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18 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. 1. CLASS INTRO

    • 2. 2. WHAT IS FASTING?

    • 3. 3. WEIGHT LOSS

    • 4. 4. MUSCLE

    • 5. 5. METABOLISM

    • 6. 6. DIABETES

    • 7. 7. CHOLESTEROL

    • 8. 8. IMMUNE SYSTEM

    • 9. 9. INFLAMMATION

    • 10. 10. AGEING

    • 11. 11. AUTOPHAGY

    • 12. 12. BRAIN HEALTH


    • 14. 14. WAYS TO FAST

    • 15. 15. WHAT CAN YOU CONSUME?

    • 16. 16. HOW TO BREAK A FAST

    • 17. 17. CLASS PROJECT

    • 18. 18. FINAL WORDS

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About This Class

Hey you beautiful people and welcome to the class that covers everything about fasting!!

If you're like me and you've been taught to never ever under no circumstances skip a single meal or the world will collapse, get ready to get your bubbles burst!! Join me as I explain:

  • why is fasting beneficial to you
  • who should and should not fast
  • different ways of fasting
  • how you should fast and how should you start eating

This is truly about the cycle of when you feast and then you fast!

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you want on this topic and I will get back to each and every one of you! I can't wait to hear your success stories! 

I'd appreciate if you left any comments and reviews! It helps me grow and it supports me and everyone needs a little support, you know!

Much love,

Ieva Kano


My YouTube channel where I share my personal weight loss journey and findings:



