Cómo funciona Instagram? | La Psicología detrás de Instagram + Guía para Optimizar tu Perfil | Diana Muñoz | Skillshare

Cómo funciona Instagram? | La Psicología detrás de Instagram + Guía para Optimizar tu Perfil

Diana Muñoz, Instructora Online

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    • 1. Introducción al curso

    • 2. Cómo funciona Instagram? | Metáfora INTRO

    • 3. Cómo funciona Instagram? | Metáfora MALL

    • 4. Cómo funciona Instagram? | Metáfora VITRINA

    • 5. Cómo funciona Instagram? | Metáfora HOST

    • 6. Cómo funciona Instagram? | Metáfora TIENDA DE ROPA

    • 7. Cómo funciona Instagram? | Metáfora FLYERS

    • 8. Cómo funciona Instagram? | Metáfora CONCLUSION

    • 9. Cómo crear el perfil perfecto? | Introducción

    • 10. Cómo crear el perfil perfecto? | Nombre de usuario

    • 11. Cómo crear el perfil perfecto? | Nombre

    • 12. Cómo crear el perfil perfecto? | Foto de perfil

    • 13. Cómo crear el perfil perfecto? | Borde imagen de perfil

    • 14. Cómo crear el perfil perfecto? | Bio

    • 15. Cómo crear el perfil perfecto? | Calidad de los posts

    • 16. Cómo crear el perfil perfecto? | Historias

    • 17. Cómo crear el perfil perfecto? | Portadas sin publicarlas


About This Class

Instagram no es sólo sobre subir fotos y videos, es mucho más complejo de lo que parece y es por esto que mucha gente no entiende muy bien cómo sacarle el provecho.

Hoy vamos a aprender sobre la psicología detrás de Instagram. Lo que vamos a hacer es que les voy a presentar una metafora para que entiendan muy bien cómo funciona esta plataforma. 

También les voy a dar tips prácticos para crear el perfil perfecto para que atraigan a tu audiencia ideal.

Conecta con Diana:

