CPA Marketing Tutorials 2019: From Beginning to End | Fettah BEN | Skillshare

CPA Marketing Tutorials 2019: From Beginning to End

Fettah BEN, Apps developer, Business Expert and CPA Marketer

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8 Videos (1h 29m)
    • Getting Traffic: The Facebook ads

    • Create Distinctive Banner Ads To Target The Customers’ Minds And Eye

    • Create High Conversion Landing Pages Specially For CPA Offer

    • Attractive Picture and Call To Action Into Landing Page

    • Create The Campaign And Split Testing The Different Facebook Ads

    • Create Facebook Ads And Start Promoting The Offers

    • Setting Up Highest Conversion And Successful Facebook ads

    • Showtimes And Thank You


About This Class

Learn How to Build a MASSIVE Online Affiliate Business, Get Paid From Direct Offers & Services, and Talk With the Industry's Best Affiliate Marketers!

There are only two things you need to get started today...If you have a computer and an internet connection you can start making money – and we will show you how even if you have never done ANYTHING like this before. 

This is NOT a get rich quick scheme – it is a REAL BUSINESS.

If you are sick and tired of dredging through the millions of money making schemes, report after report of rehashed marketing materials, or you are just confused as to where to start then listen up…

There is a better solution…a business that can provide you an honest and sustainable income for years to come.

Every day top affiliate marketers in our community have cashed in as high as $20,000 in commissions from one affiliate offer!

This is a billion dollar business…

Today you are going to learn how to tap into this billion dollar industry with nothing more than a laptop, an internet connection and a nice comfortable chair!

Learning CPA Marketing From the Experts

Learn the latest CPA Marketing techniques with a clear guide that clearly shows everything I do.

  1. Introduction To CPA Marketing
  2. CPA Networks: Subscribe And Get Approved Quickly
  3. CPA Marketing: Pick Up The Offer And Spy On Your Competitors
  4. Crucial Step To Succeed With CPA Marketing: Tracking And Split Testing
  5. The most technologically advanced tracking software in the universe
  6. CPA Marketing Tutorials 2017: From Beginning to End ( You are here)





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Fettah BEN

Apps developer, Business Expert and CPA Marketer

Hi there. My name is Fettah BEN and I want to get real with you for a minute.

I've always dreamed big, strived for greatness and deeply cared about people.

My dream growing up was to be a professional athlete and be an Olympian. After getting injured while playing professional football, I immediately thought about how to achieve the next dream.

Broken, broke, and clueless on how to make money or get a career, my obsession for learning about business, marketing, and adding...

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