the window. Next point is audio if you don't have a mic than invest in a microphone, because it's really important when you're making a videos that your audience can hear you loud and clearly look at this video, for example. So if you're filming something and not yourself, this is the sound without the headphones in put. And if I put in the headphones back here, I guess he recording through headset and then listen how the sound ISS without echo. Right now, it's a much better sound, and you can hear me clearly. Now. If you're making videos inside, maybe you're filming your products or like services or whatever you have might have to sell . Actually put on some headphones and film it with me, speaking directly in the microphone. Because then the echo sound is disappearing and you can hear me loud and clearly, and also close all the windows and doors. And, yes, to make it bulletproof and soundproof when you're recording your videos walking outside when it's windy without any like protection on the microphone, your video will just be unprofessional, and nobody can hear what you're really saying. So audio is key when it comes to the US. Well, now let's move on to Point number four. Point number four is music to make your video more interesting. Use music. Music is I mean, it's so much more fun to watch a video when something is happening with the sound, you can have some music. Yes, a little bit lower than your voice, or you still can hear your voice. Or if you're making a video with no sound on, put on music, listen to this. Now is the same you without any sound. Now it's just me showing you that lighting is really, really important when it comes to video so your audience can see you or your products or whatever your albeit might be in your Instagram video. And it's really important that the lightning is good, but it's a pretty boring movie without music, but with music, it's much more fun, right? So put on music on your videos, if you can. Now that last point is text. You can put on text on your read it to make it more interesting. Remember, guys that the 1st 2nd before anybody is clicking on your instagram video, it will be no sound, So text is very important to catch your audience's attention and look how it looks with music and with text. Okay, guys, and actually this editing I did on my phone and I will show you in the next video. How to make this editing video videos put on music, put on text and make it more interesting. So the first thing with making your videos our first tape is really to use something that will stablize your videos if you're using like a tripod. If you're making a still video, use that If you're moving in your videos, then please use some kind off cell fistic and maybe prefer Lee the ones that are a little bit more expensive because there are some features that the more expensive ones often are having features that can remove the shaky parts off your video. They're important. Second waas. The light always have the light in your face. No direct sunlight and make sure that you don't have all shadows under your eyes when filming and then audio. It's really important that you're having good audio because listen now can you hear me now ? No, you cannot hear me. So this is the key to making your V just interesting. It is to have good audio. Now we can hear me loud and clear here, Right? But can you hear me as loud and clear now? I think that it's a echo right now, isn't it? So you can see there's really important with the audio and then music to make the videos more interesting and then takes to get the attention off your audience at first in order for them to click your video and watch your video. Now, if you're promoting your business brand services, etcetera, and it's really important to catch their attention with some text in it. So this is five bullet points. How to make your video interesting, professional and good. Now let's jump on to the next election. I would teach you how you can edit your videos in your phone directly. See you there. 7. Edit Video On Your Phone: in this video, guys, I will show you how to edit on your phone using a program called You Cut. I will also show you different other programs than you can use. If you're using an IOS, I'm using an android. That's why I'm going to show you this. You cut, but the other worsens over the other applications. Rather works also really good to edit your videos with. So let's dive into it. First of all, we're gonna go ahead and download the application that we're gonna use for the editing. So first of all, go into your place store or your APP store. I'm gonna go to my place store. I'm using an android phone. And then what I would like you to do is search for you. Cut and download you cut video editor and video maker, and then click on open. Now, if you don't use like an android mobile phone, you can go ahead and download either kind monster Fillmore ago. Adobe clip or Quick. Now these are all free applications and they're pretty similar to you. Cut. I'm only using you cat in this video because I think that is the best one for android. Now go ahead and download any of the other ones. If you're having an iPhone, for example, then I'm going to click into you Cut and I'm going to collect the plus sign. Now. I already have a video that I have created, and I'm just going to show you how to take that video and how to put on text and background music. I'm going to click on the video and then I'm going to click on the arrow. So this is the video. Let me play the video So you know what we have to work with Now look at this product. This product, yes, the best one to comb your hair. Look at the rubber comb sprouts there that goes so smooth through your hair and it's only 10 99 guys. It's time to go and buy this, and I have the link in the resource is forties feed you guys so going by this brush, it's incredible. All right, so it's just me playing around, um, actually in the bathroom and I'm filming and comb, which is pretty around them. But this could be you filming your product or the nature or your friend or family or whatever. So how can you make this video more interesting? Well, you can add some features to it. So if I scrolling here and I'm gonna move back all the way to the beginning on this video here, we're having all our