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1. Introducción al curso: just say that ammonia superfine in Pakistan, my hometown Kyushu, represent Umbach Open. Dallas came in, and just so police study for professional tambien soy instructor in a bus. You know, don't you taking a second class A or simply meticulous, entire in contact Conmigo, Pulis said. Local millions instagram poison control Kamal. The animal knows it was not. I was quite course. Quickly get director comment just superficially, they are either going to start the test. Easy Northwest. A meticulous center in contact away condensation. Thomas Artemisia. Let's go, South Korea says Just Lamba. Those system being you want on the school, you know, equals happened there in this necklace. Locate your studio. Insinuating this classic is political. Here this instant is the policy that cares not for my first start. For kids, look is best. There was something into one, though Who knows hematology. 1,000,000 pieces heart in supporting that and continue. I don't want to. A second term attains economic and peace in the know that, Anton says. Your look, Acuna said, is since in your days, lest they hear was going through e president and there wasn't and the part the limit for political here is a Instagram Mahmassani are the comma crowded, pretty feel perfect Qantas Thomas. Any instagram like they as Cano stopper feel it's the stupid optimism. Parakeet, granola and Jacob put Quetta Enomoto America, or the toll continues compartments is a commune 10 times a year, we explain. Passo, Passo, come up to me. Cuentas was productive months ago. This is a political pity. I mean, my second misconduct saying Super practical accused when I say that you're a part of them is like sureness open their locations and send you just let's explain. And so says Look, a kid on open local list Superhero esque a way on election in this classy as final cattlemen a phone is he capable campus and absolute eyes to continue. Another minister likes Eunice. Megastar will get a Sinus here theres a prima collection, but I keep with us sweetheart. Oh, sisters concept Being into celebrity campuses, Africa told us. Passive solar steps get their way in tratando, then throw to perfect Cuando judges Biblical. So says the steps. Get this tantric anto, then threat Alexe Uranus it to Quinta, Just super optimist. Saleh megastar jacket Sakis. When they captured the montage, the two per field. He gets it wasa stack up to rally my held until six young que se your project telekinesis Classic yes, the classes Adequate care for So now just say I guess the Nunu Il Principe anta intermedia the moon, the opera And they are doing well even a sidecar Continue Williams celestic do that after personas Magical area The common foods Your nine stagnant job Oyo sarcoma. But if a person is equal kidney within the must Principe and safe planet and better tambien compliments unit Inter milieu Yemen Salo is poor Korean statics Candle is data he escapes from Boston the complex us Toronto There's no concern and then they're different looking and much of the former Anton says Europeans okay Able definitely sadistic killer contact against a super super filly The same Osaka juntos in ski share up in the Indo e West job was beside it was remade election 2. Cómo funciona Instagram? | Metáfora INTRO: I was hanging with you realize? True. Anton says, looking almost aside, Schedulers Boyle are coming. A metaphor, the parka, pullin. And then they're being coma. Stephens here nonstop. Let a foreman, as the plataforma know, Solomon ties were photos. Even else. You just know it's attended when I started him more and more Morning that a Sunday move. Oy completa e Complain? Yes, All the cameras up in there in a settlement told. Okay is come on. Complete here The transistor plataforma que no much attendant in the coma scale Say money bombs, tender les basses It would. And then the movie being killed Lucas Democracy and on Instagram Common. Almost said a poor castanza. Sanyoto Sister says forces kill home. A simple didn't It goes to court. I moved much a hand to campus a cuentas out in suits. Quintus, hp and Sun came. I commented, told one Contra ico another me Jonas and securities Perkasie e noise Chelsea Lisboa explica like complete here at the park a forecast on the facing Ikea look at animals cancer and then says I think Carlo mu ontology toe it, tangling with Mike Artis even hardened poco para port Explain Carless s the classical here . Trust Instagram gets passed on to complete and was exported. So hopefully some time later he broke it open. I think I was Moonbase. Well. 3. Cómo funciona Instagram? | Metáfora MALL: but as Alex, um, care of Pretty. Listen so in Medina Siem de pronto Mizzi Because notes on sufficient awareness pedal characterless and lima Tina soon and dances. LeBron meadow is Cam. You're accusing McCain in own center commercial One morning he can t I got that one Turkistan. And so See that e que esta soon Lowe's? No, it was Simone. No central commercialised. Okay. A family like an which I handed us at the employee. The moon carry justice intercom Mercy I want you can play. Yes, the center clemency. I spit. Okay. Constantly to be in so young minds taking him. Yeah, throw centers commercial. Let's get them in. So in Super Gun on this e k take Tom and by degrees Yes, The Sutras centers Comercio lesson for his book interest Snapshot 01 The subtle centers common Silas on less address press socials, boy in the name of Mr Center comments. Yet you almost have the quint. That case that center common silk enemy Jonas Image own incipient. Expecting you Notice it. A man can unnoticed. And the case in Boston taken on This is some pharmacists. Anton says the Gammas case the surgeon will then you join this image. Onus image, illness The chicken intestine Data's Yeah, trust case. Understand? Take around this The circus that a porta and removed. Yeah, You know, if you got this okay. And does this good? Look, it's a said almost. I said Quinn Kato Tennis own at the end. Up back in Yutaka and the poor esquina. Yes, Big Anita. And then what? Can you join us in Jenna's otras quintas? The end This Come on, the hand This political is from there this pseudo seconds annoyed. E i musha musha musha hanta. Carry in every city Arrest a central commercial. Which a C motor moocher Handan Yes, the handed Saleh pasa Mature tempo and standards case song He gone This it goes on super pharmacists it just being an in person timpanist stand this person timpanist a stand us there was in quantum And so I know trust in the speaking Eat us kiss on the Swiss amigos and amigos Getting intended spec Anita's He put something parka like consist amigos. Obviously tired lows A meter Cisco says the logo. So no trustee and us Yes, see person. So temple there wasnt Cuando televisa school did not attend a benign Savon asi a The governor's ghetto cuenta toe tienda is the