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CAGED System for Guitar

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7 Videos (1h 24m)
    • What is CAGED?

    • The C Shapes

    • The A Shapes

    • The G Shapes

    • The E Shapes

    • The D Shapes

    • Using The CAGED System

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About This Class

Learn the CAGED system for guitar! Complete with print-outs for every chord, scale, and arpeggio shape. The CAGED system is a set of moveable shapes that will:

  • Help you memorize the fretboard & locate notes
  • Solo & improvise with ease, in any key!
  • Transpose songs (i.e. change keys!)
  • Improve your understanding of the fretboard and music theory

Ready to dive into music theory? Check out our course on Modes, too!

The CAGED system is a vital piece of music theory for guitarist. In fact, you could pretty much get away with only knowing the CAGED system, that's how much power it holds! Luckily though, it's not that hard to master. It's just comes down to memorizing the shapes and knowing how they connect.

Once you got the patterns, you'll be able to play anything!





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