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C practical exercises

Kiran V

C practical exercises

Kiran V

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6 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Leap year or not

    • 2. Even or odd number in c

    • 3. Swap two numbers

    • 4. Print ASCII table

    • 5. Print 1 to 100 numbers without using loop

    • 6. Addition of two numbers

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About This Class

Programming in C is fun and interesting. In this entire course you will create, edit, compile and execute many C programs. Before we begin to learn about C programs, you must configure your computer with C compiler.

C programming is called as father of all programming language. If you master c programming then you can learn any other programming languages faster and without any efforts as it will clear your all the concepts of the basics of programming.

Learning C will make you understand how a computer program functions internally

Who this course is for?

Anyone who is more interested in implementing whatever taught in course and not just listening the videos

Those who is fascinated with learning something new or already knows programming and wants to brush up their knowledge

Meet Your Teacher

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Kiran V


Hello, I'm Kiran.

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1. Leap year or not: Hello, guys. Certain decision. We're going to learn how to write a program to check whether the given in really easily beer or not. So before proceeding to ride over source qualities in the same waters and leave here so in a normal year, really have 3 65 days. Okay, Eso This is like a normal year. We will have 36 diverting, but in case off, really, beer may have 3 69 66 states. So we have one day extra. So the favor one has 29 days when it is on labia. But in a normal common years, we have 28 days in the month off. So the catch is that in Libya, we have one day extra. Okay, so these labia soccer's for like a V after every four years. So there are, like, so the logic to find this weather the important year Islam, Libya or not, we're going toe, see a few conditions and based on that, we're going to come toe conclusion. So, first of all, we have another concept that we should clear that in case off years, we have to find out here. So there are like century years and there are nonsense jury lives. Okay, no one's injury years. So in case so for century, years. So the years in the people of hundreds these are the essentially years. This is what we call essentially and the non century years are all the years in between these century years old, it is starting from 16 12 like in between century years. Water with the those would be our, uh, nonce injury. So you got the concept tree, so to find you appear in doing these two categories. So let's just understand one more thing is that so that Libya is present in this category also, and leave years are present in the skirting the ulcer. So to find out the labour years in between these and to find out I live here in between these non century years, we are going to apply different conditions. So in case off century years, the condition to finally here is that we're going toe divide this century, years by 400 Okay, century here. More well heeled divisional quarter. You are a delusion by 400. And if these essentially years are being visible by 400 Wednesday exactly leave is a bluff , wondered, and we don't need any reminder value. Then way can say, Can that the particular century year is and and in case of's and non century years, we It's a very simple logic. We're going toe, divide them by a full And if we don't get any reminder after dividing this non centuries before, that means that particularly here is an easily be it. So we're here also were going Oh, more deluded engine operation on this. And if we don't get any reminder that we have zero, then we're going to say send leave here. So this is our basic logic to find our oh, leave Pierre program. So are so So what are the things we are going to use it in my writing. I was so school. Is that first of all, we need to dig, uh, important year. So we will take a very berry gold year where we're going to store our input year value from user through the council, okay. And in the program, we are going to use the friend estate check with particularly. It is a deep pier or not, and based on that, or we're going to execute these statements and display if that particular number is 40 budisa lee beer or it is not an levy it using if and l statement. So let's get back to our source code. So, uh, let's get back. So God, if I knew so it was fine. Okay, so let's get back to fires you for so sweet. Okay, so first statement off, down with a preposition statement way go toe standard input out. Well, I really had a fight and here we are going toe I mean and they're going toe refine declare a variable called here and we're going to grant massive sea Do that here. Shake there is okay in your dreams, their value Say it already or ear Yes. And here we would have our if conditions where we're going to check their 14 year is divisible by full If it is divisible by four has realized and and that year is north and century years project that we're going toe modernity which by under a free physical toe it is it should not be called Brazil are thicker than normal to be so These are work conditions for months in three years find out the date is a leap year. Their apartments a car ticketea for for years and another convention will be or condition or conditions there. We're going to check in case off century years with that 40 grand a year is they resemble where 400. If it is division, then it is an injury on here with the masses there that even in it is deep Pier, I don't know. Here and in the Els statement body were going with Matty there they put a view and he's no family leave here. We gonna say Levi's is going on here and come to a duffel district and saved all program. You'd be here. I see. Okay, so here, when reading the program as true 1,010,000 is a leap year because disease divisible by 100 . So we'll take another example for a century. So we have this century a 17 country so 17 him trick. It's not a baby because it is not visit required. 