internal scanners and through commercial e as moody physical advantage. Aghast, I says Kina. But Callahan test on a self regard is Anton says, token escape venue cornea as the coma tried us a hand. No solamente potato cuenta or took in the esta super lean the 14 and lose my horas para lactose Or let me hold between a no sufficient cantos is one. But I could get a hand cast. I esa's metas. Yes, a sister, Helen Thomas Hudler. That's post, but it looking a little something that order is, they almost get toe basis The toast. ASUs Four sisters, Magas forces. But as you got a jihadist on hand Tanda Yes, Super The faces, the faces less and less rigorous. Attend a para boom! The repentance we're gonna do at the end. Okay. Aspecto tiendas frente tienda Nikola Premera came in my number two Fatah toe. Katrina is opinion. Unless tavi Trina Buzzer Callahan, they entry at agenda on 4. Cómo funciona Instagram? | Metáfora VITRINA: endurance is one was a circular. Trina IHS Help bring my elemental the particle. Ahem. They went at a tanda or no, it vitrine. Um, and Rick Astley Instagram buster to number this Wario it to photo upper feel. Anton says protesters cause more important to get to number. Used to argue it to photo apparent feel San Giamatti was okay. Palominos explicating poquito Portela handle over the entire are a tanda The parental numberless Mario No Eskimo. More explicit are located at the end. Photo photo upper feel was your mother Attention Atlanta packages then only a vaginal quint . What is this killer for Topper Phyllis Tan importantes? Is it in a care circa moment? CEO said Lanta Tanaka said jama TV. It indicates a Celinda professional. No poster Quicker. Cosa fai! Oh, okay. No Santana, Nothing like Santana K just to logo toe theta one. They're so John was holdin no throw in Notre Election. This pedo does this Pakistan's tingling quinta telephoto feel he and number also us more and more important, though says there's nobody medical. The guy was gonna had their little stuff. There was the victory. Noah knows how to photo field to normalise warrior. It is a moral equivalency at chicken tender. This is gonna click a celebrity Madox, young Kerstin and cancer, but a poor couple Number two Quanta logo and trying Where? Go and see Intel Aumento and singing Elementos Callahan Tintoretto Tanda E No Subway movie in case. Look at the data set, Quinto said. Tienda e When it's done, I don't stand these posters and thunder in a coma, so cuenta 5. Cómo funciona Instagram? | Metáfora HOST: and then says Case and Segundo and second Elemental is Kama Host ESA Persona Cast a paralysis were taken, 20 said at the end it is the only company convinced us it was explica info critical so they can attend a local local and then also sort of each is okay Intense is in Is the castle is the host a Sabeel Let us get this young. It's the super important Tambien lawless element is coming soon Important experiences that lesbian most come on los passes Okay, so says no matter who you know have a tree now and they're going to surveil the arena So in this course in love for type field e l normally do you swear to you level will be you You the camels care You just lay nephew is in common We see meant that some interest secure somewhere must intense is a Joe's signal Attend the support Anomalous, productive evening I must care to attend the When the robber I was a contact landed ago does experience a cannon host but a corn on apostle in trial at the end of sand contacts that those super this or that now is the fairest ASU CEO Tim Normal. Arida. Oh, no. C l host Assuming that a Santa pens O'Callaghan's geno steps Eunice also one also can I don't know, croquet within a computer. Asi no soc Antonya Ghost. Oh, no, Clinton says Does. But I'm also not a camera. If you're gonna the sword in or Corn Lama love you and throw it to Instagram Nopadol Obama's acquaint intense Is this obscene? This Cito contest on this Astra Allehanda Siva Sena Certain Hamas since a year to see inverters Posey. Now! Oh, see Sissi antenna Gusteau Menopausal Must employ I e que lo siento que onda said one number two spoke does come only. 6. Cómo funciona Instagram? | Metáfora TIENDA DE ROPA: because Sinuses productive. It was by no hard even aware last photos or the videos to supposed by now, everyone inside a second moans curled down by now. Okay, Papiamento is it is gusta minus Eliza in the axe. Young says sealers Costa Luca in a stew. Several feel like to see McManus photos, videos and they all tackle. He had no Cassie are going topics allowable role. So Canosa cancelled a booking the second suburbia and see someone else land. There was a lesson in Texas. Yes. I don't like 10 through like Oh, no. They lost post anthems. His weapon that I can feed l'Opera meadow on the Quanta case. We're not in that Roper does, says Sergio Centa, Rod on so far on a media are a little display. The levodopa. Let's go, Stella. Ropa your blessing in text. You in this case A When I I'll put a bolo. Is anyone upon the lateral Papadopoulos Marcelo hours? He was killed audiences to see anything Comas Anton says yes tires letter said apart. No Elfrid lv swell. LCG an taken listen to save a parabola. Ropa is gonna from mating a Kelowna Minister's post. Elena Copy. Then said Land and copy. I see this come on. One was since is premature between a video feed coping Does it say those people that personas I lost Person is kissing me in Aruba Last trotskyist element Telomere and see the compound you notice And then when they went a collection the comforter election the security and then says the model is a hand Take a a second moon scroll down to appeal middle A ropa said his ghost Are you Go? So what do you want to know, Mr? Like a high Patton? But I addressed personas que no Sanusi You can't refute any animal provide or Mazzella ropa star Segura skaters gusta you ago society. And the problem is that when the Lika a backer 7. Cómo funciona Instagram? | Metáfora FLYERS: a gun was a contact Delahanty Stolorow Emilio. 10 years? Yeah, Canticle away. I had taken a Leslie. Those says Mom was up on the neck of Come on with the monumental loss Flyers? Yes, those unless his story as they stuck us support check they It's the circuit Parlamento. Good. You can't elementos on this history. Is this the cast e gonna cuenta cast of some common flyer's comin estos back in your brochures? Que just a nasty and sit upon their massing for must attend the keenness on chaos and second and protectors of Sally's or fly years Compromise units a specialist or Conforto they must look at this point. I'm me, Jonas Indigenous indigenas the applicants, Eunice or the informal Singapore's competitiveness the Flyers It s almost like not election , Barrington says. It's just about a contact. Les que les, The Story of the Stackhouse I moved your hand, Nicolas Bay. I got those Good. No sound up another you don't take. But I wanna say is more important for the Callahan to conceive. I have a list of flyers. It's the story of the statcast, Jonathan, I don't know connection with your mask, for they must perform the condo market and turns us as the 13 Parlamento e job. When others they el tercer point off the feet or is a copy Japanese risque Pour collection Roger Dillon them Click us again. Yes, Yes. Come a messiah? Not am Segi notice Organic. 