C Sharp Made Easy From Basic to Advanced Part 1

Alex Quang, Senior Developer

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About This Class

First, we will learn about .NET Framework, what it is, why we should use it and how a .NET Framework runs in Windows environment. Next, we will study about Windows Forms and Windows Forms Controls. Then, we go through some definition about Data type, Operator, Variable, Statements and how to use it in C Sharp programming language.  We also learn about Arrays, Collections and how to use them to save time in programming C Sharp Program. Object Oriented Programming or OOP is one of the thing I want to teach in this course. Final, we will learn about strings in C Sharp. So, what are you waiting for? Just enroll this course and lean important knowledge can help you get a job as a C sharp developer.






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Alex Quang

Senior Developer

I’m a Senior Developer at ASW Solutions. I have more than 5 years experience in Virtualization, Cloud Computing and Web Development.
Now I become a part time Skillshare Instructor to share my knowledge and experience.

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