400. Okay, so now we're going to check non century year 160 So this is northern because it is not visible. Therefore So we're again going to check for mounting jewelry category 16 1604. So this is, um maybe because it is divisible by four. And this is a nonce interview. So I hope you called how to buy this horse book. Right? The see program will find out whether the given in 40 year is a Libya on march using C programming. So here we have a clear all people number, Dejan. And here we're reading. Things are in for and here we're going to Jake. Where? There. Please leave here more based on here time print as it is a leap year because the divisible by the quarter with the successful condition based on that and this is grand reason. Morty, eight years. So this is a secret ground to find out whether it would be a reason. 2. Even or odd number in c: Hello, guys. So, indecision. We're going to write a program to check with given input. Number is even are. So before starting to write, I was so scored for this program. Allegis understand? For the even number. So a number which is exactly divisible by two. And it leaves no reminder after the division, then we call that number as a win number. If if that is not the case, then we call it as a vulnerable. So, for example, here way have importers number 2468 So these are the numbers which are even numbers. So when you do divide this number by two, then you get no off a reminder. Eventually it is exactly the visible, but it's not the same gets with the numbers. Lake 1357 So here, when you do I there's number by to the new get a reminder value one. Uh, Anyway, you divide is number. So these numbers are, uh, no, the even numbers rather hard numbers. So in this program, our problem statement is that the I'm going to provide any input number, uh, to our program through the Concert Street and as out what we want a message saying that 40 clear number is a even number for our number. So this is our problem segments. So how to do this? So the logic to find this with that, First of all, we're going to store the input number into a variable. And the next thing we're going to do is we are going to, uh, ad and condition where we're going to check with the more Marbler division. He's equal to zero. So here, we're going to It was an operation called ah number More DeLillo, Division operator is equal to zero. So what this expression does is that it performs the more dealer division Oh, number by crew and the offer's off. This mortal divisional person is that when we more real divide a particular number by a value, then as a reminder if that modeler division has a reminder value, it will be to return eso here. If the mortar division operation is successful like the number is divisible by two more bigger divisible by two, then it will not return anything. So that means it's that's a total value. So So it kind of return zero value, which means there is no reminder. And if there is a reminder that reminder value will be part So that is the reason we are using more division operation on their using this excitement condition where we can see if the number divisible by two or not. And if it is divisible, then we're going to enter the statement body and we're going to print the massive. That particular number is input number is even number or our number. So let's get back to our source code. So first of all right, people's assistant went to include I was standard input, didn't to start in a four program starts with the main Ritter, and you are going to clear a variable here called and we according toa my core message on conserve street number on their going toe save our read the user input variable number. So the next thing will be our if statement where we are going to put the condition as no morality they do it by two is equal to zero. Is this condition is true? Then we have going on between the message that, uh, the input number is you went number and coma separated extreme acid in double cords and put the no variable length in print off. We do know percent burger. So after that stepping body, and here, we're going to bring the message. The party in port number is for number. Um, the attention of the world plastic man. Okay, in to save the program on and complies. So here we are going to do in our number. So first of all will kill as well as impregnable. And then we get our would actually even number. So the same do with Janet again co Another use case where we're going to Croydon our number . So seven So yet seven his Sorry, really missed. Okay, so here you're going to work seven and put both and rejected. There are bad seven. He's for number. You can try with the multiple or numbers just to check in case. So here we get out. Goody. So here we are, declared the people a year we're going to be they use and the way we are checking with number by two. And this is our angel program. So it's a very simple program where we're storing the input value into a variable numb, and then we are checking condition where we are doing a more energy efficient operation on this input number by two. So this modeler