8. Cómo funciona Instagram? | Metáfora CONCLUSION: estos elementos on moving, moving Portentous Djamila Ciccolo Here Kulasekara explica is super important It on the last See emperor in Cuenta Sisters 10 Aniston, Quanta Bana Mula Working one and tender kick. Oh no! Stop speaking! Use elementos then uniform Jenalia is more important Depressed Al attention gas start tempo And there he said he'd Apprendi in the provided provided provide close is a staircase just the super optimism A que santos que realmente represented two markka Because have a super profess you know you know just as they don Camillo I put up or getting cancer Tantos is for so javelin Does the instagram London new left in the morning? You know intraday instagram when I think of my but I am watch Those are things that some wonderful moments I can no Preston come upon the moochers for So in Kabul notices elementos people taken care for the fai up when under convinced the stock has quite kid cause are really fair. But the sisters no supporting compiler corn Estas mega Strangis. Okay. I mean Jonas me Jonas, the person as Carl Sagan So let's focus on farm Also angels on cuenta party No sutras. The simple and the authorities or community manager bloggers. So let's kick in and setting fluency. Otherness, animals get in there like they're the Kiss Thomas's Con Dios and drink on. Must be Kanye. That morning you get the name is guest artist versus Margaret. On this you get the nemesis competitive, honest us all to respect and you test and this case on alone Western. But cable. Castilla hunt away with Dmitry an affair. Okay, No. Listen, Teressa Locust and throw to cuenta Jaime Journals Otras Qantas conceal a sofa wrestle. Okay, just get in bed. Listen, son off! Listen, the continual delta Qalea this Istana flesh and the bone experience here less is more value . Then says Tina took Puente signals will start to Quintus implemented one night out. Toyota I hope everyone has to get out. He took Wente said a Savile. I'm eagerness. Inconsistent. Name was Kate said I go put up a dress. Alta que are no tsunami memorial. A handy Kansas is POTUS sk esters. That was scary. Occam's there sometime importantes e c for the bus to come and look a compartment. It, uh, link porton xanthan. There. Last write a he l a sequel here. Atrazine instagram. But a couple months ago, said German Sando in less prolix Eunice 9. Cómo crear el perfil perfecto? | Introducción: e was hanging with you and then I realized I didn't think it true. Art Amama, suddenly, you know, zealous concept is the last currently in Alex. You know Ontario. He does this concept of Speca Nieto's capitalism beckon Ito's Obama's Altomare in the most over the counter four k s. Donald Value that out in the open field. Perfecto. But I tried a musket. They must for yours, even moments emphasize. 10. Cómo crear el perfil perfecto? | Nombre de usuario: Osama mentally So lamented. Those costs escape. One said. In contrast, grasses are both card instagram. Yes, From the normally feel number is for April Melo almost are the number of this William estate number. The osario Tom and the German will handle us a lot of fun. And second equal a handle on Contra Quint, as they handle. Was the norm desiccated. Then they're not went up. Person I all of us. A number that America s they handle. Well, number Don't start your champions of a converted. And where a little twins in signable com slash a normal eight Empresa 01 hand. Okay. City area No Tennison number. Ippolito cuenta Catamarca Communicate. Thomas took temple. Get the tank releases Someone boring Storming a collaborator on the set of some egos. Get their Jewell and e was not potato. Mr Tiempo para Jigar? Yeah, he normal. Perfect. No, Kelly has called care. Consuela Carina Perelli. Halo, Pinocchio. Thomas took Amber. Yeah, he didn't get taken. Vanga that they use their e Karen Mental represent the mark. Yeah, well, I don't know. Stapes battle here. L normal. So you're perfect about twins? I say with a high mountain. I love simply if I see the recorder intent of bitterness numbers large gold was up allowed us or misc. Alaskan numerals or literally deputy years? It's a planet on which a confusion and the hand you wanna see to let let's just Detroit or less sergeants in the Cal Come away asses means program cages. But Donald was colored intent on and contractor. The Toronto No Bonavena Normally Purkiss time we come for so in Baton and Contract, if it'll be our secret canisters and esta was Callie number two Marco Negocio open toe cuenta intent. A perimeter was Carlo and three instagram. The parental again gelatin decision contrasted Number two Mark, I think, come that we'll discuss that needs to get him gelatin argon intent upon the way back in Tokyo practice safe in and different analogy, milieu or a little piece of animals are you'll oppose. Compare Cuando Kayla's pedo miracle in those unis Kelly has. You know, you get the Pegasus a number of economic amuse mus, but a mutual vast escape on them on motions for so put upon them. No throw handle and Michigan is the PS of the continue issue. Take a second here to number eight and this is justice. Forced Lato still continue Every mosque in middle set up a deal. What is this? Get a keeping as more Too much tempo. Muchena, FIA and Biscotti and Contractual Normal Perfect. 11. Cómo crear el perfil perfecto? | Nombre: our own solar, the numbers, the instagram, some poco con fu. So for luminous and espanol por que number a number of you. Sorry. Look, well, so in the past. And Cano Paterson discourse is best done very fit. And this El promedio the K jam Alamosa number That's where you can model is a him, I say handle number l a cuenta number. So are you. But a number that a number of different they ikan esta number opponents are saying my and no matter instagram inside more people but also yeah much. I had a case. Conason s still intense. Is presidency um four k s to tell you that I said, Are you OK much in the news? Usually a number. Your number. This where your son assume Because those costs ask appoints and in Contreras. Then throw it to fulfill canela handles towels, candle personal car The instagram parliamentary Those chances like a pulsar Incontrera Porto Public A patio intent upon the calories Clovis cages Porn star Bush can spell arrest , Allow a statement They wanna Julia Latin and Peckinpah Conceit of Pakistan's Masseria. Then throw Laura's little sisters both guest people Assauer keep allowed us spoils. I got totally Sarah respondents that spread on