tools. Starting with the trim we can trim the video. We can add in some music we can add in some filter we can add in some text Emojis speed record are lot of things. So let us go through them one by one. First of all, the trim. If I click on trim here, I am able to If I am dragging this small boxes here or small like dots or what, however, I would like to call it, I can trim the video. So if I don't, like, want the whole video or the end of the video or the beginning of the video, I can basically a stream it there and Kilic on the Sheikh mark on the right hand side. And that is, if you like, start to film and maybe having some crazy sound in the beginning, or you're having some kind of angle you don't like. You can just trim it in the beginning a little bit like this, and you can see you can trim it every like, hundreds of seconds, which is awesome. With this program, I'm actually gonna have it all the way till the end, and I'm gonna trim it a little bit. So let's just listen at the end here. Now you can drag it all the way here and let's listen to the end by this. And I have the link and the resource is for this video. So I want to remove. I have the link in. The resource is So let's try some more here and let's start it there. Time to go and buy this and I have okay, time to buy this. I would like to have that with now. Look, look at this. Time to go and buy my time to go and buy. Let's try one more time. It's time to go and buy this. It's time to go and buy it this perfect. And then I can click on the check mark. But I can also go in and cut out some parts here. If I don't want like this part to be in this like in the beginning and and in the end I can cut it out and displayed it. But it's basically the same things. I'm going to just move this to where it waas like that. That's how some once again go and buy this and I have. Let's go and buy this there we are. Perfect. So next thing is music. Okay, so let's go into music as you can see where it says Feeling fine past memory, Sleepless night There are a pro feature now you need to buy this application in order to access this. But you can also go around this by us clicking into here. You can start and song that Say this one and I click on use in the bottom right corner. I can use this music because what I've done earlier is actually I have watched a small commercial. So let's go to music once again and I will show you. So if I click on here, I can click on any song here and I can click on free in the bottom right corner if I click on free And I watched this commercial all the way through, you can see in the top right corner. It says 654321 zero. Ok, now I watched this commercial, this ad and I can click it away. Now I am able to download it as you can see in the bottom, right corner. It's loading, so I will be able to actually access this music and to use this music. But that it's well, you know how it is with ads, you can go into a news channel. You can go into YouTube. You can going to Instagram. There are all over the place actually today. So there's ads all over the place and this is one con with this program. But on the other hand, side this is for free. I'm gonna click away that I'm gonna click that away and we already are having our music here. Now, if I click on the music, I click on the jello like line here I can go in and you can see if I drag this. It's not s allowed, so we just want to have, like, a background music. So 8%. This may be good, but you can see Priestess. You won't be able to hear me talking to you. That is the point, right? We would like to send something here. You can also faded in. You can also fade it out. You can play around with this, but I'm pretty satisfied with this. I'm gonna click on OK, and then let's go to filter. Now filter is the same as if you were using Instagram here. If I click on any of this, you can see that it changed like the colors and the feeling off, the whole image and whole video. So here you can really play around and preferably used to filters that you already maybe, or maybe not have decided on Instagram. So I'm going to use this bright and that its previous similar to one of the filters that we're using on Instagram's. I'm gonna click on next here, so it's a lot more brightly feeling to this image already. Now we can go in and add in some text here and actually let me go back. And actually, in one part I think it's at like 15 seconds or so. I am saying at Onley 10 99 and here I can pop up a text. Let's listen to it. Only 10 99 guys, it's time to go and buy this. And now look at this product. Cool. So what I can do here is basically wind. I'm just taking my finger and I'm dragging it over the screen right now a little bit at a time and about 15 2nd level, adding some takes arm clicking on text. And then I can write my text here. So it was a dollar sign and then 10 99 I will add in and more you here. This one? Actually, yes. This one. And then we can just put her finger above this and we can drag it on where every we would like it to go on the screen. Now, I would like to have it somewhere here, and you can see that we're getting this like, White line. Also, that is alignment for Well, this is in the middle. Just drop it already, so I'm gonna drop it there, and then I'm going to click on OK, You can also go ahead and use all kinds off different font styles here. Now, if you're having your fun style on Instagram, it would like to stay consistent with it. You can go with it. So this is how it turns out. If I'm, for example, going with robo toe regular, it's changed a little bit and then I'm clicking. OK, so I'm satisfied with this and it's will pop up right there. And we're having some background music, which is awesome. And we can also use some more emojis here. But you can basically go in and do that on your phone, as we already did, and then the speed you can increase the speed of down looking. This product is not just the best one to come. You're here. Look at the river comb sprouts there and I will talk really, really fast so that it was so smooth. But if you're not talking in the video and you would like to go in and just speed up TV, do a little bit, you can do that. If you just filming nature, filming your product, filming your family, filming something interesting, you can just go in here and eat