division oppression. What it does is that when we divide a particle number by two, then it will return the reminders if the particular number is an order number. And if it is not that that means a number is divisible any to repent. Zero. So that's all we're checking here. We're checking. If the monitor division ese equals 20 then that particular number is. And even so, this is our program for checking whether the game key one input number is even our our number. What? 3. Swap two numbers: Hey, guys. So, indecision. We're going to write a program so up to numbers without using. And I thought about you so to before presenting to write our source code for this program using C language. Let's understand water logic. We should apply here. So here, as you can see on the screen, we have variable scored variable here and variable b. So we have a brand new stain and very loose 20 expected variables. So what we are going to do here is that we are good. Distort the value off beat variable K and value off variable cake. Where will be so? We're doing this operation. We are not going to make use off any or very able. It's kind of like any dame pretty variable were normal to use that. So how do we achieve this? Uh, without using the third value. But so so here we are going to use some automatic operations to conduct this operation. Oh, our implement this program. So the functions were going to use here are addition and subtraction. So there are more people matters, using which we can actually, this output. But right now, here we are going to use these two operations division and subtraction. So how are we gonna do that? So, first off, we're going to add this to numbers. So we have this number A and B. So what we're going to do is that we are going to marry this guy s a and so what? I would that some be okay, We're going to relate that have been doing off the variable so it can be very body, or that it will be so we're going to restore the original history numbers in tables. Okay, So the next thing we're going to do is that we are going to do people this a protection. We're going message track, Uh, one variable that we haven't, actually. That is the variable. Suppose restored the original fee, and he invariably then from the so we're going to subtract the variable. So the value we will get there going to store it in variable peak. So when we searched the venue, ready will be from the So when we get the value of variable so that when you are very believe, we're going to store invariable. So I wanna show you through the operation. So here. Yeah, the expression will be aged eight. So when you are able to become 30 because radio these days and they did, you have to be very well, so we will get the sun as well. So what we're going to do here is that they're going toe assign this right foot into variable. So the handle, which was previously presenting variable leverage, was stained with people where it and now already ability would hold the value 30. So the next thing we're going to do that we're going to see abstract when you're very will be crowned itself. So they give the man you are variable and this ready, they're going to store very well. So data compression for this will be easy for us to be in minus. So here is playing the role officer or tradition. So we're not using the third way with what we are making that use off e hats to store. That's and from that we're going to subtract the very one by one, and there are no books. So here the variable B, we have shafted er place the venue off apathy. So the next thing we're going toe again really, is that we are able to extract from the cell. That is very and you are ready. You ready big again Because right now, the value of being treated right now Well, you're very will be staying it waas previous aggression across 20. But now this day. So when we re subtract this really from E that is the song off. What numbers. So now we get the venue or very be so the booking it We're here that really I will be joined it. Sorry I stayed in the wrong way. So, like now the value that all these days and we're gonna be subtracted from the sun So we redid the value off where they will be before the trappings. So it's a brand new game here. We restored invariable. So the some we had invariably will be over time with new Really, which is 20. So right now, like 20 Dan. So this way we have I don't know how so Happy. So right now the Vendee off is 20. It will be his attempts. I hope you understand this simple logic. It is So we're going to implement this court. He was so let's get back to the source code fight for what's right. Start writing. So the statement of cash, Your new friend, you said that we are going to cleared valuable E and ready to be and via going through still the thank you's very sources for the message. You're going to use that kind of statement. Vandy's inspecting having been supporting it is the moment specify very loose because we are dealing with teachers. We're here. We're gonna do. Is that what's that thing? Store the venue. The ready. Okay, so here we have our groups on. Next thing is our inspiration. Three reactor drag the numbers and stole some one off the valuable said you were stored something terrible in black Oneto substrate act The your way will be from the summer from number that is golden age. So we will get a new value, which is nothing but the bandage off variable before slapping and it will be stored in a table Does anything we're going to do now. So the value of being changed now blanket this rap now. So we're going through something like that. You really, really being from some 30 story and we're going to rate the friend you the variable is with so which was presenting available. They