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C Exercise - Learning by Doing

Saran Siri, Programming Instructor

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6 Videos (55m)
    • C Exercise - Introduction

    • C Exercise - Input/Output

    • C Exercise - Condition

    • C Exercise - Loop

    • C Exercise - Function

    • C Exercise - Array


About This Class

Hello everyone, my name is Saran.

Welcome to C Exercise! ...studying the theory is never enough to be good at programming. In this course, we will go through a lot of examples. We will cover all common mistakes in C programming. You can use online compiler like onlinegdb.com

In each video, I will provide questions and let you pause and work on them. The solution will be given after breaks. Learning this way will help you understand the concepts faster than reading the textbook.

Enjoy the class!
Saran Siri





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Saran Siri

Programming Instructor

Hello, I'm Saran, a programming instructor from Canada. I like publishing highly edited videos.

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