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[COMPLETE COURSE] Attain The Mindset Of A Best-Selling Author

Perrin Briar, Outlaw educator for hire

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13 Videos (1h 10m)
    • Part One Mindset

    • How To Get The Most From This Material

    • Why I Wrote This Material

    • The 6 Skills Every Writer Needs

    • The 11 Best Books On How To Write

    • The 3 Moments Writers Most Often Quit. . .

    • . . .And How To Avoid Them

    • The Difference Between Making Time Vs. Finding Time & Why It's Important

    • How To Be More Efficient With Your Time

    • Set Up Your Achievement Calendar

    • Ride The Social Wave

    • Originality, And How To Expose It

    • Congratulations & Bonus


About This Class

Do you have doubts over whether you can become a successful self-publisher?

Have you wanted to write a novel but something always prevented you from doing so?

Or maybe you've been writing for a while but can't seem to get the kind of sales you've been expecting?

Then this course is for you!

It's full of actionable content, ways to get you to analyze why you can never seem to get started in your writing dreams, or why you quit partway through.

You will learn when you can write, and for how long. You may not realize it, but you already have all the time you need to write your novel, or else build your writing business.

You will use the Achievement Calendar to design a schedule you can stick to. I've built in a 30-day project period to complete your novel, but you can customize it however you want.

You will also learn how to research and analyze your ideas to make sure they're as potentially profitable as possible.

Begin your writing career on the right foot. Think positively, act profitably.





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Perrin Briar

Outlaw educator for hire

Hello, I'm Perrin.

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