would be overdone and we will get value rituals. The video very will be before. So so here I was hoping this done. So he and supreme that was before being so to print the menu of people strapping we are going toe glued statement before our arithmetic operations. So here it was happy we're going to bring the really off anybody? Yeah, he's working. It is the skeptic Grand scepter Protect the second line and the dress over edible when available You that so please do or sent to from Poppy. You hear me out printing the values of the rosary. So next thing you want is that I want to print values that's wrapping So the actual values are very so I only statements over Just copy stage and the last she which indicates over program here. Damn it are so Scott certainly just broke up and before that would scare the program darks , you know, trying to deprogram okay and different numbers. Gang still before something we had values is contract. Ain't these little 20 in our dress happy were very basic, all grunting and he's a good looking. So this is our program for stopping to numbers without making use off anything very 4. Print ASCII table: Hey, guys, indecision. We're going to write a program to bring the asking code or asking value off character, using C programming language. So before, well, sitting to write up. So school. They just understand what does this husky gold means? So the asking is gold as American Standard code for information interchange. So we will try to know what is the use off? Ask a court. First a phone. We will have a little bit background about how competition works. So in short, everything we store in a competent it gets stored in a former by navy so that whatever we enter in our country to be stored in the 01 state so that it's more understandable for the machine. So, ah, when in for in case of horsey program, when we defying a variable off in teacher cause called X and assigning some value like to it gives a science for boy four bites off memory, and this particular they see more. That is the numerical value he stored in computer memory in a binary form off zero of one's sting or zero once so. But when we have a character variable defying, okay, at that point of time. When we store value in a character variable character ch, for example, we still value called he So at that point off day, there is not a converter Take me to bed. This character gets can order into buying any form. So for that, was this husky value. The asking court comes in picture. So this ask a standard has standardized some goals in buying it. So they have assigned some digital values. That is the numerical values which every present, the asking court for you general character or a special seaboard like that. I'll forward like that. It will have some asking for a signed with it. So whenever Computer tries to understand this particular value, that is a character Wendy. At that point of time, he checks his correspondent nasty code and then tries to convert it in promotion language court off buying, using that particular corresponding asking core value. So I hope you got the answer. So, uh, in, uh, according toa, ask if we have, like, 0 to 55 such asking calls representing different Alfa braids or characters and the special symbols like everything we see on people that everything is included in asking and it arrange the asking. Corddry ranges from zero to do to fight. So we had triple toe basics asking courts which represents all far away and the special signboards all those values. So we will go back to our program where we will write the source code so that we get a better idea and we will see how to bring the asking courts. Okay, The first segment he actually be our people is a statement. Sandra, and put our I hate a fight and I will make me hurt just starting Brian the program in depression. So here the things we are going to use that we're going to declare a variable cord. Hi. So this would be a counter very that people use for you. So this field, basically we will use the for loop illiterate from zero proof, defied and kind of a printed the asking table. But before that, we be try to bring the ask a core value off particular uh, character. So here we've been defied Clear character ch a sign this for bait. Hey, do that character valuable? Ch I am here. We tried to bring the ass Kiko So the process is quite simple. So normally, when we are printing the asking ward off character, uh, variable. At that point of time, we're going to use the person, the former this if I it and then we are when we want toe, bring the character of the time on the time we're going to have this person's problem unspecified so that again bring the character values. So here, Husky called us fleet for each before getting to Okay, so this will be our program Supreme Koscik asking God for that. I would say this program, John. So the asking cool for character. He he's 97 as you can see. So if we change the character here and we have, uh, capitally here, then we get that objectify. So did asking courts are the woman in coats the standardized gold's given by asking standard, and these are quite like redefined. So here we're in this, we're going to write another program way I could print asking people off. The van is from Tina Trebuchet before. So, while printing this output of all these asking cords for special some alphabet, so some off the special for Bates are not supported. So that won't depending on a concert screen. So the amount off passi ski course for pressure all the static person can print, we will print using this program. So here we are going to be for declaring character calm, preventable I and it will be a whole. So we'll initialize the table I zero And