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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

67 Lessons (14h 53m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is programming, compiler. Installing IDE

    • 3. Basics of programming

    • 4. Variables

    • 5. Types of variables

    • 6. Downloading data from input

    • 7. Arithmetic and Assigment Operators

    • 8. Relational Operators

    • 9. Logical Operators

    • 10. Bitwise Operators

    • 11. Contidtional Statements

    • 12. Switch

    • 13. Conditional Operator

    • 14. Calculator - exercise

    • 15. Arrays

    • 16. Multidimensional Arrays

    • 17. for

    • 18. while and do while

    • 19. exercises, nested loops

    • 20. break and continue

    • 21. pre-function Scope of Variables

    • 22. Functions

    • 23. Overloading functions

    • 24. Loops and functions - exercises

    • 25. Data Validation - exercise

    • 26. Enum Type

    • 27. Reference Variables

    • 28. Reference Variables in functions

    • 29. What are pointers?

    • 30. Name of array - Pointer

    • 31. Dynamic allocation of memory

    • 32. Strings and a pointer on a char type

    • 33. Functions and pointers

    • 34. Lottery - pseudo-random numbers generator

    • 35. Type Casting

    • 36. Creating project, external execution of program

    • 37. Preprocessor directives, Multi-file project

    • 38. Data Structures and Pointers

    • 39. Classes

    • 40. Static variables and functions

    • 41. Constant classes and methods

    • 42. Friend functions

    • 43. Friend classes

    • 44. Copy constructor

    • 45. Convert constructor and overloading operators

    • 46. Inheritance between classes

    • 47. Polymorphism, virtual functions, abstract classes

    • 48. Virtual destructor

    • 49. Function templates

    • 50. Class templates

    • 51. Exceptions

    • 52. Namespaces

    • 53. Streams - what is input and output

    • 54. How to open and close files

    • 55. File opening modes

    • 56. Stream's error flags

    • 57. Reading position pointer - seekg and tellg

    • 58. Writing position pointer - seekp and tellp

    • 59. Extracting characters from files

    • 60. Comparing content of two files

    • 61. Put - loading characters from cin stream directly to file

    • 62. Peek - peeking characters without extracting

    • 63. Putback - returning extracted character on stream

    • 64. Write - writing bytes to file

    • 65. Gcount - counting characters from last operation

    • 66. Mini database

    • 67. What's next?

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About This Class

Save your precious time by attending this course. You will learn how to program in a fast and easy way!

The total length of the course is over 12 hours! You will learn theory and you will also gain lots of practice. During the course we write many programs.

All this is presented by a young man who shares his knowledge, so the language used is accessible for everyone.

The course is designed for the people who don't have any knowledge about the programming. It doesn't matter if you have never written any programs or you have no idea about programming... After my course all this will change. You will bust the myth that programming is a difficult thing only for the few!

After this course you will be able to use the advanced components of C++ language.

Over 200,000 students over the world have enrolled my courses and most of them are satisfied with the way I teach. You will also be satisfied with this class. 

If you have any questions regarding the topics covered in this course after watching videos, please feel free to ask. I'm always happy to help.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Arkadiusz Włodarczyk

Professional teacher


I am the author of 27 very popular video courses about programming, web-development and math in Poland. I've also created 7 video courses in English. Over 300,000 people enrolled in my courses. I put all my heart into creation of courses. I always try to explain everything the easiest possible way. I'm sure that my courses will help you in the programming and web development adventure :)

I believe that everyone has the ability to develop software if they are taught properly. Including you. I'm going to give you the context of each new concept I teach you. After my course you will finally understand everything that you code.

