Byzantine Iconography: Drawing the Face 2: Dynamic Frontal Pose with Curved Axes

Julia Hayes, Byzantine Iconography Tutorials

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4 Videos (33m)
    • 2.1 Introduction

    • 2.2 Drawing a Young Face (St George)

    • 2.3 Drawing a Woman's Face

    • 2.4 Drawing the Face of Christ


About This Class

In this tutorial we will study drawing the face in the dynamic frontal pose on curved axes. We will study three different faces; a young face, a woman's face and the face of Christ.

This class is a continuation of the class "Drawing the Face 1: Introduction to Line, Rhythm and drawing the Face" so it is recommended that you complete that class first. 






Julia Hayes

Byzantine Iconography Tutorials

Hello, I'm Julia. I'm a South African born byzantine iconographer with 16 years experience. I live and studied iconography in Greece with teachers including master iconographer George Kordis. I have also studied Theology and done post-graduate studies in Liturgics at the University of Athens.

So what are these iconography tutorials about?

This is not a standard weekend iconography workshop where you simply learn to  trace an icon and "paint-by-numbers". It was never th...

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