Ellison Internet Catella some fucker quella se proposito cuenta, geekiness to plea and a jail esta number look was comparing quite care. Moment of project Jericho Medical a hiss fecal Do not the cierto temple, but coma funciona e que the frontal Agusan picking Nieto Come, you will notice Pilobolus clubs get the political party were placed on this scandal. Even see a algun Can you come? You see a panto percent ahead. I can take it and say you don't want a separate temple. So where over, huh? Anton says Wessel que pronto. You know, Master Collison said Who? Brando experiment Tando optimise and auto tiempo. Pero committed every here recorded hard number fecal They someone put your Tampa pataca Poloz recollected that a sufficient that people who's got correct imminent 12. Cómo crear el perfil perfecto? | Foto de perfil: out on solar. The last photo a perfect in commercially has taught supporter toe Katrina the levee. Trina, like Anton says, s starting a step in any more Trump. I knew that Congress has stepped back and get a photo. You can see I am a handy Why can't they like? No, that s tough, Gautam. And a super important papers like it what you like. And Derek Cornyn said, Drop your comment. Just a piece. I continue West Estonia s Tulia. Anton says Lady asking like almost being represent Atiyah. Ok, Jamila, he said, Look in La Memoria Central, I instagram my nose Buenos practical skill area. Most are siendo it Wasit cases. Then try Lefortovo. Paraffin was born there. Una all out was ponderous says, of course, is the Penina to Quinta C two. Quanta started present on the owner. Marca only will soon empresa No, my whole Capasa said, looking every yes, I said yes. Pointed a local Malcolm control a photo for Field Castle. Who's the castle sequitur? But I can say fossil record says does money. Khandala cuenta they wanna persona. All said it's to influence it. Lo Mahar Capasa, Silas born. They're gonna photo upper feel like Webster. We're gonna sell Fasten mental Lucarelli persona E in ASEAN to rely less Boy almost Rod back in Utah tutorial but esta photo move. But I won't back in your digital cable and most asserted them us, Paris Dakar knows I won't must control us. Ultras me, Jonas Indigenous, the Qantas Cane Instagram That's a fallacy in election. 13. Cómo crear el perfil perfecto? | Borde imagen de perfil: electricals and as they were, they always boy and senior Intraco special husbands in your passport, Paso Caravan, Moussa said. But I can no sign Mahinda per feeding must a photo per feeding the stock Imu traumas and trailers, media and estimation is there trust Qantas, K and Instagram And this Elizabeth almost trod on a ham below an especially difficult legal memos and me Quinta Day Instagram Joe and Estonia is the photo came in a car. This is Sam Cuenta Superior than Troilus Otra CEO Tracy Otras Quintus Karyaka Intense is noise Salgo Queda militants Young April estimate Mom, President Obama supported algunas vistas The story also a plant a particular chicken tikka khan distance and then scroll down there pronto No one scientific a ropy Ament Between my hand here pronto Lepas and Merapi amended You know someone up a little ***, Check your elemental to continue Only here to caption cynical when I say give the rich intense is local a skin Sena is co McRae Are you nardo extra controlling Westra? Imagine the better feel. Pataki, Jammu, Truman And those common asylum A struggle for the him Placa and stuff. Photo is poquito school e was chemokine, noting anarchism, militancy. There's almost Rod is the true co echoing a plataforma Great! We take Osama Camber Hill appointing contra online. Com a com Happened to come even was a starter. Carlos Functionally has got tweeters. Ella plataforma se is Bama's Okamba Howard I just wasn't right. Cover Pinto come its numbers And Jeremy Quinta l A premiere Accomazzo said is cientificos sistemas and right Come back on a Ponta Saito Okamba those puntos area and this is S l. A poem was very kind of cycle of 90 Scared accuracy use camera in the Montecito O Campbell in a Pinto said Oh, seedless apart is its own Opondo said Dorcas Significant Justin and really come. But those pronto so see Akala supporters say use combat. Does Ponta Saito intense is little clique I led by next year, not a combat Those cameras A pocho is so comma. Incumbent Rosa Plataforma illa option must act ELISA Ladder sponsors side You like it? Well? De Lisa enters a little communal peut leasing camp. Other sponsors set apart occupy and coma and difficult ropy MNT Last Jeremy in the skaters were most are in a state tutorial. Look, Iwamasa said the order is Elie here in Kamba Oh, when the plant Asia e look acuerdo is in contact Who? Nakiska who stay Islas Marias Quite as a instagram Instances Look away A service implement escalated Instagram in about a seca Instagram post or instagram story Al Curiel Here s Instagram Post Break up with umbrellas Marius is DSR chant a party? So gente significant case I'm quite all perfecter years looking aceto in It's the moment intense his boiler click a calm mm Loaded a step Lantigua completamente m Blanco You look a missus said the order is boost Caracalla and Troilus elementos on Markle Instigate the PASOK illnesses said is Erica on Mr Manu and Lemon? We scare them even where a Carla Ciccone, the upsy uncle, is a elements or elementos Lana's click. I even was always gotta Qala Hole and a group people the elementos case of frames all Marcus even muscle here and Redondo el promedio case I cannot in an inguinal in a rather I seminar cuenta see election and say you know what in its own Alenia I know separatist of land couple see like Obama When I get in Albania, estan cannot in an England Alinea address it look. Oh, yes, it is a grand A in Syria Quilok, aceto candles, borders As I go down the man No quarter Talackova Just the completamente and round Daito, Elsie Akula E S e and the prosecutorial said, is Bruce Karaca. Radiance in Inglis as they get the pass. A curious said is boxcar ingredient owned a girl like Emma. Go stay e position narlow and see Molest a circular CEO Stairs can't on their own effect occupy Alaska Instagram post on those sequiturs and try to a 1,000,000 ban eternal to TV star. L dig rather casual is we? A passer is where? Hard leg rally. Then throw the galaxy, um, particle upon this Karlgaard e assert, you know CNN secure. And then there's the fact a killer sister E D. C. And the one I got is the enigmatic in his weapon that I is implemented or less than directamente at camber Elaine. My hands over a sweet automatic comment is the diagnosis a special part accuse the Paris car in pocket Thomas Is this together? Get the name of Cecka. The party's carcamo sea mammals dose equals day. Misma corner is he in the process? Ticket assertiveness or esteem? I think a calm was a Sufi. Allah Plataforma is simplemente little Madeleine McCann a restaurant. Lenny Rectum in the AHL. Marco