here he said, the video writer zero Then I should be standing because that's that angel, uh, asking goals. And here we're gonna think it very well. And he had a green, the asking courts. So I see Cindy and it was a Sikh. So you're for the high concept board. Just do so here we are as we're print in digits, like three digits from zero to fortify. So we will say here on the tree that because that will bring three D chips if it encounters and this is done, So here we would have I printing. So we will just put the name off the variable same colon and just to bring ah a couple off in a vertical line if we want to print like why to six values. So for that, we will have a conviction. So here, when I is more really smarter. Digit divided 56 If it is recorded zero, then we're going to hired a new life. Things were using the is get ridiculous character slash. And so this is so that on the concerts going in a one line, we have this six escapes. For that we are in this country ship and that the last will be I would reconsider statement So we will execute this program So we execute way have through 55. Such Get it, Bruce. Hey, which includes all the new money Lose them for Vicks and specials involved. So you can, as you can see, like so somewhat border not printer because they are not supported. And for instance, we can see So for capital A the asking 40 65 and seen the 97 billion, which is for small a. So, as you can see, we have printed this. Ask your table. So these are all rounders and prayer to be hardly Cymbalta nor chin properly. So those are because we don't have ah, they are not supported so that they're not printed. Probably, please. Yeah. So this this is how our program look likes way printing most off our our ski cords for all the specials. Important special characters. Yeah. So this is broken for plastic or table? 5. Print 1 to 100 numbers without using loop: Hello, guys. Indecision. We're going to write a program toe print 1 200 numbers without using any kind of Luke in C programming. So normally, we use the loops in programming languages when we are supposed to bring the output in an increasing order with with using the it rations. So in this programme, we are not going to use any kind of look for love, Look or do so how to bring those 1 200 numbers. So before writing, I was so school Allegis, understand our problem statement. So first, uh, here we are going to make use off if else statement where we're going to put the condition to check whether the number is less than 100 or not. And here we are not making use off any kind of look. So here we can do this. Uh, we can implement this program using toe matrix. So the first meta is making use off because he function and the 2nd 1 is making use off auto statement. So, in this matter, in this program, we're going to implement this program using that recursive function. So regressive function is nothing, but we're going to call the same function a number off times until we get our required. Okay, so let's get back to our source. Scored. The first statement will be our creeper, his estate group. The fight next would be able mean, which would be starting point off program execution. And here we are going to declare our very high there. We are going to say it's its value. Do one. We're initializing the very well, like one. And the next thing is that we're going toe our condition. If, where we are going, project whether the number is leave that Hajric 1 200 And in a statement, 40 we're going to bring valuable or 75 because it is an invasion. And, uh, variable table I So here we are going to implement the value off high using the course freaks, uh, was within dement off. Erica. So and here we are going to make use off our because you function to call o meter. So what we're doing here is that we are going in tow a big mean program in Maine method. And there were initialized variable I to go do one, and then we're checking the condition off that the value of I should be less than 100. And in the printer we're doing toe presidency, they we are printing the value off I as well as we are doing the post off port Implement operations of what most implement operation does is that it will first bring the value off I and then it will evaluate the expression. So the value off I will be evaluated after the president's statement will be executed and the value if I will be implemented and then the caldo, the main with her, will be made. So here one important thing is that we cannot use a variable. So by default, variable state is actor Very good. So we cannot ah, use the ec available year. So we have you set it as a static. Ready often did your. So the reason we are doing this declaring the variable as a static type is that the static variables are used when we are supposed to preserve the value off I, which is uh which is present in their previous schools in their previous previous situation . So we have we. So when a thesis main method will be executed, so the value off I will be preserved when this next recursive when her Because he call is made for the main metal. So the value of I will not be lost or destroyed. So when we don't use the static variable, the value of why will be destroyed when the function called, made, uh, again using the because he function called me on Mary here inside the iftar. So it just execute this group down so you can see we have this number. So just this number you like, you can see the numbers are executed too under it. So when we didn't move the static very You can see the look really go into an in tonight because the value off is not getting preserved here. Whenever function call is made here inside, if statement the value of variable, I will be destroyed. And