CINEMA 4D for Digital Artists: Introduction to UV Mapping | Ravi Conor | Skillshare

CINEMA 4D for Digital Artists: Introduction to UV Mapping

Ravi Conor, Author, Educator, and coder !

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4 Lessons (4m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Texturing a Cardboard Box

    • 3. Texturing a Dice

    • 4. Unwrapping a Head Model


About This Class


Want to create clean UV layouts in CINEMA 4D?

This 20 minutes class Covers:

  • UV Projection types
  • Structure of UV Coordinates 
  • Texture View
  • UV Manager
  • Relaxing UVs
  • Locking UVs and creating cuts (seams)
  • Transforming UVs
  • Using the Paint Setup Wizard
  • Creating and Exporting UV Template
  • Using to Photoshop to create texture with help of the UV template

What you need to know before starting this class?

  • Before you start this class, you should have CINEMA 4D and Photoshop software applications installed on your system.
  • You should also have the basic knowledge of CINEMA 4D and Photoshop.
  • You should have desire to learn.
  • Willingness to be awesome.

Who is the target audience? 

This class is for all those beginners who want to learn about UV Mapping in CINEMA 4D.

What you would be able to do at the end of this class?

At the end of this class, you would be able to create clean UV layouts.

Class Outline:

Lesson 1 - Texture a Cardboard Box

In this lesson, we will unwrap a box and adjust UVs to fit them on a pre-made cardboard texture image.

Lesson 2 - Texture a Dice

In this lesson, we will texture a dice. We will first unwrap the dice, export the UV template as PSD, and then we will create texture in Photoshop. Next, we will apply the texture to the dice using a multi-material setup.

Lesson 3 - Unwrapping a Head Model

In this lesson, we will unwrap a human head.

Note: Resources
The following resources are available with the class:

  • CINEMA 4D files
  • Photoshop files
  • Textures/images
  • A CINEMA 4D start file for the project
  • A PDF file containing the lessons in the text format