I've been developing websites for over 15 years and i've been programming for over 10 years. I have enormous experience in that matter and I want to sh... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello, my friend, welcoming the video calls Seacoast plots. This course is divided into over 50 lessons and is over 12 hours long and it's recommended for bagging us after discos who will become expert in the C plus plus language. You might be asking yourself Who is the altar off this coast? Well, my name is our catalogue Adopt trick and I really, really love teaching other people. I am the altar off 26 very popular video courses in Poland, and I also created a few courses about the C plus plus and Web development in English. I put all my heart integration of video courses and I want them to be understand able for everyone. All the subjects are shown to you the easiest possible way. OK, it's not about me discourses about the c++. So what you will know after discourse. Well, after this goes, you will be able to use the advanced compliments of the C plus plus language. You will know cementing of the c++ semantic means meaning of wars in the C plus plus, you will be fluent in the sea prospers language, and you will have solely basics, allowing you to create whatever you want. Off course, you will know the advanced components also, but sold it. Basics is the most important thing. If you want to become very good programmer. Okay. If you have basics, you can create whatever you want. You can read libraries, and then everything is gonna be easy here. I type things that you will exactly learn this course. So you know, basics like variables have toe insel i d. How to use it. What is a compiler and other things like that? Operators condition, actions, a raise, loops, functions, references, pointers. I deeply discussed pointers. After this goes, there is no chance you have problems with them anymore. Project creation structures and class is object oriented programming templates, exceptions and name spaces. So, you know, totally fully c++ syntax. Okay, Now you might be asking yourself Why should you choose Michael's right? Because I have enormous experience in teaching other people and I do a different way. I always explain things from scratch. I do not omit anything. If you don't believe me, you can watch for free a few first video so we can check if you like the way I teach other people. I even in this the world at least free videos before buying anything, I'm sure that you will be satisfied with my course after completing it. And, well, it's really cheap comparing to world you can achieve after these cars. After this course, you will have knowledge. And what is the most important ability that we lead? You read C plus plus language. If you know how to read c++ libraries, you can then create whatever you want. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. You can send me a message. I will respond as fast as possible. Okay, you can ask me about programming, but take in mind that I am not making the homework's. But I would be happy to give you hands. Okay, thank you very much for watching the first video and have a good day. 2. What is programming, compiler. Installing IDE : Hello, everybody. We're coming to the first lecture in the upcoming videos. I will teach you the C plus blast language. I would try to cover all the subjects about the c++ from the beginner to the expert level. So after you watch all my videos, you should be able to create your own programs. But before we start the school adventure with programming, I want to explain your what? The programming Gays first, Let's focus on the world language king. What is language? Have you ever wondered what language means? Well, let's make a company reason. Right now I am talking to you and I am using what? What kind of language and using English language. Right? So we are using some kind off coat toe communicate with each other, right? And that, I think, is called language. We understand each other on Lee Onley because we both know we both understand this coat and discovered in our situation is made off water off words, right? And each off that word has some kind of meaning which we all understand. That's why were able to communicate with each other. But unfortunately, there is a problem with computers when we look at our PC. So at our pieces personal computers, we can say to the PC to him something like, Hello? Pc, Drink me some beer, right? And, well, if the computer understood it, and probably if our computer had some kind off Lex that would allow him to move, he would bring it right. Mm. Okay. There is some small problem here. He doesn't understand it, as you can see, because I am well, not drinking it be right now. So we need to talk to a computer with a language that he can understand, right? And what is that language? These languages called programming language. Right. So programming means creating understand able instructions, orders that will be followed about our our computers. They must be full, right? The instructions that you give computer are full. That's how it works. So if the instruction must be understandable, we need to talk in the language that our PC is stalking in and dead language that our computer know and understand is created off numbers. So it's like the 01011 on the result. Much, much, much more zeros and ones. But what is it? Zero and one that subject is connected with electricity are a computer can read only two pulses, zero and one and every message everywhere. Every instruction to descend to our computer, uses different sets off the zeros and wants Whoa, that would be hard to talk to him using zeros and ones, right? And as you might have probably noticed already, it will be probably impossible, right? Can you impacting writing a code using zeros and ones? It will be hard for us to use the language. And for sure, it would take a lot off time to create any anything. And because of that, people created something between the computers, language and our language that we use every day like, for