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1. 1. CLASS INTRO: Hello, everyone. And welcome to the complete Guide passing This lasted for someone who wants to improve their health and explore all the passing has to offer. My name is Eva, and I'm and then this from the plane were importantly on the health and fitness in teensy asked. And I just recently created my channel to document my personal weight last year needs experiment on different diets and share the results with he. Fasting is particularly fascinating to me because I was talking it not ever, ever skip a meal. My life has really changed when I learned about fasting. I've been struggling with weight loss my entire life. When you think about it, all these vices out there is concentrated all consuming. Take that, Jake. Think that filled your destiny? Is it possible? All those are consuming oranges And when you think about it going, my weight gain wants exactly that over good seeming Come see for excited to share all the magic So that Bernie de let's get injured 2. 2. WHAT IS FASTING?: fasting is such a simple concept, and it's exactly what it sounds like. Just not eating my apartment feared the worst starvation, and the difference between those two is that fasting is controlled and voluntary. If you think about it all throughout, these three people were fasting. Their eating habits, Houston dependent on what they could catch or how much food they harvested there. Also, time of famine wars with food was not easily accessible. The reason to believe that the natural cycle is feasting and fasting, even though fasting is such an amazing tool before, without injured. I just wanted to say that it is important to discuss with your doctor any sort of dietary changes that you're thinking of implementing, especially dressing and prolonged passing. Also, if you're pregnant, breastfeeding, moderation or under 18 you should not pass. It is also especially important. You can fill with the doctor. You have any chronic illnesses 3. 3. WEIGHT LOSS: in this section. I wouldn't she discussed. All the amazing benefits are fasting president. Start with the most obvious, it seems one. And that is the weight loss in my thing that you lose waiting fasting because you're not eating and thus you have more calories in deficit is actually much more complicated than that. Burning fat is such a complicated process, and it requires three steps. Borishade has to be released on the cell and this protein school life policies. Once the fattest released from the cell, they go through a process called off station, and that is the process when your government in your fatty energy, once the fat is oxidized, it can then be used for energy and burned. How can passing improve those first meter shows that fasting actually increases the amount of uncoupling protein? Three that sounded or muscle this protein Super in foreign for pat vaccination and fasting for as low as 15 hours can increase. Advise five time also, when you're fasting umbrella, that nor adrenaline that are your fighters like hormones are being released into the bloodstream. Then they actually increased, have burning, and while added they also make you more alert and energetic. Finally, another mechanism on how fast it helps you lose. Weight it through insulin. Insulin is actually your fast during hormone, meaning that when it's present, path is only stored in the cellar and cannot leave it. Consequently, when food is not available, fat can leave the cells and be on their merry way out. Also, passing makes you switch from being a sugar burning. Take a glucose burger cheap at burger, and your body is then using. Q. Nobody's for energy, and it can use the sad more efficiently. 4. 4. MUSCLE: probably heard the men that if you're fasting, you're going to lose massive amounts of muscle. I cannot be further from the truth. Actually, studies show that one fasting and people actually increase, or at least maintain their muscleman. There's one important condition to that, and that is that you should exercise while they're fasting. So if you're not exercising, your body sees no point in maintaining your muscles. It's simple. Is that the same rule? Essentially apply if you're eating 1000 meals a day as well, the way fasting essentially preserves muscle is to increasing growing harm. But home essentially stunned the amino acid breakdown. This voyage insurance has your body searches for another way of fuel. That other way that your muscle is being preserved. History better hydroxy beauty That is one of the manky don't bodies that is produced in the liver but by the hydroxy buta rain actually preserves we've seen that is the most important , you know, assets for your muscle development 5. 5. METABOLISM: a lot of men is that fasting slows down your metabolism in mostly, however, a study on 11 healthy men actually showed by the three day passed, increased their metabolism by 14%. And there's more where that came from. Business travel is an increase is thought to be through adrenaline and broke former again. Also, since muscle is the most important point bonus she maintaining over tablets, um, preserving that actually preserves the metabolism with that. 6. 6. DIABETES: next we have diabetes, and I'm only talking about time to diabetes. This is essentially a dietary and lifestyle disease. The way develop is that in response to frequent high blood sugar, your body produces more and more insulin. The problem is that your cells become less receptive to that insulin, requiring more more insulin to do the same thing. That is gold insulin resistance. It's quite bizarre that we're treating die abuse with more insulin, even though the problem is not insulin itself. Is the cells not being receptive to naturally as eating less meals or less frequently or fasting? Insulin is being given a break, so essentially yourself become more insulin sensitive and thus dive it is treated. 