[COMPLETE COURSE] Write Your First Draft In Record-Breaking Time

Perrin Briar, Outlaw educator for hire

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8 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The 4 Types Of Conflict That Will Turn Your Story Into Unrepentant Page Turners

    • 3. The Ingredient That Will Take Your Story To The Next Level

    • 4. The 10 Tenets Of Effective Research

    • 5. Structure

    • 6. The 9 Elements Of A Productive Writer

    • 7. First Draft Complete

    • 8. Congratulations!


About This Class

I used to struggle with productivity. I would write a thousand words a day and then stop, or else not be able to keep writing. And I would feel good about hitting 1,000 words a day. . .

Except it never felt like it was enough.

Other writers were turning out books fast, and I was very slow. How could I increase my productivity without

Over the course of my successful 3 years as a self-publisher, I have learned the tools, tricks, and methods to supercharge my writing productivity.

And now here I am, here to teach you what I learned.

If this describes a similar experience you're having, then you can short cut your learning and put pen to paper in a fast and efficient way, unlike anything you've ever experienced before!

You know what it's like. Sometimes you hit a groove and the words flow from your fingertips faster than you can keep up with.

Those moments seem to rarely strike, and even then, it's not when you need it.

But what if it was on tap? At a time you controlled and could experience whenever you wanted?

That's what this course is for, to train you to enter those moments of calm and turn out excellent first drafts in record time.

You will learn:

-the (FREE) tools I use to turn out 7,500-10,000 words each and every day (in just 4 hours).

-how to turn out an excellent first draft you can actually use

-how to utilize the 4 types of conflict to enhance your writing

-include the single greatest element that will hook your readers and force them to keep turning the pages

-how to research fast and effectively without wasting your valuable time, allowing you to focus on writing and getting to the end of the first draft

Don't hesitate -- begin writing more effectively now!