carry most position on the plantation. There meant, you know, I go look Iago. Eskimo granddaughter in Polk. It'll cooler. Poor economic in their silica. No. Okay. E asean Apostle ASB Alberto Travis A car elementos Cito getting a second radiance or dig simplemente last week Unkindest I kiss. But I would love hearing Assad Elma new or original radio dramas. Acaba of frames A boy a selection that exact time in the amino ciccolo came in a hue antes and sing in the past and surrender Poquito Miss Economy Will Marco Nomura Chopper K welcome was casting Marco CIA, Grasso for Casey know Cilla Hamas Beyond Rigoletto. Cee Lo Hamels s e quando sua Malaga instagram. Know what? Say no someone? Not our mantra. This is bomb. Zachary killed Markos. My so my knows this stuff for a month. Illegal Accomazzo said as well. But a severe on a photo n mi casa Joyous. We missed a photo and acquired a tango home phone number, area code Boston Pajama TV now a restaurant. La Plataforma pockets Suba You have a position that is tough for Dolan through the day. Mark Point of sale Exactamente la misma sisters in an envelope alone Empresa simplemente suing the logo aka Sheila Position and centralised the Mark and Mikasa Yo ant Estonia Communist Obama Stratton Una foto Cincy Jail esta e locates If we're entering a photo shop it lacorte me phone double uncle Agree schism in the photo l. A can be a problem for no money jumper Kasey Keller Matija Jama Moved your mother tens young, Intense is is a filigree say yeah or down. Seriously, my engage a Is that man l A position and throws DeMarco Rolando out. It's against the pass is a cigarette. Or in this case, does those surgical assistant completamente Alan yells intensities. If he had a location for it. Come on. They're clicking is the sequel. Emma, Welcome up, Suit Till Mental. A second Pilots Canister Hillenius Brussels Case in communal Indians Aguila email one. In the car key is that completamente El Nino, El Centro. Understandable genius Asik a movie and no Stan Delaney as protesting completamente directors. One years in Texas, a generic. Want a kiss? That completamente el center? The NLD mop Also Jai's Iraq on a partner's category Stuff Lucetta kissed aka Areva A literature leather click. Yeah, company came Louis, this car God or download? Yes, but only walkie talkie. A landmark in the study sta in Rojas Callista para this cargo, I says can go to my commander. Yes, off l s. I am most ello. Entous Casey aka than trust It was colored boost Con Grady INTs. His weapon is a analista. The Diggle is best on damp Leah and those sisters get any prune communist era un poquito de frente When I said is the misma defector photo corn in color? Definitely. You know, when you cook it in and get said it's a lot cooler killers, Jamel attention. Yes, There are low asta a cold or the grill knows telephoto signal. Solamente Azteca is the as the language of Florida. He salter Lima him Ejaculate billboard, Com color. Then they got it. Yes, he won a part in the economy. Jonas Seaman Jones, the defendant this topsy honest, given a plate for the field. Anton says Yeah, and they're gonna live well. Almost. Cuomo survey telephoto gentleman. I really started throwing me instagram You I go jet and go Me mocking Wardle and Ptolemy Cellular Millemann the poor via Dropbox and I'm gonna soak Asiana stomach Remember U s to see Mohandas K Necesito su vida means to Grandpa Familia that email marketing Go Gmail Install Alondra Miss Angela, come on. Louisiana's focusing on duty Said Dropbox. You're thinking about a war that Then try me cellular alone. You could get them. Yes, it is there a Greek and a little power feel the cacti can come here A photo, never photo apart. Feel e boy was Kaleka Then throw the this guy goes Ah, yes, Tommy for Topol feel just totally separate. So we're like a modern bookie To see this a policy is passes blank. Osaka Trust simplemente random owes on pocket telling Martin the most C and E J knows a photo is Callista. Stop perfecter in jail canisters to one only story in Willem. Also, some eagles about Paris A. Conversely to Iran, those are Ito's, then throws a for the benefit. Jimmy Photo esta Elista become a point by the Columbia is lonely cricket in it. Those are details regularly Yes, I look. Yes. Give me photo. The stock control is Emma's Claddagh mandatum and inform the money. Do I drew them? Intense is stil Jam. Alanssi. Esto, Sadok, Amoah, LaMarca, Eustis. Oh, come on. My injustice killing. That's a political. And because I mean normal estaba unanimous. Sickest. Imagine what in their minds viscerally at Enterasys Podesto pussy from the manager. I don't This is Jack Amortizing weapon. They their stars come again instead of Easter's is to just a poor is the tutorial is particular such Augusta in Alabama, Tennessee and election. 14. Cómo crear el perfil perfecto? | Bio: when Jammeh someone apart, The more interest on the dell apart a little cuenta Yes, Laporta will be. You will see on the Quinta Ekhomu jovially. Chandra L. A Metaphor Estes Kimoto Host persona came for a serial a persona Ventrell attend the inexplicable poquito focuses or the local and the point guard R c v See that you're going to say every year stop again. It'll description cast a level or two Normally e aka Fulham was born around back in it a copy in a corpulence explica car Park Allehanda Yes, agave Autumn in political that s creepy. The case of Catamarca or your local societies Technical carry on security. The man is more important. Take and throw It is the Macanudo copy Bunga moons in German election Oh, city A. But I gotta hand the receipt. The ending Kayla's I had I she asked this important apology trafico certa patina or the website Bill. This bill is given I Nikulin trickling or tambien see kids gonna handle history. What we maples heard two emails and try LaPac Anita description people, Let's get the screaming some Jamal seleccion Kawana negocio autonomously. And this almost potency Eliska Leontes When it away a lot. Partly there's a look. A puasa scribbled and throw This description Was this gravy? It was been a faces, Callahan. They put in their system pizza. So I get Oh, it was a hard on for the Palavela Slabs couple and regard address in Attica. Locke and the public a pity us and indicate a simple set. A trial was ciertos Pelotas. Clovis was comported tambien kid Look at society in instagram Okay, so say it's a continual values A case that's come party and the airport in Kuala handle areas a gift commercially Here securities there are master ethical are cierto website patina Allehanda Karaj A single copy is ST Nicholas This is chaos. Lantana Lola said it's necessity, isn't you? You don't take me on instagram iss This is not gonna persona com una persona se seven America My day eyes assess assented camo cercano commune amigo In no case, when a commander about Aquaman one embolism we sadiyah Okay, No mining will connects. You need a hand? The second assistant A movie? A try um Asa G because it's very Hugh. Okay, not any alma sentences, but seeing Come on. Come on. A persona Kayla had. This isn't the finish content. The the answer Karsay all the securities. But that is the Portela Scripts Eun the doobie You a solamente una specialist Cento Cinquanta corrected this e joke an element that would be so website. Okay, you know, Scream contender Qantas character is Bass Pognon Don't know. Wanted buses Caribbean. Yes. Imagine human Tampa not another ksk reviews and try me BDO intent are completely khaleq America. No, a lot of the temple Anton says jurors Boy, are you know she was gonna go, but Okay. Thank you. Link. He boys put any duty visited the website like a salmon. Humans fascinated this. Kitty Reed will be Yoko on those characterised renew. Murder collected is perfect. 