7. 7. CHOLESTEROL: next we have cholesterol again. You might think that the improvement of the cholesterol my only come because we're not eating high fat food. That is such a change. Mid 80% off cholesterol is actually being produced in the liver. The way cholesterol markers of being improved during passing is because their bodies wishes from burning sugar to burning pat. Now, the bad cholesterol and write mysteries are actually fat as well. Essentially, free fatty acids in your body is being used for energy rather than being synthesized in simpler terms. Your body's using it rather than making it. The gospel lead allows your body to reduce the amount that including bad cholesterol and tried with threads. 8. 8. IMMUNE SYSTEM: switching gears a little bit and moving on the overall count. Let's start with the main system. My have noted that when you're ill, you're not really in which each. That's no coincidence that the show that passing percentage to our skin literally generate your immune system. First, Fasting lowers the amount off peak A that allows themselves to go in total regeneration load resistance that after those entity out, it's your wives. Let's cell count. Decreases actually increases the signal impact price for have athletic stem cells. I am the daughter cells. Those stem cells then actually give right shit entirely new, improved immune system. 9. 9. INFLAMMATION: Similarly, we have inflammation inflammation. Our body can call such diseases as heart disease, cancer or rheumatoid arthritis, as well as other autoimmune diseases. Funny show that fasting actually reduces many inflammatory biomarkers such as liberty and before some sit Akins C reactive protein. 30 show the fasting reduces the cripple proteins that it's cold and all therapy for this group is responsible for all Converse audio sclerosis and also mean diseases. Interestingly enough, studies actually show that, but the hydroxy beautifully that I mentioned before there's a cure money actually block the part of the mean system that is responsible for such diseases as that be. It is Alzheimer's and ultimate disease. 10. 10. AGEING: Bexley haven't Asian benefits? Essentially, aging is related, but this writer that it's cold, the i g f one, a k insulin is a single factor. One. This factor is essential when you're growing, but later on in life is associate to such a C. Is this cancer? And it's also related with aging. But it showed that fasting reduces the amounts of I just wanna thank EA having anti aging benefits. Rainy sample of this is the Villagers off Ecuador. They have invitation that's called of the Robinson Room. So basically the genes are programmed that way that they're resistant. Jeff one, after absorbing them for quite a long time scientist, actually found that they never developed such chronic diseases, diabetes or cancer that actually most likely to die from natural causes. Which is amazing is that 11. 11. AUTOPHAGY: Similarly, we have their Val Jean's out property. So basically, when the pride of food, our bodies going to the repair and survival mode, there is an amazing theory called her Mrs. Actually, it says that a little poison is good. Three. The greatest example. This is mostly game because we knowledge gained mostly need to break the muscle and then it becomes stronger. A. What doesn't kill you makes it stronger, so the same goes from passing those office. She is all the rage now and not the bath reason. So it's actually a former planting because it removes the damage parts off ourselves, increased levels of food and consequently increased levels off proteins into it. And the glucose actually turned off of apogee. The weight forces that actually this pathway, cold and four pathway is being stimulated and basically signals to the body that it's okay . We have old food that we need. We don't need to do any sort of repairs. Oh, good. Whatever Leave that alone. Bad thing actually reduces the amounts of Enter this, giving the signal chair body that it's time t rejuvenate in this way fasting and actually help prevent Alzheimer's disease. Though the ways develop is that in our brains and there is this protein called amyloid beat up. This protein accumulates and it causes all time for nothing actually reduces this protein pathology. Thus else iris realize research shows that elevated amounts off emptor. Ashley is a contributing factor to cancer. The fasting and actually helping meant cancer by lowering views amount on their fascinating research was convicted, and it rules that actually showed that if you're fasting during chemotherapy, it actually elevate its efficacy is not enough studies on humans, but actually read quite a few success swords with also ill. During a Khafaji, the cells are being cleanse the aforementioned growth home. Ashley helps you build any healthy cells so you might have for the free radicals as we get older. Our bodies that actually less efficient with dealing with those research, actually shows that fasting improves in my the converse ability. Do you deal with radicals 12. 12. BRAIN HEALTH: last but not least, we have brain how the most impressive way that brain health is actually being stimulated while fasting is through this factor called brain derived neurotrophic factor. It is such an amazing patra is actually a growth factor. It could be an antidepressant, and it's been laid. New neural growth also maintains proper neural structure and function, or over this factor, actually boots your route and improves your learning and memory. Also, the human growth battery can actually help protect the newer sistemas. Well, finally, as I mentioned, fasting actually improvement the country at work. Essentially, it actually creates the mitochondria, and your brain is actually supercharge. Looks like putting new batteries into your brain. 