in the next call, when the program exhibition starts a kid, the value of I'll be set to a new value that it would be initialized again. So in short, it amusement, Mr Declare a variable, a static. It will be initialized only once, and that we're living with prison so it won't getting this lies again and again. Okay, So this is our simple program where we have declared ecstatic variable. Oh, dear. And here we are checking our condition that I should be, at least then pull through. Good. And here we, uh, drinking the manual by and forcing the doctor. Oh, I here we are making a call to men. So when the value of I will be 100 Ah, very. If I will be 101 that amount of time, this condition will be failed, and we will hits it. No program. So the alternative improved that. John zero statement here ridges. Nexus City Because we are having a meeting with indigent. Right? So this is this will throw area if we are using different compilers. Authorities Mississippi toe include the return zero the return tight. We need to include when we're driving of Maine metal off retired, just having very contact. So this is our program to print 100 numbers. Who, though using a new 6. Addition of two numbers: hello ways. So to really in this conversation we're going toe right on program. I had to contagion numbers and display the resulting output on the console screen that's always covered with program. We're going to see what are the requirements with respect to what kind of for very boots, how many variables or functions we're going to accuse. So here, we're going to use to numbers that we're going to provide in our program. So let's say we have doing good numbers. No, that we're going to provide. So this is to invite you into numbers way between additional these two numbers off duty seven talk. So these are basically quite so before start writing. So we need to analyze, like what other things required. So we need to hear three variables. That is, of course, right. Able to start with this force number. Then another variable stole second number and another variable restored the resulting number. So So the people that were giving here is an illusion number, So indigent members are any number with our painting floating point value. Only that kind of value, which doesn't have any problem 0.0.0 r exponential value. It isn't so the's our These are our, uh I think that we're going to be using So we need three tables indeed, your variables. So I say we need Teoh. So one of the very well, so very bills her So everything that we store like in the concert in the context about program. So when we write a program, everything is told into the memory from the time off, exhibiting program through the end off our program. So when be exhibit A program and backgrounds, execution is done, that main body will be, which will be used by that program, will be freed on exit our program. So whatever we're writing, our source for everything variables, functions all occupies memory when we read the program and run that program. So So let's get back to valuables. So here we are, providing to include numbers, too. Program. So let's say so. Descend visual re presentation off remembered locations. Or let's say these blocks represents a particular memory location, single member locations. So these are the numbers locations. So we are providing these include numbers. So hated the computer on a store December, so these are stored in the memory. So when we put a number to it is stored in this party. Remember location. And this is stored in, particularly with location. Then water the we ju By performing the operation, it is also stroll in a particular memory location. So we are supposed to access these particular memory locations where the values are calculated values in store. So these uh so we mean these memory locations by giving these particular name, but they remain with the location. So So variables are nothing but those memory location which we name them. So these are the variables. So I hope you got the point. Like variables indicate, but will memory occupy so? And each variable has a memory address. Okay, so these things we need to also remember. So, Jemaine buddy, our location has a mainly the actress that we need to use when we're accessing that particulate valuable. So these are the maybe the address just for your reference number. So we are going to use these variables and store the hope that it will see misplaying out accessing this variable accessing the variable. See? So let's get back to our source school. So there I am using the computer. They'll c++ So here we're going to go on You buy you so sweet. So the first line off our program will be the pre processor statement. So and we are including the head if I patent for extra year mortgage. So the process of statements. Ah. So what are these things does is that these creepers exert Tippmix, uh, includes the hater fights program. Okay, okay, so the other flies in through all the attributes functions we are going to be closing in our program and these all the engine attributes they are redefining Oh, in our bikes, okay, To be all the example homing and operation are like related to the mat like we want the absolute value of a particular Tom boss. And then we have this function acts of where we just in parenting is going to provide that particular number. Let's say we have a number story now, then, when we specify this particular come on, uh, we get the help, which is absolute value off. But remember, so here, Or maybe he's just we declares particulars, uh, function that would be using the program. So all the back and processing happening is because we have had it that particular heather fights in our program. It's out