15. Cómo crear el perfil perfecto? | Calidad de los posts: unnecessary. I almost have a lot of the Luckily, there was post that continue. Okay. Wasa comported into Instagram April case Important Instagram Noah Solomon the subtle Nomura Securities I'm a chandrika compra segura is kaput. And the s mints, secularists Sandman Securities on Megyn para que pasa city in this region the secular is false. Owes Okinawa is important to continue. It could compose compartments Tournament that in areas likes que pasa. It's like went on a one Enough. You know the module are into enables you No there. Would you let him know? Anton says, But a poor a circuit Quinta support LaRosa it gradually up in the una audiencia in Ganesh. Allah can stay I Nicholas important. Listen, Portas Coma Marca Okamoto persona I candid are continually article yet. Continue. Continue metal Fierro onto photos. Oh, at those videos E l caption Kiss carry with Al Pick in your text. O k. Bonus A companion Mr Photo west of you Instagram s Come on, Montagne The pack a news. The ingredient days equals us A tiempos tescoma said not 30 and Elliott sentences that can using very interesting brilliant this uniform on local buses Not those who noticed us ingredient does. IHS was like Aaliyah. They continue. We haven't taken area. They'll a spectacular suppose career. At one apiece, I continue the area A little Sister Stanton Otras cosas guessing Kamakura in Empresa most of a century Facey Antos says Julhas communal cambers a political political public are quite care. Khosa, cancel Lamentable Casey Anthony last answers that in the public our ally go inside the Republican called Carcassonne 11. But I meant in the wagon a soulless Galahad el presente Hey, this week engagement right Looks normal when Ah, hard e pacy Llorente Cellular cuenta cannon came just as a journalist first realmente so sonata he hadn't been No, um no wasn't enough the sale? They said the ones comentario. So start I parity dentro instagram parliament take a quantum a locally that in no lacantera tambien depend. Andalus posed a soon eyeless ultras element. Ask Eva um a certain with a cc Well in Quantico, Allehanda kissed a exposed us again. Don't know, see to continuous Tom myself My nose in person income your city in the spaces that continue Pakistan only. Why not send photos? Movie Linda's own Ofheo's gets on their Dhekelia units captures Kekana Handle a sec. A letter, Lucas creamiest a lot percentile heroes. Mottram Assault the the Kasib Wazir has posed sales season CEOs and we've see this common limiter food. I like your llamas said to Tina soon attend their roper l a ropa Miss Taraba Is the sushi a separate piece of No, you're welcome. But I don't see you cannot compare the people get people and they tell us against continues to fail Star Calista socio No, Sam. Typically that And does it lay this off And bingo. A couple a satellite as a hand histories pasta cartel India. See? It's like they are commanded our next honoree less, you know, toe the silverware. No, you know, every moment that they would You gotta go One instances CPAs system timing come apart. L a sequel here they will continue s to simply can you average focus in quantum continue its mask? It'll oppa a lot of the link for tonsil upon their Boeing continuing local GPS. I continue, but almost all that and more trauma and the tragedy. So they come again and continue comas. A little tackle yet Katie poor continuum areas come party and known Assyrian selections 16. Cómo crear el perfil perfecto? | Historias: you know, steam open on Norman was important element of Britain. I feel perfect on Instagram. Look, went a perfect that instagram. So unless the story of this takas Ventrell a metaphor Alamos care is this Historias Azteca , some come on loose players. So come on in four months your next round. Okay. In which I had like a tamala Lommel esta they were less secure. Less iota hand can go in and see us move. Important. The case. That's Historias, Sister Cassie and the Alpaca. Yet you almost have a lot. They those causes importantes lovely. Mehta is the poor. Nearly totals to see stories. The Stukas, you know in a porta? No. So why like upon us? Cassie? So awesome Video in his left Photo photo Japanese support effect. Okay, Instagram any video? No, no, August No like us because he was the Honda West Us in my Penis. Keynes diagram. Pepperoni for the sector. So we're mood disorder. An olive cuenta e romantic and norm? No, I certainly remember, uh but at the Quinta Intern Systematic Sample your wares Hard daughter Alexia Innocent aspects frequented that you come upon their equal More sales. This porta sentences Cingular's you know? No, that has, beside a supporter to Quintus moving more important because I could see how important it is today on their continual Dhekelia. Estos historias esta casts again. I secure and I asked Oculus kitties. Anton says No song Cumulus historias regular Eliska Sokol on eleventy Cuadrado's no s Asagoe Classical i e Atlanta Say what are you name again? And so Carisa that America plasticized the historias que In a way I support nous historia care like a stable rose again Wednesday Movie nature No matter who say support to mark a lady ask it no So tourist board Domino sister's case on a company says to the antis Take a chaotic wanna Porto Marca e que? Actually I live I live are in No, Joe Arapahoe is totem ambassador in diferencia he wasa cape Saleh Callahan And so memorial to mark Okay, some tomatoes cause it's important to stick it on your own. Our thema onboard? Yes, them in your system which has Quintas Karan you know Sparta's knots historias in the sport as more telling us but a condom a metal wireless system. Macias Yes, a tampoco Osborn Tampa was born Look upon this amount on the story. Ask a standard angina, six continents and met us and cuenta Consul Element Laporta. My second book was my professor night because say, say Quintana, you know, kiss communal person. Okay, Holosko some areas. Yes, I know someone who in turn says so unless historias solamente Qantas Obama's continue