example, English. Well, to be honest, many line languages like that have been created, but we will focus on something goddess called C plus Plus in these scores now, using the C plus plus language, we could write, for example, something I get characters okay, and what the instruction could mean to our computer. Well, it could mean that we want to get characters, get characters from some kind off input. But as you can see, this is still not working right we type instruction that could be understand able by our computer. But it's not working. Why is that? So because this is still not a language that our computer uses right? It's not a sequence of zero and ones, right? This is the language that he uses. So we need something that will translate the C plus plus language instruction like, for example, this one into these zero in one's. Okay, and that Think that translates. Did It's called a compiler. Okay, compiler. So we have just learned a new word and the process off translating that languages. Okay, so from the instructions into Zero and ones, it's called Compilation, and we use it. So compilation. And we use it for eat, a program that this called Compiler, gets going to download compiler in order to compile a cult. Right? So when you compare the coat a program using a compiler, you are doing many things in behind the scene like, for example, also checking the Syntex off our Langdon's language. So it's checking. If we hadn't made animistic, it's linking libraries. It's optimizing our program and many other things. But I don't want to go into these details right now, right? You just need to know that compiler for now just translates, right? The coat, the instructions into the zeros and ones in order to make them work. So we need a compiler, right? Without do it with women won't be able to programs those. So to start our adventure with programming, we also need an editor that will had us write programs in the C plus plus around language. Right? Because we want right our programs in Google's search engine, right. Do you want to write programs in the web birth of your entire life? No. Right. So it will be great if that editor also had many additional features that we have us write programs like, for example, showing instantly where the Air Aries or it could also colorize our programs. So it would be easier to read. And that editor with all the features and a connected to a compiler. Okay, so we've compiler pre installed. It's cold. I the e. And it is a short for integrated development. Environmental came, so I d e is some kind off, um, set off programs inside of the editor right there. Set off programs that will help us write new programs and after comply compiling this programs, we can run them on our PC. So it's time to download id'ing and well, Donald I d they discolored coat books. It is a free one. It's good for beginners. So we will be using it again. You can use any other i d. But keeping minder might be a small difference. Set start. You know how to greet the problems so on. But do not worried. These differences are pretty small and you will be surely able to manage them. I highly recommend visual studio code. Okay, this is also very good. I d for Mark. I also recommend X killed. Okay, but we have focused on cold books. So let's download. So in order to download code law is going to go on coolers website Go to the town, would stop and click on the download The binary release. As you can see here, we can find versions for windows. Right? And here, if you are using leanings remark, you confined also could looks forward for these systems, Not what I would say is very, very important. Because if you choose by a mystic these think here this link here. You're well, Programs were will not compile. Why? Because even do not install something. What is called com Pilot that I talked about before. Your programs won't be able to be translators. Right. So here is something What is called mean, GW. Okay. And this is a compiler which is included in this set up. OK, and we need to chew thes thing here. Okay, that one with Minjae double. So don't choose these days of days link. Choose the link with the men G w. And then we click on these or this in order to download our cold books. So the cold look looks thes being downloaded right now. And now it's time to insulate, right? So let's click on it. Next. We need to read license. Of course. I agree, Onda. As you can see here, we have got mean GW compiler suit. So we have got a compiler included. It's correct care. Let's get next install. I have already installed. So it asked if we want to, you know, keep existing folder. I just I would just override everything. It will take some time to install it, right? It depends on how fast your computer. Aries. Okay, that's Ron our program. No, I need Teoh properly Said it in our recording room. We have got now here the I D integrated development environment. And in this environment, we can develop, you see, integrated those our own programs like to continue up our own programs at school and how to do it. Well, we need to first create a fine. So let's go here. Five new firing you empty If I And now we can right here. Account. I will write it now as fast as possible so you won't lose your precious time. I will explain all that. Go later. Okay. Very simple program right now so we can just check if it's working. So let's single the library. Let's say they were using the proper nine space, and now we have to use the main function. And let's send something to the output so we can see something like, let's welcome people. Example Hell award like that. Okay. And now we need to save the fire in order to save the fire. I can go here, fire and here, say five or use the shot Could control. Plus s I'm using the shortcut. And now it's very, very, very important here. I have got the name off my file and it's very important to not safe by default this as a C language. Okay, because we are not programming in the C language programming the C plus plus language ive you buy me steak to note at here, C plus plus, you have