your decrease or increase to speed there. So I'm happy with that speed. You can also put on a voice, So if you have filmed something and you didn't talk in that film you can actually use. Click on record here and record your voice now and by clicking on allow their That is cool . That's like a voiceover on the film that you're filming. You can also the volume green here and yes, to increase or decrease the volume, you can rotate the clip. Um, looks like this, but not necessary For this video. You can also flip the clip. Looks like this flip, flip, flip, flip and you can also go in and crop this clip. So if you were to, like, upload this to Instagram, of course you were to upload this to Instagram, right? You can go with either the square one here, and you can move this around a little bit. Or you can go with the vertical one, which is a little bit taller and like this, and you can go for if you would like to upload it to YouTube. This is the perfect size for that. I'm not going to use that one and then be G. That is the same as you can see, but it's adding a little bit off the same color that you're using right now. As you're going to see on the frames here. Not going to use that either. So that is it for this program, guys. And I'm really satisfied with this video. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click in the top right corner where says save. And then you can choose whichever quality you would like to download this in. We're gonna keep it at 10. 80 p. And high quality or medium quality. Well, of course, high quality. Now, if you don't have enough space on your phone, maybe you would like to decrease on the quality a little bit. But if you having space, then go with the best quality and click on compress. There's gonna wait for that lead you to convert here, and it's pretty fast, as you can see. And then we can you click on play. Now look at this product. This product just the best one to come. You're here. Look at the rubber comb sprouts there that the ghosts so smooth through your hair. And it's only 10 99 guys. It's time to go and buy this. And Okay, guys, that was it for this video. And what I would like you to do is just go into any of these applications here. You're having you cut for Android. You're having kind master Fillmore ago. Adobe clip and quick. And they're all for free. And you can use them on any phone that you like to. So now is your turn to really go and download an application, play around with a video and go and learn new stuff, guys. Okay, so good luck, and I'll see you in the next lecture. 8. Create Videos Using Others: in this video, guys, I'm going to show you how we can use other people's videos in order to create our own videos. It's awesome, and I will show you in this video so follow along. So in order for us to find these videos which are free off use both personal and for commercial, which means that we can upload it to Instagram. Yea, I would like you to go to picks up a dot com forward slash videos. I have it as a link and resource is just click this video, click the link down below and you can come to this page. You can go to picks, obey or you can go to the EU's dot pixels dot com. Also in the resource is, so click there and follow along. What you can do then is you can scroll through a lot of videos here, and as you can see on these videos, there are different length that most of them are also in aged equality, meaning, high definition meaning good quality. So you can see here that this video, for example, is 17 seconds long. This one is 14 seconds long. This is 35 seconds long So you can go into any of these videos and yes, clicked the video and just take it. So if I go for a search here, for example, for Beach, I'm gonna make a travel video here. I can just scroll through here and see that this video is quite interesting for me. So I'm going to click into it, and then you can see it soon will start to play here. If I click this box here, you can see how it turns out this is more like a drone shot. So if I would like to go and download is I simply asked, Let me post this video. I can just click this box free download and make sure that you downloaded in 1920 by 10 80 which is the best quality out there. So then you simply click on download and download the video. Same goes for pixels. We just not pixels. You're having so many videos here. You can search for anything. Really? Here. Let's say travel and you're having travel videos. Here is somebody who's driving a motorbike. Here is a white sand beach, and there's a lot of stuff here that it's going on and you can pick from Really? And it's free to use. If I click into this motorbike video, I can see here on the right hand side, free for personal and commercial use. Awesome. So these are two different resource is now. I already have downloaded two of these, so I will show you DVDs that I've already downloaded. So here they are, there, two different video Sears up. We're going to just put them into oh, fail and I will show you how to make the video. So log into euro fail account and then click on Create new video. And then in this video, we're gonna pick this signer mode, Click here and then you pick the size off the video for this one, we're gonna make a landscape video. And while we already are having our footage meaning our videos that I don't pick and template here, I'm gonna click on, build your own this sign here and then once were in here. You can see the blank can, but there's nothing on this. So now we're gonna just paint this camera with our videos that we downloaded, so go down to my files and Then you click on upload file and you upload the files that you would like to upload. Now, I've already done that. Here, somebody click the 1st 1 here, which is this one. They ask and drag it in here and drop it and then click on it and then resize it all the way out here and drop it. So this is how it place. I must take down this top so you can see it all. Okay, somebody is walking in the sand like this, Okay? There's no sound, no nothing, no text, no nothing. And the point with this video is to make this video more interesting and to put in one more video. So for this, you go to the right hand side to edit you click the video and then you can trim it. So if you don't want, for example, in this video