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7 Videos (48m)
    • Why you want to get CISSP certified

    • The 8 CISSP domains

    • CISSP study materials and study plan

    • CISSP pratice tests

    • The CISSP exam itself

    • I passed the CISSP how do I get CPEs

    • What if I fail the CISSP certification


About This Class

In this short course I will show you why you would want to take and pass the CISSP certification.

It is:
Why you want to get certified.
The domains at a high level.
Study materials.
Practice test approach.
Exam day.
What to do when you pass.
What to do when you fail.





Thor Pedersen

Teaching, sharing knowledge and paying it forward!

I love teaching and helping people, seeing them achieve their goals and paying it forward.

I have used the tips, tricks, and techniques from my productivity courses for many years and it has gotten me an wonderful life.

As I grow and learn, I add to them, refine them, and make them work more and more in unison.

Part of my personal mission statement is to share my knowledge and empower people to get the amazing life they want.

Having taught how to reach your goals...

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Technology IT Security