to model type. You remember about it. I'm telling it five times because people make me see here most time. And when you type the sit hospice Plaskett you are making sure you were compiled this program as a C plus plus program. Okay, let's save Zap. You're safe, buff. Let's save it. Well, we could, you know, call. It's a bit better not entitled one like first program. Let's save it. And as you can see now we have get our coat color rise and we can run it. Okay, we can Ryan to using the built and run option here. Here, it means that it's gonna built and then run the program. Signees is gonna compile it because the compiler is hidden behind his bottle right now back . And as you can see here, we have got color world and some kind of additional message that is headed by our compiler . Okay, but hey, we just compiled our first program. Can ride it right off course. We I will explain everything that you see here better in future. Do not worry for it now. I just want to show you in this lecture how to comply things, how they work. Okay. Normally, if you're using either I d. You might have toe stop your program manual. Remember, toe add them at the end. Distraction like that system pose. And you have to probably noble always include a library here that this called like that. Okay, just do it. And this will rock work. If you cannot use the system, you might need to add something like that. Get character. And also this program will stop. Sometimes you need to also at you and and here return zero. Ok, we do not need to add it here. We will not confuse. I don't so I would not confuse you anymore. Okay, so let's just because it is the symbols program the most simple program ever possible to create. I will explain every section very, very profound, very deeply right in the next lesson. So do not worry right now. I would also like to focus on you looking at one very important feature in this idea. Easier. I said something about the compile, right, And this compiler is hidden keeping, and it's translates C plus plus language into the +0111 Right, So into the computer language. And it also means that if I make enemy states like, for example, that well, things words I don't know. What does it mean, man? Well, it doesn't exist in my language. It doesn't exist in the C plus plus language, right? So it will be probably hard to translate it when I click here. As you can see, our program did not drown. We have got an arrow. And the coughing about this idea is that when I click here, I would be instantly shown where this error is. And also, I can read here the arrow message that war work worth was not declared in this scope. This, uh, this place, right? What the hell is this? It is just I don't know how to react on this. You have to just deflate it and then run again the program and it's gonna work. What? Work? Right. So as you can see, everything is working. Now I'm inviting you to mark watch my other lectures. If you have any question as always, feel free to ask. 3. Basics of programming: Hello, everybody, on the second lesson Today we're going to lend basics of building programs. So this lesson is really, really important in orderto understand program. Let's hide our manager on the left side because we don't need. Right now I will click View and manager. Okay, now let's create a new fire counter chief blocks and and stands here for new. You have just created the fire, which is called salts Cult. Let's save it. That's just at u dot CPP. Remember about adding that city P here because you might have problems, problems compiling your program. Seen the cold looks if you don't add the CPP here because the default option for saving is the sea fight. No, the c++ So remember about adding that extension here. Okay, we're saving it. And now I would say something very, very important. We need toe, understand? We need to know and always remember that we knew right programs were doing it for our PC exactly. For our compiler, which will interpret things that we wrote. And they have to remember that our prissy without us is a wrist hippie that's through through I'm not lying. PC won't be able to get anything. If we make any heroes computers are doing on the debt, what we want them to do, You are sending them instructions, and they have to do them. So if you make any heroes with your writing programs, remember, that's only your fault. You know the computer. So we want to write programs. Well, we have to fill and things like a compiler. So since the day we are going to be going by this, okay, almost every program is going to be read by our compiler from the top to the bottom. So if I write here something, I, uh Let's assuming some kind of instructions. Orders for computers. All right. And we can read coat from any place we want. We can jump from one line to another line. We don't need toe read line by line, right? We don't need toe do anything. It's up to us. Would we do? But death cult would be read by the compiler from the top to the bottom line by line. Okay. And why I'm saying this. Why is it so important to understand programming? Because, as I said, area, we need to start thinking like a compiler know the humor. It would later help us avoiding Mr Okay, Let's stop doing some serious stuff. If you want to write anything out to the users of our programs or respond to the actions, went to use mostly something. Would this cold libraries? When you talk about library in programming, we are thinking about manager tools that we can use toe achieve our goals. We will explore many of the tools in the upcoming lesson, so that does a some kind of toys that we can play with so they will have us creating our programs faster. Sure thing is that also, we can create libraries, but the topic is had bit advance. There are many libraries that we can use for free. Some of them are wounded. Website. You can find many others using served in giant like, for example, Google. OK, but how to use the library? You want to use the library, we have to write hash and the worked include, which means we are adding library, then at angl