all this beginning So let me play it. So there's no action until second to around two. So we would like to go in directly in action to get the attention on Instagram. So in order to do that, you can click this little train box here, and then I'm going to stop that. And then you can pick here by dragging this until where it starts to get into action. You can see so you can stream this video. I'm going to do that just before the Shadow and the Army has gonna click on Don Trimming. Click down that one and let's see how it plays out from the beginning. Perfect. More interaction directly. So this is what you can do as well with your videos, depending on what kind of video so that you are having on. But, I mean, it's good to go into action directly because the attention span on two days folks on Internet scrolling there feed is quite short, so you would like to get their attention as soon as you possibly can. And then watching this video once again, we can see that it's quite long video we could like, trim it around, maybe six seconds to something like that. So we're going to click on edit once again and click on trim and go in and just trim it down a little bit. Maybe until here somewhere, let's watch it. So this is what you need to do. You need to go back and forward, back and forward to do that and then click on Don Trimming. So I think this is perfect. Nor right now So now we're just gonna click down this one. We can watch it once again so you can see is just walking there. And it's about five or six seconds. Something like that. So around five seconds, OK, so when five seconds is passing, we would like to put in the other clips. I'm gonna just click the tab on the left hand side here is gonna click on my files and now it's time actually to go in and drop this above this and then you would like to resize it. Let me click down this one so you can see it properly. Something like that. And I'm just going to resize it all the way out to the edges Here and there we go. So this one, we can go into this one and look at the animation. This is the 1st 1 Let me show you. This is the 1st 1 So the 1st 1 with the guy who was walking on the beach, you can see that their duration here is 5.1 2nd so it stops at 5.1 2nd That's why we would like to click the new one and have the starting time at 5.1 2nd Click and enter. And then we can choose for how long? We would like to play this one. So it's until eight seconds, as you can see here. Now, we would like to extend this, maybe to, like, 15 seconds. And you do that up here and I'm gonna click on Enter. And now if we are playing this video from the beginning, let's watch it walking there in the sand. And then here comes the beach and the water. How beautiful. Right. So this is what you can do? No. Let's see. Okay, it stops at 13 seconds. Now, this is depending off the clip. So what we will do is we just gonna trim this down to 13 seconds? Something like that. Cool. You know, move back and fast forward. We can see that the clip is coming in and it's going all the way through. So now the clips are down. What we're gonna do right now is we're gonna add some music to this. So click this left tab here, go to music. And then, as you already know, by now, you're having a lot of music here. Maybe not. Okay, so you would like to pick anything that could be relatable to what you're doing. Let's use this one all in my head rights to go back and let's have a look on the video right now. Pretty cool, right? So what we would like to do now is yester put some text on this video to make it even more interesting. So in order to do that, click on the left tab. Here, I'm gonna click this down and then click on text here and then add text, and then you can just click this text and move it around to anywhere on the screen. So we're gonna pick the left bottom corner here and drop it there, and I'm gonna added to text. And for the 1st 1 we're gonna actually write Thailand pretty random. But let's say that this was on travel video, and then I'm gonna pick white here and open sons. Maybe pick another one here to make it more interesting. Maybe this one is better opera Bill Fat face. What a name, Right? So we're gonna put the text here, Thailand, and then Goto animations and actually end this for the first picture. You remember it was 5.1 2nd and then click Enter and let's watch the video. And you saw that one at 5.1 2nd Their text down here in the left, bottom corner. Look at it. It disappeared. Great. So now we would like to pick another destination for this. And for this I will pick on other destination and the destination will be Bali. Have you ever been to Bali? I haven't either. So if I click on the text here, I just Adam Bali here. And then we're going to do the same here for the text. So go to styling and go to Aubrey. What was it? A brittle, fat face. What a name. Incredible. And the 1st 1 was white. So we're gonna pick white for this s Well, something like that. Not sure if it picked right now. Let's go back. Okay, so it's black, but maybe pick white. Okay. Like that. So Okay. And now it's time to go toe animation, Goto animation and starting time here. We're gonna pick 5.1 and click on Enter and the duration is up till 13 seconds. And remember, guys, that this video is 13 seconds long, and now we're gonna play it from the beginning. So he worked. Cool. So what we've done now is we went to picks up bay, or you can also go to pixels. And we downloaded two videos that we didn't film that anyone else film. We downloaded them and we put them into Oh, fail. We added music. And we added text. And here we're having an awesome video that we can upload to our instagram account, which was the goal for this video. So simply us now going click on download once you've done and click on em before and you're done and now we can basically upload this on instagram. So now is your turn really to create your video if you're doing travel videos, if you do in nature videos, if you're doing videos of your family off your business off your brand off your products of your services, it's your turn. Really. Now, to make an interesting video, go to either picks obey dot com or two pixels. I will have the links in the resource is. And now it's your turn to be creative and good luck with that, see in the next lecture.