CANDLES: Special Birthday Candles | Colo Alonso | Skillshare

CANDLES: Special Birthday Candles

Colo Alonso, Industrial Designer + Wife + Mother

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6 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Silicon molds

    • 3. Cookie Cutter

    • 4. Paper Design Candle

    • 5. Materials

    • 6. Good Bye


About This Class

Explore how designer Colo Alonso will guide you in this class to find your artistic side with Birthday Candles


In this class of 23 minutes, you'll learn how to do the 3 different techniches of Birthday Candles, from very, very simple to the last one where you can design your perfect candle.

You don't need any previus knowledge, and also it is a good start to explore the Candle World, you just need few elements that I am sure you can find at home. Don't worry about Paraffin, you can use an old candle or some tealight candles to make this project.

Hope you Enjoy the Class!

Thank you very much for the MUSIC Symbiosis by Ketsa