13. 13. HOW LONG SHOULD YOU FAST?: so that I hope you learned that passing is actually super beneficial. Let's get into your house first. How long should be fast? Actually, the best on your gold secret goal is fat burning and weight loss. That is actually share that at observations beaks as a 24 hour mark. So the one meal a day strategy might be the best. The If you're looking for muscle gain growth, horror is speak as the 18 to 22 hour mark. Finally, if you're trying to maximize the overall health benefits, your best bet is she passed for 40 60 72 hours. 14. 14. WAYS TO FAST: there's a few formally approaches to fasting person. On the most popular is intermittent fasting, So the space basically means that you give one meal and you fast forward. Little is 16 hours a day and eat in the eight hour with no. Also expand your fasting window and lower the window. So this way, so convenient for me because I get skipper expensive, since I'm not really hungry in the morning anyway and then goes aboard. So the 16 hour fast day is going to have some great last minute visit food in benefits. But if you have any conditions that diabetes, it may not be enough to lower your insulin and improve its limits and duty. So you might consider going into 18 hours or 20 hours or 24 hours, as I mentioned before for the optimal fat oxidation so far, the moorings fumigations. You might be constrained, passing for even longer such a 36 hours in gay not eating for one full day, or even more so this wrong past things actually used for medical conditions, and it should be done under doctor supervision. There's actually clinics around the world that are specializing in fasting on that. You can do the fast there so you can't force implement that on your own. But you should still consult your doctor. You know, just in case. There's also to you kind of sub categories. The war fast and dry fast. The word passes. Actually, when you're just drinking water and nothing else, the water fast is mostly used for medical conditions. Basically, since you're only consuming water, you're maximizing all the health benefits because no other substitute is going into your body. The most company example of Dr Fastest Ramadan A. It also has tremendous benefits, but it can be extremely harmful if you do that incorrectly. So please, please don't attend that on your own. So those are the most straightforward approach is, you know you eat, you don't eat. And now there's also actually a few mimicking diets. So first is fasting, mimicking diet baited by the guy Walter long ago, and it's created she mending the fasting benefits without actually fasting. So basically, it's a bit by that you do five days a month for twice a year or anything in that period. So basically it just live this protein because protein consistently the entire since this for the first day, you can have 1090 calories. 10% of that should be protein, 56% of bashing the fat, and 34% of that should be cars. And for the remaining days, he should have 800 calories. That percent of that would be protein and 44% of that would be bad, and 47% of that would be carbs. After this, that is actually a transition day waiting to descend into the eating. Normally, Dr Lashley experiment and perform decide on the humans. There's a first in the lyrics with the regular fasting. It had lower information markets such as Idea one or two reactive protein. The British mons also have lower blood pressure and lower drug mysteries. Lower glucose levels, old of health benefits, actually tried that as well, and the dull turned out really good. I'm really excited to be repeating that, and I will be documenting that on my YouTube channel if you're interested. But anyway, that's one way to implement fasting without actually fast thing just lowering your calories . So there's actually been a lot of studies on a calorie restriction as a way to increase your health, so this is one way to do that. So the other diet that isn't passing is five cheap principle. So for five days, eat normally and then for two days. The only eat 500 calories fill those calorie should be coming from healthy and low G I foods. So this is what is called a fast size, and it's also exposed to mimic the fasting benefits and also produced a very good weight loss. Results, I think, is a popular recently, and I'm really excited to see what other knee approaches that would come out of that. 15. 15. WHAT CAN YOU CONSUME?: that discussed the ways he can fast. Let's talk about what you should consume during fast make clinical of every fastest to give your logistics system and your insulin arrests for the easiest one. If you're wanted fasting off your diet fasting, you should either not consider anything or only consume water, and that symbol is that so. The water fast provides most benefits, but there are other ways. Idiot, basically during your fast your allows liquids that business to relieve the insulin response and this in turn off Khafaji. Let me glasses of losing can actually do that so you're not allowed anything approaching related. Lobi sees you work out the ring like that to get makes go to coffee and tea as long as there's no sweeter incident or milk orange bath. Also, you can consume apple cider with the guard is actually really good. It has properties that allowed your insulin sensitivity to proffer personally. For me, Apple sign. Everything are actually helps it to go with other as well, Miguel. So if you do water with lemons and fruits as long as you're not actually consuming, those being able and sold actually replenishes your little storage and it helps. Brent repeating syndrome is bullets. Some side effects of tending fall sick and drink home. It's bone broth during your fast. So during the long past, you could be taking mineral and multivitamin supplements. Personally, I couldn't just keep the