By The Book: Create a Style Guide for Your Brand | Courtney Eliseo | Skillshare

By The Book: Create a Style Guide for Your Brand

Courtney Eliseo, Founder, En Route Workshop

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9 Lessons (1h 32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Style Guide Content

    • 3. Style Guide Design

    • 4. Logo Usage

    • 5. Color

    • 6. Typography

    • 7. Graphic Elements

    • 8. Optional Content

    • 9. Final Details

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About This Class


You've spent quite a bit of time and energy developing a brand that both you and your client love. So, once it leaves your hands, how do you ensure that the identity is implemented in a way that does the brand justice? The simple answer is to develop a style guide.

Whether you are working with an identity for a client or for your own business, a style guide is an incredibly helpful tool. It ensures that the image you present to the world is consistent across all media, no matter who is doing the work. And whether your brand is large or small, it can greatly simplify the design and production process. 

What You'll Learn

In this class, we'll cover:

  • Different types of style guides, from minimal to complex.
  • The essential components of a style guide and how should you implement them.
  • Some optional style guide components that you may want to implement.
  • How to apply your brand identity to the style guide design.


Class Project

For our class project, you will take an existing brand identity and translate it into a detailed style guide for client (or your personal) use. In the end you will have a completed PDF style guide book—as minimal or complex as your brand requires—that is ready to share and put to use. 


Who is the class for?

If you've just completed a brand identity design, but aren't sure where to go next, or if you are hitting bumps in the road during implementation, this class is especially for you. This class is also great for anyone interested in branding to get an understanding of how the process unfolds.