CPA Affiliate Amazon Marketing on Steroids - Without Website

Winston Wee, Internet Marketing Specialist

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20 Videos (59m)
    • Promo Video

    • Welcome to CPA on Steroids

    • About Your Instructor

    • January 2016 Update Video

    • What the Plan

    •  The Secret

    • Copywrite or DCMA issue

    • Seek Website owner permission

    • Setup MaxBounty and Get Approved

    • Setup Amazon Affiliate Account

    • Maxbount vs Amazon

    • Know your Audience

    • Type of website to share

    • The Free and Paid Plan

    • Alternative Way

    • Hijack a website in less than 5 mins - Preparation

    • Alternative Way - Blackhat and Ethical Hijacking

    •  Alternative Way - Hijack a popular youtube video

    • How to promote and who to promote to

    • Closing Video


About This Class

CPA Affiliate Amazon Marketing on Steroids - Without Website Make Money by Sharing hot breaking news - You don't need a website for this - Legal Hijacking CPA Affiliate Amazon Marketing on Steroids - Without Website | Udemy In this new era of the century. You need to think smart to make money. Making $50 a day is not impossible. Watch my update video in Section 2 Give what people want and what people is hungry for. Information, knowledge, hot breaking news is what people want. Setting up a website is hard? You don't need a website I don't have a mailing list? You don't need a mailing list, you don't need to send out email. How can we make money without a website. No PAID advertising, you don't need to advertise. Leverage on authority website and tap on them. I will show you how to share other people content. You don't have to recreate the content. You don't have to copy the content. You don't need a website. You only need to know how to share and where to share and how to put in your offer. Share great content without creating a single words. You just need to put in your CPA offer or affiliate link and off you go. Start sharing in 5 mins and start make your 1st dollar today

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Winston Wee

Internet Marketing Specialist

My Name is Winston, I have been in the online business since 2005. I have been actively involved in Online Business. I own a successful Ebay business which I am still running. I own 3 website that has high traffic and I have a couple of youtube channel that has thousand of view daily.

Over the year Internet has make many big changes. Website that get rank today is derank tomorrow when Google released a new update. As a Internet businessman one has to be able to stay up to date with tec...

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