1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. Welcome to the introduction to you be mapping with cinema 40 class. My name is Ravi Khanna, and I'll be your host for this class. I have over a decade of experience in the computer graphics field, and I'm one of the co founders at rising polygon dot go navigate to www dot rising polygon . Don't go for more information. I have authored and quartered several books on cinema and studious Max. In the strength of 25 minutes. Class will be covering the following and the resources available for download with this class are all cinema. 40 files for the soft file structures and images used in the Class. A pdf file containing the lessons in the text format and a cinema four days start filed for the project we will be doing after completing this class. So let's get started 2. Texturing a Cardboard Box: in this video, we will picture a cardboard box that shown here in this image. So unless get started, Okay, First we need to We need to create a cube. So trick Cuba and then I'll perceive to make it palatable. Once I Bessie a human double time will be applied to it. Okay. Now has created material by double taking in the material manager not knowing Driving Cube . Double click on on the material note to open the magical editor and then in the texture Obameter, I'll load an image cardboard picture, not Jim. Okay, now I closed the manipulator Monica scene, and pressure is applied toe each face off the cube. We don't want that. We want to map each face. I'll take your with that one square or wonder triangular area off the texture. Okay, So before we do that, select the materials Dracula. And in the Tack Millimeter group, we have projection para meter or projects an attribute, and in disturbed down, we have different protection types. So if you're selling this physical, no cinema has wrapped the picture around this cube using this physical projection. Now you want to see the US fear in the real board. Just click on this button here. Texture. Okay, now we have the the U V. W Gets more there. Yeah. Now, if you want to move, this was to have been able to access enabled access. Click this button place, and once you enable this, you can move this a sphere to change the projection. Okay? Likewise, we have a cylindrical projection. We have flood que big frontal projecting from the screen space onto the object. Okay, let's change. It is physical. I'm sorry. Your readable mapping. And also click on the model button to switch back to the market model camp. Now, what are new? Read a book ordinates. Okay. The matter that we selected here, you re double mapping is the default protection timings. Prediction type in cinema 40 and it works on Lee with the objects having a bit of blue coordinates. Okay, All primitive and generator objects. Have you made up your coordinates by before? And all objects have a bit of new bank in the object Manager. Where is primitive and generative objects have internal UV coordinates. Okay. No. What are UV coordinates? You might think that a texture like we have here cardboard action or Sipek is a two dimensional image. So why we need a tired I mention w. Okay, so the conventional structures have two dimensions. Hard, gentle position is represented by you, and vertical position is represented by by Ah, by B Okay, the third dimension w only kicks in when you are using to the shelters. So that dimension is only created when you are applying a truly shoulder. Cool. Any object? Okay. Now the UV great is divided into two directions in your direction and every directions, like shown here in this picture. Holly, gentle is you. Vertical is b and that the greatest divided between Giorgio 211 space. Okay, so this good here, the pigeons are totally texel in cinema 40 and again Report coordinate. W is only created when you're using three shelters. Now why u v and W because exploit and Villagers are already used by, uh by the object in the model space. So exercise that resulted Already taken. So therefore, you with the beauty and w let us on usedto represent the x y and G xs and on induction space. Okay, so now let's move toe beeping You be at Italy out. Okay. And activate this Back in here, new Republicans control a to select all elegance And then here and you ve manager Goto projection perimeter group. Before that, we need toe know the texture here in the pass A space. So for that, I will goto file open picture and then I open on the card protection part Benji and it says that it's already in the memory. But if it is not displayed in protection view, you can go to the texture. If you want to use an empty canvas, you can select an empty canvas or you can load the texture and, uh, the extensiveness PNG I have mentioned are antipasti before, So it's a panji. Okay, Now make sure that you activate this button controlled A to select everything. Now, here we have all the options that we have seen in the attribute manager. We have this physical protection, slender girl protection frontal. Flattered, but cubic again, this is what we don't want. But if you click on cubic too Now you're getting something. But we have properly, you know, and grabbed the fixes here. But the text this way up is oriented in the wrong direction. They should be upward direction. So we would fix that for that way. Will do. We will bring this bottom face here. Okay? And wasn't Bennett all other faces will unwrap around it? Okay, to do so, I'll goto being waas standard in a note. And if you look here when it will select these four points okay. And why these points are selected because these four points will depend on locked with their current positions. But when will relax the Ewings, these invisible not hope and all other faces will unwrap on four around this. Thats bottom face. Okay, so let's select these four points Post exchange display more collines so that we can usually select ah components it activated once more and then I'll select these bottom faces there. I mean, bottom words is so these forward, this is will be locked. Okay, Now we'll go to the original select edges and also select honor. I just like so But another bottom any off the bottom edges or And this is here. So what would happen that the bottom face, the position of the bottom you grease will depend and everything will turn Ford in press direction, okay? And why we selected these edges? Because the cuts will