of the program so far, that's a function The header file Being so remember every edifying. Hence, with this extension nor age. So here is to see that and what I documents standard input output fight. So it improved on the very big data types, then put out functions all the different redefined information it contains. So this so I hope you got the point. So the next segment will be our main get so here we're using and heavy can take for the main. So any American type you specify year. So if I have specified a written by fear in it instead our program supposed to return in particular value So what value will be passed? So by this method, I end off that execution All reputable middle. So here we have intelligent so we can return any in future value. So for Farley in this program of credit and zero, so return zero means program successful status. So it kind of indicate, like our program with kitchen in six. So if we don't want any Arkadelphia, we can specify word, but it is not supported mostly or the components or the standard? Uh, is that maturing? Very what I mean. So here we're going to give three digit variables in a common to be coming to get, see hey, be stored in good numbers. So make our program much more reliable. Understandable. Or the user. We are going to add particular instructional messages in our program so that whenever program has been run by some more, remember some any user so he can get he does not get confused regarding war visible to group the party Global Room has been executed. So for that work was we have hit spring depth treatment. Really, we can bring the instructional Massey by putting the next that's it inside step a cook. So whatever we enter here, it gets a call on the concert scream. So here we are, bringing the news to matter that Inter do numbers so that users get an idea. Then he don't the program what he's was a group, so after that could be hired a statement scan of statement. So it's kind of stick exits the values we are entered through our people by any early value entered by any user. So whenever any keystroke eyes entered by a particular user. It reached that particular value into the memory. Eso here, we're going to specify the oppressor. Variably a name that would be so the first number we're going to enter. He will be stored at this, uh, very bloody and the second way and be so why we're using an percent Sandy's and percent is nothing, but it indicates the address. So a stone a particular value in this way. But we need to specify that days off that ready. So that's why we're using them percent. So the scan of statement heads the ourself stores value at that particular variables. But this is the standard form, so the next is evaluate expression. So year we're going to use an automatic breaker in between three and B and on the left hand side off us, and with 1/4 will be our no that even see. So anything on the right hand side off our sandwich operator is called. Are you hand on anything on the left hand side off this drop? Italy's called Help tell you. Okay, so just for context context, you can be moving back. Even so, any value which would be set to will be unlike anything with it. If I own health and you say you really get the value Sorry. So anything. So we had this AL value in our value concept. So anything on the are very loose. I get outside l a value. So what probably expressions or particular numerical really well being are very loose. I so on Harry values that you cannot do any particular number or it has to be very Okay, so we're going to see that well done tracking program. So then extend the printed statement. So he really is a printed statement. Our actual. So you won't do still the user like the addition off hey and be he's uh huh. See, So we want to replace. We want to show the values for that. We will lag Tempe here. So on here, we're only very me. So remember, in scan object mint, we need space. But in India treatment, we never use M percent saying we just between the variable name and the former Spitfire and this was indeed so this will display the values. So can you run this program? So we're going to see if this goes down. Okay, so here we get this print of a message the printed messaging print upset when it gets a court on the screen. So you ever going to on inter? Growing up screwed five. And you can see addition off in 57 So you can see these poor monstrous if I specify and the variable name were specified here. So the values ah replaces this particular symbols the former was for those involved in the civil courts that were specified in state. So we get so regarding l value. So if we have digit on sale early, we will get an A level music quite as a leftover and about Wasim Positive. So here we always are specified. But you cannot, uh, exchange their politicians. Okay, Don't live just for the fun tricks. Try and run the program, etc. You can see destroying it here. So there is some other way where I really don't need to use any 1/3 variable toe display. Our reason. So how we can do that is that we can directly at this expression in a fantasy so that we don't need to use any variables. So here we're going to be removed. Started friction. Hang the variables that were declared from Yeah, So we're going to more see and hear with toe that expression to So this will be executed. Excitement. So we don't need to worry about heading. Heard variable. So you just kind off dishes. The main very requirements to our program becomes how much more, Uh, precise and memory fishing. So this is how we Oh, we will trade. That was whole school for the simple program for addition off two numbers. So I hope you, uh, got the idea about how to write a program. So see you in the next one.