No So no someone solamente portas signal Costa's carry on a continuing this historias an tells us were a little more time Okay, No solamente would you in the union Uncle Kanye would not be a sigh Continue all those those historians and throw this Those historians esta cast when they will form a messiah and mother Tajae in total a selection a little boy explica com appoints a marketing a new matematica consistent that thing in the middle school orders he commented for the oil is possible added to the violence against this in a city in the elections and this is most applicable 17. Cómo crear el perfil perfecto? | Portadas sin publicarlas: Let's get out of the last part of the story is that I was hanging with you with eyes thinking true, Let's start is a start. Castle laws mean most highlights. Estadio Azteca percent Espanol. Leela's highlights. Money concept in English Santos is less highlights. So esta see Storiesq aside, when enter Quinta Kwan tennis in a quaint like Arizona's historians, the stock cars of news highlights one about it, said E la cosa is Cassie to newly has only story a less Tocca Instagram by the here BlackBerry made LaBrie maracas. Soissons historians tackle level Really sad. Pedo intense is important because he told the husky Instagram with the least quick ear historia put upon the local Mullah Portela the to highlight And this is the Quintana's everywhere movie Organise organise Islanders. However movie aesthetic, it is important test or lessee almost Quinta sycamore. Now metaphor say Sandalow here metaphor The stairs mason he almost committed and those Islam it afford A candle is getting that Oh yes. Come on. A consequent just cuenta and feed is so casa e que tenemos Mommy needs mamacita Used to sing in Potosi Milia see ropa Porto Lucas a super lesser than now que pasa brother that are really going through in the second movie. This could benefit the sore than you had. They went riding ourselves and they'd come on. We calm when I tell you so fast. I generally course as they bowled says here too. It shows no sign of simple comunes this in 38 kilos he's medicine, they say communion with Yemenis. Okay, this is s aluminum mostly to the husky Instagram Hotel is a calculus. History has come in a porta. They highlight Quintana's aesthetic e tampoco level two markka t mobile visitors went up with us Business isn't on week Almost always know little about who started singing with that poor kid knows however that no no Can you know when you when you turn it off like a time in the stand apart us the him below the limp er I couldn't win. Brandy is community camels just as to it. And then at the end, you can attend a well mentis. There's sort of an Oculus causing losses happened on the stunk, you know, and take cares. Take a ball. The survey now so secret An assistant IBM venue. It's Exactamente element because tennis to cuenta being more than a 1,000,000 being open When branding Delahanty simply Feliz inte Anton says, when put aside like a more important, they explica car was archaeologist or something. And cannot Kamala Seiko here that as a instagram no solamente poorly card or the start I lex comment There is no time and is more important. Elastica. Yes, person meant educators in emphasis. Ernesto Estes Park Age of Pakistan's Moscow chan Much more choosy status on a trickle. Mom. Jealous? Something's come just going on the census. Quinta Sport came with Coach in. This is a key aide accused Saigon emphasis in there. So in a photograph, economies Well, a steady couple care system in LA diferencia Yes, I cannot hand that required Amos's quelling 1/4 point like a super lean that Eva John Erectus And even to suppose the it's then come in gun Charles to continue. Okay, this is s commanding portends CIA that in the fullness historias this takas on those high that's going a boy in a sport as a instagram. Okay, yes. And when the party this election is about the practical e, particularly Ernesto But it gets a k by espresso has got a lot of you know selling come upon their esta porta. All those highlights determine for came just emotional. Kambia means Miss Portas Della's highlights Ido is a lesson. Wanna pasa email? Frequent care or that Jonassen necesita publicarla historia but apple Panetta, stop 4000 Okay, you broke Ito Capital City side. But I know bombard the undiagnosed Rodion second sport ass KK demos Career Seeing almost you India is the decision Come away, See or boy Oh, you kill Okay Our business was part us but I can t quinta Syria mature Molina must aesthetic getting on for local and liberal stand ceramic went I said give me And this is an attending carefully Carlo Turness historias There's almost recommend but Alaskan knows how . In instance me Quintal instagram e aka everywhere commercialism mercantilist Unless historias this the cars or highlights it is where most are come upon the una porta. But as the sister is the cast Ekamol Ven aca a college eyes does raise the name portal is the capital Weston No, this is not necessarily her sister is but as the chances you joke Remy Porta an illustrator La Export there in hot up a happy. And so he recommend MBIA army. Several are for many of the image it says common system, Occasional Cassie. Simply also bipartisan appeal. Your 50 want. Oh says, remember your leg. Mahan direct, um, in the army made either They settled on this card goal in my arms. Intense is Let's look at the name of skill. Say this implemented Ally story A Stuka like ridiculous Panella portend Well, people in this that the Boston you The opposite is the manual e bazaar click and nobody made up soon Every third historia is the car Lego tower Day is stop Is the Ventana Yeah, Kai kun back in your text. Okay. Said editor Porta doesn't later muscular came. Eva comes up later that he Leymah he said Youngtown says on those weapons Alec asylum anticipation initiate camo. They last stories to know Sylvia Beta level that this case you know? Hello. Come Wednesday. Does Lisa or as you allow the Rachel Okay, you begin your equal. No, Comolli, Martin, You know exactly. Carry But its accident at those to see Magnus Does this estate Mahendra like a an illustrator. Commotion is a him last card. Any Cellular Your loyalty sarcoma me porta simplemente early. Hola, Kyodo News The Castle e Questa Asia Loose again Hillary List of Speed Ammo's OK card again . Egypt Killer Elista is the Porta Intern says Personally, I says, Come on store located outside a soup person CEO No, I know like our influences and said You're really community care. Put forward agonies to consist, Quint. Us. Is that what you let I kiss? You squint a seven more traumas. Professional analysis of me and I will allow this year static us. Yes, OK, say would a mental. But you had up in there, which was my secularist intern says, But not so far away. Yeah, I was hanging with you and then I realized I didn't think it true. I was surprised was enough.