multivitamin supplement down, and also, I literally learned that multi vitamins can actually interfere with some of the benefits. I would no longer take them. But if you're doing a super long past, you should, because your body runs out of vitamins. So just quickly. Recap. Water, tea, coffee, apple cider, vinegar are lion stillborn. Broads are all okay on your path. There's also passed, I didn't mention, and that is that passed through, the more weight loss warranted. That's why I didn't talk about them much like endurance but something highlands during those. But personally, for me, if I would do you no longer fast and I was gonna team full of oil, that would just really upset me morally. But like physically, the rule is keeping a symbol is possible. If you're start questioning. Hey, can I have that? Can I have that? It just become so complicated? So just take to the basic rules 16. 16. HOW TO BREAK A FAST: Finally, you're fasting. Well, who and what you do now, huh? The most common rule in just she's whatever you want and overeat. Believe me, up in there, if you're doing you prolong faster is actually a risk off the refuting under their feelings . And there was actually Super Airport still enough curse when your body is a low on the minerals. So if your song is eating everything inside your insulin skyrockets and then give me costs , um, metabolic changes and it can actually be deadly in some severe cases. So there's a few ways to break your fast, depending on how long it wasn't always your goal. So if you're just being intermittent fasting for state 16 hours, you can just break it with whatever I think. Really, you can break that with 11 water or bone broth. It's just breath your body for addition and honestly also be implemented without fasting as well. If you wake up in a clever water, if you're doing intermittent fasting in your exercising, your goal is muscle gain. You can break your fast with the hyg. I flew decisions rice cakes along with some protein, and then it's house controversial, but actually, the hyg I food similes, insulin and insulin is your metabolic hormone that stimulates growth, so that would be beneficial to your muscle gain. Do you have fashion? Please? Wait is beneficial to break that with theologian food. Super along. The benefits if you're doing you prolong fast is actually recommended to break your fast in the half duration that you're past that was taking place. For instance, if you're doing 40 past, you should break that in two days. Their team man approaches to bring the problem fast. First, the LoJack approach and second, is the water in liquid food approach. The latter means they should bring down with bone broth or watermelon or some other liquidy foods. So this is especially recommended for water past. Say, it's gonna be in water only fasting for six days. The first day you should drink bone broth or maybe some watermelon. The second D can incorporate some juices and then Thursday can incorporate some other liquidity, especially blog. I appreciate it made more sense to me, so when I would you prolong passed, I would implement that basement. There's no actual evidence on either of those two approaches. Each is whatever you fancy. The keen breaking the prolonged passed, though, is going super small. So maybe she's going to see him. One little tiny thing. Wait 30 minutes and consume another. Wait 30 minutes and with one another in, you know, you get the idea. 17. 17. CLASS PROJECT: that I believe is older Body six and all the things you should know before starting fast things I'm really, really hoping you would. It's such an amazing thing. The first thing you should do you should ask why Willing to try fasting? You need to lose some weight. Maybe you're looking for help benefits. Depending on that answer, you should choose away. Hee should incorporate passing into your life. Maybe that's every day and doing intermittent fasting. Maybe that's once a year for health benefits to do you 40 once again that down the most amazing thing for me to help me stay on track. It's trackers. So that is your class dodging. Ask yourselves why once passed during the way he wants you incorporate passing in your life that make a tracker to keep herself accountable? No, I'm quite an old fashioned person. So I make these trackers. So I make these tracking files in my bullet journal. This is a tractor of my prolonged fast. I'd have my weight and then might move them. Why I consumed. There's also one of the fasting mimicking diet that I did just basically be created with that track. Whatever you want another thing into trying intermittent fasting. You can just do you have a tracker. So they put the days of the month and then haven't you want to track? It's a motivating to check those little boxes by the end of the day, if you're more progress than I am, you can just use abs on your phone. I would be so, so happy to hear about your fasting projects. So just to recap, tell me why you're willing to try passing. What kind of fasting do you want to try and the way will pack your progress? 18. 18. FINAL WORDS: that is a 40 days fasting. Last thing. It's so, so much. You guys are watching. If you have any questions or any Morris, please let me know that in the common section I will be happy to answer them all or just adopt you guys. If you like the slap, please leave a positive review. It really support me. Also, share this last with people. You think this will be beneficial to you? I was so, so happy to share all my knowledge passing with these guys. And if you want to learn more about me, you can check my Egypt Channel. It's you can Oh, I'll just like that in description box documenting my personal journey as well as sharing the knowledge on there. So yeah, check that out. You like again? I think it's so, so so so so much for watching. And I will see you in my next last