C+C: Card Collections with Custom Stamps | Staci Reed | Skillshare

C+C: Card Collections with Custom Stamps

Staci Reed, Designer, Artist + Instructor

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5 Videos (11m)
    • Intro

    • Materials

    • Card Creation

    • Texture

    • Final Collection + Project


About This Class

Join Staci Reed, an artist and designer from Colorado, as she shows you her process of creating a cohesive card collection with custom wooden stamps made from sketches. Part of the Computer + Canvas series, this course is one in a collection that teaches tips and techniques combining natural media with the digital world. 





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Staci Reed

Designer, Artist + Instructor

Hi! I'm Staci, owner of Reed Digital Studios. I work as a freelance designer and photographer, and also as a Design instructor at a local community college in Colorado. I love creating stories with photographs and digital art and helping my students get to the next level with their projects. When I'm not at my computer or exploring new digital techniques, you can find me playing in the yard with my rescue pit bull, binge watching sci fi or fantasy or gettin' dirty in my organic veggie garden!...

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