be applied on these edges. Okay, so when you when you unfold the model unfolding at this Cuba, the cuts will be placed along the selected edges. Okay, Now against it. Still GPU medical out in the projection before we set any projection, we need to make sure that we are in the bottom people because we want to fix the bottom places on the bottle face. So cameras bottom. Now click frontal. Select all you've ease by pressing control A you re Parliament's goddamn it. And then here and relax Yuri's. Make sure been bottled points is unchecked in point selection checked. Got selected. Faces is checked. Being unfold. More sexual. Amy. If an artery align, check boxes also check. Not like a light. So we have No, the u. V's less a scale them so they roughly matches the size off the time rural areas on protection. But again, we need to flip this, uh, this Parliament's because these two faces this one and this one belonged to this fragile And this bottle time with video on the picture. For that, we choose the transform baronet ago and we'll end of wanted t in the loaded spin up and then apply. Okay, so, no, we have properly placed our movies on the pressure switch back to a perspective you bought here cameras perspective, and also change the shooting. Look, now you can see that the text this way up and the arrows are pointing in the right direction. But we have some white and you're here, this white area on the back row. So we need to fix that, fix it with Zuman two point, and then activate this you be points button click to select you be, and then place it using the moto like so I select this. Now I'll pause the video and I'll fix the alignment of the points. I'll see you later. So here I have adjusted all the points. And still there's some white space here. So either you can select point here, or you can also select in the picture of you. So we need toe align this point as well. Now that white any has gone also this I those little bit off white area visible. All right, Mom, take Orender. Get So now we have you know, Place the texture on the cube. What? On the box using the BP UV edit? No. I see you in the next exercise. 3. Texturing a Dice: in this exercise, we are going to create a model of a dice. We will first create a cure. Bob's it and then unwrap it, using the people who read it loud as we did an exercise fun after that Medicaid, a leading system inside off lecture view for outlining the Parliament's. This will help us to create a nice texture easily in for a shop. Then we will export being you really are as PSD fight and then create picture for the dice and for the shop. After that, we will be creating too many years. Father dies. Will be stacking two materials. That's for the dice. Moral. The base material will be off blue color, and the top material will contain dissection with transparency. The opaque areas that is white dots in this case, off the texture Will Oscar, the blue color and less of the blue will see to. So let's get started now. Create IQ you. Let's see. To make it palatable Changed display motor lines. Activate the selection toe. Activate the points more and select bottom forward sees. All right. Now activate just more and select these as is switch toe back. Um, me apart in the UV manager for that. First, you have to select people. You get it out in the UV manager here in the U remapping tap, Select Projection Barometer Group and Dick Frontal. Now activate the UV pollen stool. Press control K to select all politicians and then you'll be in UV manager under relaxed. You we better get a group. Make sure that been one selection check cut, selected edges checked, Been about appliances unchecked and Otto D line check. Also make sure that the moon is set to a B F now hit like Okay, now we need to go day The texture minus 90 degree. I mean, voted the you is my minus scientist today for that select past formed parents group and ah , minus 90 in little bit feel and hit a black Now use the scale toe to fit the U V's the UV quick like so now streets, toe layer Stab in the Hubie manager Yeah, and first we need to create a texture. So Goto file new Kesha the name the picture as guys make sure color is black. So now we have in the layer Stop! We have a background player. Okay, now wait. Going to create a new layer for Politan our plans. So choose layer new. Earlier they named the layer as, um, plants would have to double click on the name of the layer in orderto and it and its name. Okay, so now we have Julius back coming out planes make sure all pelicans are selected, then go toe now outlined. Parliaments. So now you can see that Cinema 40 has created outlines for each politan face here. Okay, so now let's export it'll for a shop first exported as a PST file for that file save dictionary. 4. Unwrapping a Head Model: in this exercise, we are going to unravel head model in order to efficiently and wrap the head. We will first define some lock points. The position off these points will not change. And then well defined some edges. Where comes will be placed. Let's get started. The head is the head model. Afterward, point smoke and select these points. These points will be loved and their position will not change. Next activate just more in select visas is on the back and on the front. Okay, Now switch toe beeping union. Uh, loud change people in front because we are going to use a frontal protection type notice in the material staff that we don't have an image. It'd also we don't have any Dexter here, so we can create the material and the texture manually. But in this case, you're going to use pain. Set of visit. Click on this button. Make sure objects and selected and click next. Next. Finish close. So now we have a materia and we have a picture activate. Did you be punished in tow and notice that are you? These are scattered all over the place. This is what we don't want suppress control A to select on monuments in the UV manager. Go to possession top, and then click frontal, then relax. You we stop. Make sure that pinpoint selection is checked. Cut selected edges is checked. Otto, Realign. Checked. Also, make sure that relaxing more is set to a B F and hit a black. Okay, so now we have the unwrap model here you can hit, apply multiple times to avoid overlaps. Now you can rotator and allying it in the UV crypt. All right, Now you can export it to the corner shop and me in the head.