Byzantine Iconography: Drawing the Face 3: Ascetic Faces and Beards | Julia Hayes | Skillshare

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Byzantine Iconography: Drawing the Face 3: Ascetic Faces and Beards

teacher avatar Julia Hayes, Byzantine Iconography Tutorials

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. 3.1 Drawing the Face of St Nicholas

    • 2. 3.2 Drawing the Face of the Prophet Elijah

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About This Class

In this tutorial we will be learning to draw ascetic or elderly faces and one of the most difficult elements of drawing the face - beards.


Meet Your Teacher

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Julia Hayes

Byzantine Iconography Tutorials


Hello, I'm Julia. I'm a South African born byzantine iconographer with 16 years experience. I live and studied iconography in Greece with teachers including master iconographer George Kordis. I have also studied Theology and done post-graduate studies in Liturgics at the University of Athens.

So what are these iconography tutorials about?

This is not a standard weekend iconography workshop where you simply learn to  trace an icon and "paint-by-numbers". It was never the tradition of the Church to make "photocopies" of old icons, but sadly this modern "tradition" is destroying the creative tradition of the Church. Every period of iconography from the Comnene to the Paleologian periods to the Cretan School has it's own style within the Byzantine system of painting ... See full profile

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1. 3.1 Drawing the Face of St Nicholas: is way Hello and welcome to our third uncle longer. Few tutorial in this lesson. We're going to be looking at how to door ascetic and elderly faces, as well as one of the most difficult elements of join the face, namely the beard to start off with. We will know the face and ST Nicholas, which gives us the opportunity to study an ascetic face with a short round beard and a bald head. As always, we start of with excess line, however, which is right wide on the right hand side is divided into three to fund nos edge top of the head. Hey, putting roughly where hand will come in I don't care while sketching from this life with one of the beard comes bottom years coming really, or roughly where the beard Force and we're gonna do this dynamics. Mental pause, Um, could excusable drawing these lines to give us the sense of movement. And we started for the nose, which usually on elderly faces ISS broader and more bullish on younger faces. Um, l've in the faces of these, I banged the more angular, been on younger faces. As always, the gaze goes in the opposite direction off the direction of the face is moving the face move in this direction and the gays in this direction, and then we add back centuries of cheeks wrinkles. Now all the details are face like the wrinkles, for example, are simplified or purified assim photos. The great says of anything non essential that benefits would simply material improper. Also be attract human curiosity? That's why, for example, the saints that all depicted as being the same height and their Aysel brown because there's the details that are of no importance. IHS, - Now you're going to join the board head. I had a oval shape. You have to get a single way that hes gonna come in and you can see how the hay works again , using trance forest lines to create a sense of rhythm and harmony. And then we add the flesh times again, you in the Epsom media, the highlights again they will create the sense of transfers harmony. Can we have the simplified marine calls and now we start on the beard. Now with all of these elderly Sein's, the bed covers up, topple it. So we're understanding to the bottom in about anything and again with a Hey, we're trying to keep a smooth, harmonious concision. And here the lines coming in like this give the saints over, projecting off the surface and out in towards the space of the viewer. - And here we have the face off ST Nicholas. 2. 3.2 Drawing the Face of the Prophet Elijah: The second phase that we're gonna look at is a typical prophetic base of the Prophet Messiah that gives us an opportunity to look at not only a long pointed beard, but also how to draw a wavy hair. So again we start off with excess line during a function that way. Hey, come in. We don't frocks the approximate shape with a beard again. We're going to do it on could. Thanks. - You can draw that cheeks and those were wonderful. Everything on this side of the face is gonna be Start the wind up, then on this side to give us in this. The side of the base is projecting mortarboards viewer from the ISS Since where it's gonna start now if you want to join bears like a long beard, justice the eyes looking in the opposite direction off the movements of a face. So the bid will take on the same movement in the opposite direction of the face and again, with a beard, you could see the use of transfers, lines to pray, sense of rhythm and harmony. And it's important, particularly for beginners to try and keep your beards a simple as possible complex you trying to make it, The easier it is to lose the sense of rhythm I can I'm gonna get into joining the head. And when drawing waiting here there are a couple of ways of doing that. Um, the first way used to create waves like those. And this this method is also often used when drawing certain beard. And then there's also with us, which again can be used in certain bids for doing this. They were going to use the first method. Oh, - and again was hit him. You could see the use of transfers lines, creating a sense of and again form of hair. Creates a scenes off converse with them. And so there you have a long point did And Curtis here until next time keep drawing way, Yeah.